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Right after her arrival, Goddess Green Melon immediately commanded the atmosphere in the room. Immortal Green Staff was made to bow his head, while Daoist Li dared not to look up at all, and Patriarch Jiang Yun kept nodding his head as he listened to his Master-Mother talking. Princess Zhang Le could only stand aside listening and observing them. As Peppermint and Angelica were still very young, they dared not to make a sound.

And she talked fast, really fast, like a machine gun that fired nonstop, a clear show of her harsh-tempered and overbearing character. After giving Patriarch Jiang Yun three immortal items and talking briefly to Princess Zhang Le, she had all her attention shifted over to Peppermint and Angelica. Obviously, she had learned about the little girls' tragic encounter from some other disciples. She spent some time to comfort the poor little girls, then began to let loose a torrent of abuse, targeted at all the people from Daoist Min's fraction.

Starting from Daoist Min, who she claimed to be 'not acting like an old man at all, living to such an old age to be a pest instead of dying', to Daoist Qing Peng, who 'coveted only wealth and lechery', Daoist Bo Lao, who was 'frivolous and mean', Daoist Mo Luan, who 'forgot honor at the prospect of profits, treacherous to the extreme', all the people from Daoist Min's fraction received their criticisms from her. In fact, she did not simply make up these criticisms, but all of them were based on facts, based on the deeds that these people did some point in the past. It was as if she knew everything they did, and nothing could be hidden from her.

Therefore, her criticisms for these people were incisive, straight to the point, and not sheer nonsenses based on hearsay. After the round of criticism, while holding Peppermint and Angelica's little hands, she forced Immortal Green Staff to come out with a solution quickly, a counterattack that could let them vent out all their pent-up anger over so many years once and for all.

Immortal Green Staff came to her in a hurry, then carefully told her about the plan which he and Daoist Li came up with a moment ago. As all the abodes and buildings here were protected with various restrictive spells, they did not worry that anyone might hear their conversation. And, as the people in the room were on their side, no one would leak their secret to any outsiders.

Upon hearing the plan, Goddess Green Melon clapped her hands and laughed. Then, she dragged Immortal Green Staff to the side and began to discuss the details with him.

Wu Qi gave the couple a look, who were indulging in the discussion of a wicked scheme, then signaled Princess Zhang Le with his eyes and left the room without being noticed by anybody. Wu Qi really liked Goddess Green Melon's personality, and he could clearly feel the care and love she had for her disciples. Therefore, he had decided to think of a way to heal her face. For a passionate and cheerful lady such as her, wouldn't it be a cruel thing if she were forced to cover her face all the time?

It needed no further explanation as to how much importance a lady attached to her own appearance.

Goddess Green Melon's face was hurt by a Starlight Ball. Apart from some spirit pills that could heal her quickly, Wu Qi knew about another solution that could return her original appearance. Dark Yin Energy Vase could absorb water element energy and produced ninety-nine types of True Waters, among which was a True Water called Ling Yi True Water. It had the effects of nourishing female blood and energy of Pure Yin characteristic, improving their appearance, and balancing their energy. It was a True Water that could provide great help to all female cultivators.

As long as one washed her face with Ling Yi True Water, even if she were the ugliest girl under the heaven, she would eventually turn into a girl with a peerless beauty, let alone that Goddess Green Melon was just hurt and not ugly at all. The Ling Yi True Water could forcibly adjust the positions of her facial muscles and bones, restoring her original look.

After leaving Patriarch Jiang Yun's abode, Wu Qi walked around it and came to a patch of woods far behind the building. He picked a tree that stood over one thousand feet tall, flew up in the air, and came sitting firmly on a big fork densely covered by leaves and branches. After that, with a wave of his hand, several thousand Primordial Runes flew out and sealed off the surrounding void. With that, unless it was some expert who was as skillful as him in the Dao of Primordial Runes, anyone who tried to steal a glance at him with his divine will would immediately alert him, even if that person were Patriarch Yuan Hua.

With the defensive measures deployed, Wu Qi produced the Dark Yin Energy Vase. He performed a few hand incantation gestures and cast them into the vase, modifying the restrictive formation inside it. Now, as long as it was provided with sufficient water element energy, the vase would begin to produce Ling Yi True Water. He activated the vase, and a bright gleam began to immediately flicker on its pale-green surface, slowly turning silvery-white. There was even an image of a few swaying daffodils appearing on its surface.

The Dark Yin Energy Vase was surely a magical treasure, as following the changes to its internal restrictive formation, its surface would change accordingly. If not for the fact that it did not have an item spirit, it could be easily classified as a spirit treasure.

Finally, he took out a large quantity of water element energy stones from the Black Dragon Spirit Ring and shoved all of them into the vase, before placing it on next to him and letting it do its job. After that, he touched the Spirit Breeding Ring. A beam of white light shot out of it, amidst which, Gold Horn and Silver Horn fell out and got caught in a tree trunk like two dead snake skins.

The python brothers still had the same look as when they came out from Great Yan Dynasty's secret vault; their stomachs were still bloated. With wisps of flame and cold air leaking from their mouths, they stared blankly at Wu Qi. It had been over a year since they ate to their heart's content, and they had yet to fully digest all the demon cores and blood essence in their stomachs.

But, the brothers had changed tremendously. They had grown double in length, measuring nearly two hundred feet long now, and their scales had become thicker as well. Each of the scales was hexagonal in shape, and on their surface was a tiny, barely visible rune. Evidently, the ancestor bloodline in their bodies had been activated, and was slowly modifying their bodies.

