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It was a fresh and green bamboo stick, measuring ten feet long and divided into thirty-six segments. Each segment was attached with a tiny, golden-green talisman. Enhanced by these talismans, the weight of the bamboo stick, which had its thickest part about the size of a thumb, and the slimmest part about the size of a green bean, was not lighter than a great mountain. By having his face slapped with a bamboo stick such as this, the unprepared Daoist Min suffered a great loss immediately.

As he was knocked far away by the bamboo stick, Catfish-flood-dragon's hammer missed the target. She was about to chase and attack Daoist Min, but was dragged away by Lord Xiansheng.

There was a very eye-catching dark line stretching from the bottom of Daoist Min's left ear to the left corner of his mouth. Even worse, it was swelling up rapidly while slowly turning half-translucent, with a golden-red hue, fully filled with pale-golden blood. The strike of a bamboo stick had thrown Daoist Min into a great confusion. He covered his face with one hand and groaned incessantly for a moment, then finally struggled to his feet while gnashing his teeth in anger.

In fact, it was rather inappropriate to say that he was gnashing his teeth, because half of them were already loosened from the attack. So, right when he did that, an intense pain immediately struck him and nearly made him shriek. With his mouth twisted and panting heavily, Daoist Min screamed with a very sorry look, "Old Chi, are you attacking me?"

A Daoist who stood over ten feet tall with a stocky and imposing build, his facial features rugged but blended with a bit of a silly look, was seen striding over while carrying a bamboo basket behind his back and holding the fresh, green bamboo stick in his hand. He gave Daoist Min a glance as he said in a low, muffled voice, "Junior Brother, I'm teaching you a lesson because you've bullied my disciples! If you do it again, I'll fall out with you! Master is healing himself in seclusion, so nobody is going to say a word even if I beat you to death!"

Wu Qi's eyes glittered instantly. So, this must be Daoist Chi, Immortal Green Staff's Master? Wu Qi liked his temperament! It seemed like he was a man with a one-track mind, and Wu Qi really loved to deal with someone like this!

Not waiting for Immortal Green Staff and Patriarch Jiang Yun to speak, Wu Qi had already screamed at the top of his voice, "Grand Ancestral-Master, please back us up here! In order to serve our sect on Green Cliff Planet, we've braved through the long journey that was filled with hardship, yet little did we expect that this is the treatment we would receive! This has made us, the outer sect disciples, bitterly disappointed! Although we've just come here for the first time, Daoist White Sparrow provoked us by unleashing his immortal pressure, and Ancestral-Master Mo Luan tried to kill us with flying sword. Now, not only is Grand Uncle-Master Min shielding his disciples, he even put us in the wrong and brutally attacked us! Is this how they answer our loyalty and enthusiasm?"

Even as he said that, tears began to rush out from his eyes. After inheriting Dark Yin Water Scripture from Lady Dark Gold Water, Wu Qi was able to easily control the water vapors around him, and naturally, he could control his body fluids too, as they were a part of him. With just a thought, tears immediately sprayed out like a fountain, and his eyes turned red as well. He looked like as if he was suffering from a serious injustice.

Daoist Chi gave Daoist Min a glare, whose face had turned blue with wrath. "Junior Brother, you've humiliated my disciples!" Daoist Chi said with a cold grin, "Are you still angry at Green Staff because he married Green Melon, the girl that you had your eyes on back in those years? They are in love with each other, and had married willingly. So, why are you poking your nose into their relationship? Is it because you are older, and your cultivation base is stronger, that anyone you have taken fancy to must marry you? This is absurd!"

Daoist Chi gave a cold harrumph before he continued his nagging, "I am older than you, and my cultivation base is stronger than you. So, if we follow your reasoning, when I take a fancy to your female disciples and want to snatch them over, marrying them to my disciples, shouldn't you just agree to my request?"

Wu Qi's eyes glittered even brighter. No wonder Immortal Green Staff was on such bad terms with Daoist Min's faction, so bad that they seemed like enemies of life and death. Apparently, it was all because of some love affairs! Inwardly, Wu Qi was praising Immortal Green Staff for snatching over the girl who Daoist Min had taken fancy to. It was no different from a loud and powerful slap in the face, a shameful incident that would follow Daoist Min for the rest of his life!

