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Yu Zong's attack had greatly infuriated the few Immortal Monarchs. Without hesitation, they ordered those immortal officials and disciples who followed them here to launch a counterattack, dragging Yu Zong's army into a fierce battle. In the meantime, the company of Heaven Immortals from five different heavenly realms quickly spread out, spun, and fled together with their disciples. Only Patriarch Yuan Hua and a few others chose to stay back, so they could provide support to the few Immortal Monarchs.

Wu Qi thought of staying back as well, so he could witness the entire event. After all, he did not find too many things that were related to Yu Dynasty from Lady Dark Gold Water's memory. In fact, she just had a very vague memory of its existence. Initially, Wu Qi suspected that Yu Dynasty was just some random mortal dynasty found in Lady Dark Gold Water's birthplace. But later, he was shocked to learn that it was actually a gigantic dynasty established by the entire human race!

As he sunk deeper into the thought, his body trembled suddenly. All of a sudden, he recalled some books which Le Xiaobai had read in those years.

'Yu, Xia, Shang, Zhou'![1]

Could this Yu Dynasty be the same Yu Dynasty that recorded in only a few rare ancient books found back on earth? The dynasty which someone claimed to be older than the Xia Dynasty? The Three Emperors and Five Kings, Yu Dynasty, Empress Wa, when all these names came together, could they be the hints that it indeed was the same Yu Dynasty?

With all sorts of thoughts filling his mind, Wu Qi took Princess Zhang Le's little hand and began traveling back towards Puluo Heavenly Realm, in pace with Daoist Chi. Those disciples who participated in the match were sent back to Green Cliff Planet, while Daoist Chi brought Wu Qi and a few others, rushing to the Cang Tu Planet via a teleportation formation.

At the Windbracing Plain of Cang Tu Planet…

The vast expanse of flat land measuring about one thousand miles in circumference sunk nearly one thousand feet deeper. The land was riddled with large holes and rifts, thickly dotted with golden and red blood. Two separate groups of cultivators were fighting a deadly battle. High up in the sky, under the lead of Daoist Min, eighteen Yuan Hua Sect Heaven Immortals were jointly attacking ten Eminent Cloud Sect Heaven Immortals, while several hundred Nascent Divinity and Nascent Soul cultivators from Yuan Hua Sect were attacking a group of less than one hundred Eminent Cloud Sect's disciples.

A great python, whose body stretched over three thousand feet long, as white as snow, and had scales that glinted with dazzling, watery gleams, was seen spreading his wings, throwing his head back, and issuing a furious roar into the sky while shooting bloody rays out from his mouth towards a crimson tribulation cloud hovering in the sky. The tribulation cloud spun slowly and steadily, seeming like it was brewing for the next wave of powerful attacks. A strong demonic aura surged from the great python's body. Because of this gloomy, murderous demonic aura that felt almost like ice water, the tribulation cloud spread further, and covered a larger area, while the strength of the thunder tribulation was getting stronger and stronger.

It was a manifesting thunder tribulation. Usually, the stronger was a fiendish demon, and the more ancient was its bloodline, the more frightening the power of the manifesting thunder tribulation it had to go through would be. This snow-armored python was only transcending his manifestation thunder tribulation after attaining a cultivation base of Twenty-Fifth Tier Heaven Immortal. It clearly showed how strong he was. But at the same time, he had to go through a tribulation that was far more powerful than the one faced by ordinary fiendish demons.

Those demon Imperial Advisors and sinecures of the six dynasties on Myriad Immortals Planet were able to manifest into human form after attaining a cultivation base of Nascent Soul realm. Compared to this Snow-Armored Heaven-Devouring Python, the difference between them was like the heaven and earth.

On his body were several tens of large crisscrossing wounds, and numerous parts of his scales were charred by the thunderbolts. Although he initially was enshrouded by an Immortal aura, the injury had triggered his savageness that was buried deep in the bones, making him send forth a towering demonic aura. The dark-green demonic aura spread and blanketed an area several tens of miles in circumference, causing the tribulation cloud to expand even faster.

This was the scene which Wu Qi and his company witnessed when they arrived at Cang Tu Planet.

The disciples of Yuan Hua Sect led by Daoist Min had secured an absolute dominance in the battle. Putting aside the fact that the number of disciples brought here by Daoist Min was greater than the opponents, they had launched a surprise attack from the back, and were assisted by the spies among the opponents. They had spent nearly seventy percent of the immortal talismans and thunder pellets which they brought out from Yuan Hua Sect's storage, and only then were they able to secure the current result.

After giving the current situation a brief examination, Daoist Chi issued a whistle as he charged towards the disciples of Eminent Cloud Sect together with Wu Qi and the others.

