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The whole Yuan Hua Sect on Green Cliff Planet was a scene of jubilation.

A celebration banquet was held within Patriarch Yuan Hua's small inter-spatial world, the 'Green Cliff Immortal Abode'. The attendees included all of Yuan Hua Sect's Heaven Immortals, about thirty odd of them, and all Gold Core realm and higher level disciples. Amidst an environment of delight, they were celebrating a few joyous events.

Firstly, they had defeated Huiling Sect and eliminated Reverend Huilin, becoming the rightful owners of Huang Qiao Planet, as well as the planets rich in energy stones.

Secondly, they had defeated Eminent Cloud Sect by severely wounding Reverend Yun, while executed over twenty Heaven Immortals and the Snow-Armored Heaven-Devouring Python. It resulted in the dropping of Eminent Cloud Sect's rank in Puluo Heavenly Realm, from the number one immortal sect to the fifth. Meanwhile, Yuan Hua Sect had replaced Eminent Cloud Sect, becoming the worthy number one immortal sect of Puluo Heavenly Realm.

Thirdly, Patriarch Yuan Hua had found himself an upper-grade immortal sword. With it, Yuan Hua Sect's superior status in Puluo Heavenly Realm was unshakable.

And last but not least, Patriarch Yuan Hua had rescued Immortal Chuan from Yu Zong's hand. The Immortal Monarch of Puluo Heavenly Realm was now indebted to Patriarch Yuan Hua, and he had promised that using his own sect as the backing, he would recommend a few Heaven Immortals from Yuan Hua Sect to take up some positions in the Heaven. That would help Yuan Hua Sect establish a closer connection with the Heaven. With that serving as the tiger-skin to intimidate people, their future development would be more secure.

As they were showered with a few great news, how could all the members of Yuan Hua Sect not be encouraged and excited?

Generously, Immortal Green Staff took out all the spirit wines which he had brewed using a secret technique, allowing everyone to drink to their heart's content. Even with Patriarch Yuan Hua's profound cultivation bases, he too was eighty percent drunk. The celebration banquet was eventually dismissed after everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. While all the Immortals returned to their own abodes, the rest of the disciples returned to their respective posts. All the restrictive and defensive formations in the entire Green Cliff Mountain were activated, and a strict vigilance was imposed, guarding against any possible counterattack from the Huiling Sect or Eminent Cloud Sect.

When they were leaving Green Cliff Immortal Abode, Wu Qi made one of the fiend celestial puppets replace him with a sway of his body, returning to Green Cliff Mountain with Princess Zhang Le and the rest of the people. As Immortal Green Staff and the others were drowsy with the wine, and coupled with Wu Qi's magical escape art, none of them actually discovered his little trick. In just a blink of an eye, he had already traveled several thousands of miles away, rushing towards where the core of the sect's defensive formation was located, the Qing Cang Peak.

He stayed hidden somewhere at the foot of the peak. Before long, a cloud was seen slowly drifting towards the peak, on top of which stood Daoist White Sparrow and Daoist Mo Luan, as well as a few of Daoist White Sparrow's disciples. Although they were still far away, Wu Qi heard Daoist Mo Luan say, "White Sparrow, you should stop stirring up troubles with them again."

Daoist White Sparrow remained silent. Daoist Mo Luan breathed out a long sigh before saying, "Ancestral Master has given us an order. Unless I have the intention to betray Yuan Hua Sect, I can never hold up sharp opposition against them anymore. There is a bright future ahead of Yuan Hua Sect, and it will be a waste of energy to keep dragging everyone in some old resentments."

Wu Qi was hiding inside a huge tree, concealing all his aura and listening attentively to the conversation between Daoist Mo Luan and Daoist White Sparrow. After the incident of torturing Peppermint and Angelica in Spirit Herbs Palace, Daoist White Sparrow was expelled by Sect Elder Tai Yu. Although he did commit a mistake, but as he was Daoist Min's disciple, and had brought many disciples back to the sect with the intention of helping in the match, it showed that he was a filial disciple. Hence, Daoist Min made an arrangement and let him take up another post in Qing Cang Peak, taking care of the sect's defensive formation.

