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Green Cliff Planet was famous for its Green Cliff Mountain.

Yuan Hua Sect was located in the midst of lofty mountains and high ranges that stretched over ten thousand miles around Green Cliff Mountain. Countless ridges and peaks surrounded the Green Cliff Mountain like a myriad of stars surrounding the moon. It stood one thousand miles tall, and tens of miles wide, entirely composed of green jades, which gave it a dark green tone.

Those who cultivated Immortality were experienced and knowledgeable, and had seen innumerable exotic sceneries. However, even they would have never even heard of a lofty mountain entirely composed of green jades, such as the Green Cliff Mountain, in other places. As such, there was a rumor amongst the Immortal cultivators in Puluo Heavenly Realm and a few nearby heavenly realms, that Green Cliff Mountain was originally a sword of an unknown ancient almighty expert, who died and had the sword fall into Green Cliff Planet, which eventually created this extraordinary wonder.

Regardless of how the people were talking about it, it was undeniable that Green Cliff Mountain was a magnificent mountain with spectacular scenery.

Patriarch Yuan Hua's cave abode was located halfway up Green Cliff Mountain. There stretched out an about one-acre wide platform, to the end of which stood an arched door. A few juveniles were standing before the door with their hands hanging by the sides. The surroundings were filled with purple Ganoderma, spirit plants, white cranes, black deers, and some other extraordinary beings, giving it a truly celestial feeling.

Inside the cave abode was a small world which Patriarch Yuan Hua opened up using his own immortal energies. Several hundred energy veins were converged right under it, constantly supplying natural energies to an Energy-Condensing and Immortal-Ascension Ball of excellent quality, which then transformed them into immortal energies. Because of that, this small world was rich in immortal energies, just slightly weaker compared to Cang Ao Immortal Abode.

In this small world which was named 'Green Cliff Immortal Abode', Wu Qi met Patriarch Yuan Hua for the first time in front of an exquisitely built wooden house.

Tall, verdant cypresses reached into the sky, casting a shadow that was filled with nothing but themselves, lonely and secluded. Apart from a few birds perched foolishly on the branches, and Patriarch Yuan Hua, who sat on a hassock before the wooden house, no other living creature could be found in this place.

Daoist Chi strode and came before the wooden house. "Master! That Jiang Yun who hurt his fellow disciple with a sword and was forced to leave the sect in those years, he is back!" He roared, "Heh, he also brought 110 disciples with him, all of whom are experts! Tsk, Junior Brother was trying to pick on them just now, but I've chased him away with a bamboo stick!"

Patriarch Yuan Hua opened his eyes slowly, nose spraying out a stream of faintly visible, purple-green immortal air. He was an old, skinny man beaming with energy, but the upper right part of his body had disappeared, wrapped with a white gauze. Nodding slowly, he said in a low voice, "Oh, Jiang Yun is back? It is because of Green Staff that you've suffered wrong in those years. But, in any case, since you've hurt your fellow disciple with a sword, you've to be punished."

Clearing his throat, Patriarch Yuan Hua continued slowly, "As for now, if your disciples can obtain victory in the match with Huiling Sect, I'll use this credit to let you return to the sect. You don't have to be an outer sect disciple again, as with your current cultivation base, you are fit to be an Elder of the inner sect.

"I understand," answered Patriarch Jiang Yun in a low voice as he dropped to his knees reverently and offered Patriarch Yuan Hua a few kowtows.

Immortal Green Staff brought Wu Qi and the company to offer Patriarch Yuan Hua greetings. Daoist Chi sat right next to him and began to shout loudly, "But, Master! Junior Brother's disciple has also brought a group of disciples here, and now you've decided to let Jiang Yun's disciples participate in the match?"

Patriarch Yuan Hua nodded and said with a smile, "A moment ago, Mo Luan brought those disciples here to offer me greetings, but... White Sparrow's disciples are far weaker than Jiang Yun's disciples. As I'm the leader of Yuan Hua Sect, every decision I make has to be based on the sect's best benefits. So naturally, whoever has a higher chance of winning, I'll choose them."

He coughed, and golden blood could be seen smearing the corner of his mouth. He helplessly pointed at the missing body part, smiled bitterly, and said, "Please excuse the shabby look, my children. Reverend Huilin, the founding Ancestral Master of Huiling Sect, has a similar cultivation base as me. We had a fierce fight some days ago. Both of us became so angry that we simply lost our cool, and began to attack each other with all our power. As a result, both of us are severely wounded."

