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The black dragon spirit ring opened its mouth, spitting out a couple dozens of palm-sized leaves. They were shaped like a maple leaf, golden in color, and emitted a pungent smell. They were fairly thick, and their veins were arranged into a clearly visible character - 'ghost', written in an ancient seal script. They were the Ghost Pattern Grass, an exotic grass Wu Qi had harvested from the Myriad Immortals Planet.

He clenched them tightly between his palms and gave them a hard and messy squeeze, crushing them into powder. Then, he bit the tip of his tongue and sprayed out a mouthful of blood, fusing it into the crushed leaves. When the fresh blood contacted the golden, pungent-smelling leaves, they immediately blended together, turning into a puddle of sticky, pale-red juice. The pungent smell was gone, leaving only a faint fragrance that made one feel refreshed upon inhaling.

"Hmph! These Bone Rotting and Burying Beetles are good stuff!" A bright light shone from Wu Qi's eyes. He stuck his finger into the juice, then quickly wrote one huge rune after another in the air. The sticky juice stretched into fine threads and formed the twisting runes midair, flashing with an eye-catching red gleam.

In a flash, a total of forty-nine runes were completed, and Wu Qi placed his palm on them, reciting a spell under his breath. As the incantation echoed out, grayish mists rose from all over the place, while gusts of chilly wind rushed towards these runes, carrying with them countless twisting faces which wailed and whined pitifully. In just a blink of an eye, all the runes were covered with a very thick layer of murderous aura of the Yin Ghosts. A towering Yin energy rose, causing the approaching Bone Rotting and Burying Beetles to halt abruptly, before turning frenzied and rushing towards the runes.

Like how silkworms nibbled at the mulberry leaves, a ringing of munching noise echoed out, so loud that they sounded like the pattering of a heavy downpour. These Burying Beetles crazily devoured the runes written with the juices of Ghost Pattern Grass, swallowing all the juice blended with Wu Qi's blood essence, as well as the murderous aura of the Yin Ghosts.

Wu Qi turned to look at the man, whose eyes and mouth was fixed, then said with a smile, "Actually, it is not necessary to feed Bone Rotting and Burying Beetles with the flesh of Heaven Immortals, although it will give them a stronger murderous aura and a greater offensive strength. But, if what you want is to concoct all sorts of poisons with their feces, feeding them with Ghost Pattern Grass, Ghost Face Grass, Weeping Ghost Mushroom, or some other similar poisonous plants together with your own blood essence will make the poisonousness of their feces a few times stronger."

"You... you!" The man pointed his trembling finger at Wu Qi. His mind had turned completely blank.

At last, he howled at the top of his voice, "Impossible! I've always fed them with my own blood essence. They should only listen to my orders!"

"Idiot!" Wu Qi shook his head with a cold grin. How could these Heaven Immortals, who practiced cultivation techniques from the Evil League, know the ultimate secret of raising Bone Rotting and Burying Beetles? In fact, if not because Princess Zhang Le had inherited the bloodline of an Ancient God from her mother, from which she managed to learn countless evil techniques related to Yin Ghosts, Wu Qi would not be able to know the method of raising the Bone Rotting and Burying Beetles with Ghost Pattern Grass and some other poisonous plants.

If they were raised with the flesh of Heaven Immortals, after finishing the ninth cocooning and evolution, they would turn into the Bone Rotting and Burying Beetle Kings, who possessed a terrifying power of devouring Gold Immortals. However, if they were meticulously raised with various poisonous plants blended with one's own blood essence, after finishing the ninth cocooning and evolution, they would turn into Myriad Poisonous Beetles, vicious beetles which could kill a Gold Immortal with just its saliva, a truly vicious and poisonous creature.

If Bone Rotting and Burying Beetle Kings were used to fight a Gold Immortal, and the Gold Immortal happened to own some precious treasure of pure Yang characteristic, they could be easily smashed to a mess by the Gold Immortal. However, with just a slightly better skill, one could yield an endless amount of deadly poison from Myriad Poisonous Beetles, and could potentially kill countless Immortals with it.

Looking at the hysterical man, Wu Qi was too lazy to discuss such a deep topic with him. Four celestial fiend puppets leaped out from within his body, charging towards the man who had obviously turned mad from the pain and terror. By just wheeling one round around the man, the four puppets had smashed his body into a pile of broken bones and minced meat. A bloody immortal soul darted out of the blood and gore, but was immediately captured and devoured by them.

Gazing coldly at the messy and nasty flesh, Wu Qi shook his head. Because of the man's disgusting appearance, he had lost all his interest to refine him into blood and soul crystals. 'Just let these puppets enjoy them.'

Waving his finger gently, Wu Qi kept casting one rune after another filled with an immense Yin energy. Using the technique Princess Zhang Le taught him, he injected a thread of his own divine will into all 3,600 Bone Rotting and Burying Beetles, firmly controlling their tiny intelligence which was left with only the instinct of greed and devouring.

Then, he produced a spirit breeding ring with an internal space of about a water tank, using the various materials he brought here from Myriad Immortals Planet to expand it to about ten acres wide. After that, he threw a bunch of energy stones into it to replenish the energy within, as well as several tens of kilograms of poisonous grasses and items found on Myriad Immortals Planet. Finally, he ordered all the Bone Rotting and Burying Beetles to enter the ring and stay inside.

Because of their exceptionally poisonous and dangerous nature, even though they were just larvae which had yet to form their first cocoon, Wu Qi dared not to place them together with the people from the Long Bo Kingdom. Those people were crude and careless, and they might accidentally touch the beetles. It was true that Wu Qi had controlled these beetles' minds, but their poisonous hair could still instantly kill those people from the Long Bo Kingdom, who were just at the Gold Core realm.

