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Princess Zhang Le rushed back to Ji City in a very aggressive manner. She was followed by several hundred White Cloud Immortal Sect's cultivators, as well as Lord Xiansheng and Catfish-flood-dragon, and an army of several hundreds of thousands of their underlings from the ocean. Among these underlings, not many of them had even attained the cultivation base of Gold Core realm. In fact, most of them had just begun to cultivate the Dao, learned a few little tricks of cultivators, and could barely talk in human language.

These little demons could ride on mists and clouds. However, they still maintained the same appearance of fishes and prawns, though their sizes were much larger. At that moment, demon clouds and mists were gathering above Ji City, filling the atmosphere with dense water vapor, while the fresh smell of ocean blew several hundred miles away. When one stood on the ground and looked into the sky, his line of sight would be filled with countless lobsters, oarfishes, and sea turtles of various sizes, while among them came flying some stronger demons who had a sea creature's head and a human body, as well as some oceanic demons who had attained Nascent Soul cultivation base and completely transformed into the appearance of a human. Nevertheless, they were the rarest among all.

Princess Zhang Le was standing on the back of a large sea turtle that measured over one hundred feet in diameter, her face grumpy. Leading the army, she flew straight northward of Ji City, towards the direction where Mount Yu was located. Jiang Xin and Jiang Rui were flying right next to her, and their faces were filled with a murderous look. A moment ago, Catfish-flood-dragon had spat a few mouthfuls of her saliva on them, which felt extremely cold and had an unpleasant fishy smell, using that to remove the licentious poison in their bodies.

Both Jiang Xin and Jiang Rui were White Cloud Immortal Sect's core disciples, the direct bloodline clan members of Patriarch Jiang Yun. Since little, they had lived a comfortable, luxurious life, and after becoming Nascent Divinity cultivators, their status in the clan became even more prestigious. They were even greeted as Patriarchs by all the disciples in the sect. In spite of all that, they were struck by a bad luck today. Not only were they defeated by someone using a nasty approach, they were almost raped by their opponent. It was a major disgrace for them!

On their way to Mount Yu, Princess Zhang Le had put all the blame on Yu Academy. Therefore, Jiang Xin and Jiang Rui clenched their jaws tightly, fuming with extreme rage from the shame. Their hearts were filled with an immense killing intent as they swore that they would slaughter every single person in Yu Academy, killing all the clan members of Yu clan, especially the chief culprit of all this, Yu Qianqian. They swore they would let her experience the cruelest torments in the realm of cultivators, and only then slowly put her to death.

Lord Xiansheng was following closely behind Princess Zhang Le, his hand grasping a huge halberd. He was seen throwing out one communication talisman after another, using them to urge Wanying Dragon King to quickly bring him the reinforcements of mighty and formidable demons from Longyuan River. As he had just begun to develop his power in Great Eastern Ocean a few years ago, he had yet to build himself a solid foundation. His father, Wanying Dragon King, was served by the three great demon kings of Nascent Divinity realm, Han Zhu, Tan Xue, and Le Hai, while he did not own even a few demons of the Nascent Soul realm. The great army jumping actively behind him were all creatures that looked not much different from the one placed in the baskets of a fresh market.

In the meanwhile, Catfish-flood-dragon was standing excitedly on the back of a giant seahorse, her eyes shining brilliantly as she kept glancing around. Rolling her sleeves up complacently, she said with a loud laughter, "Aye, I'm bringing an army of several hundreds of thousands of soldiers to attack the enemy, and this is how mightiness should look like! That little girl whose name is Yu Qianqian, you should just let me eat her! Someone sent by her had broken my tail. I need to avenge my tail!"

Touching her buttock with one hand, she gnashed her teeth and said, "A tailless dragon... It will be a disgrace if this spreads out!"

This group of demons had been used to throwing up mischiefs in the Great Eastern Ocean, and nobody was restricting their behavior with military laws or whatsoever. As a result, when the army of several hundreds of thousands of oceanic creatures flew over Ji City, some naughty demons could not refrain themselves from using their innate abilities, summoning winds and rains while blotting the sky with dark clouds and little thunderbolts, showering the city with a heavy downpour.

