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Yuan Hua Sect was located on Green Cliff Planet of the Puluo Heavenly Realm. It was a sect that Patriarch Yuan Hua established two hundred seventy Periods ago. After many years of development, all the other few immortal sects that coexisted on Green Cliff Planet had been either wiped out or gobbled up by Yuan Hua Sect. The planet was now solely ruled by Yuan Hua Sect.

During the process of gobbling up the other immortal sects, five out of seven personal disciples of Patriarch Yuan Hua fell, leaving him with only two personal disciples with the cultivation base of Thirtieth Tier Heaven Immortals, who later became Yuan Hua Sect's Left and Right Sect Lineage Elders. The Left Lineage Elder was Daoist Chi, the Master of Immortal Green Staff, and the Right Lineage Elder was Daoist Min, the Master of Daoist Mo Luan, who was also the middle-aged scholar who came accusing them, seething with anger.

Daoist Min pointed his finger at Immortal Green Staff's nose and bellowed sternly, "Green Staff, are you trying to revolt? Yuan Hua Sect is facing a formidable enemy now, yet instead of working with your fellow disciples to fight the enemy, you take no heed of the larger issue by severely wounding your follow disciple! What are you trying to do?"

Even as he said that, his eyes went wide. A blue gleam flashed deep in his eyes while an enormously powerful immortal pressure was unleashed.

An immortal light burst out and flickered on Immortal Green Staff and Patriarch Jiang Yun's bodies, transforming into a bright energy barrier that protected the people behind them. The fuzzy barrier vibrated violently. Even as it happened, the floor tiles on the ground shattered, causing it to sink inch by inch deeper into the ground. Immortal Green Staff and Patriarch Jiang Yun trembled, as they suddenly took a few paces back.

Wu Qi exercised Mystic Eyes of Universe and gave Daoist Min a glance. He noticed that there was a strong fluctuation of immortal energies coming from Daoist Min's chest, abdomen, and right groin. He sensed an emptiness on those parts. Although they were under the cover of the robe, Wu Qi could still notice that there were bowl-sized penetrating wounds on Daoist Min's chest, abdomen, and right groin. They had yet to fully heal.

It seemed like when Immortal Green Staff told them that many of Yuan Hua Sect's Heaven Immortals were severely wounded, he was not telling a lie.

In fact, when Daoist Mo Luan was fighting Patriarch Jiang Yun with his flying sword just now, Wu Qi already felt that he lacked the strength to continue the attack, which eventually allowed Patriarch Jiang Yun to damage his flying sword. Now, the injury of this Daoist Min was even worse. When the fleshly body of a Heaven Immortal was wounded, if he only healed himself with his own immortal energy without using any effective spirit medicines, it would take at least eight to ten thousand years to be fully healed. Although he was bearing such a serious injury, instead of dwelling in a seclusion to heal himself, Daoist Min came in such a menacing manner to question Immortal Green Staff. Clearly, his hatred for Immortal Green Staff was too great.

Immortal Green Staff's face turned blue with rage. While exerting all his energy on resisting Daoist Min's immortal pressure, he gritted his teeth and said, "Uncle-Master, how could you trust a hearsay?"

The blue light in Daoist Min's eyes shot several feet out. Large sheets of glowing clouds rushed out of his body like tidal waves, filling the surrounding area with an azure hue in just a twinkle. It was as if everyone was standing at the bottom of a great ocean. Amidst the waves of the undulating blue light, large sheets of faint cloud whirled around at an incredible speed, as a tremendous pressure kept crashing down from all directions. As a long, nearly inaudible cry came out of Daoist Min's mouth, a blue dragon of cloud, about one hundred feet long and as thick as a water urn, emerged out of thin air, baring fangs and brandishing claws as it charged towards the company.

The dragon of cloud thrust its claw and smashed brutally onto the defensive barrier unleashed by Immortal Green Staff and Patriarch Jiang Yun. A loud boom rang out. The energy barrier shattered to pieces while Immortal Green Staff took a dozen of steps back in a sorry state, nearly knocking a few White Cloud Immortal Sect's disciples to the ground. Patriarch Jiang Yun on the other side let loose a painful cry. His face turned red as he sat down on the ground, unable to move even a little bit. The awe-inspiring impact from the dragon of cloud had greatly shaken the immortal energies in his body, causing them to go haywire, nearly breaking his meridians.

