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The spear thrust whistling down. Wu Qi twisted his body, wanting to escape with teleportation. He did not want to fight the golden-armored man.

But the air around him suddenly shook, shattering the magical power which he had just gathered. His body swayed a little, as the backlash from the space nearly brought him an internal injury. 360 huge bone talismans hovering in the air nearby shone with a dazzling white spirit light, interweaving together and completely locking down the void within a radius of one hundred miles. With Wu Qi's current cultivation base, there was no way he could break through the shackle of these bone talismans.

"Damn it! This is not looking good!" Wu Qi's eyes glittered with a cold gleam. He drew the Flaming Magpie sword, clutched the hilt backhandedly as he swung it towards the spear. The golden-armored man did not use any divine ability or magic spell. All he did was unleashing the attack with the mighty strength of his fleshly body. Wu Qi wanted to try what sorts of ability the burly man had. Therefore, he too thrust the sword with purely muscle strength.

A loud ringing of weapons clashing rang out. Wu Qi felt an enormous force shake his wrist, forcing him to let loose of the grip on the sword. Immediately, the immortal sword was knocked several thousand feet away, leaving a bright red trail in the air. However, as the immortal sword had its own sentience, it transformed into a stream of flame and flew back into Wu Qi's grip.

Meanwhile, an irresistible force knocked him flying backward like a leaf in a wild wind. The force was so powerful that it made him struggle to stand still, and was pushed tens of miles back from where he was. He managed to stabilize himself after performing a hand incantation gesture. His fingers were cramped, and a severe pain coupled with a numbing sensation washed over his fingertips to his wrist. The strike had almost broken his finger bones and meridians.

In fact, if not because his fleshly body was constantly nourished by a thread of innate Yin energy, which allowed his fleshly body to be as soft and pliable as the innate Yin energy, his entire palm would have been shattered to pieces. The burly man's muscle strength was incredibly powerful, at least ten times stronger than Wu Qi!

Currently, Wu Qi was at the realm of Thirty-fifth Transformation of Heaven Dragon. Just his muscle strength alone was comparable to the power of a divine ability or magic spell cast by a Thirty-fifth Tier Heaven Immortal with full power. As the burly man's pure muscle strength was ten times stronger than Wu Qi, it also meant his strength was comparable to a peak Thirty-second Tier Heaven Immortal. Even more shockingly, he did not emanate an aura of energy or magical power. It was his pure muscle strength that gave him such a frightening overall strength.

"Monster!" Wu Qi rubbed his palm and smiled bitterly.

With the spear still held in his hand, the burly man crouched a little bit as he stared coldly at Wu Qi and said, "Not bad for being able to withstand an attack unleashed with ten percent of my strength. Among all those fragile cultivators, you are an unusual one!"

He took a deep breath and continued, "The technique of body cultivators is widely known and practiced among cultivators. But how could you, the cultivators who can live forever, be able to endure the pain of tempering the fleshly body? Throughout all the heavenly realms, only one out of ten thousand cultivators is a body cultivator, but not even one out of ten million body cultivators can achieve a notable result. You are amazing!"

Wu Qi gave the burly man a thumb up and said, "You are amazing too. It is an incredible result to have such a powerful muscle strength with the fleshly body of a human!"

The man shook his head with a mocking expression and said coolly, "Do you think that you are praising me? I take that as an insult! Do not look down on us, the mortals! The almighty experts of the human race can even fight head to head against a Primordial Immortal! I'm thirty-five years old now, and yet I only have such a puny cultivation base. What's so amazing about it?"

Wu Qi felt a tingling sensation creep over his scalp. This burly man was only thirty-five years old? With his age, he already possessed such a frightening strength by just tempering his fleshly body! What made him different from a monster? On the other hand, cultivators had to absorb and digest natural energy, studying the profound secrets of the Heaven and Earth, tempering their souls, then transcending and becoming a Heaven Immortal. After that, it would take hundreds and thousands of years to just break through another tier, only then could they possess the magical power to crumble the mountains and empty the oceans.

A thirty-five years old human was able to possess such a frightening muscle strength with only his fleshly body. He was definitely a monster!

But from his words, it seemed he was not satisfied with his own cultivation base! That also meant, among the human race, there were others who were younger but stronger than him. If not because of that, how would he take Wu Qi's praise as an insult?

Wu Qi gasped and muttered, "You are only... thirty-five years old?"

Suddenly, the golden-robed Young Master standing on the dragon's head shouted coldly, "Storm, why are you wasting time talking to that Daoist? Quickly cut his limbs and capture him alive. He will have to pay the price for ruining my business. The Gale is a gift which I had prepared to give my father as the present for his 300th birthday!"

The burly man, Storm, answered the Young Master's call. He rubbed the palms and made the spear spun rapidly. A rounded golden light shrouded the spearhead, from which, numerous sharp wind blades shot out into all directions. Then, he roared with laughter and began to run at an incredible speed around Wu Qi, creating several hundred afterimages that formed a wall. Amidst a shrill wind breaking noise, he thrust the spear over one thousand times towards Wu Qi.

There were spearheads coming at Wu Qi from all directions, as he felt a coldness wash over his body. Without hesitation, he exercised the Mystic Eyes of Universe with all his power, with which, the traces of countless spear attacks were made visible. There were only 1080 spear strikes that were coming at him, all aiming at his limbs.

With a twist of his wrist, the earth element dragon scale shield issued a deep, muffled cry as 1080 golden lights shot out from it, blocking before each of the spear strikes. A series of rapid clanging echoed out. All the golden lights were knocked away, but Storm's spear strikes vanished at the same time. Storm gave a shocking cry, but it was immediately covered by another loud wind breaking noise. As he was surprised that Wu Qi was able to crack the secret technique of his spear, he turned the spear and thrust it straight towards Wu Qi's heart.

