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"Stop complaining! Let's go now!"

Upon hearing the loud thunderclap, Wu Qi quickly controlled the Spirit Breeding Ring, shoving Zhao Kuo and the rest of the company into it. At the same time, he ordered Gold Horn and Silver Horn to transform into about ten feet long great pythons, with a body as thick as a fist, then making them coil lazily on his body.

After that, he put on a black Daoist robe and restored his true features, exercising the Yin Ghost Technique taught by Princess Zhang Le to shroud himself in a layer of misty ghost energy, putting on a perfect disguise of an evil cultivator. With that being done, he flew up above the Heavenly Water Dark Palace, followed Lady Dark Gold Water's memory to subdue the huge vase with a restrictive spell, and shoved it into the Black Dragon Spirit Ring.

The name of this vase was 'Dark Yin Energy Vase'. It was a natural spirit treasure of an excellent grade. However, as it did not have an item spirit, it was graded lower than it should be. It was specialized in absorbing all water element energies and transforming them into ninety-nine types of different Acquired True Water, with Heavenly Yin True Water being one of them. It could produce all sorts of strange Acquired True Water with different purposes. Some could be used to concoct pills, extinguish flames, watering plants, feeding demon beasts, and many more. It just had to be controlled with different incantation gestures.

After collecting the Dark Yin Energy Vase, Wu Qi sprayed out a mouthful of blood onto the exquisitely built Heavenly Water Dark Palace. Slowly, it turned smaller, and finally became a bright speck as small as a sesame seed, fusing into Wu Qi's forehead and hovering above the vast expanse of ocean that stretched several tens of thousands of miles in his spiritual space. This Heavenly Water Dark Palace was crafted by Lady Dark Gold Water's Master using a huge amount of natural treasures. It contained endless mysterious and restrictive formations, a palace that one could bring anywhere. With it, one could have a safe and comfortable palace to stay no matter where one was.

Nevertheless, in order to control this palace, it required an incredibly strong force of divine will. Without the cultivation base of a Gold Immortal, it was almost impossible to control it with ease. Therefore, Wu Qi could only place it in his spiritual ocean now, and did not dream of being able to control it at present.

After being done with all these, Wu Qi breathed out a mouthful of energy, transforming it into countless sword beams that swept across the cave messily. They crashed and shattered the thick layer of ice on the surrounding cave wall, digging out countless water element energy stones of various sizes and making them fly towards Wu Qi like a dazzling waterfall. With a sway of his body, eighteen celestial fiend puppets rushed out as they roared with laughter, turning into silhouettes that thrust into all directions and began to hack and smash on the surrounding cave walls.

Countless energy stones were thrown into the air, wrapped by Wu Qi's powerful divine will and being sucked into the Black Dragon Spirit Ring.

However, the reserve of energy stones in this place was simply too colossal, spreading too far away. In fact, the biggest function of Heavenly Water Dark Palace was that it could modify the surrounding underground energy vein, absorbing all natural energies and transforming them into cold element energy stones. After spending several hundreds of thousands of years in doing that, the once underground cave filled with rocks had been expanded to as large as one thousand miles in circumference, its cave walls fully filled with energy stones. It was obvious that the reserve of energy stones was beyond calculation.

Wu Qi flew back to where he came from together with eighteen celestial fiend puppets, harvesting energy stones along the way. There were too many energy stones, and their productivity was too inefficient. Wu Qi had no choice but to let Long Yuan and the rest of the Long Bo people out. With their incredible muscle strength, their fists that were as tough and sharp as axes and blades, they cut through the mountain rocks very easily. Ten thousand Long Bo people swarmed across the underground cave, smashing everywhere and making the ground shake violently, causing large pieces of energy stones to keep falling off and being sucked into Wu Qi's Black Dragon Spirit Ring.

With their help, the efficiency had improved by at least one thousand times! Bringing with him eighteen celestial fiend puppets and ten thousand Long Bo people, Wu Qi looted his way out. It only took them less than fifteen minutes to leave the underground cave and arrive at the valley near the foot of Tian Lin Mountain's main peak.

