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"Come on!"

Wu Qi laughed. The Phoenix Fire Pouch rushed out from his forehead, on top of which, the Divine Flame of Order was seen burning ragingly. The flame now measured several tens of feet tall, and was as thick as a water bucket. Numerous tiny wisps of flame sprung out from it, as they instantly refined any fiends that came attacking Wu Qi. Meanwhile, any approaching Yin flame would be devoured by the Phoenix Fire Pouch, turning them into nutrients for the Divine Flame of Order. The flame now burned even brighter and more dazzling to the eyes, with a gleam flowing incessantly on its surface, looking like a clump of green and purple crystal.

As expected, the heavenly eye of thunder tribulation had stopped discharging thunderbolts. Also, as Yu Que was dead, the dark clouds and red gleams that filled the sky were slowly dissipating.

A pale-golden cloud, which made one feel extremely comfortable upon looking at it, slowly descended from the sky and came hovering above Wu Qi's head. It was an Immortal Transformation Spirit Cloud, something that would come every time a cultivator attained the rightful fruit of Heaven Immortal and transcended his thunder tribulation. The Immortal Transformation Spirit Light emitted from it could cleanse the cultivator's fleshly body, blending their souls and innate Nascent Embryo into an immortal soul, and slightly strengthening the cultivator's cultivation base and the strength of the fleshly body, bringing all sorts of magical effects.

Originally, the eighteen celestial fiend puppets were only transcending an ordinary Fiend Immortal Thunder Tribulation, but because of the interruption from Yu Que and the others, they were greeted with a Holy Fiend Thunder Tribulation. It was a tribulation as powerful as the one faced by a Gold Immortal. As a result, the Immortal Transformation Spirit Cloud that came was of Gold Immortal level.

Wu Qi had his arms widely spread, while eighteen celestial fiend puppets stood in a line behind him. Together, they raised their heads up and stared at the Immortal Transformation Spirit Cloud hovering above.

Before long, countless jade-colored raindrops fell from the sky. They had a delicate fragrance, and were as sticky as jade essence. All of them found their targets precisely, falling and hitting onto Wu Qi and the eighteen puppets. Wu Qi felt streams of soothing energy rushing into his body. Reflexively, he exercised the Dragon Transformation Script and began to practice the technique of Thirty-Six Transformations of True Dragon.

His muscles trembled. A powerful vibration began to ripple out starting from his fingertips, then spreading to his wrists, arms, elbows, shoulders, and chest. All the muscles on his body were trembling at an incredible rate. As he had yet to find the innate Yang energy, for his ultimate goal of attaining a perfect innate Nascent Divinity, Wu Qi did not want his realm of cultivation base to improve at this moment. Therefore, all the jade-colored raindrops entering his body had been used to temper his fleshly body, upgrading the realm of the Transformation of True Dragon.

These jade-colored raindrops possessed a fantastically powerful effect, and each of them contained an enormously strong energy, full of life force and vitality. Every single raindrop that entered Wu Qi body made his cells cheer joyfully. The strength of his fleshly body skyrocketed, and very soon, he managed to break through the ceiling of the Three Transformations of Flood Dragon and enter the realm of Thirty-Six Transformations of True Dragon.

His body was emitting a faint white light, and a pure yet weak dragon aura was slowly spreading out from within his body.

Meanwhile, the eighteen celestial fiend puppets opened their mouths, letting out deep, hoarse cheers that sounded like the grinding of metals and rocks. Wisps of dark smoke mixed with golden specks were rushing out from within their bodies, transforming into a misty fog behind the back of their heads, that swirled ceaselessly like a ring of clouds. Amidst the ring of cloud that measured three feet and was as thick as a palm, one could vaguely see twelve silhouettes of fiends, who threw their heads back and were roaring furiously into the sky. A ring of tiny, complicated dark runes was flashing and wheeling around them.

The aura of dragon and fiends blended together, and the mixture was absorbed by Wu Qi. Suddenly, he sensed a very clear consciousnes emerge within the celestial fiend puppets, from which, a cultivation technique of Fiend Dao, the 'Inferno Hell Fiend Scripture', came flowing into his spiritual ocean. In a trance, Wu Qi realized it was an extremely precious and rare mystic technique of Fiend Dao, although it could only allow one cultivate straight to Gold Immortal realm, with the maximum achievement of Sixth Tier Gold Immortal realm.

