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The manifesting thunder tribulation brutally smashed down. Only now did Gold Horn and Silver Horn come to a sudden realization that they had done a very stupid thing. When there was a thunder tribulation, any living beings that existed within the boundary of the tribulation would make its power increased exponentially. Even worse, both of them were two great pythons, two extraordinary beasts whose bloodlines were much older and mightier than Snow-Armored Heaven-Devouring Python. Because of that, the power of the manifesting thunder tribulation had increased by ten times.

The crimson thunderbolt had a dark tone on it, which made it look like a dried up bloodstain. As it smashed down from nearly one hundred miles above the ground, the Windbracing Plain shook, and the entire Cang Tu Planet beneath everyone's feet trembled. Wailing and howling nervously, the brothers tried to remove themselves from the Snow-Armored Heaven-Devouring Python. But as they feared that their prey might escape from them a moment ago, all three pythons were now tangled tightly together. With just a very brief window of escaping before them, there was no way they could untangle the mess and run for their lives.

Seeing that the crimson thunderbolt was about to smite his head, Gold Horn was so scared that his face was fully smeared with his own saliva. He howled tragically with a heartbreaking voice, "Master! Sir! Senior! Young Master! Save us! We can't endure it. There is no way we can endure even one thunderbolt!"

Meanwhile, Silver Horn had tears burst out of his eyes like a fountain. His face looked very pitiable as he stared at Wu Qi and cried out, "Boss, manager, please save us! Our lives are very precious. We still need to grow the population of Dragon Pythons of Fire and Ice. The holy responsibility is on our shoulders!"

With a blink of the five-colored divine ray behind her back, Princess Zhang Le came right next to Wu Qi in an instant. She casually waved her hand, throwing out a five-color ray that swept across the tribulation cloud up in the sky. A deep, muffled thunderclap was heard coming out from the cloud, and abruptly, the tribulation cloud that blanketed an area of one hundred miles in circumference shrunk by ten percent. Also, the thunderbolt that thrust out from it a moment ago, which was about to thoroughly bake Gold Horn, Silver Horn, and the Snow-Armored Heaven-Devouring Python, had its power reduced by thirty percent.

As Princess Zhang Le was about to exercise her divine ability and disperse the tribulation cloud, Wu Qi shouted suddenly, "Wait, hold on!"

Even as the thunderbolt was smashing down, Wu Qi stepped onto a sword beam and came right below it. The third-eye on his forehead opened up, from which, a mirror enshrouded in a misty cloud, as thin as a piece of paper, and having countless lightning flashing inside, came flying out with cold gleams, slowly hovering above Wu Qi's head. It was the Cold Electric Mirror. Previously, after absorbing the clump of thunder tribulation essence, it had given birth to its own sentience. And, after being nourished with the innate five elements energy in Wu Qi's spiritual ocean, it had gradually restored its original form.

The Cold Electric Mirror originally belonged to an ancient Immortal, who was the owner of the underwater cave which Catfish-flood-dragon had occupied. But later on, the Immortal died, and the Cold Electric Mirror was damaged, forcing it to sink into a prolonged sleep. As time passed, its grade fell lower and lower, eventually becoming an ordinary-looking magical treasure.

Then, Wu Qi found it and nourished it with the essence of the thunder tribulation, as well as his innate five elements energy, which both slowly woke its item spirit from the long sleep, fusing it with the sentience of the newly born item spirit. The result was the restoring of its original form. The arriving of the manifesting tribulation today had immediately excited the Cold Electric Mirror.

There was a thread of life force and luck that came with the manifesting tribulation, which the Snow-Armored Heaven-Devouring Python wanted to borrow to shed off his python form and transform into a human form. Now, the Cold Electric Mirror also wanted to borrow the power of this thunder tribulation to refine the freshly fused item spirit, allowing it to transform into an immortal spirit and restore its true nature as an immortal item.