The golden-robed youth laughed, shook his head and said, "Storm is too impatient. Well, not that the Daoist's death will concern me!"

Before the youth's words could fade, a beam of white light shot out from the top of Wu Qi's head. He grabbed the Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag and gave it a powerful swing. A sharp screech towered into the sky. Immediately, Storm felt weak and dropped to his knees. His three spiritual and seven physical souls rushed out from his seven apertures, and were absorbed by the flag. Then, Wu Qi grabbed the flag backhandedly and smashed it down, crushing Storm's head to pieces and throwing him to the ground.

When Storm's body was crushed, it made no ordinary bone cracking sounds, but a crispy crackling noise that sounded like the cracking of crystals. Evidently, he had tempered his fleshly body to an unimaginably queer level. Blood sprayed from his body and splattered all over the place. When Wu Qi saw the blood that was emitting a pungent smell, the first thought that came into his mind was that it was a pity he did not bring Gold Horn and Silver Horn here. With the enormous vitality and life force contained in Storm's fleshly body, it could have significantly improved Gold Horn and Silver Horn's overall strength!

Storm was indeed a mighty warrior with an incredibly strong fleshly body, but his soul was just slightly stronger than an ordinary mortal. As he did not expect Wu Qi having an extraordinary treasure that could directly attack one's soul, he had fallen with just one easy strike from Wu Qi.

Some redness had suddenly returned to Feng Qingwu's face. Kneeling off to a side, she gave Storm's corpse a deep look as a smile quietly emerged on her face. Storm's death had proven that Wu Qi had a strong overall strength, and the stronger Wu Qi was, the lesser responsibility she had to bear. And, if Wu Qi could kill a few more Generals who were as strong as Storm, her responsibility would be lessened to almost none!

Upon witnessing how Storm was killed by Wu Qi, the golden-robed youth trembled and bellowed, "Kill him!"

Twelve men rushed out of the group of golden-armored men standing on the back of the dragon. They each pulled out a fist-sized bone talisman from their waist, getting ready to crush it and unleash the restrictive spell in it to protect their souls. But, Wu Qi would never let them do that. He waved the Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag, bit his tongue, and sprayed a mouthful of blood onto it. A bloodcurdling ghost howl rose to the sky as a large column of dark cloud gushed out of the flag, spreading to cover an area of tens of miles in a flash.

Even before the twelve burly men could activate their bone talismans, their bodies turned stiff together, and their souls were sucked by the Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag, bodies heavily thrown to the ground. The Flaming Magpie sword thrust whistling out amidst a large sheet of flame, cutting through their waists and turning them into twenty-four pieces. When the immortal sword ripped apart their bodies, they actually produced a crystal clear metal clashing sound. The strength of their fleshly bodies was so strong that they could hardly be considered as humans.

Another group of twelve experts had fallen. Feng Qingwu's complexion had completely returned to normal, and she even breathed out a sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, the golden-robed youth's face turned blue with anger. He opened his mouth slightly, a metallic taste in his throat as blood nearly rushed through it. "They are my Seventy-two Generals of Minor Allheaven! All of you, rip him into pieces! What are you waiting for?" He roared with a hoarse voice.

The first part of his sentence was targeted at another fifty-nine golden-armored men standing on the back of the dragon, but the second half was for those black-robed old men that sat cross-legged beneath the huge bone talismans. It instantly stirred these old men, as they raised their right hand and began to recite an incantation. Immediately, all 360 huge bone talismans emitted a strong light.

Meanwhile, the group of fifty-nine golden-armored men sprung into the air and charged towards Wu Qi. They had a layer of grayish-white spirit light covering their entire bodies, protecting them like a layer of armor.

Wu Qi exerted all his force to wave the Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag desperately. Shrill ghost howls kept echoing out, throwing numerous Long Bo men to the ground, but none of the fifty-nine burly men were affected.

Three of them came before Wu Qi with one quick move, thrusting two spears and one blade towards his vital spots. A spear was aiming at his heart, another at his throat, while the blade was slashing towards his neck. They were determined to cut Wu Qi's head away from his body.

A great shock seized Wu Qi, and he immediately activated earth element dragon scale shield with all his power. 36,000 golden dragon scales thrust out together, wheeling rapidly around him.

A rapid, loud clanging kept echoing out. Following a strange trace, fifty-nine golden-armored men formed a formation that kept attacking like the washing of the violent waves, landing one after another brutal attack on the golden dragon scales without an end. They violently rocked Wu Qi's blood and energy, knocking him and all the golden dragon scales back and forth in the air as if they were some basketballs.

After several hundred brutal attacks that came in succession, the earth element dragon scale shield had nearly disintegrated. Meanwhile, Wu Qi gave a muffled snort, as blood oozed out from his seven apertures. The powerful forces had inflicted a serious internal injury on him.

The Flaming Magpie sword kept hacking and chopping at those golden-armored men. However, their golden armors were extremely tough and pliable. Despite how the immortal sword kept attacking them, it could only produce numerous bright sparks. Sometimes, although it managed to cut through the armor, it had no more strength to rip their bodies apart.

In just the time to finish a pot of tea, Wu Qi had suffered a serious internal injury. On the other hand, those burly men only had some minor cuts on their skins.

Suddenly, Wu Qi began to cough out mouthful after mouthful of blood. His internal organs were torn.

The earth element dragon scale shield issued a miserable cry; it could no longer withstand the brutal attacks that came without end. A crystal clear cracking sound echoed out as numerous golden dragon scales were knocked away, exposing Wu Qi before the group of fierce and vicious men.

A spear pierced through the air like a vicious snake, piercing its spearhead into Wu Qi's right shoulder from behind.

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