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The sudden breaking of Smoke Luan Shield had stunned every single Heaven Immortal present. Even Daoist Mo Luan himself had his mind gone completely blank, unable to figure out how it happened. After all, the shield was his proudest immortal item, and it was crafted by a weapon crafting grandmaster in Puluo Heavenly Realm, who was also a Twenty-Ninth Tier Heaven Immortal. It took him a great effort to beg the grandmaster, and cost him all the dark copper which he arduously gathered from the underground flame throughout the span of several tens of thousands of years.

Its defense was unbreakable facing any ordinary Heaven Immortals. But shockingly, the two great pythons had just completely shattered its true form.

Daoist Chi and Daoist Min had their mouths wide opened; the former had a weird smile on his face, while the latter's face turned blue with anger. Meanwhile, all the Heaven Immortals present turned to look at Wu Qi together - this little fellow was the master of the two great pythons!

Daoist Mo Luan never tempered his immortal body before, as he only focused on cultivating his immortal soul and magical powers. On the other hand, Dragon Pythons of Fire and Ice were famous for the formidable strength of their fleshly bodies since the ancient era. As a result, when Gold Horn's tail brutally smashed onto Daoist Mo Luan's chest, it left a half-foot deep wound that stretched across his entire chest, nearly ripping him apart. Golden immortal blood sprayed and splattered everywhere, while the attack knocked him flying back, throwing him straight into Silver Horn's direction.

Laughing strangely, Silver Horn caught Daoist Mo Luan with one of his claws, then shoved the poor guy to his mouth impatiently. While doing that, he said with a quick tone, "Don't worry, Elder Brother! I'll just take the upper body and leave the lower body for you! Tsk, you will even get one excellent ingredient for the Three Whip Soup!"

Gold Horn cursed furiously, coiled back his body and darted towards Silver Horn. Upper body? More than seventy percent of an Immortal's essence was found in the upper body! The vital organs were the source of immortal energy, and the brain was where the soul and intelligence were located. Thus, all the valuable things of an Immortal were located right in the upper body! If Silver Horn were to devour the upper body alone, didn't that mean all the benefits which Mo Luan brought would go to him?

As for that excellent ingredient for the Three Whip Soup, Gold Horn was not interested in at all.

And so, the two great pythons tangled each other midair, rolling and struggling messily just for the sake of the severely wounded Daoist Mo Luan.

Silver Horn had his claw tightly clutched on the poor Daoist Mo Luan. The tremendous force nearly crushed his severely wounded immortal body. His immortal soul had also suffered a pretty serious injury after the Smoke Luan Shield was destroyed, which made him feel as if a violent thunderstorm was wreaking havoc in his brain, losing the ability to organize a counterattack.

But, he did not pay any attention to the awful feeling. Instead, he kept howling in a hoarse voice, "This is absurd! Smoke Luan Shield is a Thirtieth Tier immortal item! How could it be shattered by you two beasts who have just formed your Nascent Divinity? How is that even possible? It is one proud work of Grandmaster Jie Jin! How can you destroy it?"

Wu Qi stood on the ground, hands clasped behind back and a cold grin on his face.

With the Mystic Eyes of Universe, he could see more than well enough when the Smoke Luan Shield was shattered. Sure enough, it was a Thirtieth Tier immortal item, an excellent treasure. But, it was a pity that its main material was dark copper from underground fire. It was true that it was a material with pure Yang and rigid characteristics, and was very good in defending all spells of True Fire and thunders. However, every material had its own weakness, and things that could counter it.

In fact, the biggest weakness of dark copper was the corrosion from Acquired pure Yin energy. Gold Horn's scorching flame could not cause any harm to Smoke Luan Shield, but the cold breeze sprayed out by Silver Horn carried a thread of innate pure Yin energy which he bred using his own body, an energy unique to Dragon Pythons of Fire and Ice. It was a very powerful energy that could greatly suppress Smoke Luan Shield. So, it was natural that the shield was shattered by it.

