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The ghost flame that came blowing towards his face made Wu Qi's blood run cold in terror. It was the Heavenly Ghost's Prime Ghost Flame, produced when it was born after absorbing the filthiest and evil ghost energy under the heaven. For cultivators of Dao and Buddhism, this ghost flame was almost their bane. It was very effective in fouling one's fleshly body and Nascent Divinity. When any ordinary Buddhism cultivator had their relics stained with this ghost flame, they would be immediately turned into ordinary rocks and dirt.

Wu Qi dared not to confront this ghost flame head-on. When his divine will made a slight contact with it, he immediately felt a foul aura come blowing at his face. It was a nasty aura, millions of times dirtier than an ancient pit that had been fermented for over one hundred thousand years. In just a brief second, the part of his divine will that made contact with this aura had already shattered into debris, sending forth a foul stench.

He coughed out a mouthful of blood that carried a faint stench as he flew several miles backward with shock. No cultivators with a sensible mind would want to confront the Prime Ghost Flame of a Heavenly Ghost head-on. It was similar to a boring mortal who dived right into a filthy pit just to take a bath. Staring at the approaching green ghost flame, Wu Qi moved his wrist, casting out a cluster of tiny yellow specks as they densely wrapped around him amidst buzzing sounds.

When the ghost flame contacted the yellow specks transformed from earth element dragon scale shield, it stuck to them like a pile of rotting flesh. A rapid sizzling noise was heard as the yellow energy barrier and the ghost flame slammed and brushed against each other ceaselessly, producing a large column of stinking green smoke. When some nearby Great Yan's cultivators inhaled the foul scent by accident, they rolled their eyes and collapsed to the ground. Their bodies turned dark and started emitting a bad smell, turning into rotten corpses in an instant. Even worse, when someone had their bodies accidentally touched by the green smoke, their defensive magical treasures and magical outfits immediately decayed into scrap metals. Similar to other cultivators, their bodies were then turned into rotten corpses by the dense smoke.

Upon realizing the situation had gone out of control, Wu Qi's eyes went wide as the third-eye on his forehead opened up abruptly, from which a purple lightning bolt came shooting out soundlessly, about ten feet wide. It clashed with the ghost flame sprayed out by the Heavenly Ghost and produced a deep, muffled noise. The lightning bolt then exploded, creating an over one hundred feet wide hole in the center of the sticky ghost flame. However, the following ghost flame quickly filled the opening, then continued to smashed viciously onto Wu Qi's body.

Wu Qi went through all the cultivation techniques he possessed right now inside his mind very quickly. He found none that could be used to effectively deal with this Heavenly Ghost. His face turned gloomy, as he shook his wrist and was about to cast out the Spirit-Restricting Rope to bound the Heavenly Ghost. However, the rope twitched a little bit and sent him a very clear message through the divine will, "Even if you kill me, I'll never go and tie up that Heavenly Ghost. They are too dirty, too disgusting, and they will contaminate my body! Unless it is an immortal item crafted by a Gold Immortal, any immortal items below the realm of Gold Immortal will be contaminated by Heavenly Ghosts!"

Wu Qi was struck dumb, then controlled the wrist shield to unleash several tens of golden beams with their edges emitting a faint layer of white, freezing glow. The dragon-scale-shaped golden beams smashed into the gigantic body of Heavenly Ghost, immediately piercing through several tens of tiny, see-through holes. It threw its head back and let out an evil growl into the sky, while a layer of dense smoke rolled over those wounds, healing them in a twinkle.

Meanwhile, the several tens of golden dragon scales flew tottering and weakly back towards Wu Qi. The once glistening dragon scales were now covered with a faint layer of green mist. The spiritual connection between Wu Qi and them was quickly weakened, and very soon, he could no longer sense their existence. After several tens of cracking noises, all of them were decayed into ashes, leaving only several tens of bright and pure specks of innate earth element energy essence flying back into the earth element dragon scale shield.

Shockingly, although they were dragon scales shed off from True Dragons who once transcended into Immortals, they still could not withstand the corrosion from the Heavenly Ghost's foul aura. Wu Qi was truly dumbfounded. It looked like what Spirit-Restricting Rope said was correct. Unless it was an immortal item crafted by Gold Immortals, any immortal items of Heaven Immortal grade that touched the Heavenly Ghost's body would be contaminated. No wonder the Heavenly Ghosts from the Ghost Realm were the existences that everybody hated the most in the entire universe.

Staring helplessly at the Heavenly Ghost who kept getting closer to him, Wu Qi had no other choice but to move backward under the protection of earth element dragon scale shield.