All of White Cloud Immortal Sect's disciples were staring at Immortal Green Staff with wide eyes. They were exclaiming in their minds, marveling at his incredible ability to snatch over a girl that his own Uncle-Master had taken a fancy to. A picture was being painted in their minds: Daoist Min was a villain who pulled rank on others and abducted innocent girls with force, while Immortal Green Staff was a hero who defended the weak against the strong!

And thus, the impression Daoist Min gave these White Cloud Immortal Sect's disciples became even worse. Being a senior with such a nasty conduct, how did he manage to set foot in Yuan Hua Sect?

In front of so many juniors, the most painful scar in his entire life was ripped open. This had made Daoist Min explode with anger, the long hair on his head standing on their ends. "Old Chi, y-yo-you... Do you want to fight to death with me?" He roared hoarsely.

Daoist Chi shook his head nonchalantly and said, "You are not my match. The sect rule enacted by Master has stated that, if any of the disciples hurt their fellow disciples, they would have their cultivation base crippled and expelled from the sect. Ai, Junior Brother, these disciples of Internal Affairs Palace never offended you, so why are you hurting them? Don't tell me they were not wounded by your 'Cloud Dragon Spell'?!"

Daoist Chi waved his hand and pointed at the few executing-disciples of Internal Affairs Palace, who were caught in the crossfire and had their bones completely crushed by the cloud dragons. "What are you waiting for? Why are you not sending them to the Healing Palace? Are you going to just watch as they slowly die before you? Ai, Green Staff, oh, and you little guy, Jiang Yun, stop being in a daze now. Come with me to meet Ancestral Master. He is still worried about the deathmatch with the Huiling Sect!"

"Hold on!" cried Daoist Min, who was unable to find a way out of the embarrassing situation because of what Daoist Chi had just said, "Senior Brother, this is not the right way!"

Daoist Chi stared blankly at Daoist Min, asking, "Not the right way? What is not right? Aye, tell me now, what is not right?"

Daoist Min grinned coldly as he suddenly pointed at Lord Xiansheng and Catfish-flood-dragon. "I've no idea what Jiang Yun has done during all those years, but even as the disciple of Yuan Hua Sect, he is actually colluding with demon cultivators! He even took demon cultivators as disciples! This is a disgrace for Yuan Hua Sect! How can they represent Yuan Hua Sect in the deathmatch with Huiling Sect? Demon cultivators, how can Yuan Hua Sect have demon cultivators as disciples? Isn't this just making us into a laughing stock for all the fellow Immortals in Puluo Heavenly Realm?"

Daoist Chi was struck dumb, and he remained in a daze for a while. Finally, he turned to look at Lord Xiansheng.

He strode towards Lord Xiansheng and walked a few rounds around, then frowned and said, "You look just like a human, with nothing unusual. We can use some spirit talisman to cover your aura, so that nobody can tell your true identity."

After that, Daoist Chi turned to look at Catfish-flood-dragon, who had a big catfish head above her shoulders. With his brows knitted in a tight frown, he came beside her, sizing her up from head to toe. He shook his head helplessly and said, "Tell me, little Jiang Yun, why are you taking a big black fish as a disciple? You should know that there are differences between humans and demons. We can't have a disciple with the status of a demon cultivator!"

While touching the ugly-looking scar on his face, Daoist Min said hideously, "Old Chi, let's take it as nothing had happened just now. But the fact that someone from your faction actually took demon cultivators as disciples, it shows that he is part of the demons now. He must be punished! All the demonic disciples who Jiang Yun brought here, including himself, their cultivation base has to be crippled before being expelled from Green Cliff Planet! If you can't do this yourself, don't blame me for bringing this matter to Master!"

Daoist Chi's face became darker, without uttering a word. Carefully, Immortal Green Staff said, "Master, both of them are Jiang Yun's outer sect disciples."

