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Relying on the last thread of innate energy that remained in his body, Wu Qi carried Supremacy Three Flame's head with one arm as he carefully avoided the rocking and rolling chaotic airflows, randomly picked a direction, and sped away in a sorry state. After flying aimlessly for a few days and nights, his energy was finally depleted, causing him to plunge straight down into a grayish valley.

Supremacy Three Flame's head fell to the ground with a thud, rolling messily for a distance.

The pain made him cry aloud. With great effort, he wiggled and twitched his facial muscles, bringing his head sat straight up on the ground.

Wu Qi laid quietly on the ground, panting as he stared at Supremacy Three Flame. At last, he gave a bitter smile and said, "I'm sorry for dragging you into this, fellow Daoist."

Supremacy Three Flame breathed a deep sigh. "Come on, it is not the first time that I've had my arms and legs broken."

He spat out some sand that was stuck in his mouth and murmured, "After so many years, I've only had a few friends of life and death. Only at the time when I was about to get killed by someone could I meet a real brother. Although we were facing a deadly situation previously, you did not abandon me. Mm, I'll take you as my brother from now on!"

Wu Qi moved his body with great effort and slowly sat straight up with his legs crossed. Then, he raised his head to look at the bright moon in the sky and did not say a word.

His heart was deathly still, like a cemetery that had not been visited by any living humans for countless years, where only dead spirits would dance in the wee hours.

As he sat quietly on the ground and stared blankly at the bright moon, his brain was working at full speed, trying to figure out the root cause of the incident. 'What is going on exactly? Why would this happen to me?' He could accept it if it were only Daoist Min and his disciples who came hunting him on Pangu Continent. But why Daoist Chi? Why was he striking together with the others?

Patriarch Yuan Hua had once used the same Primordial Gold Talisman to kill his enemy. Wu Qi had personally witnessed its formidable power.

But, why would the Primordial Gold Talisman appear in Daoist Min and Daoist Chi's hands? And why would they use them to attack him?

Was it really because of Princess Zhang Le? Because of her, therefore...

"Hey, what are you thinking about?" Supremacy Three Flame said in a lazy tone, "Brother, you better think of a way to heal me. I am left with only one head, and the source of my immortal soul is dissipating. If this continues for a few more days, my cultivation base would have dropped by one tier! Tsk, I've too many enemies, and I've also offended quite a few people in Myriad Immortal Alliance. If they find out that my cultivation base has dropped by one tier, they would definitely come and kill me!"

Wu Qi turned to look at Supremacy Three Flame and said with a deep voice, "Among those people, one was my Grand Ancestral-Master!"

Supremacy Three Flame sneered. "Your Grand Ancestral-Master? So what? I've witnessed someone even more savage, who killed his own sons, daughters, and grandchildren, extracting their Yin and Yang energies to refine a celestial fiend, all for the cultivation of a Fiend technique."

He sighed and said with a cold grin, "Brother, do you understand now? This is the real world of cultivators! Bringing the girl who you loved and traveling the world? Living in seclusion? Haha, from the way how those people wanted your girl so badly, she must be either very beautiful, or possesses some Yin energy essence that could be very helpful to someone, or perhaps she has some special bloodline that someone has taken a fancy to!"

He paused to catch a breath reflectively, then continued with his conclusion, "Bringing a girl like this everywhere you go, with your current cultivation base, anyone who has power and wealth in hand would not let her off easily, not to mention those people behind your Grand Ancestral-Master!"

Supremacy Three Flame breathed a long sigh and said with mixed emotions, "This is the reason why whenever I want to enjoy some pleasure, I'll find a group of girls and fu*k them for a few days and nights. But, I'll never fall in love with one girl. I'll never allow myself to truly fall in love with one girl! Only when I've attained the cultivation base of a Primordial or Gold Immortal, or become the person in charge of a division in the Heaven will I have the courage to find a good girl, marry her, and have a few children."

Wu Qi said coolly, "Power, overall strength!"

