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Lao Ai's wicked words nearly brought himself a round of severe beating from Supremacy Three Flame. Nobody would think that he was a good man with just one single glance. Things would be easy to settle if he were commenting about Supremacy Three Flame. However, Lao Ai had deliberately commented on Xue Mei with a frivolous tone. As expected, it had greatly offended Supremacy Three Flame, as Xue Mei was his reverse scale, and could cause him to nearly unleash his dragon skin fire sack and burn Lao Ai to death.

Supremacy Three Flame was a Twenty-sixth Tier Heaven Immortal. His dragon skin fire sack could unleash nine different types of pure Yang true flame, and nine different types of pure Yin dark flame. He was also an expert in the art of crafting talismans, with the various thunder-flame talismans crafted by him being highly sought after among the allies of Myriad Immortal Alliance. On top of that, he had a fiery temper, and would never show mercy to his enemy. Because of his resoluteness, he had once managed to slaughter a Twenty-third Tier Heaven Immortal. It was an achievement that made him famous in Myriad Immortal Alliance.

Fortunately, Wu Qi was able to persuade and stop Supremacy Three Flame from attacking. Otherwise, he would have turned Lao Ai into ashes.

Realizing his words had almost brought himself a disaster, Lao Ai's face turned dark as he carefully apologized to Supremacy Three Flame, then quickly left the hall. He felt extremely dejected, wondering why Wu Qi's friends were all formidable cultivators. How could a mere Nascent Soul cultivator have so many friends of Heaven Immortal realm? He was greatly puzzled by it.

After the dejected Lao Ai left, Wu Qi gave an order to have a table of banquet prepared in the parlor at the backyard that was used to receive guests. Both he and Supremacy Three Flame sat down on the seat of honor, and Xue Mei sat next to them. As the host and guests enjoyed the dishes and drinks, Supremacy Three Flame explained in detail about the various situations in Myriad Immortal Alliance that he had known, allowing Wu Qi to have a better understanding of it.

The more they talked, the more frightened Wu Qi became.

In fact, the reason why Supremacy Three Flame suddenly came to An He City and massacred the human army led by Miao Yihu was because of a bounty put out in Myriad Immortal Alliance. He could receive one hundred merit points for killing Miao Yihu, one point for every human soldier killed, and five points for every Oracle from the Directorate of Celestials killed. As Supremacy Three Flame had wiped out the entire army including Miao Yihu, he had just bagged himself nearly three thousand merit points. The amount was more than enough for him to trade for a few bottles of immortal pills, or a lower-grade immortal item in Myriad Immortal Alliance.

Supremacy Three Flame was a man with a fiery temper, extremely cruel and merciless. Xue Mei's father was his sworn friend for life or death. After her entire family was murdered, he had tried to avenge them by attacking the General who committed the crime, but he failed. As a result, over the past few years, he had been restlessly traveling around to kill officials and small armies of the Yu Dynasty. In total, he had slaughtered almost over one hundred thousand soldiers and officials of Yu Dynasty in just three to five years of time.

One hundred thousand deaths had brought him nearly three hundred thousand merit points. When combined with the flying ships and other valuables he seized from them, they made Supremacy Three Flame a very wealthy man. On top of that, because of his contributions, his status in Myriad Immortal Alliance had been upgraded from a silver ally to a gold ally.

"We will be rewarded with merit points by killing human officials and soldiers?" Wu Qi took a sip out of his wineglass, staring curiously at Supremacy Three Flame as he asked, "Any random kills will be counted?"

Supremacy Three Flame shook his head and answered with a smile, "How could we kill randomly? That would just create a massive disturbance! Fellow Daoist Greed, inject your divine will into the iron medallion. You will see a few bounty lists put out by the Myriad Immortal Alliance."

Wu Qi nodded his head and injected his divine will into the iron medallion. Immediately, a strange light was flashing before his eyes, and he saw a row of large characters- Daoist Greed from Euphoria Heavenly Palace of An He City! He was surprised that the medallion could actually show the identity and background he used currently. As his divine will went further and past the row of large characters, about one-acre wide space suddenly appeared before him.

A few streams of light were pouring down from above, rolling restlessly with purple-gold characters gliding down. Wu Qi approached them with his divine will, and was immediately flooded with a vast information.

The stream of light closest to him was the list of men to be killed. For example, someone was rewarding ten immortal stones for the life of the Left Criminal Officer from the Punishment Court of He Province, and the reward would be increased to fifteen immortal stones if his entire clan were annihilated. There was also a remark behind the bounty left by the Myriad Immortal Alliance, 'Considering that the existence of this Left Criminal Officer has posted a serious threat to some of our allies, anyone who can kill this man will be rewarded with 1000 merit points.'

Wu Qi saw another bounty, which was a private matter of an ally. He had offered a reward of fifty immortal stones, requesting help from those stronger Immortals in the alliance to assist him in bringing a giant prawn under control, an ancient demon who was hiding in the Ling River of Huang Province and had a cultivation base of Twenty-third Tier Heaven Immortal. The ally who put out the offer was asking to have the giant prawn's inner core and soul, while its shell, flesh and blood would be given to the Immortal who helped.

There was also a very interesting bounty. The ally who listed the bounty had let loose a torrent of abuse on the list. Obviously, he was an Immortal from the Fiend League, as he had secretly unleashed a plague in an unknown place somewhere in Xing Province, killing millions of mortals and harvesting their souls to craft a magical treasure. However, when the crafting of the magical treasure was almost completed, three eminent monks from the Buddhist League happened to pass by the area. Together, they assaulted the Fiend Immortal, breaking his arms and forcing him to flee desperately, while his Fiend Treasure was expiated by them using Buddhist Scriptures.

