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A white cloud drifted gracefully across the sky, gliding agilely through the air like a fish swimming in water, with gusts of breeze carrying it around. Wu Qi was sitting on top of the cloud, focusing all his attention on studying the Song of Gale which the fallen Primordial Immortal had given him, indulging himself in the vast and complicated principles of the wind.

A green ball of wind was spinning within his spiritual ocean, sometimes faster, sometimes slower. With every spin it made, there would be a newly generated comprehension fusing into his mind. And, with every additional principle he learned, his understanding toward the changes of the wind under the heaven would get deeper, and the Gale's bloodline in his body would become denser.

As the process went on, breezes kept leaving and entering his body, and he began to hover above the cloud, flying further as the breezes pushed him from behind. Now, his speed was faster than an ordinary Heaven Immortal flying with an escape art. Although he still could not fly as fast as the Gales, who could travel millions of miles in just a flash, none among Heaven Immortals could be faster than him when both were flying with winds at the same time.

The ultimate meaning of the wind was freedom!

A vast green spirit light was being constantly emitted from the two wood element Nascent Souls residing within Wu Qi's innate wood element meridians. Effortlessly, they turned into gusts of breeze and flowed freely within his meridians. They had even turned his body fuzzy, as if he were about to transform into a gust of breeze and blend into the atmosphere. Meanwhile, the surrounding natural energies had also transformed into breezes, and were quickly rushing into his body.

"The Song of Gale is very magical indeed!" Wu Qi opened his eyes as he could not help himself but exclaim. It was an ultimate scripture that could lead him straight to the realm of Primordial Immortal, much stronger than the Dark Yin Water Scripture, which could only bring him to the First Tier of Gold Immortal.

As of now, the two most powerful cultivation techniques Wu Qi had in his hand were the Song of Gale and the Dark Yin Soul Captivation. Although he could cultivate to the Gold Immortal realm with Inferno Hell Fiend Scripture, it was inferior when compared to the two techniques. If Wu Qi were to free himself from the shackle of the Dark Yin Soul Captivation, he could only place his hope on the Song of Gale and Dark Yin Soul Captivation.

A few days ago, he had searched through the entire Palace of Gale, but he found nothing in the end. Apart from the Song of Gale and the Heavenly Outfit of Gale, all valuables that once belonged to Reverend Gale had been seized by those ancient Heavengods under the command of Green Emperor. What he could find were only the slags of immortal stones. That was the only finding he had from the Palace of Gale.

After leaving the palace, Wu Qi bid farewell to Lady Feng Qinger and Feng Xiaoxiao. The Queen ordered an adult Gale to bring Wu Qi back to the ground, while she brought the naughty Feng Xiaoxiao back to their clan to continue her lesson for the mischievous son. As for whether she would make Feng Xiaoxiao kneel on a hard washboard or whatnot, Wu Qi did not know. However, he was sure about one thing, that even if they would never meet again, he would remember Feng Xiaoxiao for the rest of his life!

He was now making his way back to An He City, flying slowly with the winds as he was not in a hurry. In just a few short days after devoting himself to study the Song of Gale, he was able to understand some of the basic secrets. It had allowed him to form a new fake Nascent Soul, which was solely practicing the cultivation technique found in the Song of Gale. The fake Nascent Soul was entirely formed from a bright green force of the wind. It was fuzzy and incorporeal, but it had the fastest flying speed among all the other fake Nascent Souls he had formed.

When he was still several thousands of miles away from An He City, he released four celestial fiend puppets, two of which transformed into Shui Xin and Shui Yi, and the other two transformed into the junior Daoists who he brought with him when he left.

At last, the company of five flew leisurely into the Greenwood Mountain and arrived at the Green City Manor. There, Wu Qi saw Daoist Yun Zang, who was very busy in deploying various illusion formations throughout the inside and outside of the mountains. Because of the fear that his Senior Brother, Daoist Yun Han, would learn what he had accomplished here and come to claim the credit, during the period when Wu Qi was away, Daoist Yun Zang had been working day and night to deploy all sorts of formations, trying his best to conceal the entire Green City Manor.