There was no time for him to calculate how many cold element energy stones he had looted in this trip. Wu Qi picked up the formation disc he deployed earlier outside the cave entrance, then had all Long Bo people withdraw back into the Spirit Breeding Ring. With two great pythons coiling on his body and shrouded in a layer of evil, dark mist, he transformed into a dark beam and shot straight towards the sky where the thunderclaps and furious roars could be heard coming endlessly.

The dark beam sped away at an incredible speed. Very soon, Wu Qi came to a high-altitude, three hundred miles above the ground and several thousand miles away from where he was.

A pitch-black planetary ship shaped like Mo City was hovering in space. Mo Di, Xun Kuang, Han Fei, Su Qin, and many of Great Yan Dynasty's mighty experts and legendary figures were present around it. The planetary ship shaped like Mo City was emitting a faint dark gleam, with a few pitch-black muzzles aiming right at Xue Yuan Planet. Several dozens of Great Yan Dynasty's Nascent Soul cultivators were controlling these weapons with mass offensive strength inside the planetary ship, deterring those Xue Yuan Planet's cultivators who were clustered around, harboring malicious intentions.

Mo Di, Xun Kuang, Su Qin, and Han Fei dragged four Heaven Immortals into a fierce battle.

It had been three years since Wu Qi met these people, and they really gave him a big surprise this time - both Mo Di and Xun Kuang were exuding a faint immortal energy, with three flowers clustered above their heads. With every movement they made, auspicious clouds transformed from golden immortal energies could be vaguely seen. During the period of three years, both of them had transcended Thunder Tribulations and broken into Heaven Immortal realm.

On the other side, judging from the energy waves emanating from Su Qin and Han Fei, both of them had stepped into the peak-stage of Nascent Divinity realm, just one step away from becoming Heaven Immortals. Obviously, after cultivating the Energy Unity Script and receiving teaching from orthodox Immortals, these existences with their intelligence only described as monstrous had improved their cultivation base by leaps and bounds.

The joint forces of two Heaven Immortals and two peak-stage Nascent Divinity cultivators had thrown Xue Yuan Planet's four Heaven Immortals into a sorry state, causing them to pant heavily. Wu Qi was observing the situation off from a far distance, and what he saw made his lips twitch uncontrollably.

Right when Wu Qi was flying towards the battlefield at top speed, a Heaven Immortal who fought with Xun Kuang suddenly flew into a rage out of humiliation. He slapped a large, pitch-black gourd strapping behind his back backhandedly. A dazzling flame flickered from the mouth of the gourd as a large sheet of yellowish flame shrouded in green smoke sprayed out, carrying a foul stench as it transformed into several hundred flaming pythons while shooting menacingly towards Xun Kuang and the other three men.

Before Xun Kuang could initiate a counterattack, Han Fei, whose face was expressionless, had already murmured under his breath with a dull and dry voice, "There is a saying, that punishments are not for nobles!" Even as he said that, a jade scroll held in his hand shook lightly, and he gently waved a glistening writing brush with his right hand. Immediately, the yellowish flame and green smoke rolling towards them halted in the void, then rolled backward and wrapped all four Heaven Immortals, together with a group of cultivators who hovered behind them.

Tragic howls and screams echoed out. A few cultivators clad in white robes of White Frost City's Bai Clan had their bodies kindled by the yellowish flame. The vicious flame spread quickly upon touching their bodies, ripping their skin and flesh with the intense burning. In just one breath of time, their fleshly bodies were burned into piles of ashes.

The Heaven Immortal who cast the yellowish flame and green smoke growled with anger. However, before he could retract the smoke and flame, Xun Kuang's eyes shone with bright gleams and locked him down. Xun Kuang extended his arms and performed a grabbing gesture, then brought them back and clasped together as he said with a faint sigh, "There is an air of righteousness between the heaven and earth. The vast righteous air will slaughter all evils and fiends! All-Around Fiends Slaughtering Immortal Thunder!"