Although it had been just slightly over a year since Daoist White Sparrow returned to Yuan Hua Sect, he had already been transferred to a few different posts. From the Chief Supervisor of Green Cliff Immortal Market to the supervisor of Spirit Herbs Palace, and finally the guardian of the sect's defensive formation, all the transitions were caused by Wu Qi. It made him nurse a great grievance against Wu Qi. Meanwhile, Daoist Min had given Daoist Mo Luan an instruction, that as Yuan Hua Sect was about to propel into prosperity, everyone would gain great benefits in the near future, and in the face of future interests, Daoist Min had made up a wise decision - he wanted to maintain a friendly relationship with Daoist Chi.

Since Daoist Min wanted a friendly relationship, it would hinder his effort if Daoist White Sparrow still dragged Wu Qi into troubles. Therefore, Daoist Mo Luan took the opportunity to give Daoist White Sparrow an explicit instruction.

Wu Qi had a cold grin upon hearing their conversation. He still had the Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag hiding in his spiritual ocean, which was being slowly refined and subdued. As it was an immortal item which Daoist White Sparrow regarded as his own life, it was absolutely impossible to ask him to become reconciled with Wu Qi.

Of course, if Wu Qi could return the precious treasure to Daoist White Sparrow, their conflict could have been easily resolved. However, it had taken Wu Qi a great effort to obtain such an advanced immortal item. So, how could he give it back to Daoist White Sparrow? As a result, the conflict between them was beyond resolution, and there was no room for negotiation between them. Moreover, Daoist White Sparrow had repeatedly shown his killing intent against Wu Qi. If Wu Qi did not kill him, how could Wu Qi have a peace of mind?

Daoist Mo Luan persuaded Daoist White Sparrow over and over again, but the latter just kept his mouth shut. Realizing that his persuasion was fruitless, Daoist Mo Luan could no longer hold down the anger brewing in his heart. He snorted coldly and flicked his sleeve as he spun and left. He had decided to leave Daoist White Sparrow alone.

As a matter of fact, the fear of bringing shame to himself had prevented Daoist White Sparrow from telling anybody that his immortal item was seized by Wu Qi. During the fight in Green Cliff Immortal Market, the unleashing of the Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag had stirred even his own disciples' mind, and caused them to be in an utter confusion. Therefore, apart from himself and Wu Qi, nobody knew that he actually possessed such a powerful immortal item, and nobody knew that this immortal item was seized by Wu Qi.

Daoist White Sparrow was in a dilemma upon seeing that his Master leave angrily.

In the end, Patriarch Yuan Hua had spoken, requesting both of his disciples to reconcile. And with him as the mediator, both Daoist Chi and Daoist Min were willing to adopt a conciliatory attitude. Although Daoist White Sparrow had one of his arms chopped away by Patriarch Jiang Yun many years ago, when everyone was in the face of a tremendous benefit brought by the expansion of Yuan Hua Sect, that counted for nothing! Furthermore, after laboriously cultivating for one hundred thousand years and attaining the rightful fruit of Heaven Immortal realm, Daoist White Sparrow had long had his arm regrown. It was just a small resentment that could be taken out of the equation.

But, what about his Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag?

Upon thinking about it, Daoist White Sparrow felt his heart was cramping. The Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag was a very powerful immortal item, and he reckoned that its grade was a few times greater than the immortal sword which Patriarch Yuan Hua had obtained. It was an extremely rare immortal item, so how could Daoist White Sparrow just let it be taken away by someone without doing anything?

Should he tell Daoist Min and Daoist Mo Luan about it, and let them force Wu Qi to return it to him? At the thought of this idea, his heart cramped again. As it was an immortal item of a grade a few times higher than Patriarch Yuan Hua's immortal item, if he were to tell them about it, perhaps even if it were returned, it would not belong to him anymore!

Even as he watched Daoist Mo Luan disappear into a far distance, Daoist White Sparrow clenched his jaw tightly and turned to stare at the Qing Cang Peak, as he murmured under his breath, "Wu Qi, oh Wu Qi, look at what you've brought me into? Fine, fine... If this is the case, don't blame me for being cruel. My disciples, keep a strict watch on Wu Qi. Find an opportunity when he is alone and kill him for me. I'll bring all of you away from here."

Daoist White Sparrow had straightened out his thinking.

With the Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag in his hand, so what if he really betrayed Yuan Hua Sect? If he could kill Wu Qi, not only could he take back his immortal item, he could even claim the other two immortal items - the immortal cold electric mirror and spirit-restricting rope, and perhaps some other good items as well. That made it a risk worth taking. After that, if he could escape Green Cliff Planet with all his disciples and safely return to his own base, then bring all the remaining disciples and abandon the base, he could always find a new place and start all over again!