The fall of Huiling Sect was inevitable with the death of Reverend Huilin. Now, as Reverend Yun was severely wounded, and Eminent Cloud Sect had just lost thirteen Heaven Immortals, if they could kill these ten Heaven Immortals here, then slaughter this Snow-Armored Heaven-Devouring Python, Eminent Cloud Sect's cornerstone beast who was in the middle of transcending his thunder tribulation, they could potentially remove Eminent Cloud Sect from the throne of number one immortal sect of Puluo Heavenly Realm, while allowing Yuan Hua Sect to rise into power.

Multiple green afterimages were produced as Daoist Chi waved the bamboo stick in his hand, transforming it into a green flood dragon. Even as it appeared, it thrust its claw and smashed onto the head of an Eminent Cloud Sect's Heaven Immortal. The defensive immortal barrier of that Heaven Immortal had been badly broken by Daoist Min, and Daoist Chi's surprise attack immediately shattered it to pieces. The flood dragon ripped open his skull with one clean and swift strike, then shot out several dozens of green wood element immortal thunders from its mouth, and smashed onto the head of the Immortal.

A miserable howl rang out. The Immortal's body fell towards the ground, while a golden immortal soul sprung out of it, soaring up into the sky in an attempt of fleeing from the battlefield. But in the next moment, the flood dragon transformed from the bamboo stick thrown out by Daoist Chi issued a deafening dragon cry, coiling up its long body and transforming into a long glinting green robe that tightly bound the immortal soul. Crackling and hissing of flame and wind echoed out as a large sheet of red flame burst out from the green robe and began to burn the immortal soul, making the Immortal shriek tragically.

This was what made an immortal item so powerful. As its item spirit had cultivated into an immortal spirit, its intelligence was comparable to that of an Immortal. And, it could even control the immortal item, adjusting the divine ability and magic spell to use according to the actual situation of the battlefield. On top of that, after being enhanced by the incantation performed by the item spirit, the power of the immortal item was at least double the normal level.

With just one strike, Daoist Chi had already killed one of the opponent's Heaven Immortals. It immediately threw Eminent Cloud Sect into an utter confusion. "Retreat! Disciples of Eminent Cloud Sect, retreat immediately!" One of the Immortals shouted at the top of his voice.

But, as soon as this Immortal shouted, another Heaven Immortal cried out with an even louder voice, "Do not retreat! Ancestral Master Xue's thunder tribulation has just arrived. You are not allowed to retreat at this moment! Protect Ancestral Master Xue at once! As long as he manages to manifest, all these treacherous fools would have to die!"

Right when the disciples of Eminent Cloud Sect were at a loss for what do to, Daoist Chi brought a few Heaven Immortals with him and joined the intense battle.

Laughing loudly, Wu Qi unleashed both Sword of Greedy Wolf and Xuanhao Sword at the same time. As his cultivation base had skyrocketed, when the Sword of Greedy Wolf was unleashed, it was followed by a total of twenty-one pitch-black wolf heads, which darted back and forth in the air while leaving behind bright trails. If any fleshly bodies were to be slightly touched by them, the razor-sharp sword beams would instantly rip away a large chunk of flesh. On the other hand, Xuanhao Sword transformed into a large sheet of pitch-black water mist, rolling towards the opponents with several dozens of faintly visible vortexes. No matter it was a flying sword or magical treasure, as long as they were not upper-grade spirit items, the water mist would always grind them into powder.

Lord Xiansheng and Catfish-flood-dragon had transformed back into their true forms of flood dragons as they charged into the group of Eminent Cloud Sect's Nascent Soul and Nascent Divinity disciples, slaughtering them to their heart's content. Catfish-flood-dragon had the enormously huge hammer in her claw, using it to smash and slam wherever she went, giving those Eminent Cloud Sect's disciples a truly hard time. When any ordinary magical treasures were touched by the heavy hammer, they would always turn dim, with numerous cracks appearing on their surfaces. Before long, tens of Eminent Cloud Sect's disciples were crushed into meat paste by the hammer, and were then swallowed into her stomach.

But, what made these disciples, and even the Heaven Immortals from Eminent Cloud Sect, feel a shiver running down their back was Princess Zhang Le, who stood off in a distance with an expressionless face. She was standing on top of a cloud, with both hands performing various incantation gestures. Every now and then, whenever a simple word was spoken by her, such as 'seal!', 'break!', 'crush!', or 'restrict!', they would always cause something bizarre to happen. For example, a disciple of Eminent Cloud Sect suddenly had all his energy vanished from his body, another one had his spiritual connection completely cut off with his flying sword, and someone had his body cut into half for no apparent reason. There were even two Heaven Immortals who were careless in their defense, allowing Princess Zhang Le to cast a curse on them. It made them stagger, with their visions turning dim as they fell from the sky. As a result, some Heaven Immortals from Yuan Hua Sect saw the opportunity and thrust their immortal swords over, riddling them with countless holes.

