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In an empty area several tens of miles away within the mountains, Wu Qi panted heavily as he threw Liu Yi to the ground, then casually tossed a bottle of medicinal powder which he concocted and had the effect of healing external wounds over to Liu Yi. "If you wish to live, apply the powder on your wounds! Tsk, brother Liu Yi, don't you forget that you owe me a favor! If not because of me, how could you escape alive?"

Liu Yi caught the bottle. His face was sallow as he stared blankly at the mountain region off in the distance, where a fierce and messy battle was ongoing, with dust soaring up into the sky. "How could this be? This is totally different from my plan! The Four Gates and Four Quadrants Immortal Slaughtering Formation is not yet ready. How could they know this so fast? Ah? How could this be? Why are they here so soon?"

Wu Qi gave Liu Yi a glare from the corner of his eyes. He did not answer that question.

'It is absolutely impossible to follow everything according to your plan. Therefore, I needed to inform the people of Euphoria Heavenly Palace in advance, and let the people of Golden Pavilion Temple know what is going on here as early as possible. Well, there is nothing much I can comment on your Four Gates and Four Quadrants Immortal Slaughtering Formation, but how many Heaven Immortals could it handle? Since I've already set a death trap one hundred miles underground, we don't need your formation anymore. Isn't it better to let the people of Euphoria Heavenly Palace arrive here earlier, and trigger the event in advance?' thought Wu Qi in his mind.

Even better, when the event was triggered in advance, those people behind Liu Yi would be caught off guard, forcing them to commence their plan in a hurry. With that, Wu Qi would have gained control of the overall situation. If everything went according to Liu Yi's plan, his people would have the initiative, and that would throw Wu Qi into a passive position.

While staring at the mountain region bustling with activities, Wu Qi clicked his tongue and said, "That Lord Jade and Mister Gold are very wealthy indeed! Although they are just two Thirty-third Tier Heaven Immortals, they actually own over ten immortal items! My, oh my, if they dare to visit some outer heavenly realms, I reckon they would have long been robbed by someone."

Looking at the silhouettes of various weapons that kept soaring up into the sky, which were the unique strange signs of immortal items when they were activated, Wu Qi could not help but have his fingers twitching and his heart filled with temptation!

A gust of wind blew by. Lao Ai came running into the area, carrying Lady Qiao's corpse with him, who was drenched in blood and had her immortal soul completely perished. He casually threw the corpse on top of Liu Yi's body and snapped, "Pretty boy! Dig a hole for me and bury her properly. After all, we've spent some enjoyable moments together, and I am not a heartless man. En, dig a deep hole and make her a coffin. Do it properly, or I'll kill you!"

Liu Yi's face turned blue with anger. "I'm Reverend San Le's counselor! A counselor! What is this? What is going on?" he roared furiously.

Another gust of wild wind came blowing by, amidst which, Reverend San Le revealed himself, together with Madman Xue and Hidden Heart. Upon arriving, he strode towards Liu Yi and gave the latter dozens of slap in the face. The brutal slaps made Liu Yi's face swell up and turn purple, blood dripping down from his lips and smearing the ground. Pointing his finger at the transfixed Liu Yi, Reverend San Le growled, "How presumptuous! Who said you are my counselor? Do I really have to inform you how I am going to handle the situation?"

Then, he thrust his feet to kick Liu Yi away and bellowed, "You are a nobody who came out of nowhere. So what if you are the one who brought us to the Ganoderma Immortal? Does that mean I have to trust you and follow your plan without any doubts? Ah? Apart from that Four Gates and Four Quadrants Immortal Slaughtering Formation, how would I know if you have secretly prepared another Eight Gates and Eight Quadrants Immortal Slaughtering Formation and pushed me into the trap?"

Liu Yi was taken aback. He glanced in turn at Wu Qi and at Reverend San Le. He thought for a while, and found that what Reverend San Le said did make sense.

