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Euphoria Heavenly Palace came in a very grand and stylish manner.

Right in the middle of the parade was a cloud bed. It measured thirteen feet in both width and length, fully veiled with a sheet of white satin, with an inner lining of silver-fox's skin, carried by a group of thirty-two slim, beautiful girls. Countless fresh flowers hovered around the bed; waves of fragrance wafted out from it and filled the atmosphere. Every now and then, gentle breezes would lift a corner of the veil, revealing part of a stunning figure who laid gracefully on the bed.

In front of the bed was a group of thirty-six boys and girls who carried flower baskets and incense burners. As they proceed further, flowers were being sprinkled and purple smoke kept rising from the incense burners. Behind the bed was another group of seventy-two young, handsome men, who were clad in a tight-fitting, white uniform, and had bodies full of bulky muscles. Further behind them followed a group of male and female cultivators, who came in all sorts of looks, statures, and ages. However, they all had the same evil, coquettish expression on their faces.

Amongst the cultivators, there were two middle-aged men who looked extra eye-catching. One of them was clad in a green robe and a green hat, his hand holding a green jade folding fan, and jade rings on all ten fingers. A jade belt was around his waist, and he was wearing a pair of jade boots. He was entirely shrouded in a jade gleam, making him look like a glittering cucumber. The other man was clad in a golden robe and a golden hat, with a dozen golden chains hanging around his neck like dog chains. The dazzling golden radiance emitting from him made him an eyesore.

The pair of splendidly dressed cultivators stood there among the cultivators, looking at others using not their eyes but nostrils. When they were not looking at the others, they would have their nostrils pointing straight at the sky. Their demeanor could only be described as bloated with pride, overweening, and having respect to no one except themselves. From their look, perhaps even the Great Emperor of the Heaven and the Human Emperor of the Yu Dynasty would be rendered inferior before them.

'Supposedly, both of them are the bedmates for the Master of Euphoria Heavenly Palace, Lady Qiao, eh?'

They were two itinerant cultivators with a cultivation base of Thirty-third Tier Heaven Immortal. One was named 'Lord Jade', and the other was named 'Mister Gold'. Amongst Lady Qiao's bedmates, they were the wealthiest and the strongest cultivators. Therefore, whenever Lady Qiao went for a trip, she would always have them following her, who were more than willing to spend money and anything on her.

Wu Qi narrowed his eyes as he kept glancing at Lord Jade and Mister Gold, his fingers twitching. From what he learned from Reverend San Le's memory, both of them were on friendly terms with some Prefecture Overseers of Yu Dynasty, and were secretly mining some precious minerals which Yu Dynasty had officially banned anyone from mining. Thus, not only were they strong in their cultivation base, they were extremely wealthy. Be it in terms of quality or quantity, the immortal items carried by them were the finest.

The fragrance exuding from Lao Ai's body had attracted Lady Qiao's attention, making her throw out an invitation, asking Lao Ai to be a guest on her bed. Upon hearing that, Lord Jade and Mister Gold's expression changed drastically. "Qiao'er, although this fellow has a large build, he might be only strong on the outside but weak between his legs, losing all his strength in just a few seconds into a session!" Lord Jade said coldly.

Meanwhile, Mister Gold was even more blunt with his words, "Qiao'er, it is because we have a stronger cultivation base than you that we barely manage to endure your approaches. We've wasted a lot of our magical power and cultivation base in your body. I afraid this fellow can't last even one session with you!"

Wu Qi bowed his head silently. A moment ago, the celestial fiend puppet disguised as Reverend San Le had told Wu Qi that he had informed Euphoria Heavenly Palace the news about that Ganoderma Horse through a secret communicating channel. Lady Qiao was very pleased with the news, and it drove her here impatiently, so that she could personally investigate the slanting peak.

At the same time, some servants in the City Lord Mansion who were loyal to the previous City Lord, Grandmaster Jing An, had also spread the news through some grapevines. As the four Guarding Monks of Golden Pavilion Temple were not far from there, the Golden Pavilion Temple had presumably learned the news as well. According to Liu Yi's plan, once Euphoria Heavenly Palace and Grandmaster Jing An began to fight against each other for the Ganoderma Horse, the rest of the immortal sects in An He City would have gotten the news as well. At that point in time, there would be a grand show to witness.

