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The plan he meticulously came out with had been torn apart by someone. Even worse, he lost a total of thirteen disciples of Heaven Immortal realm. It had greatly infuriated Reverend Yun, and he felt as if his brain were boiling. Those were thirteen disciples of Heaven Immortal realm, not Nascent Soul or Nascent Divinity realm. Anyone below the realm of Heaven Immortal was considered as an ant by him. In fact, if he deemed necessary, he could raise as many Nascent Soul and Nascent Divinity cultivators. But, not Heaven Immortals!

Although Eminent Cloud Sect had been established for several hundreds of Periods, only a total of forty odd Heaven Immortals were produced. However, before Reverent Yun's treacherous scheme against Huiling Sect and Yuan Hua Sect could bring him any benefits, thirteen of his Heaven Immortals had been killed! They were one-third of Eminent Cloud Sect's overall strength! And they were nothing but ashes now!

More importantly, among the thirteen Heaven Immortals, one of them was actually Reverend Yun's love child!

Yes, a love child! A child that was born after Reverend Yun had a secret affair with one of his disciples, a child that was born out of wedlock.

The sperm of a Heaven Immortal was very precious. If not for the fact that Reverend Yun had developed a true love with that disciple, he would have never agreed to have the child born. And, since the child was born, Reverend Yun treated him with an exceptional affection. Those descriptions such as 'the apple of his eye' fell short to describe his affection for the child. In fact, Reverend Yun had even made the necessary arrangement, that once the child had his cultivation base advanced further, he would be able to serve a post in the Heaven.

But today, his love child, as well as twelve of his proudest disciples, were murdered by Patriarch Yuan Hua!

"Yuan Hua! Give me back my son!!!" Reverend Yun was so exasperated he could not care less if the fact that he had a love child was made public. After unleashing the first thunderbolt, he continued by casting several dozens of them. Eminent Cloud Sect was famous for their technique of water thunderbolts. All the Heaven Immortals of Eminent Cloud Sect were the masters of playing with these thunderbolts with the characteristic of acquired water element, and their power was matchless in Puluo Heavenly Realm.

Several dozens of thunderbolts smashed down together. If it were in the past, Patriarch Yuan Hua would have suffered a great loss. But not today, not when his cultivation base was at par with Reverend Yun's, and not when he had an upper-grade immortal sword in his hand! The sword flickered rapidly with a golden gleam as it transformed into a long beam of golden light, thrusting upward and dissipating the several dozens of thunderbolts with just one clean sweep. However, it did not stop there. It pierced through the air further, quickly swiping across Reverend Yun's body. The Daoist robe clad by Reverend Yun shone with a bright immortal light, but it was ripped apart when the golden beam flashed across, allowing the sword beam to pierce through his body.

A tragic howl rang out. As he was not present to watch the match just now, Reverend Yun was not aware of the origin of the immortal sword, and never in his dreams could he possibly have imagined that Patriarch Yuan Hua could possess a mighty weapon like this. Even as the sword beam pierced through his body, it cut along his ribs horizontally and tore him apart. Golden immortal blood splattered everywhere, while his lower body was thrown far away. Before he could do anything, three big mouths had already rushed over impatiently, as Gold Horn, Silver Horn, and Catfish-flood-dragon opened their big mouths and snapped at Reverend Yun's lower body. It was ripped into three pieces and swallowed.

Wu Qi's eyes twitched as he watched them. The three fellows had just ruined a material of excellent quality!

Realizing that there were no outsiders around, Wu Qi hesitated if he should expose some of his treasures to capture Reverend Yun's upper body. But suddenly, a loud rumble echoed out from the void behind them. Amidst the flickering of bright, strange light, the company of over one thousand Immortals rushed out together with their disciples.

Pilgrim Gu He was at the foremost. He bellowed as he came into the void, "Fellow Immortal Yuan Hua, I've told you that there is a fate between the sword and..."

He shut his mouth abruptly, when he saw Patriarch Yuan Hua casually throw the immortal sword up into the air. The sword transformed into a long beam of golden light, looking very glorious as it wheeled around Patriarch Yuan Hua, showing off its mightiness and sending forth a scorching heat wave that caressed everyone's faces. It even gave Pilgrim Gu He a false impression that he was suffocating.

Though seething with anger originally, a big smile suddenly emerged on Pilgrim Gu He's face. He put his palms together devoutly and called the name of Buddha before speaking again, "It looks like I was wrong. The sword is fated to be with fellow Immortal Yuan Hua! My fellow Immortal, please visit me at my barren mountain when you have some free time in the future. We need to spend some time together!"