Wu Qi went straight to him and had a chat, while Shui Xin and Shui Yi told him that Wu Qi had sent the message back to Reverend Li Yang through the voice transmitting formation. As he learned that Reverend Li Yang would come to Pangu Continent with a few Sect Elders, Daoist Yun Zang was seized with a wild joy.

Taking the opportunity, Wu Qi flattered Daoist Yun Zang and made him even happier. After that, using the excuse that he would need to prepare for the launch ceremony that would take place when Reverend Li Yang arrived at Pangu Continent three years later, he bid farewell to Daoist Yun Zang and returned to An He City with two junior Daoists. He had left Shui Xin and Shui Yi, the two celestial fiend puppets, at Green City Manor, using them to keep an eye on Daoist Yun Zang.

Halfway through the journey, he retracted both junior Daoists back into his body, before finally walking into the city with hands clasping behind his back.

He walked along the main street towards the City Lord Mansion. However, before he arrived, an old man who was selling buns on the roadside suddenly pointed his finger at Wu Qi and cried out excitedly, "He is Daoist Greed! This man is Daoist Greed! Aye, he is that Daoist Greed! Sirs, this is the Daoist Greed you are looking for!"

It had startled Wu Qi. Many people in An He City knew he was called Daoist Greed, but why was this old man pointing him out so excitedly?

While he was baffled by that, a large troop of armored warriors suddenly charged out of the taverns and inns along the main street. At the same time, a couple dozens of Oracles from the Directorate of Celestials who were clad in black burlap robes and had tall black crowns flew up into the air, their faces gloomy as they quickly crushed the bone talismans with hands which they had long prepared, sprinkling down a large sheet of white light that blanketed all the armored warriors. Wu Qi briefly analyzed the restrictive spells found in those white light, some of which could resist the attacks on one's soul, some could prevent the attacks of poisonous gas and miasma, some could neutralize the attacks of sound waves and strong light, and many others strange attacks!

In short, the troop of over three hundred warriors had been armored to the teeth. All the offensive spells, which were commonly used by the cultivators and could inflict the most damage to the human warriors, had their impact reduced to the lowest possible level.

The ringing of weapons being drawn out echoed like a tidal wave. Wu Qi was completely surrounded by over three hundred warriors. Their blades and swords were jutting upwards like a forest of steel, glinting dazzlingly under the bright sunlight. A few young men clad in golden armors, their statures burly and strong like lions yet not emanating any aura, strode before Wu Qi, casting a fierce glance over at his face.

One of them, who had a dark red cape smeared with beast blood fluttering behind his back, hair tied up with a flaming jade crown, and his golden armor fully drawn with patterns of myriad beasts using molten red crystals, pulled out a drawing from the side of his waist, unfolded it, and gave it a few glances. Then, he glanced back at Wu Qi's visage, carefully comparing the two.

Shaking his head, the youth asked with a cold grin, "Daoist Greed?"

Wu Qi laughed dryly and answered with a nod, "Yes, I am Daoist Greed!"

The youth announced coldly, "I'm Miao Yihu, the Criminal Officer from Zhong Province's Punishment Court. Please be cooperative. Otherwise, I have the right to kill you on the spot!"

Wu Qi was taken aback. He gave the drawing a peek from the corner of his eyes. It was exactly the look he used when visiting Qing Xu Immortal Pass. There was also a row of remarks neatly written on the side of the drawing- Daoist Greed, practicing a cultivation technique from Fiend League, stands seven feet and two inches tall, and some other details.