Wu Qi's lips twitched, astounded by Patriarch Yuan Hua's horrible injury. For Heaven Immortals, especially middle to higher grade ones, their immortal bodies were the result of a laborious tempering. Some spent several hundreds of thousands of years doing that, some millions, and some billions. Therefore, no ordinary immortal spells could bring serious injury to them. However, once they were wounded and had the root of their immortal energy overly damaged, that injury would be really difficult to heal. With the injury that Patriarch Yuan Hua was suffering now, without devoting himself in cultivation for two Periods of time, or without any immortal pills of excellent quality, it would be extremely tough for him to fully heal.

As Wu Qi was standing right behind Patriarch Jiang Yun, he poked the latter's back and sent a voice transmission, "Spirit pills, immortal pills!"

Patriarch Jiang Yun went blank for a moment before realizing what Wu Qi was trying to tell him. He hastily took two steps forward and dropped to his knees again. "Ancestral Master, over the years, I've obtained some decent spirit medicines by chance, and I was lucky enough to find a few ancient pill formulae. With the formula, I've just recently concocted a cauldron of 'Adversity Recovery Pill', a seventh-grade immortal pill. It is a pity that I only managed to get two pills. I wonder if they will help Ancestral Master."

Even as he said that, Patriarch Jiang Yun carefully took out a flat box made of cold jade from under his sleeve, holding it above his head and offering to Patriarch Yuan Hua.

"A seventh-grade immortal pill?" Patriarch Yuan Hua cried in shock. He gave Patriarch Jiang Yun a look with amazement, then to Wu Qi, and ultimately nodded with a smile. "If it is really a seventh-grade immortal pill, I can heal my injury in just a few months of time. It is an excellent elixir that even First Tier Heaven Immortals will consider valuable! This is a complete surprise..."

After a brief moment of pondering, Patriarch Yuan Hua reached out his left hand and grabbed the jade box. With a shake of his wrist, he opened the lid of the box, revealing two immortal pills the size of longan fruits. There were countless green mists and golden lights swirling rapidly in them, which made them look like two crystal pearls. Right when the box was opened, two immortal pills immediately produced some swooshing noises, as the surrounding immortal energies were being quickly absorbed by them.

"Sure enough, they are seventh-grade immortal pills! Adversity Recovery Pill? I've never heard of this name!" Patriarch Yuan Hua frowned and said in a deep voice, "Jiang Yun, can I have a look at the pill formula?"

Patriarch Jiang Yun agreed without the slightest hesitation, and very quickly produced the few ancient pill formulae which Wu Qi gave him back in Cang Ao Immortal Abode, then offered all of them to Patriarch Yuan Hua.

Patriarch Yuan Hua was surprised. Shaking his head, he told Daoist Chi with a smile, "Jiang Yun is still as honest and unsophisticated as in the past."

He received the pill formulae and gave them a brief glance. He was struck dumb immediately, and he cried out with amazement, "How wonderful! The secret of medicine blending and technique of fire controlling, as well as the various hand incantation gestures are totally different than the current Alchemy. Hmm, this is thought-provoking, how intriguing!" Patriarch Yuan Hua breathed out a long sigh and gave the pill formulae back to Patriarch Jiang Yun. He remained silent for a while, and finally said, "Green Staff, you can officially take Jiang Yun into our sect. Just these few pill formulae are more than enough to make Yuan Hua Sect the strongest power in Puluo Heavenly Realm."

A wild joy seized Patriarch Jiang Yun instantly. He expressed his gratitude by offering a series of kowtows to Patriarch Yuan Hua.

Smilingly, Patriarch Yuan Hua helped Patriarch Jiang Yun up with one hand. After that, he gave Wu Qi a deep look and said, "Your name is Wu Qi? En, you are a good boy, you've done well!"