The Snow-Armored Heaven-Devouring Python who had coiled up his body on the ground, was so angry he threw his head back and issued a furious roar into the sky, "You rascals from Yuan Hua Sect! Once I have transcended my manifesting tribulation, I'll definitely make your desire for death exceed the desire to live! My children of Eminent Cloud Sect... you..."

After a brief moment of hesitation, he bellowed, "All of you, retreat from here! I can transcend this tribulation myself!"

It would be better if he just kept quiet, as Gold Horn and Silver Horn had their attention originally locked on those dying Eminent Cloud Sect's disciples. But, with the loud shout, the brothers immediately turned their drooling faces towards him. Two very unpleasant dragon cries rang out, as the brothers transformed into two long beams of light, shooting straight towards the Snow-Armored Heaven-Devouring Python. Even as they were approaching, Gold Horn cried out sternly, "He is just one Snow-Armored Heaven-Devouring Python! I'm the elder brother. I'll take sixty percent of his flesh!"

Not willing to admit inferiority, Silver Horn refuted, "Since you are my elder brother, you should take care of me! I want sixty percent of his blood essence!"

Amidst the wild shouts and yells, the brothers charged towards the Snow-Armored Heaven-Devouring Python, opening their big, bloody mouths and biting towards their prey.

To his great terror, Snow-Armored Heaven-Devouring Python raised his head to look at Gold Horn and Silver Horn. "Dragon Pythons of Fire and Ice? I thought you have long become extinct?" His voice was filled with shock and fear that could not be concealed, and the undertones of both anger and terror that everyone around could hear.

And, his immediate reaction panicked the people of Eminent Cloud Sect, making their hearts sink deeper. Having no courage to face Gold Horn and Silver Horn, this great python with an overall strength of Twenty-Fifth Tier Heaven Immortal realm simply spun and fled, twisting his body and slithering into a random direction desperately, even ignoring the thunder tribulation that could smash down at any time soon.

Saliva splattered from the brothers' mouths as they exerted all their strength to chase after Snow-Armored Heaven-Devouring Python. They were emanating a very frightening aura that only members of the python race could have sensed. It was an absolute suppression that a natural enemy had for its prey. The Snow-Armored Heaven-Devouring Python even neglected the fact that both Gold Horn and Silver Horn only possessed the cultivation base of Nascent Divinity realm. In a great panic, he let out a sharp hiss, fleeing towards a far distance in a flurry.

Daoist Chi and Daoist Min nearly fell off from the sky. If they knew this Snow-Armored Heaven-Devouring Python was so afraid of Gold Horn and Silver Horn, they would not have risked their lives fighting this battle! What was the point to travel so far here and launch a sudden assault if they could defeat their target so easily?

Noticing that the Snow-Armored Heaven-Devouring Python was fleeing at an incredible speed, Wu Qi grinned coldly. With a twist of his left wrist, a purple light shot up into the sky, transforming into several dozens of tiny purple ropes then tightly bound the escaping python. Hissing excitedly and joyfully, Gold Horn and Silver Horn rushed forward and tangled the Snow-Armored Heaven-Devouring Python, opening their big mouths and giving his body a savage bite. Immediately, they ripped two very large strips of flesh off their victim's body.

Wu Qi shouted hurriedly, "You can eat whatever you want, but leave his scales to me! If you don't, I'll rip your skin off!"

Compared to the scales left behind by Wanying Dragon King's ancestors who had transcended, the scales of a great python with a cultivation base of Twenty-Fifth Heaven Immortal realm were so much better!

Daoist Chi cried out hastily as well, "Yes, you can eat all his flesh and drink all his blood. The scales go to Wu Qi, but spare me the bones and tendons! They are the supreme-grade ingredients to craft some immortal items!"

Daoist Min could not care less that Gold Horn and Silver Horn were Wu Qi's demon pets, as he roared loudly, "I'm sure there is serpent pearl in this Snow-Armored Heaven-Devouring Python's body. Give it to me! I will... I will exchange it with all my wealth!"

While the company was shouting and yelling, the tribulation cloud trembled and thrust out a violent thunderbolt that was about one mile thick!

[1] The Xia dynasty is the first dynasty in traditional Chinese history, following by Shang dynasty, then Zhou dynasty.

The Xia dynasty is the first dynasty in traditional Chinese history, following by Shang dynasty, then Zhou dynasty.
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