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The moon had climbed to its highest in the sky. Some thin and pale clouds decorated the green sky, and their edges shone silver from the moonlight. Silvery ripples kept spreading out on the surface of the ocean. The essence of stars and moon transformed into a sheet of fuzzy, silvery rays, and sprinkled down from above as they quietly showered this part of the ocean.

Three thousand carefully selected seafood... no, three thousand carefully selected underlings were seen quietly floating on the surface of the ocean, enjoying the nourishment of the essence of stars and moon, which was three hundred times denser than normal. Among them were five-feet long lobsters, thirty-feet long sharks, turtles the size of a bed, and a few whales with massive bodies. They were underlings who Lord Xiansheng had picked meticulously. White mists were being sprayed out from their mouths, while they greedily absorbed the nearly endless refreshing energy lingering around them.

Catfish was lying on her back above the ocean, showing her white tummy which was fully covered with a layer of thick scales. She was burping every now and then. There was a whale tail hanging from the side of her mouth, with blood dripping into the water. The few whales who were putting great efforts in cultivating nearby were staring at her with terror, and their bodies were frequently shivering.

Not far away from her, Gold Horn and Silver Horn were lying like two dead fishes on top of a rock raised up about one thousand feet from the ocean. Similarly, they were lying on their back, with tummies facing the sky as the essence of stars and moon kept seeping into their bodies. The brothers were snoring loudly while they enjoyed the process. Heatwaves and cold breezes were surging around them, but they maintained a delicate balance, and did not cause too much of influence on the surrounding temperature.

Unlike them, Lord Xiansheng was sitting cross-legged with a straight back above the ocean, his face solemn. A lotus throne that was about several tens of feet in circumference was materialized using sea water, and its petals were absorbing the essence of stars and moon, before channeling them into his body. His muscles were twitching rhythmically, while loud sounds of waves constantly echoed out from within him. A small, golden flood dragon was hovering above his head, and was also arduously absorbing the essence of stars and moon. Silvery specks kept seeping into it, and frequently, some profound runes could be seen flashing above the small flood dragon's head.

Meanwhile, on the small island which had now been named 'Xuan Ling Island', Princess Zhang Le was sitting cross-legged on the westernmost part of the screen-shaped mountain. She was enshrouded in dazzling five-colored rays, and her body had turned half-translucent. Illusions of the universe, stars, underground flames, and raging tides kept flashing across her skin. Also, there was a jade bowl the size of a human head placed next to her. Only a few drops of pitch-black medicinal decoction were left in the bowl.

It was a recipe which Wu Qi found in the Scroll of Stealing, a decoction that those ancient Gods specially formulated in order to stimulate the density of the bloodline for their mixed-blood descendants, the 'Source Condensing and Spirit Returning Decoction'. The ingredients required for the decoction were not tough to find, and Wu Qi had gathered them during these days, and concocted a few dosages for Princess Zhang Le. It had a pretty decent result, as her innate divine soul was growing stronger at a tremendous pace.

On the easternmost side of the mountain, near the cave entrance which Wu Qi made into the entrance of Wu Xuan Immortal Abode, he created a small platform at the height of about several thousand feet above the ground. A few hassocks were placed on the platform, measuring roughly seventy to eighty feet in circumference, and an incense burner was lit. Sitting cross-legged on one of the hassocks, Wu Qi had both of his hands tightly pressed against Peppermint and Angelica's foreheads.

Very carefully, a faint white light was being injected into the sisters' bodies through Wu Qi's fingertips.

Using the method of passing cultivation technique with divine will, Wu Qi taught the sisters the elementary technique of Dark Yin Water Scripture. It contained all the techniques and enlightenment of the Great Dao, starting from the realm of Qi Gathering, to Xiantian, Gold Core, Nascent Soul, Nascent Divinity, and finally, the Thirty-Sixth Tier Heaven Immortal.