The ally had requested a bloodbath in the temple where the three eminent monks were from - the 'Great Ming Temple', and the bounty was one hundred immortal stones, as well as various strange, rare, and precious materials. He had also put an additional remark- 'I hope the Buddhist cultivators in the alliance will never inform Great Ming Temple about this. Together we shall maintain the great relationship between fellow allies.'

Wu Qi chuckled when he read that, then shifted his attention to the few other light screens.

A patch of golden-purple characters was quickly sliding down the center light screen. It showed that the Criminal Officer from the Punishment Court of Zhong Province, together with his army, had wantonly attacked and killed a couple dozens of cultivators at the region around Mount He Lan. The victims included two of the Myriad Immortal Alliance's allies. It had requested those allies who were near Mount He Lan to strike immediately, killing that Criminal Officer and his army.

The request was marked with the merit points that one would be given by killing the Criminal Officer and his soldiers. Just as what Supremacy Three Flame had told him before, there were one hundred points for killing the Criminal Officer, one point for each soldier, and five points for each Oracle.

As the request scrolled further down the list, another patch of golden-purple characters came after it. But strangely, these characters shone with a blinding light, and were emanating a shocking ripple of energy. Wu Qi's divine will was stirred, and almost forced to project all of his divine will into the request. Sitting next to him, Supremacy Three Flame gave a surprised cry too as he quickly pulled out his own gold medallion, sending his divine will into it.

Wu Qi noticed that a golden-purple light was blinking on Supremacy Three Flame's gold medallion, and a faint energy was rushing out of it. Clearly, the person in charge of Myriad Immortal Alliance had used this method to inform all allies, that a mission with a significant reward had appeared.

Hastily, he projected his divine will onto the golden characters which had halted in midair. A message quickly leaped into his divine will.

It was a mission issued by the Divine Hall, Myriad Immortal Alliance's highest Council of Elders. It had requested all allies to do their very best in searching for 179 types of rare immortal herbs and spirit medicines. Behind each of them followed a huge number, several millions of merit points, which represented an enormous wealth and benefit.

Among the 179 immortal herbs and spirit medicines, 133 were labeled with locations where they could be possibly found, and some were even labeled with the exact locations. However, because they were very far away, and it was very difficult to harvest them, the notice had requested the cultivators closest to those locations to act quickly, then deliver the immortal herbs and spirit medicines to the nearest merchants operated by Myriad Immortal Alliance.

The remaining 46 immortal herbs and spirit medicines did not come with the locations where they could be possibly found. The notice only mentioned their names, aliases, or nicknames, as well as their appearances, scents, characteristics, preferences, and some other details.

Also, there was a row of extra large characters shrouded in a purple mist flashing above the list, 'Looking for spirit fluid formed from the essence of a high-grade Ganoderma Immortal. Every drop will be rewarded with three million merit points or an upper-grade immortal item.' And a special remark was found behind it, 'Myriad Immortal Alliance will guarantee the safety of the person who provides the spirit fluid. He or she will be protected by the Divine Hall.'

An upper-grade immortal item?

Wu Qi frowned, then lightly shook his head.

He would rather not offer the Ganoderma Immortal spirit fluid to Myriad Immortal Alliance just for an upper-grade immortal item. However, among the 179 immortal herbs and spirit medicines, he happened to have three of them. He had looted through Great Yan Dynasty's secret vault before leaving the Myriad Immortals Planet, and had taken away numerous spirit medicines, among which, three spirit medicines with the age of older than one Period were found on the list.

According to the price on the list, three spirit medicines could bring him three million merit points. It was a huge sum of wealth, and was more than enough for him to exchange for an immortal item. So, why should he take the risk and reveal the fact that he had the Ganoderma Immortal spirit fluid?

Supremacy Three Flame roared with laughter suddenly. He slapped the table and said, "This is great! It happens that I have a Flaming Clove and half of a rootstock of the Purple Orchid! I've robbed them from... hahaha, they are the treasures which I accidentally found many years ago! I'm rich, I'm going to be rich this time!"

He rose to his feet happily and told Wu Qi with a smile, "Fellow Daoist, the earlier I can get this done, the better. The merchant operated by Myriad Immortal Alliance closest to An He City is in Xiang Le City, three million miles from here. Haha, I'll rush there now to submit both spirit medicines. I can't let anyone take the lead!"

Upon hearing that, Wu Qi rose to his feet hurriedly and said, "What a coincidence! I also have two spirit medicines they want!"

Supremacy Three Flame stared blankly at him for some while. At last, he clapped his hands and said, "Excellent! I never thought fellow Daoist is such a wealthy man. We have to go now and don't let others take the lead. They only want one for each of the spirit medicine. We'll be at a loss if we are late!"

Wu Qi answered hastily. Then, he clapped his hands to summon You Jin and gave the latter a few orders.

As You Jin answered obsequiously, Wu Qi and Supremacy Three Flame had already rushed out of the parlor, flying southwest towards Xiang Le City on clouds.

Supremacy Three Flame had asked Xue Mei to stay back in the City Lord Mansion, and two of Wu Qi's incarnations would take care of her.

With the incredible speed of their clouds, Wu Qi and Supremacy Three Flame had vanished into the distance in just a flash.

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