After hanging the ring before his chest with the same string around his neck, Wu Qi looked around, before retracting the single-horned rhino and taking out the Dark Yin Energy Vase. Right at the moment the vase was taken out, the imitated Yellow Spring below his feet began to vibrate violently. He performed an incantation gesture, controlling the vase to spray out a beam of green light. Immediately, the yellowish ocean rolled and rocked, flying up into the sky and slowly condensing into three drops of thumb-sized, glittering yellow liquid near the mouth of the vase.

They were the true forms of the yellowish ocean, a vicious treasure which Goddess Wan Miao created by blending together countless acquired poisonous items she collected, an enormous amount of death aura she harvested from ancient tombs, and innumerable deadly poisons from rotting corpses, finally using three drops of Melting Yin Water she found accidentally as the supporting bodies. As she only had three drops of Melting Yin Water, although the Yellow Spring was a vicious treasure, its power was not that great. It could pose a threat to lower-grade Heaven Immortals, but would be rendered useless when encountering some immortal items with stronger defensive strength.

"Melting Yin Water? I have an endless supply!"

Wu Qi smiled gladly when he identified the essence of the three drops of Yellow Spring. He shoved a large pile of water element energy stones into the Dark Yin Energy Vase and performed a hand incantation gesture to produce several liters of Melting Yin Water, fusing it all with the three drops of Yellow Spring. Drop after drop of spring water flew out from the vase's mouth, slowly fusing with the Yellow Spring. Gradually, the yellowish spring water grew larger, and its color turned paler. But as time went by, the yellow color turned stronger once again.

"Excellent! Goddess Wan Miao is surely skillful in concocting poisons. What she produced is actually a living poison... As long as I keep adding Melting Yin Water into it, I can have an endless amount of Yellow Spring. This is amazing!" Wu Qi stared pleasingly at the ball of Yellow Spring about the size of a water tank hovering above the vase's mouth, then nodded and said, "Nevertheless, I can't use this thing too often, or it will spoil my reputation. I can slowly mix it with more poisons in the future, slowly accumulating Melting Yin Water and strengthening its power. Once I can turn it into a real ocean, even a Gold Immortal would have to suffer!"

Laughing complacently, he stored the ball of Yellow Spring inside the Dark Yin Energy Vase. He took a deep breath and changed his facial appearance, withdrawing all four celestial fiend puppets back into his body. Then, he broke apart the illusion realm created by Goddess Wan Miao with one punch and walked out leisurely.

Right after he walked out of the illusion realm and returned to Qing Xu Immortal Square, he was taken aback by what he saw.

He could see nobody on the streets, and all the shops had closed their doors. Near and far, there were a couple dozens of Heaven Immortals standing on clouds, staring towards his direction. A total of one hundred flying ships, each measuring two hundred feet long, were seen hovering quietly in the sky around him, on top of which stood twenty thousand soldiers clad in soft armors. Fully drawn bows were in their hands, aimed straight at Wu Qi.

A handsome youth clad in a bright red battle outfit was seen sitting on a single-horned Qilin, staring at Wu Qi on the street right outside of Myriad Herbs Hall's entrance. His body was covered in a full silver armor, and a black robe was draped over his shoulder, his left hand holding a thirty-six nodes steel whip,

Looking at the serious battle array, Wu Qi forced a smile on his face and asked, "What is this, General?"

The young general said coolly, "I am Feng Qingyan, the General on duty here at Qing Xu Immortal Pass. My responsibility is to maintain the public order of this place. You don't have to say anything. Just hand me the Energy Rotting Ghost Mushroom and all your valuables, and let me whip three times. If you manage to survive, you can leave."

Wu Qi suddenly realized that perhaps it was not only he and the few others who had heard the name of Energy Rotting Ghost Mushroom just now. Perhaps, this Feng Qingyan had been following behind Goddess Wan Miao and her husband, waiting for the right chance to strike! He laughed dryly and said, "Is this dog eats dog, General?"

Feng Qingyan covered his mouth with one hand and smiled. Although he was a man, his smile was so charming as he glanced at Wu Qi with an almost amorous manner. Waving the steel whip in his left hand, he said coolly, "This is not dog eats dog, I am just maintaining the public order... Of course, if you really want to think like that, it is up to you. I can sell the Energy Rotting Ghost Mushroom to the Ghost Domain, and it will bring me millions upon millions of energy stones, gold, silver, and gemstones. My expenses have been rather high recently!"

Wu Qi frowned and said with a long sigh, "General Feng, aren't you afraid of..."

Feng Qingya interrupted Wu Qi by crying out loud, "Cut the bullsh*t! Do not mention rules and laws before me! Rules? In Qing Xu Immortal Pass, my words are the rules! Laws? Any statements issued by me will be the law in this place! Unless you possess a formidable overall strength enough to pose a threat to me, so what if I kill and rob you on the street?"

He pointed his steel whip at Wu Qi and cried out sternly, "My children, this criminal killed over 3,800 innocent civilians in Myriad Herbs Hall! Capture him alive, and I'll cut him to pieces as a warning to others!"

Four soldiers on the flying ships answered with a loud cry. They put down the bows in their hands, and then jumped down from a height of nearly one thousand feet, leaping high up like fleas as they rushed towards Wu Qi. There was no aura or whatsoever being emanated from their bodies, and no beast souls coexisted with them. But shockingly, their movements were as fast as winds, and not slower than those body cultivators of Nascent Soul realm!

Wu Qi was amazed by their quick and swift movements. Caught off guard, four soldiers rushed next to him and grabbed his limbs with their hands.

Their fingers clutched him like steel pliers, preventing him from moving.

With a loud cry, the four of them exerted all their strength and began to pull Wu Qi's limbs outward. They were not trying to capture him alive. Instead, they were about to rip Wu Qi into pieces.

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