Dark Yin Water Scripture was a precious scripture that allowed one to cultivate straight to the realm of First Tier Gold Immortal. By following its teaching, as long as both sisters were not too unlucky, they could become Gold Immortals sooner or later. As a matter of fact, not only did they have very decent latent potential and foundation, they also possessed excellent pure water element spirit roots, and were very intelligent. They should have no problems cultivating up to the Heaven Immortal realm.

Wu Qi planned to teach them the advanced technique after both of them became Heaven Immortals. After all, the Dark Yin Water Scripture was a very profound cultivation technique. If he implanted everything into their souls now, the enormous enlightenment of the Great Dao, as well as the analysis and explanation regarding the Dark Yin energy, would definitely burst their weak souls in seconds.

Very cautiously, Wu Qi controlled the flow rate of his dark Yin energy, which he cultivated using the fake Nascent Soul, and made it circulate over and over again through the sisters' meridians. He even injected part of his energy essence into their bodies, helping them open up the conception and governor meridians, breaking through all the obstacles that blocked the major and minor Heavenly Cycles, and finally guiding them into the preliminary stage of Qi-Gathering realm, bringing their cultivation base straight up to the peak-stage of Xiantian realm.

And this was the limit which Wu Qi could achieve at the current stage, as the peak-stage of Xiantian realm was something that the two little girls' bodies could still endure now. If he helped them forcibly form their Gold Core, perhaps the enormous energy would instantly rip their rather fragile bodies to shreds. There was a limit to how much could he stimulate the growth of other people.

With that being done, Wu Qi breathed out a sigh of relief and slowly retracted his hands.

Drenched in sweat, Peppermint and Angelica opened their eyes as they dropped to their knees, bringing their foreheads to the ground and saying, "Thank you for the great kindness, Master! We've owed you a debt as high as the heaven, and there is no way we can repay that save with our lives!"

Since Princess Zhang Le had taken Peppermint and Angelica as her disciples, and while Wu Qi was her betrothed husband, it was logical that both little girls addressed him as their Master. Wu Qi did not correct them, but instead, he touched their heads and said with a smile, "Your Master is still having her meditating session there. Mm, there is something important I need to tell you now."

The sisters remained kneeling on the ground as they raised their heads and looked at Wu Qi, then said in a uniform voice, "Please enlighten us, Master. We'll obey everything you ask us to do."

Wu Qi nodded satisfyingly, then smiled and said, "I'll be leaving Green Cliff Planet in a few days' time, and I'll spend some time out there. Gold Horn and Silver Horn will stay here protecting Zi Xuan. I need both of you to keep a watch on both the brothers, preventing them from causing too much trouble!"

Peppermint and Angelica nodded as they stuck out their tongues. They looked a little bit scared.

Wu Qi touched the little girls' ears while smiling and taught them some spells and incantation gestures by whispering. These incantation gestures and spells could be used to control the restrictive spells imprinted in Gold Horn and Silver Horn's Nascent Divinities. Although they could not control their life and death, they could make the brothers suffer awfully. As the two great python brothers had just awakened their ancestor's bloodline, they still had the wild and savage nature. They could behave properly if Wu Qi were here, but when he was not, it was highly possible that they might devour every person in the entire Yuan Hua Sect. Therefore, it was necessary to leave behind some methods of controlling them.

Of course, Peppermint and Angelica could never bear the sole responsibility of supervising Gold Horn and Silver Horn, so the primary rights of controlling them were still in Princess Zhang Le's hand. Nevertheless, as she would sometime need to enter a secluded cultivation or be busy with some other business, the pair of little girls had to shoulder some of her burdens from time to time.

As for Lord Xiansheng, he was too busy training his underlings, while Catfish would only be the accomplice of the python brothers, which made her an anything but dependable.