Narrowing his eyes, Daoist White Sparrow grinned coldly and said, "Well, I might as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb. Back in those years, I was merely an outer sect disciple, even after one thousand years of practicing Dao in Yuan Hua Sect. It was my own effort, that after one hundred thousand years, I've brought myself all of my current achievements. What had Yuan Hua Sect given me in the process? Hmph! Not only will I kill Wu Qi and claim back what belongs to me, I'll teach all of you in Yuan Hua Sect a good lesson!"

He laughed hideously and said, "With efforts, I've brought my disciples back as a reinforcement, yet I've received nothing in the end! Heh, I might as well abandon an ungrateful sect such as this! After killing Wu Qi, we'll destroy the core of the Green Cliff Mountain's defensive formation. Let Eminent Cloud Sect and Huiling Sect stir up some troubles here!"

Wu Qi shook his head and felt relieved. Since Daoist White Sparrow was about to betray Yuan Hua Sect, he no longer had the mental pressure of killing him. Grinning coldly, his fake Nascent Soul which practiced the Dark Yin Water Scripture sprung out from the top of his head. A large sheet of cold breeze spread out in all directions and blotted the sky, amidst which, some white runes were seen forming. And all of a sudden, the space within one-mile circumference was completely wrapped by a layer of very thin crystal wall.

The crystal wall was 'Dark Yin Crystal Wall', which Lady Dark Gold Water had used to defend against Wu Qi's attacks. It was a divine ability with the strongest defensive strength found in Dark Yin Water Scripture. It was nearly impossible to break, unless a group of ten cultivators with similar cultivation base as Wu Qi joined forces and attacked at one particular spot.

With Wu Qi's current cultivation base up to the par with a Thirty-Sixth Tier Heaven Immortal, unless a group of ten Heaven Immortals was here to attack it, nobody could break this crystal wall.

Even more fascinating, this Dark Yin Crystal Wall had a soft and reserved characteristic, allowing all the aura to be completely concealed within. Therefore, unless someone happened to have their divine will glancing across this area, nobody would be alerted by what Wu Qi was going to do later.

Daoist White Sparrow felt an extreme coldness was running through his body, which had even slowed down the flowing rate of his blood. "Who is that?" he cried out in shock.

Wu Qi did not have the mood to talk to him. Since the resentment between them could no longer be resolved, it would be best to just kill him straight away. What was the point of wasting time talking to him? With a casual wave of his hand, the spirit-restricting rope transformed into a long purple beam and shot into the sky, binging Daoist White Sparrow and those disciples standing behind him.

Wu Qi's cultivation base was no longer what it was before, so naturally, the power of the spirit-restricting rope had improved greatly. Right when Daoist White Sparrow was bound by it, his ability of thinking was instantly confined. And, it was even worse for the few disciples behind him, as both their fleshly bodies and Nascent Divinities were ripped to shreds by the rope, and were miserably killed on the spot.

Even as Wu Qi sprung forward, Gold Horn and Silver Horn charged out and devoured all those disciples. Then, with one swift move, he grabbed Daoist White Sparrow over and pointed his finger at his own forehead. Immediately, the Divine Flame of Order shot out and kindled Daoist White Sparrow. In just a blink of an eye, Daoist White Sparrow was completely refined, turning into several hundred pieces of blood and soul crystals.

Wu Qi shoved all the blood and soul crystals into the Black Dragon Spirit Ring. After that, he channeled ninety percent of his energy into the fake Nascent Soul, transforming them into the dark Yin immortal energies unique to those who practiced Dark Yin Water Scripture. Then, using a technique called 'Dark Water Thunder' which he found in the Dark Yin Water Scripture, he materialized a dark Yin thunder the size of a human head right in his palm.

Casually, he threw the thunder ball towards Qing Cang Peak, then made Gold Horn and Silver Horn return to his ring before he spun and left without hesitation. The thunder ball flew slowly towards the mountain, grazing its side before hitting a lofty mountain behind it.

A muffled thunderclap rang out as the lofty mountain that was about one hundred miles in circumference exploded and collapsed by the thunder. The surrounding natural energies transformed into pure white snowflakes and shot in all directions. Dazzling rays flickered and radiated from Qing Cang Peak, as the incredible forces of the thunder caused the entire peak to shake violently and nearly collapse.

Wu Qi left without looking back, as if nothing had happened. A great uproar immediately broke out in Yuan Hua Sect, which had just finished its celebration banquet. Countless sword beams were closing in from all directions.

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