While brushing his long beard with one hand, Patriarch Yuan Hua laughed and answered with a nod, "Rest assured, I will definitely pay you a visit sometime in the future!"

Pilgrim Gu He stepped back a few paces while smiling. Even as he did that, he looked at Wu Qi with a very friendly glance, then nodded his head warmly. His attitude towards Wu Qi was extremely warm and benevolent, as if Wu Qi had never knocked his prime Buddha treasure into the vast expanse of chaos.

Wu Qi returned Pilgrim Gu He's glance with a cold gaze. He did not have the mood to respond to this monk, who changed his expression faster than flipping through pages.

One after another, those Immortals who came into the void after Pilgrim Gu He halted their paces. Since Patriarch Yuan Hua had already refined the immortal sword, it would be too difficult to seize it from him. For that moment, all the Immortals who were attacking Patriarch Yuan Hua a moment ago cupped their fists and said, "Congrats on obtaining such a precious treasure, fellow Immortal Yuan Hua! Just like the old saying, a spirit item will always choose the right master. Fellow Immortal Yuan Hua, you are indeed a man with a great fortune!"

Patriarch Yuan Hua smiled as he cupped his fist and kept nodding at the surrounding Immortals to express his appreciation.

In the meanwhile, the miserable Reverend Yun took the opportunity and flew back into the company of Eminent Cloud Sect's disciples, leaving behind a trail of blood in the void. Upon seeing him, the 'Reverend Yun' who sat on the back of the large black crane cried out in alarm. With a twist of his body, he transformed into a long-bearded man, sprung forward and caught Reverend Yun's upper body. "Who hurt you, Master?"

Even as he asked that question, the long-bearded man had his eyes looking at Patriarch Yuan Hua.

It was known to all that apart from Immortal Chuan, Reverend Yun was the strongest cultivator in the entire Puluo Heavenly Realm. Based on that understanding, among all the Immortals here, besides Patriarch Yuan Hua, who had an upper-grade immortal sword in his hand, who else had the ability to cleanly cut Reverend Yun into two parts?

Patriarch Yuan Hua laughed, shook his head and did not say anything. He was in a very good mood now, so he just waited patiently for Eminent Cloud Sect to play their game. He did not want to waste his breath talking to them.

With both hands pointing rapidly in the air, Reverend Yun barely performed a dozen of incantation gestures to stop the spraying of his blood. Then, he turned to Immortal Chuan and cried grievingly, "Please back me up here, Immortal Monarch! For no apparent reason, Yuan Hua Sect killed thirteen Heaven Immortals from my sect! They even assaulted me and made me look so miserable now! Immortal Monarch, you have to bring justice to Eminent Cloud Sect!"

At this very moment, Reverend Yun just wished Immortal Chuan was his relative by marriage. If he had a daughter, he was more than happy to offer her to Immortal Chuan, even if she would just be a concubine. Now, as he was severely wounded, and had lost thirteen of his Heaven Immortal disciples, Eminent Cloud Sect's overall strength had suffered greatly. Without a strong backing, perhaps Eminent Cloud Sect would have to face a complete destruction soon.

In the recent years, Eminent Cloud Sect had been using unscrupulous tactics, sometimes even tyrannical manner to handle matters. From the incident when Yun Wuqi was trying to abduct Peppermint and Angelica by force, one could easily tell how the people from Eminent Cloud Sect were conducting themselves. They had offended many people, who were now watching them in the dark, waiting for them to fall. When the opportunity came, countless people would jump out and size Eminent Cloud Sect's property to the last bit.

Upon looking at Reverend Yun's miserable appearance, Immortal Chuan could not help but narrow his eyes and gave Patriarch Yuan Hua a quick glance.

Cupping his fist and bowing, Patriarch Yuan Hua said, "Please be the judge here, Immortal Monarch. It is Eminent Cloud Sect who secretly dispatched their disciples into Green Cliff Planet, hiding inside Green Cliff Immortal Market with malicious intents. In preparation for the battle, I was exercising my cultivation technique and regulating my breath at Green Cliff Mountain, but they thought I was away from Green Cliff Planet. Hence, they launched an assault, attempting to loot the market. As a result, I killed them before they could do any damage. Immortal Monarch, I'm sure you can understand my action!"