Seeing that the two brothers were about to kill Daoist Mo Luan with their fight for food, Wu Qi cleared his throat and shouted, "That's enough, Gold Horn, Silver Horn! Put down Grand Uncle-Master Mo Luan. Mm, you will have diarrhea if you eat something dirty!"

The brothers who were chasing each other in the sky came to a sudden halt, then bowed their heads dejectedly like two balloons losing their gas. Silver Horn rolled his eyes and let loose of his grip. Immediately, Daoist Mo Luan fell down like a large rock. Nevertheless, as he was a seasoned Heaven Immortal, although he was severely wounded, he could still catch a breath with efforts and barely stabilize himself after plunging straight down for several hundred feet.

Daoist Mo Luan stared at Gold Horn and Silver Horn, who looked dejected because of the losing their food, then said in a deep voice, "For the shame you brought me today, I'll definitely..."

Wu Qi interrupted him with a sigh and said, "Grand Uncle-Master, why should you be bothered by these two beasts? They are just two voracious feeders who know nothing! They were merely transcending their thunder tribulation, yet someone was cursing them, which is why they threw their temper by attacking you. You are a grand and mighty Heaven Immortal. Messing with two beasts will just bring shame to your prestige status!"

Wu Qi's words were extremely nasty, yet they matched perfectly with the thoughts of those Heaven Immortals present.

It was Daoist Mo Luan who cursed Gold Horn and Silver Horn first, and then he was attacked by them who he claimed to be beasts. Since they were beasts, why should he try to talk reason with them? It was he himself who asked for troubles, and nobody could help him in that! As for the fact that his proud immortal item was destroyed, and even he got himself severely wounded by the brothers... Since he could not even defeat the opponents who he claimed as beasts, why should he keep making a fuss about the matter?

The colors on Daoist Mo Luan's face shifting from blue and red as he felt both angry and ashamed, nearly coughing blood. Luckily, he still remembered that he was wounded on top of his original injury. He came with an injury which he suffered from the battle with Huiling Sect, having seventy percent of his cultivation base crippled temporarily. And now, he was again wounded by Gold Horn and Silver Horn. If he coughed out another mouthful of blood, that would make his condition worse, and even inflicted damage to his immortal soul.

For the current Daoist Mo Luan, every single drop of his blood was extremely precious, and losing any would just make his condition worse!

Without uttering another word, he cupped his fist and bowed to Daoist Min. Then, he picked up the fragments of Smoke Luan Shield with a blackened face, collected the broken soul of its item spirit, and stepped onto a cloud with tottering steps, prepared to leave. But suddenly, a beam of golden light sprinkled down from the sky and covered him. In the next moment, a vast immortal energy essence came injecting into his body from a far distance, healing his injury at an incredible rate.

It startled Daoist Chi, Daoist Min, and Immortal Tai Yu, while all the Heaven Immortals cupped fists and bowed while shouting, "Ancestral Master, why are you...?"

Patriarch Yuan Hua's deep voice was heard coming from off in the distance, "Chi'er, Min'er, Mo Luan, and Wu Qi, come to me."

Those who were named by Patriarch Yuan Hua dared not to show any hesitation, as they quickly flew towards the Green Cliff Mountain on clouds. The golden light followed Daoist Mo Luan as he flew, only to dissipate when he arrived at Green Cliff Mountain. After being replenished by the vast immortal energy essence in the golden beam, nearly eighty percent of his injuries were healed, and even his immortal body which had been severely wounded by some Immortals from Huiling Sect was not far from being fully healed.

Patriarch Yuan Hua's cultivation base was many times stronger than Daoist Mo Luan. By using his own energy essence to help Daoist Mo Luan heal the injury, it was as if an elephant was giving a blood transfusion to an ant. Although the elephant would lose some of its blood, that amount was more than enough to completely replace all the blood in the ant's body. In Patriarch Yuan Hua's eyes, Daoist Mo Luan's injury was nothing serious.

However, immortal energy essence was extremely important to any of the Heaven Immortals. If not because of some desperate situation, nobody would want to waste their energy essence just to help someone heal. After all, that was a huge burden!