He was an outsider who just came to the place, who paid Reverend San Le a visit out of the blue and claimed he had a great strategy that could help Reverend San Le to be the real master of An He City, and the region one million miles around it. Anyone with a sensible mind would not believe his words without bearing some doubts in mind. It was perfectly normal for Reverend San Le to have such a response. However, the response was not within Liu Yi's expectation!

Laughing bitterly and grabbing the medicinal bottle Wu Qi gave him, Liu Yi said, "Reverend, time will reveal a man's heart! Even if Reverend doesn't quite trust my words, you should not trigger the event in such a hurry. Now that they are fighting against each other, doesn't that mean we are handing that Ganoderma Immortal to others on a silver platter?"

Reverend San Le snorted and did not respond to Liu Yi.

Wearing a gloomy face, Liu Yi poured out a handful of medicinal powder which Wu Qi had meticulously concocted, then clenching his jaw he pressed his palm onto the fist-sized bloody hole burned out by the thunder-flame on his buttock. A shrill and tragic howl echoed out suddenly, as Liu Yi fell down to the ground with his body twitching, then passed out completely. He knew there would be pain when applying a medicinal powder on wounds, but little did he expect the medicinal powder concocted by Wu Qi would give him such a severe pain.

Gazing at the unconscious Liu Yi, Wu Qi shook his head and said with a cold smile, "What an interesting fellow!"

Reverend San Le and the other celestial fiend puppets were laughing coldly with a deep voice, while Lao Ai said in a casual manner, "I just hope this event can pass as soon as possible. I've absorbed all of Lady Qiao's cultivation base. Tsk, as long as I release my aura, I will be able to transcend my heavenly tribulation and become a Heaven Immortal. Immortality... ah, I' never imagined that I could achieve this!"

Wu Qi turned to look at Lao Ai as he sent over a voice transmission, "Too bad that it is an immortality with your immortal soul being completely controlled by someone else!"

Lao Ai's face fell instantly. Gnashing his teeth, he gave a cold snort.

Ignoring Lao Ai, Wu Qi fished out a supreme-grade spirit jade which he brought here from Myriad Immortals Planet, from which, he removed a broken piece about the size of a toddler's palm. Then, using a small flying sword, he carved out numerous ancient-looking patterns of flowers, birds, insects, and fishes on the broken spirit jade. Back in those years, in order to forge all kinds of ancient jades, Le Xiaobai had gone through a painstaking process of learning the art of carving. Now that Wu Qi had inherited that skill, the patterns carved out by him did look like from some experts.

The broken spirit jade looked like a small part of a medallion. The patterns on it looked ancient, and were mixed with a few rows of extremely ancient runes from the Primordial Divine Script. They were genuine primordial runes, and anyone with a fair knowledge would have recognized them.

Between these patterns and runes, Wu Qi carved out another row of very tiny characters using the Bird Script. They read 'Left Minister...' and 'Yu Miao'. The character of 'Miao' was carved at the edge of the jade slip, as if it were broken from the middle.

After being done forging the jade slip, a scorching flame and a biting cold air, coupled with wisps of electric arc, burst out from Wu Qi's palm suddenly, giving the jade slip a round of good torturing. Then, Wu Qi carefully cast a restrictive spell on it. Because of what he did, the jade slip was no different form something made from powder, and would fall apart with just a slight movement. However, because of the restrictive spell, it would not suffer any damage even if it were smashed with a huge hammer.

Wu Qi hefted the jade slip, then carefully shoved it into Liu Yi's belt. The belt had a few secret pockets, inside which were some money and jewelry. Wu Qi shoved the inconspicuous little jade slip to the innermost corner in the belt.

Lao Ai felt his scalp tingling when he saw what Wu Qi was doing. "Are you making him an instrument to frame someone?"