Reverend Yun refuted angrily, "Bullsh*t! That's an utter bullsh*t! Stinking as hell! Why would Eminent Cloud Sect's disciple want to loot Green Cliff Immortal Market? That's..."

As his heart was filled with a surge of great fury, Reverend Yun could not care less about the words he used.

Looking at how Reverend Yun responded with those nasty words, Wu Qi could not help but interrupt, "A man who has his mouth filled with bullsh*t actually accused someone else of uttering bullsh*t? That sounded really stinky to me! Thirteen Heaven Immortals from Eminent Cloud Sect had sneaked into Green Cliff Immortal Market without informing us in advance. What were they trying to do? Don't tell me that they had run out of money, thus decided to find a brothel so they could work in the flesh trade, earning some extra income?"

Grinning coldly, Wu Qi continued his vicious comments, "It is true that there are some brothels in Green Cliff Immortal Market, but they only accept girls! None of them in Green Cliff Immortal Market would accept men who want to sell their butts! By sneaking into Green Cliff Planet, if they are not there to loot the market, could it be that they really wanted to sell their butts there? Please consider this, Immortal Monarch!"

Having the lids of his eyes dropped slightly, Patriarch Yuan Hua was trying his best to hold down the impulse of bursting into a loud laughter.

As Immortals needed to take care of their image, they would never come out with such vicious remarks. But, Wu Qi was just a Nascent Soul cultivator. So, what if he really cursed someone with nasty words? While Patriarch Yuan Hua was fuming with rage when Reverend Yun accused him of uttering bullsh*t, Wu Qi's unrestrictive nonsense had helped him vent some of the pent-up anger.

Reverend Yun was transfixed by Wu Qi's provocation, and nearly choked by his own breath.

Raising his trembling finger and pointing at Wu Qi, Reverend Yun bellowed, "Immortal Chuan! How could such an ignorant, wicked junior interrupt us?"

Immortal Chuan appeared to be in a daze, and he hesitated for a brief moment. If it were some other Nascent Soul cultivator who interrupted them, he had already killed the cultivator. But, since it was Wu Qi who did that... he could still remember the storage bag full of energy stones Wu Qi gave him as a bribe. How could he kill a witty little guy such as Wu Qi?

Clearing his throat, Immortal Chuan said with a smile, "Wu Qi, you have to pay more attention to the words you use. How is it possible for the fellow Immortals from Eminent Cloud Sect to do such things?"

And immediately, he turned to look at Reverend Yun and asked, "But, what exactly was the purpose of the thirteen Heaven Immortals from Eminent Cloud Sect visiting Green Cliff Planet?"

Reverend Yun was stumped by the question and remained tongue-tied for a good while.

Right at this moment, a rolling of drums was heard coming from a distance. A fleet of thirty planetary ships was seen approaching at an incredible speed.

These ships measured ten thousand feet long, and about one hundred feet wide. Every single one of them had a six-floored tower standing on the deck. All the ships were densely covered by a layer of thick metal plates, on the surface of which, countless complicated ancient runes were drawn. On the nose of each ship stood a dozen soldiers, who had tall and burly statures, and were clad in heavy armors. No fluctuation of magical energy could be sensed on them, but behind the back of every soldier was a sheet of faint mist, amidst which, the figures of various wild beasts could be vaguely seen.

On the deck of a ship that flew in the middle of the fleet, a burly man who stood over ten feet tall was beating a dragon-skinned war drum. Although there was no air in space, the beating of drum still went straight into everybody's ears and made them feel a pain, hardly maintaining the stability of their bodies.

A tall flagpole was erected on every single ship, on top of which, a huge flag, about several tens of feet in circumference, was fluttering violently without the blowing of the wind.

With his sharp eyes, Wu Qi saw a huge character measuring several tens of feet in both width and height embroidered on every single flag - 'Yu'! Using this pale-green character as the background, a row of smaller characters was neatly embroidered right at the center of the flag.

'The Tribune of the People, the Protector of the Land, the Marquis of the Great Yu, Marquis Jian of Yu Hua Heavenly Realm'!

Immortal Chuan was taken aback, and together with the other Immortal Monarchs, they cursed, "Yu Zong the Marquis Jian! What is he doing here? Damnit!!"

A few Immortal Monarchs cursing at the same time really made a splendid sight. Even Wu Qi was stunned by that.

But immediately, cold sweat began to break out from his back. In a great shock and terror, he and Princess Zhang Le exchanged a glance.

Marquis Jian!

Yu Zong!

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