"It is still not acceptable even if they are just outer sect disciples." grumbled Daoist Chi in a low voice, "Ai, even worst, she is a demon cultivator who is yet to fully transform into a human form."

Daoist Min grinned coldly and complacently. "You are such a fool, Green Staff!" He said, "The people from your faction has taken demon cultivators as disciples. Doesn't that mean Yuan Hua Sect is working closely with demons? This will seriously damage Yuan Hua Sect's reputation! If Huiling Sect learns about this, how could we still have the face to fight them?"

"They already know this, because we bumped into their people while on our way here!" murmured Immortal Green Staff under his breath.

Before Daoist Chi could say anything, Daoist Min had already cried out, "Did you hear what he just said? The people of Huiling Sect have already known this! How can we turn a deaf ear to a matter that damages Yuan Hua Sect's honor? Quickly cripple Jiang Yun and his disciples' cultivation base and chase them out of Green Cliff Planet!"

Seeing that Daoist Min kept picking up this issue, Wu Qi frowned and said coldly, "Senior Min, why are you bashing my brother and sister with words, as if they are some evil demons? Do you know that you are actually going against your superiors by paying no respect to the Heaven's edict? You... how dare you?"

Daoist Min was taken aback by the sudden shift of the blame. He stared at Wu Qi, body trembling with rage as he shouted sternly, "Presumptuous! How on earth am I not paying respect to the Heaven's edict?" Nominally the Heaven ruled the entire Pangu Continent and the governmental bodies of all heavenly realms across the universe. It had an awe-inspiring prestige and reputation, possessing a very strong power in hand. Because of that, the blame of not paying respect to its edict was not something that anyone could endure.

Only those existences of Gold Immortal realm and above could have the rights to occasionally disobey the Heaven's edict. Thus, how could an immortal sect such as Yuan Hua Sect have the courage to oppose the Heaven?

Grinning coldly, Wu Qi turned to Lord Xiansheng and said, "Elder Brother, your ancestors are from the fraction of Dragon King that received an imperial mandate from the Heaven!"

Wu Qi narrowed his eyes and kept grinning, as he suddenly recalled that Wanying Dragon King's ancestors did receive an imperial mandate from the Heaven. Although their position in the Heaven was similar to a team leader of a production group back on Earth, a position at the bottom of the hierarchy, it was still a fact that they did receive an imperial mandate from the Heaven, instructing them to manage the entire water body of Longyuan River!

For generations, the clan of Heavenly Dragon was on friendly terms with the Heaven, and all the water bodies under the Heaven were managed by the descendants from the Heavenly Dragon clan. Therefore, any dragon kings from the faction of flood dragon did receive an imperial mandate from the Heaven!

Lord Xiansheng saw the light suddenly, then quickly searched through his storage ring and pulled out a big seal glinting brilliantly with an azure glow. On its surface was carved a pattern of fishes and prawns swimming in the water, and vaguely, a dragon was rolling amidst the water. The bottom of the seal had some ancient characters - 'The Master of Longyuan River, conferred by the Heaven'. It was a token proving the identity of the dragon king of Long Yuan River, which Lord Xiansheng took as a toy when he was little, and had been keeping with him all the while.

"Ai, how daring is this guy by referring the dragon king officially conferred by the Heaven as an evil demon?" Wu Qi said lightly.

Daoist Min was struck dumb, and so was Daoist Chi, who then roared with laughter.

Wu Qi cupped his fist and bowed to Daoist Chi, laughing as he said, "Grand Ancestral-Master, since my Master is able to take a dragon king officially conferred by the Heaven as his outer sect disciple, this has proven that Yuan Hua Sect's reputation spreads far and wide. Therefore, Immortals from various clans and factions eagerly want to join us. This is an auspicious sign!"

Daoist Chi kept laughing out loud as he said, "It makes sense! Now, come with me to meet your true Ancestral Master!"

In the meanwhile, Daoist Min was so angry that he threw his head back and gave a furious cry. Then, he transformed into a cloud and soared high up into the sky, disappearing without a trace in just a twinkle.

Wu Qi breathed out a sigh lightly. He had just found himself one more enemy.

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