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Ganoderma Immortal was actually cultivated from an old, seasoned Ganoderma who had gained sentience and learned how to cultivate. Compared to Heaven Immortals from the human race, Demon Immortals, Ghost Immortals, Fiend Immortals, and others, they were the most popular Immortals, enjoying a great reputation throughout the universe.

Firstly, a Ganoderma Immortal was not good at fighting. Apart from earth and wood element escape arts which they were experts of by nature, they basically did not know any of the offensive magical spells.

Secondly, a Ganoderma Immortal was very useful. In essence, they were an all-purpose spirit medicine. No matter it was the condition where one's fleshly body or soul was injured, or suffering an internal or external wound, being poisoned or sick, with just a tiny bit of the flesh cut from a Ganoderma Immortal's body, all of those negative conditions would be cured in an instant.

And, what made Ganoderma Immortals so popular among all the Immortals and the rest of the living beings throughout the universe was that it had a very gentle medicinal effect. As long as one could capture a Ganoderma Immortal, it could be devoured alive without seasoning with any condiments, and one could immediately obtain 100% of the energy essence and cultivation base which the Ganoderma Immortal spent countless of years to cultivate, without any negative side effect.

Even when a mortal devoured a Ganoderma Immortal of Gold Immortal realm, he could become a Gold Immortal himself in just a few short months of time.

Therefore, on Pangu Continent and even in the Heaven, only some Ganoderma Immortals who had a very strong backing could live safely in luxuriously decorated palaces and pavilions, offering their blood to their backing every few hundred years to concoct various spirit pills and medicines. On the other hand, when a wild Ganoderma Immortal just made its appearance, it would usually be devoured by either humans or some other creatures. Who would let go of the chance when they could reach the sky with just one bound?

The crystallized Ganoderma before Wu Qi measured about one hundred feet wide, and had been growing for unknown time. But sadly, when it was transcending its heavenly tribulation, its sentience was killed off by the thunderbolt. As a result, all its energy essence was trapped within its body, and eventually gave birth to a Ganoderma Horse. Meanwhile, as its true form did not stop absorbing natural energies, it transformed into a crystallized Ganoderma that nobody had ever seen before.

"Hey! Ha!" Wu Qi mustered a force almost equal to that a Gold Core cultivator should have, then smashed his fist onto the Ganoderma.

A crispy noise rang out as Wu Qi's fist bounced back for nearly two feet. He felt a pain in his fist, while the Ganoderma stayed perfectly intact. Wu Qi stared at the crystallized Ganoderma with surprise, then pulled out a flying sword and gave it a dozen hacks and slashes. However, his efforts only yielded him some sparks that flew in all directions, and he failed to leave even a tiny mark on the Ganoderma.

With tottering steps, Liu Yi climbed over the slanting peak and came to the scene. He rose to his feet, waving the fan as he smiled arrogantly and said, "It's a waste of effort. The cultivation base of this Ganoderma Immortal is definitely not ordinary Heaven Immortal realm. There is no way you can break it open. If it could be broken so easily to retrieve the Ganoderma Horse, I would've long harvested and consumed the Ganoderma Fluid wrapping the horse. Although it can't give me immortality, it will give me a longer lifespan for sure!"

Amazed by what he said, Wu Qi gave Liu Yi a look and sneered, "You don't seem like someone who is so easily satisfied. Really? Just the Ganoderma Fluid is enough for you?"

Gazing scornfully at Wu Qi, Liu Yi patted the Ganoderma and said coolly, "You don't know about this? I am a member of the human race. For us, birth, senility, illness, and death are part of the Heavenly Dao. We can always seek a longer lifespan, but it is against the human race's commandments to become an Immortal by consuming the Ganoderma Horse!"

Wu Qi's eyes flickered. Deep in his mind, he compared what Liu Yi had just said with the statements given by Yu Hehuan, then nodded silently. So, there indeed was a commandment that existed among the human race, that prohibited them from cultivating Immortals. And, what surprised him the most was that the members of the human race could really withstand the temptation of living eternally after becoming an Immortal, as rarely had any of them stepped into the path of cultivating Immortals for that particular reason. Perhaps, this was the root of the conflict between the Heaven and the human race?

