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Ling Yi True Water was best in nursing the thread of innate Yin aura that was present in all female cultivators' life forces. As all females had the Yin characteristic by nature, the stronger was this innate Yin aura, the prettier and more charming would that female become. Therefore, apart from someone with unique spirit roots, the better the latent potential a female possessed, the prettier an appearance she would have.

With their innate Yin aura nourished and replenished by an Acquired True Water such as Ling Yi True Water, the female cultivators' aura, blood essence, body shape, appearance, all of them would approach the female template approved by the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth, the template of the perfect female.

The more Ling Yi True Water one absorbed, the more her appearance would approach the female template approved by the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth, and naturally, she would become prettier and more appealing to the opposite gender. As Goddess Green Melon's face was hurt by a magical treasure, and she had also lost much of her blood essence and energies during the process, it eventually caused her to be unable to recover her appearance within a short period of time, and only cover her face with a veil. Now, with Ling Yi True Water, her blood essence and energy could be easily replenished, while her aura and life force would be adjusted at the same time.

Two hours later, Goddess Green Melon came back rushing into the room, yelling and screaming as she grabbed Wu Qi's ear.

"My good grand-disciple Wu Qi, what sort of treasure had you given me?" She had already removed the veil, showing everyone an exceedingly beautiful face that was full of heroine spirit. There seemed to be a faint layer of water vapor shrouding her face. It made her appearance look slightly obscure, yet giving a touch of softness to her rather overbearing demeanor. Now, she looked like a whirlpool, sucking in all glances if anyone gave her a look.

She continued yelling excitedly, "That is an excellent treasure! Not only has it returned my original appearance, it also replenished my innate Yin aura! Initially, I only had a top-upper grade wood element spirit root, but it has changed to supreme-upper grade! On top of that, it has also strengthened my immortal soul, giving me an additional cultivation base that would take me ten thousand years of laborious meditation! Tell me quickly, what treasure is that?"

Wu Qi tilted his head sideways while looking at Goddess Green Melon with a wry smile on his face.

Only now did the overly excited Goddess Green Melon realize that she was still pinching Wu Qi's ear. She laughed and let loose of her grip. Then suddenly, she changed from a rushed and almost mad lady into a gentle and refined lady. Very gently, she nodded at Wu Qi, then smiled and said, "It is all because of the spirit water you offered me that I am able to have my appearance fully recovered. Wu Qi, if anyone dares to provoke you in the sect, even if that person is your Uncle-Master Min, I'll never spare them easily!"

Wu Qi cupped his fist and bowed deeply to Goddess Green Melon, then only began to tell her the magical effects of Ling Yi True Water.

Upon hearing that Ling Yi True Water could only be used by females, Immortal Green Staff, Daoist Li, and Patriarch Jiang Yun lost their interest immediately. But at the same time, Wu Qi felt a hostile glance shooting towards his face. He looked to the side carefully. Sure enough, he saw Princess Zhang Le was looking at him with her eyes ablaze. He forced a smile on his face and gave her a meaningful wink.

Noticing Wu Qi's little gesture, Princess Zhang Le's heart that was filled with anger immediately calmed down. She put on a sweet smile, gently pulling Goddess Green Melon's arm and praising, "Grand Master-Mother is truly a celestial beauty, and your heroine bearing just makes your perfection still more perfect. When I look at you, I have a feeling that I am looking at my mother!" Even as she said that, her eyes turned red suddenly.

Goddess Green Melon was taken aback. She embraced Princess Zhang Le and asked with a smile, "Zi Xuan, where is your mother?"

Wu Qi cleared his throat and said in a low voice, "Zi Xuan's mother died during childbirth."

A gloom fell over Immortal Green Staff and Daoist Li as they bowed their heads slightly. Goddess Green Melon grabbed Princess Zhang Le's hand, then sighed lightly and said, "I see! Although Wu Qi has proved himself a filial grand disciple today by making me happy, I can't give him the benefit. Zi Xuan, Peppermint, and Angelica, follow me. I've something nice that I can give you! Those are for girls only! I've nothing good for Daoist Li and the other stinking Daoists!"