Twitching his lips, Wu Qi turned to look at the old man who pointed him out just now. He saw the old man happily receiving a bag of money that looked heavy from one of the armored warriors, while a group of men and women were loading some luggage onto a large coach behind. Before long, the old man left excitedly on the coach with the group of men and women. Some owners of the shops next to him were sighing under their breath, expressing their regret for not being the first who discovered this Daoist Greed's trace.

He smiled bitterly, pointing at his nose as he asked, "Your Excellency Miao, what crime have I committed?"

Miao Yihu cried out coldly, "A cultivator from the Fiend League by the name of Daoist Greed has colluded with the demons from the outer domain. They attacked the army who served the Prefecture Overseer of Pang Province, Feng Jiupan, and murdered over seventy thousand soldiers while severely wounding the Prefecture Overseer and his Generals. Worst of all, they slaughtered 347 Oracles from the Directorate of Celestials. The Prefecture Overseer of Zhong Province is greatly infuriated by the incident, and he has announced an order of arrest, requesting this Daoist Greed to be captured."

He paused, gazing at Wu Qi as he said, "You are the ninth Daoist Greed I've found since two weeks ago!"

Wu Qi was shocked, as he quickly asked, "What had happened to them?"

Wu Qi sounded panic, but he was smiling bitterly in his mind. 'Why is the title 'Greed' so popular among the cultivators? Even this Miao Yihu alone found nine Daoist Greed, so how about the rest of the Criminal Officers? Tsk, tsk! But, it is understandable, as there are uncountable cultivators throughout the entire universe. Apart from the titles used by those famous almighty experts, which no one dares to use, many titles such as Breeze or Moon have repeatedly been used countless of times!'

The title 'Greed' was actually the name of a star. Because of that and its meaning, it was a title preferred by many cultivators from the Fiend and Evil League!

Staring coldly at Wu Qi, Miao Yihu said in a deep voice, "The previous eight Daoist Greed refused to cooperate with me, as they thought they had a profound cultivation base. As a result, I've executed all of them! One of them even had a cultivation base of Thirty-fourth Tier Heaven Immortal, but he was still killed by my warriors and me!"

Wu Qi gasped, laughing dryly as he asked, "Doesn't that means I've to change my title?"

"That's something you've to worry about later on," Miao Yihu said coldly, "As for now, I need you to show me your Nascent Soul. I just want to find out what cultivation technique are you practicing!"

Wu Qi pointed at the remarks on the drawing and asked, "What if I am practicing a cultivation technique from the Fiend League?"

Miao Yihu curved his lips into a fake smile and said coolly, "That will be a true misfortune for you! You'll have two options if we find out that you are practicing a cultivation technique from the Fiend League: resist us and be killed on the spot, or follow me back to the Punishment Court in Zhong Province and be investigated!"

Wu Qi clicked his tongue and coughed a few times dryly. As he was hesitating to talk, Reverend San Le's voice was heard coming from across the distance, "Aye, don't you think you are overly ostentatious with your words, Your Excellency? An He City is Euphoria Heavenly Palace's territory now, and you are trying to bring our Outer Sect Elder from here? Where is your respect for the Euphoria Heavenly Palace, Patriarch Muji, and Dark Palace?"

Not long ago, when Miao Yihu appeared with his warriors, Wu Qi had immediately contacted the celestial fiend puppet who was disguised as Reverend San Le.

And now, Reverend San Le had arrived on time, bringing with him many cultivators from the City Lord Mansion. The group of nearly one thousand cultivators arrived amidst gusts of wind, encircling Miao Yihu and the troop of over three hundred warriors.

Miao Yihu gave a cold snort, then suddenly blew a sharp whistle.

Immediately, numerous figures were seen springing up into the air across the distance. Over one thousand dark figures were rushing towards them along the main streets from the other three city gates. Before long, a total of about 1500 soldiers clad in leather armors had encircled the cultivators, each holding an armed strongbow.

In addition to these soldiers, there were also over one hundred Oracles from the Directorate of Celestial hovering midair above them.

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