The company of four men and two pythons came before Patriarch Yuan Hua's little cottage. They did not see him as the door was tightly shut, and only heard his voice, "So, the two great pythons are the legendary ancient extraordinary beasts, the Dragon Pythons of Fire and Ice? Excellent! Eminent Cloud Sect is able to be the overlord of Puluo Heavenly Realm with just one Snow-Armored Heaven-Devouring Python. But with the brothers here, Yuan Hua Sect's future achievement will definitely be better than them!"

Gold Horn and Silver Horn curled their lips in disdain, turning their big heads away. What was this Snow-Armored Heaven-Devouring Python? In the memory the brothers obtained from their bloodline, it was just a puny creature they would never take a second look at. During the ancient era, Dragon Pythons of Fire and Ice were the supreme existences among all aquatic clans, while Snow-Armored Heaven-Devouring Python could at most be considered as a local bully. The gap between their status was that huge!

After praising Gold Horn and Silver Horn, Patriarch Yuan Hua's voice turned heavy as he said, "It's been one hundred thousand years, are you done with your quarrel?"

Daoist Chi and Daoist Min's faces fell instantly. They exchanged a glance, then dropped to their knees together. Daoist Mo Luan dared not to say a word as he followed them and quickly dropped to his knees as well. Patriarch Yuan Hua continued with a sigh, "In those years, we managed to establish our foundation in Puluo Heavenly Realm with much efforts and struggles. But, in the end, both of you turned against each other because of Green Melon, causing the sect to be filled with a turgid atmosphere of confusion and conflict. As both of you are my disciples, I've turned a blind eye and just let you two settle that yourself. Now, let me ask you, are you done with your quarrel?"

While kneeling, Daoist Chi and Daoist Min dared not to utter a single word. Instead, they just kept kowtowing. Meanwhile, cold sweat could be seen breaking out from Daoist Mo Luan's forehead, while he was shivering.

"When are you going to stop fighting against each other? We have a formidable enemy at our doorstep, and a great calamity is on the horizon. Do you really want Yuan Hua Sect, the result of our hard labor, to be destroyed completely, and only then would you stop? I'll decide for you then. That's enough, the conflict will end today." Patriarch Yuan Hua said heavily.

Daoist Chi and Daoist Min cried out in alarm together, "What do you mean, Master?"

Patriarch Yuan Hua said, "As this is a very serious issue, apart from me, Chi'er, Min'er, only the two of you can know about it. Chi'er, gather all the disciples who will participate in the match and make the last preparation. You will lead them to the match, and I'll only appear during the solo match with that old fogey Huiling. As for Min'er, bring your capable disciples and take all the thunder pellets in our storage away. You are free to take any of the powerful immortal talismans, formation discs, and flags."

Grinning coldly, he continued with a voice filled with killing intent, "In just ten days, an extraordinary beast will transcend its manifestation thunder tribulation in the Windbracing Plain of Cang Tu Planet. Min'er, bring all your disciples and sneak into the planet, then find a chance to inflict a serious injury to that beast during the tribulation."

Daoist Chi and Daoist Min were shocked, while Wu Qi's eyes flickered with a bright gleam as he asked, "Ancestral Master, is that extraordinary beast the Snow-Armored Heaven-Devouring Python from Eminent Cloud Sect? Could it be that he is going to advance another tier and manifest his human form?"

Wu Qi's guess terrified the rest of the people, and they kept nodding as if they just saw the light.

After a full fifteen minutes of complete silence, Patriarch Yuan Hua finally spoke again. But this time, his voice sounded very surprised and pleased, "Wu Qi, my good grand disciple, you are indeed a man with a witty mind. Haha, you are correct! That Snow-Armored Heaven-Devouring Python of Eminent Cloud Sect is going to transcend his manifestation thunder tribulation."

Wu Qi laughed, nodding thoughtfully as he said, "No wonder! I was puzzled why that Yun Tianao could still behave like a nice man after Yun Wuqi was eaten alive by Catfish!"

Patriarch Yuan Hua laughed and said, "That's right! No wonder he acted like a nice man that day!"

After that, the loud laugh was replaced by whispering. Across the wooden door, Wu Qi and the others began a long discussion with Patriarch Yuan Hua.

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