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When the bent blade was three inches away from Princess Zhang Le's neck, a fist-sized white beam came shooting over from the side, slamming right onto Yu Heling's body. The white beam pierced through his body, leaving behind a hole as large as a human head. He howled tragically as the white beam pushed his body tens of miles up into the sky. Only then was he able to stop from being pushed away further.

Even before Yu Heling could find out who the person that wounded him was, Princess Zhang Le gritted her teeth and flipped her wrist. The longsword formed from countless heavenly thunders followed her gesture and flipped as well, then nimbly swept across Yu Heling's body. As Yu Heling did not own any defensive spirit item, the longsword hacked solidly onto his body, producing a large number of sparks and blinding glows. Although the longsword possessed an incredible power that was capable of slicing the entire Mount Yu to half, it struggled to cut through Yu Heling's fleshly body. It took three breaths of time to cut inch by inch through his muscles, only then could it cut off one of his legs.

Blood splattered everywhere, and the severe pain made Yu Heling howl with a hoarse voice. His right chest was pierced by the white beam, while his left leg was chopped off by Princess Zhang Le's sword. The sudden and serious injury nearly took his consciousness away. "What a bunch of daring lunatics! How dare you hurt me? You are utterly lawless! How dare you hurt me under the Heavenly Dao?" Yu Heling roared hoarsely.

The white beam struck again. Wearing an expressionless face, Jing Ke transformed into the blinding beam and pierced through Yu Heling's brain, crushing it to pieces with a loud cracking sound, while sending blood splashing all over the sky. Yu Heling did not have a Gold Core, and he did not have a Nascent Soul or Nascent Divinity either. He only had the most fundamental three physical and seven spiritual souls, and they were shattered by Jing Ke's formidable strike. Even as his soul was destroyed, as the condor beast soul was fused with his soul, before it could bring its divine ability into play, it gave a sad and shrill cry while exploding into countless golden specks.

Once again, a jade-colored beam shot out of Yu Heling's corpse, which growled furiously again, threatening that no matter who the person that killed his son was, he would make sure that person would die without a proper burial ground. But this time, before the jade-colored beam could unleash an attack, it was crushed to shreds by a gray spirit beam casually cast out by Yan Dan.

Princess Zhang Le gritted her teeth as she stared at Yu Heling's corpse falling to the ground. "What are these people? Just like you, that despicable man kept on saying Heavenly Dao. Could killing you equal defying the Heavenly Dao? How ridiculous is that! If that is real, why doesn't the Heavenly Dao send a Heaven Tribulation to kill me now?"

Hovering midair, Yu Wende clenched his fist tightly as he stared blankly at the emptied field where Mount Yu once stood. Then, with his face filled with a crazy expression, he turned to shout at the top of his voice at Yan Dan, who was approaching in a chariot, "Your Majesty! What crime had the Yu Academy committed? Why have you slaughtered every single member of the Yu Academy?"

Pulled by three extraordinary black colored birds, Yan Dan's chariot came at an incredible speed. Sitting firmly in the chariot, he gazed coldly at Yu Wende, who was hovering midair. "This is something quite unexpected!" said Yan Dan coolly, "I never knew Teacher Yu has such a decent cultivation base. It seems like I've misjudged you for all these years."

Yu Wende was taken aback. He bowed his head and looked down, only to realize he was hovering midair about one mile from the ground. For all this while, Great Yan's Yu clan was well-known as a cultured clan consisting only of ordinary mortals. The members of Yu clan never revealed before the public that they possessed any cultivation base or magical power. Even in the incident when he was ambushed by Wu Qi last time, Yu Wende gave the excuse that he was able to escape because of an immortal talisman that could defend him automatically, which was a treasure obtained by Yu Qianqian by chance.

Now, when questioned by Yan Dan, Yu Wende was struck dumb for a brief moment, then he refuted angrily, "Is this the reason that caused the total annihilation of Yu Academy?"

Princess Zhang Le came floating down slowly from the dark clouds, her eyes still shining with faint five-colored gleams as she had yet to come out of the enlightenment state. Hovering right next to Yan Dan's chariot, she said with a cruel and cold voice, "Yu Wende, don't tell me that you've no idea what that b*tch, Yu Qianqian, had done?"