An immense downpour invaded Ji City. In just the time it took to finish a pot of tea, the entire city was flooded with three feet deep standing water. The rainwater blended with a very pungent stench of oceanic creatures, such as the smell of fishes and prawns, together with a bizarre smell that one could never really identify. From the capital city of Great Yan Dynasty, Ji City had transformed into a market for salted fishes. The pungent smell lingering in its atmosphere was beyond description.

What happened had immediately alerted the entire Great Yan Dynasty. Right after Princess Zhang Le brought the army of oceanic demons and cultivators out from the Ji City, charging menacingly towards Mount Yu located one hundred miles northward of Ji City, drums were beaten and horns were blown in Great Yan's imperial palace. Escorted by a large group of cultivators, a troop of honor guards followed by the emperor's chariot flew out of the palace, chasing closely behind Princess Zhang Le's great army of seafood.

Sitting in the chariot, Yan Dan was pondering over the message sent by Princess Zhang Le with a frown on his face. Meanwhile, the impatient Princess Zhang Le, Jiang Xin, and Jiang Rui had already launched their attacks together.

The five-colored divine rays behind Princess Zhang Le's back towered into the sky, spreading out and blanketing an area that was ten miles in circumference. Immediately, the natural energies within one thousand miles radius began to rock violently. Large dark clouds were rolling over, as numerous electric serpents were darting and slithering amidst them. Deep, muffled thunderclaps shook the entire Mount Yu. Focusing all her mind and exerting all her energy, Princess Zhang Le exercised the cultivation technique that was inherited in her bloodline. Her hair bun untied, and her long hair fluttered in the strong breeze while shining splendidly with five-colored gleams.

She spread her arms and floated up midair, then flew into the dark clouds high up in the sky that were getting denser and denser. Hovering amidst the dark clouds, she opened her mouth and began to sing a very ancient, simple song that only consisted of a few notes. However, as she progressed further into the song, countless transformations were added to the simple song. It was like a dirty-looking, insignificant seed that was buried in the soil. As it began to sprout, branching out and growing new leaves and fresh flowers, it started beaming with an endless vitality.

Five-colored divine rays spread out of her body, gradually blanketing an area of one hundred miles in circumference. Dark clouds that were as thick as ten miles rolled as they pressing closer to the ground, blending with the stinking wind and dark mist brought up by those oceanic creatures. Thunderbolts with the diameter of a water bucket were branching out of the dark clouds, producing deep, muffled thunderclaps that shook the ground, filling the surface of Mount Yu with one tiny crack after another.

A vast power of Heaven and Earth rushed into Princess Zhang Le's body, and her eyes shone with a faint five-colored gleam. She had once again entered the enlightenment state that all the rest of cultivators hankered for. She slowly clasped her palms together, and from the center of the palms came shooting out a thunderbolt, forming into a blue light sword. The sword measured several tens of miles long, but was only as thick as a thumb. The longsword was entirely created using powerful electric current, and produced loud crackling noises every now and then.

With their faces black as thunder, Jiang Xin and Jiang Rui exerted their energies to cast the strongest thunder technique of White Cloud Immortal Sect - 'True Water White Thunder Spell'. As cloud was one of the manifestations of water, and since White Cloud Immortal Sect had a 'cloud' in their name, they were known to be the expert in all kinds of water element techniques. True Water White Thunder Spell was a technique that could compress water element energies, causing a rapid friction to occur between the energy particles, and eventually transforming into brutal thunderbolts.

The thunderbolts with water as their element were soft by nature, and they had a long-lasting power which could penetrate straight into the internals of the target. Therefore, True Water White Thunder Spell was best at attacking any Sect's entrances that were protected with defensive formations. The thunderbolts would explode on the defensive formation, while the power of thunder could penetrate into the entrance and hurt anyone behind it. If it were used to attack someone, that person would look normal from the outside, but his insides would have already turned into a mess.

The hatred these two ladies had for Yu Qianqian had reached a maximum level, which made them exert and focus all their energies on one single True Water White Thunder.

It was exactly at the same moment that Princess Zhang Le had completed her preparation, thrusting out the longsword and smashing it brutally onto the Mount Yu. Jiang Xin and Jiang Rui gave a cold snort together, shooting out two white thunderbolts the size of a wicker basket, which then quickly grew up to one mile long and shot towards the target without making a noise.

While Princess Zhang Le, Jiang Xin, and Jiang Rui were initiating the attack, the current Leader of Yu Academy, Yu Wende, was taking a rest in an abode at the back of the mountain.