Wu Qi took a deep breath as he shut the meridians in both his arms. Then, using a mystic technique from the Scroll of Stealing, he split a portion of energy in his dantian, following the technique of Inferno Hell Fiend Scripture to quickly form a brand new Gold Core. After that, he divided a thread of divine will and injected it into the Gold Core, while channeling his energy into it. A brand new fake Nascent Soul was born.

As the fake Nascent Soul practiced Inferno Hell Fiend Scripture, it looked different than the rest of Wu Qi's fake Nascent Souls. It was dark as ink, with two horns growing on top of its head, stepping on a ball of blood red light and shrouded in blood-red flame. Amidst it, a few tiny fiends were seen wheeling rapidly. Wu Qi made the rest of his fake Nascent Souls sink into a deep slumber, then had the Inferno Nether Fiend Nascent Soul control all the energy flowing through his primary meridians. Within a blink of an eye, a swirling dark mist began to spray out from his body. Similarly, it formed into a ring of dark cloud behind his head.

However, as his Nether Inferno Fiend Nascent Soul was still weak, he had only three silhouettes of fiends inside the ring of cloud, who were also throwing their heads back and roaring furiously into the sky. They were merely surrounded by tens of dark runes of Fiend Dao. They did not have the same mystical, fierce, and unbridled demeanor of those found inside the rings of clouds behind the celestial fiend puppets' heads.

The falling of jade-colored raindrops only lasted the time to finish a pot of tea. Following after that was the arrival of a wave of fragrance. Bringing with it a rainbow glow, the wave of fragrance wheeled around Wu Qi and the eighteen celestial fiend puppets. In that instant, Wu Qi felt his divine will become even more compact, like flowing water being compressed into mercury. On top of that, after his divine will residing in the eighteen puppets absorbed the fragrance, the spiritual connection between him and the puppets became even closer, allowing Wu Qi to control them with an even greater facility.

In these celestial fiend puppets' bodies, there were still some rare metal ores that they did not have enough time to digest in the spatial tunnel. When the wave of fragrance came wheeling around them, their divine will became stronger instantly, and the dark smoke within their bodies abruptly transformed into a sheet of fiend flame that wrapped around the pile of metal ores. Impurities turned into smoke and dissipated in the breeze, while the essence of metal ores transformed into streams of rainbow light, injecting into their bodies. The puppets assumed different postures and began to circulate the Celestial Fiend Battle the Heaven Script.

After briefly sweeping across the scene, the wave of fragrance vanished without a trace, while the golden cloud had already descended to a height of about one mile from above Wu Qi's head. A soft golden light sprinkled down slowly, coupled with a very pleasing heavenly tune. With just a deep breath, the golden light rushed into Wu Qi's body. His innate Nascent Embryo trembled, and all ten Nascent Souls nearly broke apart and transformed into Nascent Divinities.

It scared Wu Qi, and he dared not to touch the immortal light anymore.

The immortal light could help a cultivator who had just transcended his thunder tribulation to merge his innate Nascent Embryo and Nascent Divinity into one single Nascent Divinity. Since Wu Qi did not have any Nascent Divinity to merge with his soul, his Nascent Souls would be used in the process. As his goal was to form the perfect innate Nascent Divinity after finding the innate Yang energy, he did not want to form his Nascent Divinity here and now.

He immediately retracted his aura and unleashed the earth element dragon scale shield, using it to isolate himself from being invaded by the Immortal Transformation Spirit Light.

Completely opposite to him, the eighteen celestial fiend puppets sprung into the sky as they cheered excitedly, spreading their limbs while absorbing the spirit light to their heart's content. They did have something in their bodies similar to the innate Nascent Embryo which only humans had, and under the stimulation of the spirit light, Wu Qi's divine will was merged perfectly with these puppets, transforming into eighteen fuzzy figures that kept twitching with bloody flames rising ceaselessly from their bodies - the souls of Fiend Immortals!

A fairly discernible immortal pressure rushed out from the puppets' bodies. They had truly stepped into the realm of Heaven Fiends. The pressure emanating from them was the real fiend pressure of a Heaven Fiend. Comparing to the immortal pressure of a Heaven Immortal, it was even more bloody and brutal, and could inflict a great damage to cultivators' Nascent Souls and Nascent Divinities. While immortal pressure could only be used to suppress opponents, fiend pressure came with an offensive strength.