A smile emerged on Wu Qi's face, and he threw these questions that seemed still quite far away from him out of his mind. Casually, he pointed his finger at the cliff walls to his left and right, controlling a large bunch of wisterias to climb slowly over and tightly cover the crystallized Ganoderma. After that, he pulled Liu Yi up and flew back towards An He City amidst a gust of strong wind.

"What you said is correct. Hehe, this Ganoderma Horse can definitely drag Euphoria Heavenly Palace and Golden Pavilion Temple into a full war!" Wu Qi said as he stared at Liu Yi while grinning coldly, "But, you haven't shown us your agenda on how to eliminate the rest of the immortal sects in the region?"

Waving the fan leisurely, Liu Yi sneered and said, "What do you know? I've learned from my Master, who is a wise man with such a vast knowledge that he can achieve anything he wants! As long as Euphoria Heavenly Palace and Golden Pavilion Temple engage in a battle for this Ganoderma Horse, the rest of the immortal sects will learn the news and be dragged into it as well! Then, I'll just have to deploy a formation - 'Four Quadrants Immortals Slaughtering Formation' which my Master taught me. Any cultivators that come in a radius of one million miles will be eliminated in an instant! That is how we will achieve our goal!"

There was a bright gleam of excitement and passion flashing in Liu Yi's eyes. But, Wu Qi did not respond to that. Instead, he was grinning coldly.

A few moments later on the same ridge, a few tall and sturdy youths clad in green shirts slowly revealed themselves all of a sudden. One of them, who obviously was the leader of the group, folded his arms across his chest and chuckled, "This pretty body Liu Yi did well. I didn't expect he could really convince Reverend San Le! Tsk, something fun is coming!"

The rest of the youths laughed and began to talk to each other in low voices. In a nutshell, they thought it would be a great waste to the rare Ganoderma Horse if it were only used to scheme against Euphoria Heavenly Palace and Golden Pavilion Temple. They had decided to wreak havoc in An He City, dragging all the powers who supported Euphoria Heavenly Palace and Golden Pavilion Temple, so that they could capture all of them in one net!

The leader tilted his head sideways, gently stroking the crystallized Ganoderma as he murmured, "An Le County… Tsk, if I can reclaim An Le County, then teach those unscrupulous immortal sects who dared to invade Great Yu's territory a good lesson, I think... the contribution should be enough to make me a Marquis, right? Hehe, this is all because of Master Yu's teaching, or else, how would I think of so many ideas in the past?"

Upon hearing the name of 'Master Yu', the rest of the youths had their expressions turned extremely serious, and their eyes flashed with the same passionate and excited gleams like Liu Yi.

Then, after spending some time to discuss the details of their plan in low voices, the few youths issued a whistle at the same time. Suddenly, a few enormous black hawks with a wingspan of over three hundred feet flew down from the sky. The group of youths leaped and mounted themselves on the back of the hawks, and while issuing excited whistles, they controlled the hawks to fly towards the west.

Finally, when the few youths were far enough from the scene, a stream of earthy mist sprayed out from near the Ganoderma. The mist wiggled for a brief moment before Wu Qi came walking out of it. Wearing a cold grin on his face, he clapped and murmured under his breath, "Luckily all eighteen celestial fiend puppets are my incarnations, or I would have missed this precious treasure! What a good item! A Ganoderma Horse born after a Ganoderma Immortal failed in transcending tribulation and had its sentience killed off by the thunderbolt!"

He clicked his tongue to express his admiration. After that, he pressed both palms against the Ganoderma very carefully, and gently unleashed and injected a thread of innate wood element energy into it. Abruptly, the Ganoderma Horse emitted a faint green mist, which resonated with the innate wood element energy unleashed by Wu Qi. It brightened up gradually while slowly exuding a faint fragrance from the depth of the Ganoderma.