Supremacy Three Flame quickly added, "And a backing! Despite how strong your cultivation base is, without a backing and a group of dependable people around you, it would still be useless! I knew a few famous itinerant cultivators who possessed the cultivation base of Primordial or Gold Immortal, but they still fell in the end! You have to have a strong backing, my brother!"

Sticking out his tongue to moisten his dried lips, Supremacy Three Flame said seriously, "You have to have power, at least be the person in charge of a division in the Heaven, and you have to have a strong overall strength, at least the cultivation base of a Primordial Immortal. Even if it is just the weakest Ninth Tier Primordial Immortal, you will be an existence which not many people dare to offend! And finally, the backing. Even a Primordial Immortal will need a backing! Let's say you have the Heaven as your backing. Let me tell you, nobody dares to offend a Primordial Immortal from the Heaven!"

Wu Qi bowed his head and stared at Supremacy Three Flame's head. "Apart from the Heaven, are there any other powers we can lean on?" He asked.

Supremacy Three Flame pondered for a brief moment. He blinked his eyes and said with a sigh, "Of course there are some other decent powers which we can lean on apart from the Heaven. But I'm too lazy to lean on them... Well, I don't like to lose my temper over trifles, and I cannot get used to acting like an obedient man. Therefore... hehe!"

Then Supremacy Three Flame told Wu Qi something he did not know before.

Besides Ziwei Lingying, the Great Celestial Emperor from the Heaven who nominally assumed the authority of the Heaven, there were quite a number of people who lived in different places across the universe as well as Pangu Continent that no one dared to offend. Just in the Heaven alone, the Great Celestial Emperor was assisted by five deputies, the Celestial Emperors of Five Directions. They were five formidable existences who rarely had anybody wanting to provoke them.

Apart from the six existences from the Heaven who bore the title of Celestial Emperor, there were some other famous figures on Pangu Continent and across the universe, such as:

The Eastern Green Emperor, a fearsome figure who had existed since the ancient time. He represented the ancient Gods who controlled all natural phenomenon, including wind, rain, thunder, and lightning.

The Northern Black Emperor, who had also existed since the creation of the universe. He represented the ancient Gods who controlled all the ominous forces such as plagues and natural disasters.

The Western White Emperor. His experience and age were as old as the previous two, and he represented the interest of Mountain Spirit Clan among the ancient Gods.

The Center Yellow Emperor, Xuan Yuan. He was the first ancestor of the human race who became an almighty expert with the highest virtues he had done to the human race. He represented the overall interest of the human race, the spiritual leader for all humans on the Pangu Continent. He was aided by the clans of Divine Dragon, Phoenix, and Qilin, while the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, and the Black Tortoise, the four Celestial Beasts, were working under him as well. Some Demon Immortals and Ghost Deities had also pledged their loyalty to him.

The Southern Yan Emperor, Shennong. He was also one of the earliest ancestors of the human race. Just like Xuan Yuan the Yellow Emperor, he had attained immortality through the great virtues. Yan Emperor was assisted by various formidable races from the ancient era, such as the people of Long Bo Kingdom and some other peculiar races, various Ghost Spirits, Demon Spirits, Barbarians, savage beasts and birds, as well as some ancient ferocious gods such as Gonggong, Zhu Rong, Xiang Liu, and some others.

Besides these incredible figures, the Demon Domain had seven Demon Emperors and hundred and eight Demon Saints, the Fiend Domain had nine Fiend Emperors and seventy two Fiend Kings, the Ghost Domain had thirteen Great Heavenly Ghost Kings and eight hundred Ghost Saints. Nevertheless, these figures were slightly weaker than the six Celestial Emperors from the Heaven and the five Great Emperors. But still, they were overlords with tremendous overall strength.

Apart from these figures with tremendous overall strength, there were still some supreme existences who were living across the universe, and even on Pangu Continent.