She tilted her face, which was radiating with beauty, up high and pulled Princess Zhang Le out of the room excitedly. Peppermint and Angelica offered Wu Qi a kowtow shyly, then quickly caught up with Princess Zhang Le's footsteps, pulling her sleeves from both sides like two little followers.

Wu Qi was stunned. Spreading both his arms, he turned to look at Immortal Green Staff innocently and sighed.

Immortal Green Staff laughed and said, "That's her temper. She is too lazy to teach any disciple, and she doesn't like male disciples. Hence, she has hardly left Green Wood Peak in peace. Now, with Zi Xuan, Peppermint, and Angelica staying here, I just hope that we can have a few days of peace here!"

Daoist Li brushed his beard, laughing loudly as he said, "Wu Qi, you will get used to it soon! Mm, let's continue our discussion and find out how we can give those guys a hard time!"

Immortal Green Staff waved his hand and cast out several layers of immortal light, adding a dozen more layers of restrictive spell to both inside and outside of the abode. Then, Wu Qi, Patriarch Jiang Yun, Daoist Li, and Immortal Green Staff came and sat down on a small table, their heads almost touching each other as they whispered gloomily. It made them look like a group of evil bandits who were having a discussion about their next target. And of course, the targets of their discussion were the disciples from Daoist Min's fraction.

No matter what kind of resentments and conflicts were there between them, when Daoist White Sparrow sought his revenge at Peppermint and Angelica, two little girls whose cultivation base so weak that it made them not much different from ordinary mortals, that had gone beyond the unspeakable boundary. According to Wu Qi, they needed to teach Daoist Min's faction a heavy lesson, heedless of the sect rules or the fact that they were his fellow disciples. He wanted to make them feel the pain, and he did not mind even killing a few of their Heaven Immortals, using that to serve as a warning!

When their discussion came to a conclusion, Wu Qi lightly tapped the table with his finger and said in a deep voice, "The first thing we need to do is bring Peppermint and Angelica's parents here to Green Wood Peak."

Daoist Li nodded with a praise, "You are absolutely right, Wu Qi! We have to eliminate all potential threats. Only then can we commence with our plan!"

Just then, a divine will spread out from Green Cliff Mountain, blotting the sky and covering the earth as Patriarch Yuan Hua's voice rang out, "All disciples of Nascent Soul realm and above, come quickly to Green Cliff Mountain." Even as his voice echoed in the sky, a loud ringing of bell was heard, so loud that it shook the surrounding trees and made them rustle.

Wu Qi and the others dared not to neglect the summons. Without the slightest hesitation, they flew towards Green Cliff Mountain on their own clouds. Goddess Green Melon took the lead, looking proud as a peacock with her head held high, as if fearing that others might not be able to see that her face had been fully recovered.

When the company arrived at Green Cliff Mountain, it happened that Daoist Min also arrived at the same time, and was landing together with his disciples. He was followed by four of his main disciples: Mo Luan, Qing Peng, Yu He, and Bo Lao, while behind them were Daoist White Sparrow and four other Heaven Immortal disciples. In total, Daoist Min's fraction had ten Heaven Immortals, accounting for nearly thirty percent of all the Heaven Immortals in Yuan Hua Sect.

Meanwhile, a cloud was seen rushing over from another direction, amidst which came Daoist Chi and his disciples. Under him, Immortal Green Staff was the eldest disciple, and there were Yellow Beard the Old, Fairy Green Plum, and Goddess Green Melon. All four of them were Heaven Immortals, which made the number of Daoist Chi's main disciples match Daoist Min's. However, apart from Immortal Green Staff who had two Heaven Immortal disciples - Daoist Li and Patriarch Jiang Yun, there were only two more Heaven Immortals that came under the other three main disciples. Therefore, the overall strength of Daoist Chi's faction had always been slightly weaker than that of Daoist Min's.

