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Even as the sword beam approached, it exuded a gust of cold breeze in all directions. The flying sword used by Immortal Ke He was a lower-grade immortal item of decent quality. It had a red hue, and was shrouded in a cold air. Vaguely, there was an about one-foot long flood dragon twisting and slithering within it. Obviously, the item spirit of the flying sword was the soul of a flood dragon.

Refusing to admit being inferior, Wu Qi greeted upon the sword beam. With a shake of his left wrist, three golden beams shot out whistling, hitting onto Immortal Ke He's flying sword with three loud clanging sounds. Being a sharp weapon, a flying sword was never known for defeating the opponent with its weight. On the other hand, each of Wu Qi's dragon scales weighed fifty-thousand kilogram and was extremely sharp. As they were controlled with magnetic force, the speed at which they flew across the void was incredibly fast.

Three loud rings of weapon clashing echoed out, and the three dragon scales flew back towards Wu Qi. He felt a tremendous force of backlash come pressing at his face. A rush of heat seized his chest and made him spray out a mouthful of blood.

Meanwhile, Immortal Ke He let out an enraged growl as his face turned pale with shock. His body trembled three times, while his sword beam flew tottering to one side after being knocked by the heavy dragon scales. A streak of blood dripped slowly down from his nostril, and was quickly wiped away with his sleeve.

Immortal Green Staff was dancing and laughing with wild joy. Pointing his finger at Immortal Ke He, he said, "Ke He, oh Ke He, being a grand and mighty Heaven Immortal, how did you manage to let your sword beam be knocked sideways by my grand-disciple? And, your nose is bleeding from the attack of my grand-disciple? If the word were to spread, are you going to hang yourself, cut your own throat, poison yourself, or kill yourself by jumping into a river? If you don't commit suicide, how could your Huiling Sect still have the face to exist in Puluo Heavenly Realm?"

Immortal Ke He stared blankly at Wu Qi. Suddenly, he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

He was caught unprepared by Wu Qi's earth element dragon scale shield, and he never expected that Wu Qi would have such an extraordinary treasure. This had made Immortal Ke He suffer a little loss. As innate earth element energy essence was extremely heavy and dense, when it was controlled by Wu Qi to hit on the sword beam, even the item spirit inside of the flying sword was violently shaken. As a result, Immortal Ke He had suffered a minor impact as well, causing blood to drip from his nostril.

It was only a mild injury, and could be considered negligible when compared to Immortal Green Staff's penetrating words!

A proud Heaven Immortal such as him was wounded by a little kid, who only had a cultivation base of peak-stage Nascent Soul realm. Even worst, this little kid was Immortal Green Staff's grand-disciple!

After coughing out a mouthful of blood because of extreme anger, Immortal Ke He howled in exasperation as he took a step forward, his body spraying out a large sheet of pale-red cold air while leaping towards Wu Qi with an immense evil look in his eyes. "Little kid, I'm going to rip you to pieces and hack you to bone dust. I'll take away your soul and make you weep and howl miserably day and night in eternity!" Immortal Ke He roared furiously.

Taking a step sideways, Immortal Green Staff came standing in the way of Immortal Ke He, then laughed out loud, "Are you trying to attack my grand-disciple? Over my dead body!"

Even as he said that, a green light burst out of the wooden staff in his hand. Immortal Green Staff casually threw it into the air, transforming it into a beam of green light that flew straight into the sky. In just a blink of an eye, a giant, flourishing tree appeared in midair, standing over one thousand feet tall and with a thick trunk, which would take several people to encircle with outstretched arms. In the meanwhile, Immortal Green Staff began to recite some spells in a low voice. As he did so, the branches and twigs of the giant tree began to sway. All of a sudden, countless leaves that were sharp as blades flew swirling down from the branches, slashing viciously through the air as they shot straight towards Immortal Ke He.

The leaves behaved like sharp blades as their edges sliced through the air, filling the atmosphere with sharp piercing noises. There was a rune blinking on the surface of each leaf. As Wu Qi had a pair of keen eyes, he could clearly see that the rune was one of the immortal runes - 'Spearhead Rune'. Enhanced by this rune, although the leaves were the manifestations of wood element energies, their sharpness was comparable to that of ordinary sharp weapons.