Even as Wu Qi bowed his head, pondering on what was going to happen, Lao Ai was laughing wildly as he said, "Strong on the outside but weak between my legs? Who dares to claim he is strong before me? Hehe, I, Lao... Lao Qianye[1], am a man with extraordinary innate talent. It is not something you can ever understand!"

The white satin that veiled the cloud bed fluttered as a column of purple smoke came rolling by, wrapping up Lao Ai and pulling him onto the bed. Lady Qiao chuckled lustfully and said, "So you claim you are a strong man, huh? Well, let me give your skill a good examination! If you are just boasting, don't blame me for showing no mercy?"

Although the white satin had covered Lao Ai, but his evil voice could still be clearly heard, "Rest assured, Palace Master. I just fear that you might not be able to endure my powerful technique, and would have your essence hurt in just a brief moment. That would be a great sin for me!"

Lady Qiao roared with an unbridled and sharp laugh. Her voice sounded like a sharp blade that made one's ears hurt. "Aiyo, San Le, you do have some decent subordinates, don't you? Hehe, Lao Qianye? What an interesting name! Which man dares to say that he can work hard for one thousand nights before me?"

A faint sound of sexual intercourse was heard coming out from the cloud bed. Large columns of cloud drifted out from underneath the bed, while a few girls standing next to the bed cried out lightly at the same time, ordering the group of cultivators to escort the bed as it began to fly southward. After one thousand miles into their journey, when they were completely away from any paths that those cultivators in An He City could lay their eyes upon, and after Lord Jade and Mister Gold examined the surroundings a few times with their divine will, only then the company changed their course, flying straight towards the slanting peak where Wu Qi had prepared a surprise for them.

Along the way, Lao Ai and Lady Qiao were making all kinds of strange and eccentric noises on the cloud bed, sometimes shouting loudly or crying faintly, and sometimes laughing wildly or moaning lustfully. And to Wu Qi's surprise, the cloud bed was actually a very rare magical item. With its white satins fluttering in the breeze, a large column of white smoke completely enveloped the entire bed, preventing anyone from looking into it, not even using the divine will. Nevertheless, Wu Qi's Mystic Eyes of Universe could see the fierce battle very clearly, but he did not have the slightest interest in peeking at such activity.

No... although Wu Qi was not interested, but part of his soul that belonged to Le Xiaobai was rather interested in witnessing the scene.

The Mystic Eyes of Universe were activated. Helplessly, Wu Qi turned his head towards the bed with a rigid movement. His eyes shone with a faint gleam as he looked through the white satin and witnessed the fierce battle, which very much resembled the intense slamming of seven to eight bulls who had turned frenzied. Lao Ai and Lady Qiao, who had an exceedingly beautiful visage and a sedate bearing that made her look like a holy lady, were tangling each other tightly like two great pythons. Using their greatest strength and effort, both were devouring their opponent's magical powers, cultivation base, blood essence, and energy essence. In the craziest manner, they were devouring anything they could from each other.

Both had a bizarre pinkish hue spread across their skin, and Lady Qiao's skin even had an unusual redness. Her eyes were rolling, her body trembling and twitching convulsively, and saliva was dripping from her lips. Lao Ai's Great Sun Divine Technique was evidently superior than her harvesting technique. In this body-to-body battle, Lady Qiao was totally on a disadvantaged ground.

Not only was she inferior in her body, even her will was controlled by Lao Ai now. Her faint moaning, her loud laughter, all her words and movements were performed under Lao Ai's control.

Standing next to the cloud bed, both Lord Jade and Mister Gold's faces twisted into a very unsightly look. They were gazing furiously at the bed every now and then, but little did they know that their beloved lover was at the edge of losing all her cultivation base. It would just take a little bit more of time and her cultivation base would be completely absorbed by Lao Ai.

Although Lao Ai had just stepped into the realm of Heaven Immortal, if he could obtain all of Lady Qiao's magical power, it was highly possible that he could break through another tier.

Shaking his head, Wu Qi forcibly dismissed the tiny bit of curiosity and desire in his heart, and forcibly brought calm back to his tempted mind by silently recalling Princess Zhang Le's visage. He was laughing in his mind, thinking that Lady Qiao must have harmed countless people using her licentious technique, and now had finally met the bane of her life.