Without losing its momentum, the dragon of cloud sprung towards Wu Qi and the company. Spreading its giant claw, it grabbed down threateningly.

The giant claw covered an area almost eighty feet in circumference, which made Wu Qi, Princess Zhang Le, Catfish-flood-dragon, Lord Xiansheng, and a few White Cloud Immortal Sect's disciples under its range of attack. A very strong water vapor came spraying at their faces; the soft and Yin water vapor circled around them, trying to bind everyone like a rope. Meanwhile, some extremely tiny, sharp as blades water vapors were trying to squeeze into their bodies through the pores on their skin. It brought a great pain to them, while faint blood stains appeared on their pores.

"What a shameless old twerp!" Wu Qi cursed under his breath. An ear-splitting wolf howl echoed out as the Sword of Greedy Wolf transformed into a dark beam and shot out. A faint buzzing noise began to fill the atmosphere, followed by the fluctuation of the surrounding underground energies. In the next moment, a vast stream of earth element energies rushed out from underground and transformed into magnetic forces. Following Wu Qi's willpower, they wrapped around the dragon of cloud and lightly pulled it sideways.

Little did Daoist Min expect that Wu Qi was an expert in using magnetic forces. As the magnetic forces were produced purely from earth element energy, while earth element could restrict water element by nature, his dragon of cloud taking shape from water vapor was greatly suppressed by it. Thus, caught by surprise, the dragon of cloud was pulled sideways by a very strong magnetic force, slamming powerfully into the Internal Affairs Palace behind Wu Qi.

A loud rumble rang out. The front door of the Internal Affair Palace, including half of the palace, was crushed by the dragon claw. A few executing-disciples who stood near the front door, watching the commotion leisurely, were caught in the crossfire. The giant claw shattered their bones with just one easy squeeze, while water vapor rushed into their bodies, ripping and tearing them like some little grinders. Seized by an intense pain, the few executing disciples shrieked tragically and nearly cried their eyes out.

Daoist Min's face shot with blood instantly. Fuming with rage, he stamped and bellowed, "Who did that? Old Chi, is this some underhanded move of yours?"

Before his voice could fade away, Sword of Greedy Wolf had already come thrusting towards his face. Daoist Min roared furiously, flicked his sleeve, and threw the sword far away. He did not even give Wu Qi a look, as he did not believe a little Nascent Soul cultivator like Wu Qi could use a magnetic force to pull his dragon of cloud sideways. He was a grand and mighty Thirtieth Tier Heaven Immortal. How could a Nascent Soul cultivator, who he regarded as a little ant, be playing a trick on him?

*Clang!* Sword of Greedy Wolf was thrown far away, while it did not even cut a thread from Daoist Min's sleeve.

Wu Qi's heart sunk. Just as expected, his cultivation base was far weaker than a true Heaven Immortal, and the grade of Sword of Greedy Wolf was overly low!

An immense pressure came pouring down from all directions as eighteen cloud dragons leaped towards Wu Qi and the company in a row. This time, Daoist Min had all his attention focused on the eighteen cloud dragons. Each of them had a power one hundred times stronger than the one that was pulled sideways by Wu Qi. Clenching his jaws tightly, Wu Qi controlled the magnetic forces, trying to deviate their approaching path. However, it was as if a mantis was trying to stop a chariot. How could he overpower Daoist Min, when the latter became serious about the attack?

In the meanwhile, Daoist Min had finally noticed Wu Qi, realizing the constant stream of magnetic forces was coming from him. Grinning coldly, Daoist Min said, "So it is you? How daring! You have no respect for your senior, revolting against your senior by attacking me! An unbridled rebel such as you must be punished! You must be served with a serious punishment!"

Blue immortal energies were rushing out of his body, which made eighteen cloud dragons grow one hundred times larger. Facing such an overwhelming pressure, Princess Zhang Le, Catfish-flood-dragon, Lord Xiansheng, and many other White Cloud Immortal Sect's disciples could no longer stand still. They were forced to drop on their knees. When faced with the full-blown immortal pressure unleashed by a Thirtieth Tier Heaven Immortal, there was nothing else they could apart from kneeling down.