Staring at the falling leaves that filled the sky, Immortal Ke He was forced to halt his attack at Wu Qi. Howling angrily and frustratingly, he controlled the flying sword to fly up into the sky again, transforming into a long bright beam as it streaked through the air and wheeled around the falling leaves.

Wu Qi kept shaking his head as he was standing at one side. With just one glance, he could easily tell who was better between the two Immortals. Immortal Green Staff had created a manifestation from wood element energy, which was a mighty technique of an immortal spell. On the other hand, Immortal Ke He only countered the opponent with one sword beam, and it seemed his skill of controlling a flying sword was of a Nascent Soul cultivator's level. Although he had a cultivation base of Heaven Immortal realm, his attainments in divine ability and magical spells were apparently rather shabby.

As expected, the sword beam could barely manage to block off slightly more than half of the leaves. A sound of an explosion rang out like a sudden thunderstorm as the sword beam and falling leaves collided. The sword beam vibrated violently, while the sky was blotted with tiny bright green specks after the leaves were ripped to shreds. In the meanwhile, the remaining leaves swirled across the air as they shot straight towards Immortal Ke He with an immense menacing aura.

Raising his head, Immortal Ke He gritted his teeth and said, "Green loggerhead, is this all you got?!"

Immortal Ke He snorted coldly, as there was a red gleam that began to flicker in his eyes. Suddenly, a dazzling handkerchief embroidered with a trigram symbol sprung out from the top of his head, unleashing a large sheet of cloud that enveloped him completely. Streams of cloud whirled around him like clear running water, amidst which, countless glinting mists raised up into the sky. When those leaves came falling onto the sheet of cloud, they could barely penetrate two to three inches deep before they were crushed into a mess by the constantly flowing and wheeling clouds and mists.

Laughing out loud complacently, Immortal Ke He said in a wildly arrogant manner, "Meet the 'Cloud Trigram Handkerchief', a defensive immortal treasure that I just obtained last month. Green loggerhead, I used to be afraid of meeting you, but with this defensive immortal treasure, let's see what you can do to me now!"

While staring at the arrogant and complacent Immortal Ke He, Wu Qi fished out a white immortal talisman secretly.

However, before he could cast it out, Patriarch Jiang Yun shoved another white talisman into his hand stealthily. "Yours is not powerful enough. This is an upper-grade immortal talisman which I've just made this year using numerous precious ingredients, it is meticulously created by me and two of your Master-Mothers. Its power is at least three times greater than yours. Use this to teach him a good lesson!"

Then, Patriarch Jiang Yun turned his head around with an evil smile on his face. Laughing nastily, Wu Qi took over the immortal talisman and strode two steps forward.

He gave a long laugh before cried out sternly, "Immortal Ke He, you just know how to hide behind a defensive immortal treasure, don't you? It won't need my Ancestral Master to do this himself. Even I, Wu Qi, can defeat you easily! Hehe, now catch my immortal talisman!"

With a sway of his hand, a stream of energy was channeled into the immortal talisman. Wu Qi had activated its full power with all his strength.

Abruptly, the immortal talisman transformed into a ball of immortal light, the size of a water tank. Countless streams of cloud as tiny as hairs shot out of it, quickly gathering into a huge mass of cloud that filled the sky as it sped away. A loud rumble echoed out, as the countless streams of clouds smashed into Immortal Ke He's defensive cloud barrier, while filling the surface of the Cloud Trigram Handkerchief with large patches of ripples. Evidently, the immortal treasure suffered a great impact.

Greatly infuriated, Immortal Ke He let loose a torrent of abuse. "Are you all dead? The enemy is aided by his disciple when in a battle, and look what have you been doing?"

As if they had just seen the light suddenly, the group of several dozens of Nascent Divinity and Nascent Soul cultivators standing behind Immortal Ke He prepared to strike. However, without making a sound, Patriarch Jiang Yun took a step forward and unleashed his immortal pressure, which instantly froze all of those cultivators and made them stand still where they were. Not even a single one of them could move.

In a fight between Heaven Immortals, if one side had an additional Heaven Immortal, they would have occupied the absolute strategic advantage. And that was the result Patriarch Jiang Yun had brought today.