In Reverend San Le's memory, all the male disciples of Euphoria Heavenly Palace were once Lady Qiao's opponents on her bed. Each and every single one of them had their Yang energy harvested by her before. For example, if not because Lady Qiao seized Reverend San Le's Yang energy by force, he would have a cultivation base of not just Nascent Soul realm right now.

"The best way to deal with a wicked person is always another wicked person! Tsk, I just need to control Lao Ai and prevent him from harming any good person, and that will be a great service to the mankind!"

Upon thinking about that, Wu Qi nearly put his palms together and called out the name of Buddha.

The company went straight into the great eastern mountains.

The sun had set, and a bright moon was slowly rising from the horizon. Wu Qi tilted his head up to look at the moon. He was curious that for a huge land mass such as Pangu Continent, how big the moon had to be so that all the people on the land could see it clearly. Also, he found that the moon essence here was simply astounding. Right when the moonlight sprinkled down, everyone around him had been covered by a layer of glinting silver gleam.

Wu Qi could not help but gasp. Pangu Continent was indeed a blessed land for cultivators. No wonder all the immortal sects were invading Yu Dynasty's territory regardless of the danger.

The moon essence here was pure and dense, at least several dozens of times stronger than the star and moon essence gathered by the formation which Wu Qi constructed on Green Cliff Planet. By just absorbing the moon essence into one's body, it could be directly transformed into the energy which a cultivator could use without the need of refining with a cultivation technique.

After entering the mountain region, Lord Jade and Mister Gold took the initiative to guard the company from the front and back. Lord Jade was leading the way, while Mister Gold was safeguarding the back. Along their way, any places that had the potential to hide someone, or any spots with an unusual aura, would be attacked by their sword beams. Even a few rats who had just gained sentience were ripped to shreds by them.

After venturing carefully for nearly two hours, the company arrived at the slanting peak which Wu Qi had visited during the daytime.

Lord Jade and Mister Gold rushed forward and pulled away the bunch of wisterias, revealing the huge crystallized Ganoderma.

"Wow!" Many cultivators from Euphoria Heavenly Palace were very knowledgeable, and they cried out together upon seeing such a huge Ganoderma.

Without uttering a word, Lord Jade and Mister Gold thrust their flying swords and hacked the Ganoderma. A loud ringing of metal clashing rang out as the two sword beams tumbled back, nearly cutting both men into pieces. It scared them and made them back off to keep a distance from the Ganoderma. Lord Jade turned hastily and cried out, "Qiao'er, these are the remains of a Ganoderma Immortal. How can we break it open?"

Lady Qiao did not answer him. She and Lao Ai were at the most critical moment. Lao Ai was pressing tightly against her gateway, while all of her cultivation base was clustering near the gateway, about to burst. As long as Lao Ai worked a little bit harder, all her immortal energy, which she laboriously cultivated after spending several hundreds of thousands of years, would go to Lao Ai.

Right at this critical moment, a gust of foul wind suddenly rushed down from the sky.

Without raising his head, Wu Qi spun and ran towards where they came from. Even as he was running, he shouted, "An ambush!"

Although it was a messy situation, Wu Qi did not forget Liu Yi. He dragged Liu Yi by the neck and dragged the latter with him as he fled.

Right above the company, a one-thousand-feet tall, bronze statue of Vajra was smashing down while emanating an ancient and solemn aura. It had a pair of frowning brows and angry eyes, hand holding a Vajra Scepter. It looked lifelike, as if a real Vajra had come to the mortal realm.

A group of eighteen old monks, each clad in a bright red monk's robe, formed a circle above the Vajra. Together, they performed a Vajra Subduing Evil hand incantation gesture while crying out loud,

"How dare a bunch of evils like you to cast your covetous eyes on a precious natural treasure? This treasure is fated with us, the Buddhists. Make haste and scram from here, you evils!"

[1] Lao Qianye - Lao(劳) means busy working, Qianye(千夜) means one thousand nights. The name implied Lao Ai can 'work hard' for one thousand nights.

[1] Lao Qianye - Lao(劳) means busy working, Qianye(千夜) means one thousand nights. The name implied Lao Ai can 'work hard' for one thousand nights.
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