They had four dragon claws growing out from both sides of their abdomens, and two humps the size of a human head on their back. Using his divine will, Wu Qi tried to look into the humps, wanting to know what was inside. But, a pliable and tough force stopped him from going further. Their big heads still had the same old shape of a python, but dragon horns were poking out from the top of their heads.

Oddly enough, their horns looked different from ordinary dragon horns. They had more branches, and each of the tiniest branches was as sharp as a blade. Gold Horn's horn was enshrouded with wisps of scorching hot flame, while Silver Horn had gusts of cold breeze rolling and wheeling on his. It felt so cold that even Wu Qi found it tough to endure.

Wearing a wry smile on his face, Wu Qi extended his hand and gave each of these two big fellows a stream of pure energy, helping them digest the burden in their stomachs. Then, he said, "The death match between Yuan Hua Sect and Huiling Sect would be in a month. If you manage to participate in the match, there are a total of 110 humans waiting for you to eat. If you can't, never mind then!"

With much difficulty, Gold Horn and Silver Horn raised their heads at the same time and said, "We will work harder in cultivating! We can definitely participate in the match one month later!"

Gold Horn burped and said, "It has been ages since we last felt so full. It is not that we can't digest all the things in our stomach, but we are merely unwilling to do that so quickly. Sigh, it always feels so good to have our stomach fully filled!"

Silver Horn stuck out his long tongue and licked one of his eyeballs as he murmured, "But, for the sake of the aromatic and sweet human flesh, Elder Brother, we have to work hard in cultivating! Ten days, we just need ten days to digest all the things in our stomachs. Mm, at that point in time, we should be able to push our cultivation base to Nascent Divinity realm! Kaka, after forming our Nascent Divinity, we will be able to inherit the divine ability of 'Soaring Dragon Pythons of Ice and Fire' from our bloodline, and have our cultivating process truly commence!"

Soaring Dragon Pythons of Ice and Fire? Finally, Wu Qi learned the true identity of Gold Horn and Silver Horn. So, they were the descendants of that legendary being?

Dragon Python was a species that were similar to dragons, but they were not dragons. Though they looked similar to pythons, they were not pythons either. They were a peculiar species who had a bloodline closely tied to dragon clan, but was no way a part of the dragon clan. They could mate with any dragons or pythons of the opposite gender, and the eggs they laid would always come in pairs, which would then give birth to pairs of Dragon Pythons of Ice and Fire.

Dragon Pythons of Ice and Fire had fleshly bodies as strong as dragons, but were more savage and ruthless than dragons. If the dragon clan were considered the emperor of all the aquatic clans, the clan of dragon pythons would be the villain of all aquatic clans. And, if there were a battle between a real dragon and a dragon python, the loser would usually be the real dragon.

However, the dragon python's ability to reproduce was many times weaker than dragons. Also, since the ancient era, the dragon clan had been conferred as the Master of all the water bodies across the entire universe. Thus, nobody dared to attack them at will. Contrary to that, the arrogant dragon pythons simply turned their noses up at the offering from the Heaven. Because of that, the Immortals across the universe were more than happy to hunt them down, killing them to craft some magical treasures, or making them as their steeds. Worst of all, they would even want to throw them into woks and cook them into delicacies. As a result, the population of the dragon clan grew larger as time went by, while the dragon pythons of ice and fire almost went extinct from the universe.

Perhaps, Gold Horn and Silver Horn were the last pairs of dragon pythons of ice and fire in the entire universe, and the sacred duty of expanding their population had fallen to their hands.

Of course, dragon pythons had their own divine abilities inherited through their bloodline, and they were no weaker than the body tempering technique of the dragon clan. It was now that Wu Qi finally understood that why they only asked him about the Dragon Transformation Script, but never truly cultivated the technique.

"So, you look down on Dragon Transformation Script, huh?" Wu Qi murmured, then shoved both brothers back into the Spirit Breeding Ring. "Cultivate carefully. I'll help you transcend your thunder tribulation ten days later! Ugh, could they allow us to bring our demon pets to the match? I still have ten thousand Long Bo people with me!"

After exhorting Gold Horn and Silver Horn, Wu Qi pulled Long Yuan out from the Spirit Breeding Ring and spoke to him in a low voice. According to Long Yuan, they were running out of available space inside the ring. As their cultivation grew, the Long Bo people statures grew taller and larger as well, and they needed more space to live. However, as Wu Qi was yet to become a Heaven Immortal, he did not have the ability to open up his own world. He had no other choice but to further expand the space inside the ring.

Luckily, he had almost unlimited ingredients with him. Thus, it was not something difficult to expand the ring. So, he agreed to Long Yuan's request.

After spending several hours waiting on top of the tree, the Dark Yin Energy Vase vibrated slightly as a stream of silvery-white liquid exuding immense coldness and rich energy rushed gurgling out of it. Wu Qi hastily filled it into a jade bottle. With over fifty kilograms of Ling Yi True Water in the bottle, it was more than enough to turn one hundred ugly girls into peerless beauties.

Wu Qi chuckled and retracted the vase. Then, he released the defensive runes around him and strode back to the abode.

"Grand Master-Mother, I've just recalled that I found this spirit item on Xue Yuan Planet. Now, I sincerely offer it to you."

Wu Qi handed the jade bottle that was exuding rich energy and immense coldness to Goddess Green Melon, then he told her the effect of Ling Yi True Water.

Goddess Green Melon was taken aback as she stared blankly at the bottle for a while. At last, she let out a loud cry, grabbed the jade bottle, and rushed outside through the door.

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