Wu Qi turned to look over his shoulder. Princess Zhang Le, Lord Xiansheng, and Catfish-flood-dragon were trembling from head to toe, trying to stand back up yet failing to do so. Princess Zhang Le's face was red with humiliation. Her eyes went wide as she glared straight at Daoist Min.

Wu Qi too felt as if a huge mountain was crashing down on him. His knees hurt, and were forced to kneel down slowly.

He did not have the strength to resist. He was incapable of resisting, and his own life was not in his hand! The expression of humiliation on Princess Zhang Le's face made Wu Qi recall suddenly how in a secret cave under a mountain, he, Wu Wang, Le Xiaobai, had their lives controlled in someone's hand a time long ago, in a hopeless situation where he could not resist.

And the current situation was so much similar to that!

'No! I'm not willing to accept this! My girl, Princess Zhang Le, is forced to kneel before that old fogey? Why should this happen?'

'I can kneel before the Heaven, the Earth, my ancestors, my Masters, and my seniors. But why should I, and the people around me, drop to our knees before someone like Daoist Min? Is it because your overall strength is stronger than us? Is it because you are mightier than us?'

Suddenly, Black Dragon Spirit Ring trembled. The huge amount of blood and soul crystal stored inside it were being spat out, fusing straight into Wu Qi's finger. Through the meridians in the finger, they flowed and came into the Seven Stealing Heaven Meridians in his arms. A strong blinding light radiated from all ten Gold Cores as the vast amount of Heaven Immortal's blood essence rushed into them, making them expand to the maximum size in a twinkle.

"Seven Foundation Establishment, three spiritual and seven physical souls, break!"

As Wu Qi began to recite a spell in a low voice, his once intact three spiritual and seven physical souls broke apart, turning into ten streams of strong light and rushing into the ten Gold Cores. All of a sudden, the ten Gold Cores became full of sentient, while the fusing of three spiritual and seven physical souls revealed a Gold Gore Spirit Embryo, sitting cross-legged inside each Gold Core with an appearance identical to Wu Qi. After these Gold Core Spirit Embryos were formed, the vast Heaven Immortal's blood and energy essences that nearly burst Wu Qi's body were immediately absorbed by them. But even with that, Wu Qi vaguely felt these Gold Core Spirit Embryos were not full yet.

The Black Dragon Spirit Ring wiggled subtly. Through the direct connection between it and Wu Qi, blood and soul crystals were being ceaselessly injecting into Wu Qi's body.

A strange innate energy was circulating inside Wu Qi. The vast blood and energy essences kept fusing with his ten Gold Core Spirit Embryos. After they were formed, Wu Qi's speed of absorbing natural energies and transforming them into innate energies was increased by ten times at least.

Using his body as a bridge, parts of the blood and energy essences rushed into the Earth Element Dragon Scale Shield, Spirit-Restricting Rope, Cold Electric Mirror, Sword of Greedy Wolf, and a few other magical treasures. The powerful innate energies and Heaven Immortal's blood and energy essences caused some miraculous transformations to happen to them. In just a brief moment, the Earth Element Dragon Scale Shield digested thirty percent power of the purple immortal sword which it devoured in the ice tunnel not long ago.

"Magnetic force, go!" A dark glow burst out from Wu Qi's body. Amidst loud buzzing noises, the magnetic forces bolted out like electric currents, stirring the surrounding gravity into a mess. With that, Princess Zhang Le and the company felt their bodies lightened, and they were able to stand back up.

A furious cry was heard. Catfish-flood-dragon cursed with a loud voice as she wielded her dark hammer that was as huge as a house, violently smashing it towards Daoist Min.

Daoist Min's eyelids twitched with rage as he bellowed, "How daring are all of you to go against your senior? You shall be expelled from the sect!"

A great wrath was boiling in Daoist Min's heart when he found out that Wu Qi could actually break the suppression of his cloud dragon mystic technique. It was a disgrace to him, and it made him throw away the thought of playing with them. Heedless of the consequence, he decided to be serious in the attack, killing Wu Qi and his companions here and now.

As he had announced their crime, with his status as a Lineage Elder, it was nothing serious to execute a few outer sect disciples who had gone against their senior.

He flipped his palm and was about to launch a deadly attack. But suddenly, a green bamboo stick came towards him at lightning speed from a corner.

The bamboo stick slapped on Daoist Min's face with a loud thud. He howled tragically and flew tumbling over one hundred feet away.

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