Wu Qi gave an indifferent smile and said lightly, "This is just a contingency plan, and it may not work. Since someone is using us for their scheme, they can't blame me for using their lives to frame an old fool who nearly killed me!"

Wu Qi pointed his finger at Liu Yi's forehead, making sure that he would not wake up so soon. After that, he gave Lao Ai a nod and said, "You can just wait here to watch as the grand show takes place. I'll go find those people behind Liu Yi in the surrounding area. I believe they are watching the event from some nearby place."

Lao Ai answered with a nod. He walked next to Lady Qiao's corpse and cupped her up, preparing to bury her properly.

On the other hand, Wu Qi beckoned a few celestial fiend puppets, among whom, Min Hua, Min E, and a few members of Min clan with weak cultivation base had their bodies flashing and transforming into shadows, then merging with him. Then, after looking to his left and right to observe the mountains off in the distance, Wu Qi stomped his feet, transformed into a stream of yellowish mist, and plunged right into the ground.

On the peak of a lofty mountain about two hundred miles away from the battlefield where Lord Jade and Mister Gold were fighting desperately, the group of young men who Wu Qi saw during the daytime was overlooking the battle. Standing in the middle of the group, the young General growled in a low voice, "What is Liu Yi doing? Why has he triggered the event in such a hurry? What is going on exactly? Why are the people from Euphoria Heavenly Palace and Golden Pavilion Temple fighting against each other before we have everything prepared?"

Wu Qi squeezed out from a crack between rocks less than one hundred feet behind the group, standing quietly with his back leaning against a patch of wisterias and openly under the bright moonlight. Even as he gave them a cold glance, his face filled with a contemptuous expression.

One of the young men said under his breath, "Perhaps that Reverend San Le has changed his mind. After all, it is our prediction that he might betray the Euphoria Heavenly Palace. In reality, he might be a timid person who dares not do such a thing, and thus informed Euphoria Heavenly Palace about the news. It is highly possible."

Suddenly, another young man pulled out a jade talisman, placing it near his ear and listening attentively for a while. When he was done listening, he said with a joyous tone, "Worry not, General. Lady Qiao's adopted father, Patriarch Muji, has learned the news about her death, and he is on his way here with his disciples. Also, those monks from Golden Pavilion Temple have invited the 'Arhat Wrath' from the Minor Serene Buddhist Land, who is rushing here as well. For the sake of the energy essence left behind by the Ganoderma Immortal, a battle will definitely break out between them!"

The young General breathed out a sigh of relief. "That's better." he said while grinning coldly, "As long as the battle between Patriarch Muji and Arhat Wrath comes to an internecine outcome, hmph… An Le County will be mine! At that point in time, I will be conferred because of the great merit, and all of you will be rewarded handsomely!"

After a brief moment of pondering, Wu Qi pointed out his finger. The spirit-restricting rope transformed into a beam of purple light and shot out, tightly binding all the young men together like a huge rice dumpling.

Wu Qi was too lazy to find out where these young men came from, and what kind of background they had. He thrust the Sword of Greedy Wolf and pierced their foreheads, tearing their souls and their beast souls to shreds. As the young General's cultivation base was barely close to Heaven Immortal realm, he did not have any ability to resist Wu Qi's sneak attack.

The sword beam wheeled around them and cut away their heads. After that, a beam of white light shot out from spirit breeding ring, pulling their bodies into the ring.

"Well, the important task of framing Yu Miao is all on you and Liu Yi now!"

Laughing coldly, Wu Qi raised his head to look at the battlefield.

What he saw gave him a good scare.

Although only a very short moment had passed, Lord Jade and Mister Gold had fled with bodies bathed in their own blood, while one of the three Heaven Immortal realm old monks from Golden Pavilion Temple was killed.

The rest of the cultivators were attacking each other messily, fighting crazily for the Ganoderma.

Seeing that Lord Jade and Mister Gold had fled tens of mile away, Wu Qi hastily changed his visage and plunged back into the ground.

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