Patriarch Yuan Hua thought for a while, then waved his left hand. A pale-blue flying sword, as thin as a willow leaf and measuring roughly seven inches long, flew soundlessly and came before Wu Qi. Patriarch Yuan Hua smiled and said, "This is a flying sword I obtained by chance. It is called 'Xuanhao'. Use it to defend yourself." Surprisingly, Xuanhao sword was an upper-grade spirit item with a very strong intelligence. It was now wheeling and darting back and forth in the void like a fish. Gladly and willingly, Wu Qi dropped to his knees and kowtowed to Patriarch Yuan Hua, offering his heartfelt thanks before grabbing Xuanhao sword with alacrity.

Patriarch Yuan Hua nodded with a smile. After that, numerous beams of light shot out with a wave of his sleeve, transforming into a flying sword and a set of defensive outfit that was hovering right before each of all 110 White Cloud Immortal Sect's disciple who Patriarch Jiang Yun brought here. "As you are going to fight Huiling Sect in the match, your defensive treasure cannot be too weak." Patriarch Yuan Hua said with a deep voice, "All these flying swords are middle-grade spirit items, and all defensive outfits are lower-grade spirit items. Refine them well. The match will be held eighteen months later!"

Wu Qi and everyone in the company bowed, expressing their gratitude for the heavy gifts from Patriarch Yuan Hua.

Patriarch Yuan Hua smiled happily. He placed the jade box that contained two immortal pills into a secret pocket near his chest, then turned to look at Lord Xiansheng and Catfish-flood-dragon. "Both of you, come forth and let me have a good look. Little kid, so you are a dragon king conferred by the Heaven?"

Lord Xiansheng and Catfish-flood-dragon walked forward, dropped to their knees, and offered a few kowtows to Patriarch Yuan Hua.

After the salutation, Lord Xiansheng rose to his feet and answered respectfully, "My father is the Lord of Longyuan River, a river that stretches over one hundred million miles long, and is considered a major body of water. Under the official order of my father, I've occupied and ruled an area in a great ocean. So, I can be considered as the Lord of a body of water."

Even as he said that, Lord Xiansheng produced the seal that was supposed to be held in Wanying Dragon King's hand, then reverently handed it to Patriarch Yuan Hua.

Patriarch Yuan Hua took the seal over and gave it a look. "You are indeed a legit dragon king conferred by the Heaven. Also, judging from the way the seal is made, your clan is a legit dragon clan with a very long history," Patriarch Yuan Hua said gladly as he returned the seal to Lord Xiansheng, "How delightful is it to have a dragon king conferred by the Heaven became Yuan Hua Sect's disciple? Jiang Yun, you are really an excellent disciple of Yuan Hua Sect!"

Patriarch Jiang Yun nodded smilingly, keeping his composure and not saying a word.

Then, Patriarch Yuan Hua turned to look at Catfish-flood-dragon curiously. When he saw the big fish head above her shoulder, he laughed wryly and said, "Are you not able to fully transform into a human form yet? Hmm, you do have a very strong power of dragons. Well, after all, you do come from the clan of dragon kings, and that makes you a servant of the Heaven as well. Even though..."

Patriarch Yuan Hua did not finish his words, but Wu Qi could guess what was in his mind - after all, Catfish-flood-dragon was a servant of the Heaven. Even though she had an ugly appearance, she still worked for the Heaven. So, who dared to challenge her?

Patriarch Yuan Hua picked a few other disciples of White Cloud Immortal Sect and had a few words with them. The way he talked and how he handled matters were like a spring breeze stroking one's face, making people feel a warmth in the heart. All the White Cloud Immortal Sect's disciples were grateful for what he did and said, wishing they could kill the disciples of Huiling Sect who would participate in the match right now.

While everyone was talking and laughing in a harmonious atmosphere, a few beams of clouds were approaching rapidly.

Daoist Min, whose injury on the face had nearly recovered, rushed towards them with a gloomy expression. He told Patriarch Yuan Hua in a deep voice, "Master, Reverend Huilin is here. He... he claims Disciple-Nephew Green Staff disobeyed the mediate effort of Immortal Monarch, setting up an ambush and wounding Ke He!"

Patriarch Yuan Hua's face darkened instantly. Grinning coldly, he said, "He... How daring is he trying to bully us on our doorsteps? My children, follow me and... prepare to kill some people!"

A moment ago, Patriarch Yuan Hua was calm and composed like an old grandpa of the neighborhood. But, in just a blink of an eye, he had transformed into an infuriated butcher, sending forth an awe-inspiring killing intent.

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