At this point in time, Yu Qianqian's complacent and villainous laugh echoed out. "Wu Qi! I'm going to teach you a lesson today! Zhang Le, your sister Qianqian is going to spoil you with 'love' today! Hehehe... You've destroyed the foundation of Yu Academy, and even murdered my father. Qianqian is going to settle such grudge with all of you!"

Wu Qi snorted coldly. The Nascent Soul inside his dantian began to quickly gather energies, using the Unity of Sword Energies Script he learned from Heaven Breaking Sword Sect as he transformed these energies into pure, compact, brutal, and violent sword energies. Controlled by his powerful Nascent Soul, seventy percent of his energy was quickly transformed into sword energies. After that, Wu Qi spread his right palm as five sword beams, each measuring about one-mile long, shot out from all five fingers. The sword beams flickered, each taking the different hues of five elements: red, green, black, white, and yellow. They towered into the sky, shining and flickering with bright gleams, as if they were corporeal weapons. The ringing of weapon clashing could be heard without end.

The Unity of Sword Energies Script was being quickly exercised. With that, the sword beams shot out of his five fingers moved towards each other, fusing together and transforming into a bulky, pure-white sword beam. After that, Wu Qi waved his arm, thrusting the bulky sword beam forcefully towards the Heavenly Ghost, who was approaching from a distance of several tens of miles away. A jarring whistle echoed out as the bulky sword beam pierced through the air, shooting towards the Heavenly Ghost's head like a menacing flood dragon.

The Heavenly Ghost raised its ugly, ferocious-looking head, opened its mouth, and sprayed out another mouthful of ghost flame. The ball of ghost flame swirled forward together with a pungent stench, and violently collided with Wu Qi's sword beam. The air in the void shook, as loud impacting noises filled the atmosphere. Large sheets of ghost flame turned into sticky, stinking green fluid one after another, dripping down from the sky, while the sword beam was contaminated and corroded inch by inch. In just less than three breaths of time, the sword beam that took shape from seventy percent of Wu Qi's energies was completely corroded by the ghost flame.

Growling furiously, a screen of flickering yellow light suddenly emerged around Wu Qi, as he flagrantly exercised the divine ability he obtained from Zhang Yi - the Acquired Magnetic Force. Vast streams of earthy-yellow mist sprayed out of the surrounding mountain ridges and quickly fused into Wu Qi's body. A strong dark light engulfed the heaven and earth, while powerful gravitational forces appeared out of nowhere within thirty miles around Wu Qi, transforming into one invisible python after another. They twisted and strangled in the atmosphere, wrecking a havoc to the messy natural energies and throwing them into an even messier state.

The gigantic body of Heavenly Ghost sunk down abruptly, as a tremendous force pulled it down from midair and threw it brutally to the ground. Its body was extremely heavy by nature, and as the magnetic force several tens of times greater than ordinary gravity came pushing against its body, it immediately sunk several thousand feet deep into the ground. Before it could regain its sense, more waves of gravitational force came rushing out from around and began to pull and twist its huge body in a disordered manner.

The Heavenly Ghost was caught unprepared, while Yu Qianqian, who was standing on top of its head, gave a shocking cry as a strong, irresistible force sucked her up into the sky. Before both the Heavenly Ghost and Yu Qianqian could come up with any counterattack, Wu Qi shook his wrist and shot out a golden beam. It flickered and disappeared, and Yu Qianqian's tragic howl immediately echoed out as the golden beam pierced through her abdomen and came flying out from behind her back.

After losing the protection from the Heavenly Ghost, Yu Qianqian was like a little chick under the ferocious claw of a savage tiger. She was unmatched for Wu Qi's formidable overall strength.

As her abdomen was pierced and her dantian was severely wounded, Yu Qianqian's cultivation base began to deplete at an incredible rate. She gave a shocked cry, waved her right hand, and threw out a golden talisman. It transformed into a long, golden beam, rolled up Yu Qianqian, and was about to speed away. However, when she was only less than one thousand feet away from the battlefield, a huge wheel shrouded in spirit light of gray and white color, divided into six fractions from the center, suddenly appeared above her. Six dazzling spirit lights shot out of the wheel, tightly trapping Yu Qianqian in midair.

Yu Qianqian growled and roared furiously with her hoarse voice, as she kept controlling the golden talisman to max out its power. Obviously, this talisman was an immortal talisman made by some Immortal. Nevertheless, as Yan Dan had used his Prime energy to cast out the Disc of Heavenly Dao Transmigration, how would he allow her to escape with a mere immortal talisman? In the next moment, six spirit lights collapsed inwardly and twisted, producing a muffled rumble as they crushed Yu Qianqian's golden energy barrier. Then, a powerful force smashed brutally into her body, ripping and tearing her little fleshly body to shreds. A Nascent Soul soared up into the sky in a flurry.