Maybe because it was the Holy Fiend Thunder Tribulation that they were transcending, which was equal to the thunder tribulation for a Gold Immortal, the Immortal Transformation Spirit Light that came sprinkling down was very advanced in its grade, and contained an extremely strong Power of Destiny. Under the spirit light, the eighteen celestial fiend puppets had their surfaces gradually changed, from the once bizarre metallic texture to half-metal and half-skin. They looked very much like humans now, and no longer had to disguise as humans with illusions. In addition to that, they were more pliable now, and the strength of their bodies was greater than before. Even their cultivation of the Celestial Fiend Battle the Heaven Script showed signs of breaking through the realm of Thirty-sixth Heaven Fiend.

What surprised Wu Qi even more was that the earth element dragon scale shield was actually absorbing the spirit light as well. And not only was it absorbing, the item spirit inside it, whose birth was expedited by Wu Qi previously, was experiencing a tremendous transformation because of the spirit light. The transformation was similar to that of a mentally handicapped kid suddenly growing up into a wise and knowledgeable scholar, or that of a green ,bean which just left its shell, suddenly turn into a towering tree with flourishing leaves and branches.

Wu Qi was seized with wild joy. Hastily, he pulled out all his magical treasures and made them shower under the Immortal Transformation Spirit Light.

All magical treasures issued clear cries of joy, as if they were living beings, especially the Sword of Greedy Wolf, which had just devoured Yu Que's soul and the white tiger soul. It gave a sharp wolf howl of joy. Assisted by the spirit light, the sword quickly digested the soul power from Yu Que and the white tiger, fusing them into its own item spirit.

Vaguely, Wu Qi sensed that a gigantic, ferocious-looking wolf, pitch-black in color and with a pair of wings behind its back, slowly taking shape under the double help from the strong soul power and spirit light. With the super high realm of that white tiger soul, perhaps it would not take long before the Sword of Greedy Wolf evolved itself into an immortal item, while the grade of its item spirit would be extremely high! In fact, the true form of the sword had limited the power of its item spirit.

Wu Qi let out a delightful laugh as he gladly looked at the several dozens of treasures being cleansed by the spirit light.

Under the Immortal Transformation Spirit Light, the five acquired spirit pearls of five elements were absorbing Wu Qi's innate five elements energy to their heart's content. Shockingly, they actually formed a Spirit Crystal at their cores, which contained innate power! It struck Wu Qi with even greater surprise, as he wondered if the five spirit pearls could evolve into innate treasures within a very short period of time.

Indulged in great joy, Wu Qi ignored the fact that it would cause harm to his foundation and squeezed a drop of his prime blood essence into every single magical treasure which had been cleansed by the spirit light. Then, he split a thread of his soul for each of the treasure while enduring the pain, and fused it with their cores.

In just less than the time to finish a pot of tea, the Immortal Transformation Spirit Cloud vanished without a trace, while the spirit light that came sprinkling down from the sky faded.

Suddenly, a thread of fairly discernible, yet extremely clear divine will emerged within Wu Qi's spiritual ocean:

'Option one: join the Heaven and become an immortal official. If you agree, a welcoming immortal light would be sprinkled down to bring fellow Immortal to the Ninth Sky Immortal Palace!'

'Option two: not joining the Heaven but still be an itinerant Immortal. When fellow Immortal has your grade advanced in the future, the same options of whether you want to be welcomed by the welcoming immortal light or not will still be presented to you!'

Wu Qi appeared to be in a trance as he read through the divine will that suddenly emerged in his spiritual ocean.

Now he finally understood. This was the way how a cultivator transcended. The welcoming immortal light of the Heaven would arrive immediately after the Immortal Transformation Spirit Light. So, if a new Heaven Immortal wished to join the Heaven, he or she would be brought away by the immortal light to the Ninth Sky Immortal Palace.

However, if one did not wish to join the Heaven and be restricted, one could always do whatever one wished, and the Heaven would not waste any time or effort on that new Heaven Immortal.

Wu Qi shook his head and smiled, then retracted all the magical treasures around him into his own body.

Countless beams of light could be seen approaching at top speed from off in a distance, while the void was trembling as numerous cultivators and Immortals traveled through the void with teleportation divine ability towards the scene.

This place had become a place where one was apt to get into trouble, and Wu Qi dared not to stay any longer. With a blink of his body, he randomly found a true soul of a heavenly steed in the Chariot of Eight Horses, fusing with it and getting ready to transform into a beam of light and fleeing the place in high speed. But all of a sudden, the void right next to him collapsed into a large hole that measured about ten feet in circumference, from which, an old and skinny hand that looked like skeleton came slowly out, slapping forcefully onto Wu Qi's back.

"Those who killed the important minister of Great Yu will be faced with an inevitable death!"

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