For example, according to the legend, there was an incredible figure who dwelt in the Dark Abyss under the Northern Ocean, who had created a sect to recruit disciples. He was an existence which even the authority of the Yu Dynasty was too lazy to provoke, and just let him occupy a vast land in that region. Supremacy Three Flame had heard about him when he was drinking with an ally from the Myriad Immortal Alliance. The Gold Immortal ally got so drunk that he told Supremacy Three Flame about this legendary figure in a joking manner, while the latter took it as a fantastic story and had learned everything about him.

A bright gleam suddenly shone from Wu Qi's grayish eyes, red as blood. He chuckled under his breath and asked, "Oh? The Dark Abyss under the Northern Ocean? Do you have the map of that place, fellow Daoist?"

Supremacy Three Flame answered reflectively, "It is such a fantastic story, of course, I've learned all the ins and outs. The Dark Abyss under the Northern Ocean is a dangerous place seldom visited by people. Nevertheless, I did ask that ally for the map of that location!"

Wu Qi laughed, but a warmth seemed to be absent from his voice. As he raised his head to look at the moon, he sprung to his feet suddenly.

He cupped his fist and bowed to Supremacy Three Flame. "I'm sorry for dragging you into this, fellow Daoist. I hope you will accept a small token of appreciation from me." He said with a deep voice.

A stream of green mist rushed out from the top of his head. The last treasure he had now which did not have any offensive and defensive ability, the Dark Yin Energy Vase that could produce various True Water, flew out from within his body. Very carefully, he cast a beam of spirit light into it. In the next moment, nine drops of Ganoderma Fluid flew out of the vase, exuding a strong fragrance. Wu Qi pointed his finger out and made the Ganoderma Fluid fly into Supremacy Three Flame's mouth, turning into a vast stream of energy in a flash.

Supremacy Three Flame's head began to tremble violently as fair and smooth skins were growing rapidly. His head flew up midair, as a large patch of energy rushed out of his neck and formed the outline of his body. Amidst a sizzling noise, his body had returned to its original form under the powerful effect of the Ganoderma Fluid. And, the powerful energy from the fluid did not deplete completely, as it had also significantly increased his magical power.

Wu Qi gave Supremacy Three Flame another deep bow and said, "Fellow Daoist, please show me the path to the Dark Abyss under the Northern Ocean!"

He pointed his finger out, sending another nine drops of Ganoderma Fluid wrapped in ice into Supremacy Three Flame's hand. The latter was struck dumb, staring blankly at the nine drops of fluid that kept spinning in his palms.

Wu Qi said, "It is all because of me that you were struck by the calamity. Fellow Daoist, please take this and exchange for a reward from Myriad Immortal Alliance. I believe it is more than enough to compensate for your losses. Would you help me keep the secret?"

Clenching his palm tightly to contain all nine drops of Ganoderma Fluid, Supremacy Three Flame stared at Wu Qi and asked with a smile, "Don't you fear that I will rob your treasure? Hahaha, this is the Ganoderma Fluid left behind by a Ganoderma Immortal!"

Wu Qi smiled indifferently, shook his head, and said, "Will you do that?"

Supremacy Three Flame was stunned. He shook his head and said with a laugh, "Hehe, I did not expect I would meet another fellow who is as open and aboveboard as me. This is great! From now on, you will be my real brother!"

With his finger pointing to the ground, countless lines immediately appeared. Then, he showed Wu Qi the route to the Dark Abyss under the Northern Ocean using the map, setting off from the Zhong Province. He did not ask what Wu Qi was going to do, and just kept explaining the route in detail.

After memorizing the route, Wu Qi gave Supremacy Three Flame another deep bow, then spun and walked away.

Supremacy Three Flame caught up with a few hurried steps and shouted, "Brother, you should heal your injury first! What are you going to do now?"

Without looking back, Wu Qi stepped on a cloud and flew away. "Supremacy Three Flame, I'll see you again!"

"I just want to let someone know that there are things that they can never do!" Wu Qi said, his voice cold. With just a blink of his body, he had already turned into a gust of wind and flown into the distance.

After a moment of silent, Supremacy Three Flame shook his head and sighed.

"Brother, I wish you a smooth voyage! Kill others and don't get yourself killed! Rob others and don't get robbed by others!"

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