Yu Wende nearly choked on his own breath. What had Yu Qianqian done? He... actually knew all of her plans. Not only that, he never objected the approaches she was using, which when compared to the approaches that Yu clan used in the past were evidently more violent and aggressive. In Yu Wende's opinion, violent conflicts were also a method that could train his clan members.

However, little did he expect that Princess Zhang Le's response was so overwhelming, overly violent. She had actually resorted to the most direct, violent method to retaliate: she destroyed the entire Yu Academy!

Staring at Princess Zhang Le with a vacant expression, Yu Wende sighed and said in a low voice, "What had Qianqian done? These days, I've dwelled in a seclusion to recuperate. Thus, I never paid much attention to her. If she did anything that offended Your Highness, please forgive her. Nevertheless, no matter what Qianqian had done, her mistake should not cause the death of all Yu Academy's apprentices!"

"She brought a man whose name was Yu Hetian and tried to rape me and seize my True Yin energy to supply his cultivation base. Yu Wende, your daughter Yu Qianqian is guilty of offending her superior, and that is a crime equal to a treason, a crime that will be punished by having all her clan members execute. Kill yourself now, and I'll help you to kill all your clan members in Ji City. You don't have to thank me for that." said Princess Zhang Le in a flat tone.

Yu Wende nearly coughed blood because of extreme anger. He pointed his finger at Princess Zhang Le, body shivering from head to toe. Then, he suddenly screamed, "You... you've ruined the foundation of Yu Academy. I'll fight you even if that will cost my life today!"

Before the words could fade away, Qin Wuyang had flown right next to Yu Wende, smashing his palms against his chest and breaking all his ribs. Grinning coldly, the merciless Qin Wuyang produced a pitch-black iron chain full of barbs. Using his finger to pierce through Yu Wende's shoulder blades, he shoved the iron chain into the holes and completely locked down his ability to move.

Yu Wende uttered a heartrending cry. However, when facing Qin Wuyang who had an absolute domineering power over him, how could he have room to struggle?

Qin Wuyang clutched Yu Wende's neck with one hand, dragging him over to Yan Dan's chariot like a little chicken. He thrust his leg and gave a powerful kick behind Yu Wende's knees, crushing both his knees and forcing him to kneel on a cloud. Sitting loftily, Yan Dan looked down at Yu Wende and said coolly, "I reckon the few commotions that broke out within Great Yan Dynasty over the years must be related to Teacher Yu, right? For several hundred of years, Yu Academy had been creating many troubles in Great Yan with perseverance and consistency. It was really very kind of you to have done so much."

Yu Wende trembled, raising his head and cried out shockingly, "What are you talking about? I... I..."

Yan Dan waved his hand, then sighed lightly and said, "Do not explain, and do not quibble. What I know is more than you could ever imagine. If not because I wished to borrow Yu Academy to train the members of Imperial Clan, using your people to temper my ministers, how would I allow your people to behave wantonly for so many years? Teacher Yu, don't you find it strange? Why is Su Qin dwelling in your Editorial School? Why after so many years, although more and more apprentices from Yu Academy had joined the Imperial Court, but none of them really held any positions with real power?"

"You!" With great struggle, Yu Wende raised his head, staring furiously at Yan Dan.

Yan Dan looked back at him cruelly. "There are things you can do, and I can tolerate that. There are things you should never do, and once you do it, you'll have to pay the price! I don't care who you really are and what your exact background is, there are lines that you should never step over. You've manipulated the members of Great Yan's Imperial Clan, causing them to attack each other. I can tolerate that as they are unworthy. But, knowing no limit, you've schemed against Zi Xuan. So, could assassinating me be the next step in your plan? This is something that I can never tolerate!"

Raising his right hand, Yan Dan said with a cold smile on his face, "Announce my decree: execute all officials that come from Yu Academy, and kill their clan members as the punishment for throwing a rebellion. Summon the disciples and apprentices from Mo Sect and Xun Sect[1]. I want them to replace the vacancies left behind by those officials from Yu Academy."