A figure dashed over from a corner. It was Qin Wuyang again, and he extended his hand and caught Yu Qianqian's Nascent Soul with one grab. Without uttering a single word, a True Flame burst out of his palm, enveloping her Nascent Soul that began to burn ragingly as she howled miserably. Yan Dan retracted the Disc of Heavenly Dao Transmigration and gave Yu Qianqian a cold glare. "Bring her back. Use the soul-searching technique and pull out all her memories!" said Yan Dan with a cold grin.

Amidst her tragic howls, Yu Qianqian's eyes went wide as she roared sternly, "Yan Dan, don't you dare to kill me! Do you still remember how you managed to escape from an inevitable death in those years? Hehe... Although Yu clan and Great Yan are scheming against each other, do we really have the intention to seize your dynasty? Don't you dare to kill me! Don't you dare to kill me!"

Yan Dan trembled, while Qin Wuyang's face fell and loosened his grip.

Yu Qianqian laughed villainously. Her Nascent Soul transformed into a beam of light and soared high up into the sky. "You do not dare to kill me, you are not daring enough! Although you've killed so many apprentices of Yu Academy, I can still accept that. But, you've murdered Yu Hetian, Yu Hede, Yu Heling, three of my cousins, and you even murdered my father! I'll definitely avenge them. I'll make all of you pay the price! Yan Dan..."

Before she could finish, Wu Qi opened his mouth and shot out the Acquired Earth Spirit Pearl. Emitting a blinding earthy-yellow light, it whistled through the air, bringing together an enormous magnetic force that blotted the sky as it crushed Yu Qianqian's Nascent Soul into pieces. "What's the fuss? She is just a woman! You've even killed her father. What's the point of sparing her life?" Wu Qi roared furiously.

It was at that point in time Yan Dan recovered from his deep ponder. Gritting his teeth, he gave a look at the tiny specks that sprinkled down from the sky after Yu Qianqian's Nascent Soul was shattered to pieces, then cried, "Everyone, let's work together and annihilate this Heavenly Ghost!"

Xun Kuang and Mo Di, whose faces wore an unusual expression, and were hovering stiffly after hearing Yu Qianqian's words, struck at the same time.

A large sheet of crimson flame rushed out from around Mo Di. He flew up into the sky above the Heavenly Ghost, turning the raging crimson flame into countless flaming dragons and thrusting them down. Crackling and sizzling noises echoed out as the raging flame burned the Heavenly Ghost, ripping its skin and charring its flesh.

"Heavenly Flame? A Pure Yang Heavenly Flame is indeed the best weapon to deal with this fellow!" said Wu Qi with surprise.

Mo Di gave Wu Qi a look, nodded and said, "This is not a Heavenly Flame. It is 'Mo Flame, something I've developed after harvesting underground Pure Flame to craft treasures over all these years. It has a Pure Yang characteristic, so no man of moral integrity will be hurt by it, while any demons, fiends, and ghosts will be killed by it instantly!"

As Mo Di was explaining, he drew out the ancient, primitive dark sword of his, and wielded it down forcefully towards the Heavenly Ghost. Several tens of flaming dragons wheeled and danced in the air around the sword intent as they ragingly burned the Heavenly Ghost and made it howl miserably, losing its previous menacing attitude. It kept spraying out greenish ghost flame, trying to escape from the trap. However, whenever those ghost flame were produced, they were immediately burned into grayish-white smoke that dissipated into thin air, and could no longer hurt anyone that was around.

The rest of the people were launching their attacks at the same time. With Wu Qi trapping the Heavenly Ghost using magnetic forces, the rest of the people used various magical techniques to slowly wither away its menacing aura, slowly ripping its body apart.

Two hours later, Patriarch Jiang Yun and the other Heaven Immortals who were having a secluded cultivation in Cang Ao Immortal Abode arrived at the battlefield.

Under the joined forces of everyone, it took a full thirteen days of laborious effort for them to finally refine this Heavenly Ghost into nothingness.

Before the company could catch a breath, Patriarch Jiang Yun gave Mo Di and Xun Kuang a brief glance, then suddenly said, "How unexpected! Only three years and you have secretly transcended the Thunder Tribulation of Heaven Immortal? Well then, summon everyone. We'll have a meeting at Cang Ao Immortal Abode!"

Wu Qi's heart sunk. He turned to give Yan Dan a look, and he saw an obvious change in expression on Yan Dan's face.

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