But that situation had changed today after Immortal Tai Yu suddenly offered his friendship to Daoist Chi. Not only did he openly punish his disciple who made a mistake, he also removed Daoist White Sparrow as the Palace Master of Spirit Herbs Palace, then paid Daoist Chi a visit. So, after obtaining the support from Immortal Tai Yu's faction, the overall strength of Daoist Chi's fraction had suppressed Daoist Min's.

And now, standing beside Daoist Chi were four additional Heaven Immortals, led by Immortal Tai Yu.

Goddess Green Melon gave the dark-faced Daoist Min a cold glare. She snorted coldly, then gracefully offered a greeting to both Daoist Chi and Immortal Tai Yu. Daoist Min's face was getting uglier as he said in a deep voice, "Junior Brother Tai Yu, do come visit my barren mountain when you are free!"

Immortal Tai Yu responded with an indifferent smile as he shook his head and said, "I'll think about that if I do have some free time!"

Daoist Min was trying to draw Immortal Tai Yu over to his side openly, yet the latter had rejected his offer straightaway. His face turned black with rage immediately. He flicked his sleeve, tilted his head up, and brought his disciples into Patriarch Yuan Hua's Green Cliff Cave Abode. He did not even greet Daoist Chi.

Daoist Chi smiled indifferently. Shaking his head, he too brought all the disciples into the cave abode.

In front of the little cottage where Wu Qi and the others met Patriarch Yuan Hua for the first time, a few little Daoists were seen standing on both sides, while over one thousand hassocks were neatly placed on the floor. Everyone sat down according to their seniority in the sect. Before long, all the Nascent Divinity and Nascent Soul disciples of Yuan Hua Sect arrived, and they too sat down without making a sound.

Patriarch Yuan Hua did not make an appearance today. He was sitting inside the little cottage, and his voice echoed throughout the entire cave abode.

"The match between us and Huiling Sect will come in just one month. If we win, the planet rich in energy veins will be ours, and the overall strength of our sect will take a step further. Those who will participate in the match can stop your secluded cultivation now. Take some rest while you can!"

Upon hearing his words, Daoist Chi, Immortal Green Staff, Patriarch Jiang Yun, and everyone else rose to their feet and answered respectfully.

Then, Patriarch Yuan Hua continued, "After the match between disciples, it will be the solo match between Reverend Huilin and me. The match will determine the ultimate ownership of our base, deciding the future of two immortal sects. Therefore, I will fight with all my ability, even if that will lead to my doom. If I fall unfortunately, Chi'er, you will be the next Sect Leader of Yuan Hua Sect. All of you have to aid him sincerely, bringing Yuan Hua Sect to a greater height!"

Daoist Chi rose to his feet, then dropped to his knees and kowtowed deeply as he said, "I understand."

Daoist Min's face turned dark. He gave Daoist Chi a look, gnashing his teeth as he dropped to his knees and said in a deep voice, "We will definitely follow Sect Leader's decree."

After that, Patriarch Yuan Hua went on and gave them many instructions, from the things that all disciples had to do once Yuan Hua Sect won the match, to the retreating route once they were defeated. Everything was explained in detail, and nothing was left behind. Wu Qi could not help but have a great admiration for Patriarch Yuan Hua, thinking to himself that Patriarch Yuan Hua was truly the founding Ancestral Master who made Yuan Hua Sect one of the top ten immortal sects in Puluo Heavenly Realm. His skill in managing a sect was definitely on the supreme level.

But it was a pity that some of his disciples were good-for-nothing!

Wu Qi gave Daoist White Sparrow a deep look. It happened that the latter just turned around and looked at him. As a result, he saw the vicious hatred and the determination of killing him buried deep in Daoist White Sparrow's eyes.

It instantly kindled the flame of anger in Wu Qi's heart. What an ungrateful wretch!

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