"It is not an ordinary Heaven Immortal, but the essence left behind by at least a mid-grade Heaven Immortal after failing the tribulation. Mm, perhaps it is a Tenth Tier Heaven Immortal? My, oh my, if I can find the innate Yang energy and form my innate Nascent Divinity, relying on the power of this Ganoderma Horse and Ganoderma Fluid, I can definitely transform my Seven Stealing Heaven Meridians into Chaotic Stealing Heaven Meridians, and turn my fleshly body into an innate spirit body. At that point in time, all the various magical techniques in Scroll of Stealing will be at my disposal!"

Saliva was nearly dripping from his mouth. Wu Qi moistened his lips as his eyes darted from side to side, then suddenly sneered and said, "Fine, we'll be framing each other then!"

A bright green light shone from his body, as he had just injected nearly all his innate wood element energy into the Ganoderma. Abruptly, the fuzzy-looking Ganoderma Horse trembled, then transformed into a stream of green spirit energy, together with all the fluid around it, and quickly flew towards Wu Qi.

Wu Qi dared not to waste such a rare and precious natural treasure. Hastily he fished out a few pill bottles of the highest quality which he found in Cang Ao Immortal Abode, using them to bottle the fist-sized Ganoderma Horse and nearly 50 liters of Ganoderma Fluid. When he was done, he threw all of them into the Dark Yin Energy Vase.

With the nourishment from the pure Yin water inside of Dark Yin Energy Vase, both the Ganoderma Horse and Ganoderma Fluid which had the characteristic of wood element would not from any damage. Instead, they would be helped by the acquired force of vitality contained in the true water, which would make them even more powerful.

Laughing coldly, Wu Qi looked to his left and right, then pulled out an over two feet long carrot from the spirit breeding ring! The carrot was one of the food items which those Long Bo people planted inside of the ring. With a shake of his hand, the carrot broke apart and was only left with its core, which was the juiciest and the fairest part. He carved it into the shape that looked exactly like the Ganoderma Horse.

After that, he took out several tens of kilograms of drunken dragon incense, and produced several tens of liters of 'Melting Yin Water' from Dark Yin Energy Vase, which had a magical effect of corroding the fleshly body of Immortal cultivators. He blended both nasty ingredients together. Then, using the technique of Yin thunder which he found in Dark Yin Water Scripture, he cast three Yin thunderbolts into the Melting Yin water. Finally, with his innate wood element energy, he sent all these things into the Ganoderma.

Looking through the crystallized Ganoderma, right at its core was still a pool of purple fluid, and a tiny white horse quietly hovering in it.

"Four Quadrants Immortals Slaughtering Formation?" Wu Qi let out a strange laugh and shook his head disdainfully, "Its offensive strength is not powerful enough, definitely not powerful enough! Mm, the surrounding terrain is pretty decent, with so many lofty mountains. Well, let me add something stronger for you!"

After getting rid of all the traces found at the site, Wu Qi plunged straight into the ground excitedly and began to work hard.

He dug out a rock tunnel about one hundred miles deep underground, then attracted portions of the energy from several dozens of energy veins that he found in the vicinity, and made them gather underneath the slanting peak. Using them, he deployed an extremely vicious formation - a formation which allowed only natural energy from entering but not leaving, making all the energies clog together like a pressure cooker. Once it was detonated, it would create an explosion that could send all the surrounding mountains flying up into the sky.

Fearing that the formation did not have enough lethal power, Wu Qi also deployed countless vicious restrictive spells in the underground, all of which came from the Dao of Ghost and Deity taught by Princess Zhang Le. Once these restrictive spells were exposed, the heavy blame would be put on the head of Yu Miao!

"Old fellow, I can't wait to see how you are going to respond to this!"

Now, what Wu Qi needed to do was wait, wait for the plan come up by Liu Yi and his companions to work out, so that all the immortal powers within a radius of one million miles around An He City would be completely eliminated. After that, he would replace Reverend San Le and become the new City Lord for An He City, dwelling in the city to cure his injury while gathering various intelligence related to the Pangu Continent at the same time. Also, he could take the opportunity to frame Yu Miao! He had a feeling like when he had just yawned, someone had immediately brought him a pillow so he could sleep!

Upon thinking about that, Wu Qi could not help but roar with a loud laughter.

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