The Cold Electric Mirror issued a joyous cry as the thunderbolt smashed down. A large cloud sprayed out from its surface, transforming into a giant net and pulled the thunderbolt into the mirror. The mirror turned entirely red after the thunderbolt was absorbed. Strange and colorful lights kept radiating from its surface, amidst which one could vaguely see a tiny, fuzzy figure, purple-blue in color, and was surrounded by countless tiny sparks and electric arcs.

Through the message that sent to him from the Mirror of Cold Electric, Wu Qi realized what was happening. Hurriedly, he kept injecting his divine will into the mirror, then carefully channeling his soul power into the purple-blue figure. Upon receiving the soul power generously channeling over from Wu Qi, the item spirit quickly grew larger like a balloon. As it was an item spirit remolded using Wu Qi's soul power, it was equal to Wu Qi's clone, and could no longer be separated from him.

Then, another thunderbolt came smashing down, and was happily swallowed by the Cold Electric Mirror. It digested the power of the thunderbolt, while carefully guiding the tiny wisp of life force and luck into its body. Using Wu Qi's soul power as the ingredient, coupled with this wisp of life force and luck as the bonding agent, the item spirit slowly restored its true form according to its look in those years.

The Cold Electric Mirror's item spirit was a small, dreamlike fish. It had a length of one-foot and two inches, a look very similar to that of a carp. But, its body was translucent, and there was a row of beautiful fins poking out behind its back, a few feet long and silvery-blue in color. After absorbing a total of seventy-one thunderbolts continuously, the item spirit tilted its head up happily and issued a cry into the sky. The cry was clear and melodious, but when it reached into a far distance, it turned into a deafening thunderclap, and even shook the entire Windbracing Plain, creating several dozens of rifts on the ground.

Shrouding in numerous electric arcs, the item spirit wheeled rapidly around Wu Qi, who reached out one of his hands and cupped it up, then nodded pleasingly. The item was very agile, and it had a rather peculiar appearance, so much so that even the Scroll of Stealing did not have any records relating to this fish's background. Evidently, it was not a species born by nature, and perhaps was some mutated species coming from crossbreeding.

The overly long sleep had caused the item spirit to forget many things. Apart from most of the principles relating to thunder which it knew originally and were now stored in the core of its soul, everything else was lost in time, and it even forgot what its name was. Gently stroking the fish, Wu Qi simply gave it a new name - 'Cold Electric', before throwing it back into the Cold Electric Mirror.

Seeing that the Cold Electric Mirror had its item spirit remolded successfully, Princess Zhang Le unleashed the five-colored divine ray behind her back into the sky, which then materialized into several dozens of five-colored chains and plunged straight into the tribulation cloud. Then, with a hand gesture, a series of thunderclaps broke out messily in the atmosphere, sounding as if the sky was about to collapse, while red clouds were spreading out, smearing the sky and making it look like a pool of blood. Finally, those five-colored chains broke off from Princess Zhang Le's back, drifting towards Eminent Cloud Sect's disciples, who were all gaping at her.

From the remaining four to five Heaven Immortals, to the slightly over thirty surviving Nascent Divinity and Nascent Soul disciples, every single one of them was attached by one five-colored chain. These chains were incorporeal, and did not send forth any fluctuation of energy. Despite how the disciples of Eminent Cloud Sect struggled with efforts, trying to pull them off their bodies, the chains would just not budge, and remained attached on them.

All of a sudden, the tribulation cloud collapsed. Several dozens huge balls of lightning flame smashing down following the five-colored chains, as swift as a sudden clap of thunder, which left no time for covering one's ears. Before the surviving Eminent Cloud Sect's disciples could dodge or seek shelter, these lightning flames had already smitten their bodies. A few miserable howls echoed out, as the bodies of the few Heaven Immortals were ripped apart, leaving them with immortal souls that desperately scattered in all directions. And, nothing was left behind by the other Nascent Soul and Nascent Divinity disciples.

How could these ordinary cultivators have the ability to withstand the manifesting thunder tribulation specifically sent down for the Snow-Armored Heaven-Devouring Python?