Princess Zhang Le chuckled. An auspicious green light was seen gently dancing around her palms, which made the green element energies within one thousand miles to fluctuate violently. Following her willpower, a vast amount of wood element energies kept being channeled into the giant tree hovering above Immortal Green Staff. In just a blink of an eye, the tree grew up to ten thousand feet tall, with its trunk expanding to be as thick as it would take several dozens of people to encircle with outstretched arms. Its power was increased by at least ten times!

Immortal Green Staff went blank for a brief moment, then cried out immediately with great joy, "Ke He, you deserve to be struck by a bad luck today!"

On the other side, Immortal Ke He bellowed, "Damn it! How on earth can your cultivation base have taken a leap so suddenly? This doesn't make sense, this is absurd!"

Before his words could fade away, the enormous tree shook powerfully, making countless leaves to fall swirling down and quickly form a leaf the size of a palm. The leaf fell gently down in a circular motion, following a very magical path. Although Immortal Ke He had made his flying sword wheel thirty-nine times around the leaf, he did not even touch its edge.

Finally, the leaf landed softly onto Immortal Ke He's body, piercing through the Cloud Trigram Handkerchief, which had most of its defensive strength reduced by Wu Qi's immortal talisman. While producing a bloodcurdling noise of muscle tearing, the leaf swept across Immortal Ke He's left shoulder, cutting away half of the shoulder and the entire arm from his body.

Golden immortal blood splattered in all directions. Immortal Ke He howled with extreme pain as he sprung a few steps back desperately.

As the power of the immortal talisman in Wu Qi's hand was not fully used up, a large sheet of cloud burst out like a tidal wave and smashed brutally onto Immortal Ke He's body. The rapidly wheeling and spinning clouds hit his body and left behind countless streaks of blood that densely overlapped each other. Golden blood sprayed out wildly and splattered onto the faces of those cultivators behind him.

In just a twinkle, Immortal Ke He was badly mutilated by the cloud attack, having nearly all the muscles on the front part of his body ripped to shreds. While it seemed the power of the immortal talisman was about to completely destroy his immortal body, Immortal Ke He howled sorrowfully as a jade pendant hanging on his waist broke apart, releasing an energy barrier that covered him within. The defensive barrier had a very strong power, as no matter how the clouds kept impacting on it, they could only cause small ripples, and failed to break through it.

Eventually, the power of the immortal talisman vanished. Wu Qi gave the completely dimmed down immortal talisman a few shakes, then took a few steps back leisurely.

Immortal Green Staff shrieked with laughter as he strode two steps forward, pointing his finger at the badly mutilated and disfigured Immortal Ke He while saying, "Ke He, is there anything else you want to say today? Do you still have the face to live on after being miserably defeated by my grand-disciple?"

Having his heart filled with resentment, Immortal Ke He growled, "Green loggerhead, you've gone against the mediation decision of Immortal Monarch by attacking me here! I'll definitely make an official complaint!"

Immortal Green Staff, who felt extremely contented upon seeing his enemy being severely wounded, was taken aback by those words. He pointed his finger at Immortal Ke He and bellowed, "How come it was me who attacked you?"

Wu Qi grinned coldly and said, "For shameless people, anything is possible. Old geezer, evidently you are the one who attacked me first, but in the end, you were seriously wounded by my Ancestral Master with just one single strike. Well, it looks like you are an expert in turning black into white. Tsk, so you've spent your entire life cultivating your tongue, huh? No wonder you are so lousy with divine abilities and magical powers!"

"Spending his entire life cultivating the tongue? I reckon that tongue must be very chewy!" Catfish-flood-dragon murmured in a low voice.

Wu Qi's words made Immortal Ke He ablaze with a raging flame of anger. As he began to jump up and down, shouting and taunting furiously, an enormous immortal pressure suddenly came pressing down from the sky.

An old man clad in a purple immortal robe slowly descended from the sky. A dazzling light shone from his body, and there was a green jade medallion with three green lotus flowers hanging on his waist.

Immortal Green Staff put away his wooden staff hastily, cupping his fist and bowing at the old man as he said, "Green Staff offers greetings Immortal Monarch!"

At the same moment, Immortal Ke He was crying out loud at the top of his voice, "Immortal Monarch, please back me up here! Yuan Hua Sect has gone against your mediation decision by trying to kill me here!"

Immortal Chuan cleared his throat, then lightly nodded his head.

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