Staring at Yu Wende, whose eyes and mouth were fixed, Yan Dan shook his head and sneered, "Do you really think that without Yu Academy, Great Yan Dynasty will be unable to even carry out all state affairs smoothly? You've underestimated Great Yan, and you've underestimated me!"

Jing Ke, Qin Wuyang, Tian Guang, Fan Yuqi, Yue Yi, and a few other Great Yan's generals bowed and answered, bringing their men as they were about to leave.

Resting his eyes on Yu Wende, whose face deadly pale, Yan Dan suddenly laughed complacently. Using a voice transmission, he told Yu Wende, "Do you know why I could tolerate you for so many years? First, I wanted to use Yu Academy to temper the members of Imperial Clan. Secondly, after receiving guidance from those Immortals, my cultivation base has improved by leaps and bound over the last three years. I have a feeling that my Heavenly Tribulation is about to arrive. Once I transcend it, I'll be a Heaven Immortal."

Yu Wende laughed coldly in a near lunatic manner and said, "So what if you are a Heaven Immortal?"

Looking at Yu Wende, Yan Dan nodded slowly and said, "A Heaven Immortal will never perish."

Yu Wende stared mockingly at Yan Dan, closed his mouth, and did not utter a word again.

However, the mocking gaze had greatly infuriated Yan Dan. "Zi Xuan, it is time to send Teacher Yu home," said Yan Dan coldly. "After spending so many years restlessly stirring up troubles, the people of Yu clan must be tired... it is time for them to take a rest now."

With bright gleams flickering in her eyes, Princess Zhang Le, who was still indulging in the state of enlightenment, nodded her head slowly. Then, she waved her right palm and chopped away Yu Wende's head.

Even as Yu Wende's head was being thrown up into the sky, he was still able to give a long laugh and say, "Kill all the members of Yu clan? Yan Dan, you will never succeed in eradicating my clan members! Hahaha! Death is nothing! A man is born to face an inevitable death! This is the Great Dao of the Heaven and Earth!"

Princess Zhang Le's face darkened. Two five-colored beams shot out from her hands, clenching Yu Wende's head from both sides and giving it a light squeeze. It was crushed it into a mess, while his soul was turned into nothingness. With that done, Princess Zhang Le frowned and said, "Where is Yu Qianqian?"

Right when she was mentioning Yu Qianqian, a strong beam of light came shooting over from the south. Amidst the strong light was Yu Qianqian, her dress stained with blood and her face deadly pale. From afar, she witnessed how Princess Zhang Le crushed Yu Wende's head into a mess.

A heartbreaking scream echoed out. "Zhang Le you b*tch! I'll definitely fight you to the last gasp! Dad!!"

Tears of blood coursed down her face as Yu Qianqian produced a dark-purple talisman, which was emanating a vast evil aura. Using her left hand, she threw it out. Upon leaving her hand, the talisman immediately transformed into a huge dark cloud that measured several miles in circumference. A blinding dark gleam slowly emitted from within the dark cloud, then it collapsed inwardly abruptly before spreading out again, revealing a dark hole about one mile in diameter right above Mount Yu.

Shrill and bloodcurdling ghost screeches rushed out of the dark hole. Suddenly, four dark-green, scrawny claws thrust out and grabbed the edge of the dark hole. An immense ghost aura that struck uneasiness to one's heart sprayed out of the hole, while an over one thousand feet wide ghost head, extremely ugly and ferocious, poked slowly out as it laughed menacingly.

"This is a Ninth-Sky Foul Ghost summoned from the Ninth-Nether Ghost Realm! All of you have to be dead today!" Yu Qianqian cried sternly.

As Yu Qianqian's sharp scream echoed out, an ugly and ferocious-looking Heavenly Ghost dashed out of the dark hole. It stood over ten thousand feet tall, having an appearance resembling a monkey and a long tail, dark-green skin, with black spots all over. It had a pair of very powerful rear legs, while a pair of sharp claws were growing out from its upper body. When the claws sprung out, they measured over one hundred feet long each.

Right when it dashed out of the dark hole, the Heavenly Ghost threw its head back and gave a long screech.

As the long screech swept across the void, amidst the dark clouds, the army of seafood that Lord Xiansheng brought here instantly exploded into countless clumps of blood and gore.

The Sect established by Xun Kuang.
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