Mount Yu was the foundation of Yu clan in Great Yan Dynasty. Yu Academy was built right on top of this mountain, which gave the mountain the name of Mount Yu. It stood slightly less than one mile tall, and occupied a land several tens of miles in circumference. On the front of the main peak laid rows upon rows of dark-green palaces and pavilions, which were places where the apprentices of Yu Academy studied. A few elegant, exquisite-looking pavilions were built at the back of the mountain, serving as the residents for the teachers of Yu Academy.

The atmosphere of Mount Yu was filled with a copious amount of natural energies. It had a very beautiful scenery, looking serene, and the weather was soothing at the back of the mountain. It was like spring all year round. Because of all these factors, Yu Wende, who was severely wounded by Wu Qi and having trouble walking, had moved out of Yu clan's mansion in Ji City, and was currently staying in an abode at the back of Mount Yu.

Reclining comfortably on a soft couch made from incense wood, Yu Wende had a cute and beautiful little maid lying in his arms. As he gently fondled the blushing maid's firm, long legs, Yu Wende looked at a young man sitting opposite to him, who was clad in a long gown and projecting a cultured, talented, and refine bearing. "It’s all thanks to my good nephew's magical ability, or I don't know how long I would still have to be bothered by this injury." Yu Wende said with a smile on his face.

The young man nodded with a smile and said, "Don't stand on ceremony, uncle. Actually, the injury is not that serious. With uncle's contribution all these years, once you return, you just have to find an excellent beast soul and fuse with it, which will cure all your injury instantly."

Yu Wende responded with a faint smile. Pinching the maid's breast, he asked, "Hede and Hetian went out?"

"Yes, they are out. Qianqian is requesting help from them, and they want to see what kind of abilities those so-called heroes possess. At the same time, they wish to examine the result of their laborious cultivation for so many years. So, off they went helping Qianqian."

Yu Wende narrowed his eyes, then sighed lightly and said, "Since those Immortals arrived here three years ago, the undercurrent is getting stronger! What do you think, Heling?"

Yu Heling chuckled and said nonchalantly, "This is what was supposed to happen. After rearing them in a pen for over two thousand years, it is time to let these people out. With their natural endowments and temperaments, as long as a couple of them are able to attain a high position in the future, that will bring great benefits to us."

Yu Wende nodded and said, "That's correct. In fact, every single one of these people is indeed extraordinary. After spending so many years scheming and competing with them in Ji City, all our clan members made a good progress. No matter it is the way they conduct themselves, or their plots and schemes, they are many times better than the Elders back in the clan."

Yu Heling sneered, then shook his head and said, "Those Clan Elders... The prolonged period of peace had made them into tame sheep, no longer having the mighty bearing of our ancestors in the ancient era. Although these people of six dynasties are lacking higher level cultivation base, each of them is a dragon among the ordinary mortals, a fierce tiger among the tamed animals. After having been trained and tempered by them, our clan members who returned to the clan from here are all placed at important positions."

While both men were talking, a blinding light suddenly sprinkled down from the sky, as a longsword that was several tens of miles long and only as thick as a thumb smashed viciously down together with deafening roars of thunder. With just one strike, the entire Mount Yu was split in half. Dense smoke billowed into the sky, as Mount Yu's defensive formation was completely broken by the longsword, killing many of the apprentices who were studying on the mountain.

Before both men could react, two balls of white thunderbolt, each measuring one mile wide, plunged straight down from above and gently landed on Mount Yu.

Two crystal clear thunderclaps echoed out. Without stirring up too much of commotion, the entire Mount Yu turned into a cloud of powder and was carried away by the wind.

Yu Hede threw away the little maid as he fled into the sky in a flurry. There were several tens of thousands of Yu Academy's apprentices studying on Mount Yu, but only he and Yu Heling managed to escape.

Yu Heling soared high up into the sky. A golden condor beast soul emerged behind his back, letting out a loud, sonorous screech as it shot straight up into the sky as well.

Glancing around quickly, Yu Heling gave a cold snort. His body flickered as he drew out a strange-shaped bent blade, then slashed towards Princess Zhang Le.

He flew at an incredible speed. Before Princess Zhang Le could see the approaching pattern of the blade, it had already arrived before her face.

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