After that, from the restrictive measurements both inside and outside of Wu Xuan Immortal Abode to the spirit herbs which Wu Qi brought here from Myriad Immortals Planet and planted them on the small island, as well as many other trifles, Wu Qi gave both little girls many, many orders and instructions. They remembered everything by heart.

After being done with the two little girls, Wu Qi sent a voice transmission to Lord Xiansheng, Catfish, Gold Horn, and Silver Horn. Finally, he floated up into the air and came before Princess Zhang Le, who was quietly exercising her divine technique, learning the secrets of the Heaven and Earth with the mystic technique of ancient God, as well as accessing the divine power stored in her bloodline.

Princess Zhang Le opened her eyes slowly as she sensed Wu Qi's arrival. Shockingly, her eyes shone with a splendid silvery-purple gleam, within which, countless stars blinked in the most glorious way. Staring at Wu Qi, she said under her breath, "I saw that you are leaving Green Cliff Planet, searching for a very important thing."

Wu Qi nodded as he sat next to her and gently hugged her shoulder.

She was right. Wu Qi was leaving as he wanted to search for the innate Yang energy. As long as he found it, he could blend it with innate Yin energy and break all ten innate Nascent Souls, uniting the two opposing forces and five elements, and eventually forming his innate Nascent Divinity. It was the technique recorded in the Scroll of Stealing, which could form the highest quality of innate Nascent Divinity.

Of course, Wu Qi could always break his Nascent Souls at the current stage and formed his Nascent Divinity, and then fuse the innate Yin and Yang energies after having his cultivation base advanced into Heaven Immortal realm. But, if he followed this method, he would only have a lower-grade innate Nascent Divinity. Although it was still stronger than an Immortal's immortal soul, it was not much stronger, while far inferior to fusing both innate Yin and Yang energies during the process of forming his Nascent Divinity.

Sure enough, there were many methods in the Scroll of Stealing which he could use to remedy the various flaws at a later stage, but that would take at least several tens of thousands of years. As he was under the control of the Dark Yin Soul Captivation spell, his soul would disintegrate in about one thousand years. So, how could he have the mood to do things slowly?

According to his plan, he would form the strongest and perfect innate Nascent Divinity straight away, which would possess the characteristics of both Yin and Yang, five elements, as well as point straight at the source of the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth. After that, he would use the magical technique of stealing the heaven to quickly improve his cultivation base, using the quickest speed to break through the Gold Immortal realm, and finally remove the Dark Yin Soul Captivation spell from his soul.

As mentioned in the Scroll of Stealing, there was a total of thirty-seven places where he could find innate Yang energy. Wu Qi had weighed his current cultivation base before making the decision. If he did not have the same luck of finding it by chance just like the innate Yin energy, among all thirty-seven dangerous places, he was confident to visit only two places. Coincidentally, both of them were located on Pangu Continent!

Therefore, Wu Qi decided to travel to Pangu Continent, to try his luck there. With the various extraordinary treasures he possessed, he did not fear the risks that he might bump into during the journey.

Those proud and lofty Heaven Immortals would not pay any attention to him, who in their eyes was just a mere ant, emanating the aura of Nascent Soul realm. As for those existences below the realm of Heaven Immortal, or even Thirty-Sixth Tier Heaven Immortals, who among them could really be a threat to him?

A few tiny wisps of silvery light wafted out from Princess Zhang Le's eyes, and her voice became drifting, "If you don't come back within one hundred years, I'll leave this place to find you! There is good luck hiding amidst ill fate, while fatal disasters are buried deep within the good luck. There are also a few very strong purple lights veiling your future, so Zi Xuan cannot foresee what you are going to face beyond that."

Wu Qi stared at her in horror. Was this the magical power of her ancient God's bloodline? Could she have possessed the basic ability to predict the future?

After a brief moment of pondering, Wu Qi pressed his lips tightly against Princess Zhang Le's lips.

With a muffled voice, he said, "By the time I return, you must all break through the realm of Heaven Immortal!"

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