Using a mystic technique, Princess Zhang Le triggered all the power of the tribulation in the cloud, causing them to fully erupt within a twinkle, smashing down onto all the disciples from Eminent Cloud Sect and inflicting severe damage to them. Those immortal souls were trying to escape, but they failed eventually, as Daoist Chi and Daoist Min regained their sense very quickly from the great shock. They struck without hesitation, turning all the escaping immortal souls into ashes.

When Gold Horn and Silver Horn saw that the manifesting thunder tribulation had vanished without a trace, they laughed heartily, buried their big mouths into Snow-Armored Heaven-Devouring Python's body, and began to gobble up his flesh and blood. They still remembered the requests from Wu Qi, Daoist Chi, and Daoist Min. They spat all the scales out f their mouths as if they were spitting the shells of sunflower seeds, and also kept the bones and tendons intact.

There was indeed a total of twenty-four extremely cold and white serpent pearls found in the great python's body. Daoist Min had told them he wanted these pearls, so while Gold Horn and Silver Horn knew that he and Wu Qi were not on a friendly term, they did not swallow the pearls into their stomach. However, they kept letting their saliva drip onto the pearls, their way of purposely disgusting Daoist Min. If not because they feared Wu Qi might scold them, the brothers could do something even nastier.

Right when Gold Horn and Silver Horn were enjoying their prey with a peace of mind, and Yuan Hua Sect's disciples were cleaning up the battlefield, collecting all of the still usable magical treasures, spirit pills, and many other items, a greenish-red tribulation cloud suddenly emerged in a slow swirling motion.

With just one glance at it, Wu Qi knew that it was the Spirit Immortal Tribulation which a spirit item had to transcend when becoming an immortal item. It was similar to the thunder tribulation which a Nascent Divinity cultivator had to transcend before became an Immortal. It was the Spirit Immortal Tribulation for the Cold Electric Mirror.

Even as he stared at the tribulation cloud, Wu Qi pointed out his finger. Immediately, the Cold Electric Mirror transformed into a bright beam of light and flew straight up into the sky, taking the initiative and rushing into the tribulation cloud which was still taking shape. A blinding ray radiated from the mirror, as the enormous power of thunder tribulation was being quickly absorbed by it. In just less than fifteen minutes, the still-forming tribulation cloud vanished completely. All the thunderbolts had become nutrients for the Cold Electric Mirror.

Wu Qi summoned the Cold Electric Mirror back to him, then gladly shoved it back into his forehead. Now, there was a third-eye opened up right at the center of his forehead. It shimmered with a purple gleam, with wisps of electric arcs frequently flashing across. Following his will, whenever the third-eye was closed, it looked merely like a tiny purple light. And, when it was opened, there was an eyeball inside, which shone brilliantly with vast clouds and electric arcs rolling and bolting incessantly. It seemed to possess an endless amount of power, and assumed a very mighty bearing.

Standing next to him, Daoist Chi expressed his surprise and wonder with clicks of his tongue. Although Wu Qi was just a Nascent Soul cultivator, he already possessed some immortal items. His incredible luck really made one envy. The Spirit-Restricting Rope that bounded Snow-Armored Heaven-Devouring Python previously was also an immortal item. Although it was only a lower-grade immortal item, the fact was that many Yuan Hua Sect's Nascent Divinity disciples did not own even one immortal item.

Wu Qi activated the Cold Electric Mirror with pleasure. Silently, a lightning bolt shot out of his forehead and hit a small hill, one hundred miles away. The ground shook lightly, and the small hill, which was about one mile tall, turned into ashes in just a blink of an eye.

Daoist Chi clapped his hands and praised Wu Qi for the incredibly good luck. In the meantime, Daoist White Sparrow, who stood behind Daoist Min, was casting a gloomy glance over at Wu Qi.

Wu Qi raised his eyes and gave Daoist White Sparrow a look. A killing intent was born in his heart.

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