Pure air one could see with naked eyes began to roll over from all directions, while a ball of immortal thunderbolt, the size of a human head and glowing with a vibrant green hue, gradually took shape within his palm. He flipped and pressed the palm downward, as the immortal thunderbolt transformed into a golden beam and shot out, brutally smashing onto the Heaven Immortal who had the big gourd strapped behind his back. A loud boom rang out while rapid thunderclaps filled the atmosphere. The attack shattered the black gourd to shreds and horribly mangled the Heaven Immortal's body, causing him to let out shrill howls, turn into green smoke, and flee desperately.

While Han Fei and Xun Kuang worked hand in hand to severely wound a Heaven Immortal, Su Qin and Mo Di did not stop their attacks either.

Su Qin casually waved his hand at the surrounding void, and all the stars in all directions which one could see with naked eyes brightened immediately. "The celestial stars gathering spirit, celestial spirit dispersing souls[1]. Fellow Daoists, haven't you heard the saying that a good dog will never block one's way?" Su Qin said with a low voice. Then, he raised his right hand. A little prism-shaped like a star was seen spinning rapidly within his palm, as countless silvery starlight shot out from it, turning into large sheets of silvery halos that sprinkled down.

The silvery halos trapped the last three Heaven Immortals that were fighting them. The surrounding natural energies turned rigid in an instant, interrupting the recitation of immortal spells that they were about to cast. It caused a backlash on them, making them feel extremely ill and nearly cough up blood.

Taking the opportunity, Mo Di thrust forward. He was holding a heavy, pitch-black longsword, having a square shape which made it look more like an iron stick than a sword. He slowly pointed the sword forward as he said lightly, "Impartial caring, against any unjust warfare... To not attack is to be the first to attack!" The blunt sword pointed forward slightly, and the void before the three Heaven Immortals collapsed immediately.

Three tragic howls echoed out, as three Heaven Immortals nearly had their immortal bodies pierced by Mo Di's sword. Each of them coughed out a mouthful of golden blood. Not uttering a word, they spun and fled.

Suddenly, large sheets of crimson flame and golden beams burst out from the few pitch-dark muzzles on the planetary ship that was shaped like Mo City. They smashed onto all the Xue Yuan Planet's cultivators who crowded around the battlefield ruthlessly. The golden beams smashed down like thunderbolts, producing deafening rumbles as they hit the targets. Thinking that they were backed by Heaven Immortals, these several hundred Xue Yuan Planet's cultivators acted bold enough to watch the battle from a very close distance. But little did they know that their Heaven Immortals would be defeated in such a short amount of time. As a result, all of them were hit by the golden beams.

These poor cultivators did not have a very high-leveled cultivation base. When they were hit by the weapons specially crafted by Mo Sect, before they could unleash any defensive magical treasures, all of them were turned into nothingness amidst the crimson flame and golden beams. About seven to eight Nascent Souls soared up into the sky in the sorriest state, trying to flee for their lives. However, before they could go too far, Wu Qi had already thrust out the Sword of Greedy Wolf.

Fourteen wolf heads howled loudly into the sky as a dark beam pierced through space, thrusting into all those Nascent Souls. Amidst tragic howling, they were sucked into the Sword of Greed Wolf.

Mo Di roared with laughter, "Wu Qi little guy, have you rescued them?"

Wu Qi retracted the sword and flew over to Mo Di and the rest of the people. Giving everyone a displeased glare, he complained in a loud voice, "Since all of you have attained such an incredible cultivation base, so strong that you can easily defeat the joint forces of a few Heaven Immortals, what took you so long to come to the rescue?"

Mo Di's face darkened. Standing next to him, Xun Kuang said in a flat tone, "You can't blame us. A few days ago, Dark Radiance Planet, the planet nearest to Xue Yuan Planet, had their only Grand Universal Teleportation Formation shut down completely. We had no choice but to take an alternate route, traveling to 'Four Corners Planet', which was located nearest to this galaxy. Then, we had to travel across the vast space from there to this place. That is the reason why it took us so many days to arrive here."

Dark Radiance Planet had also shut down their Grand Universal Teleportation Formation? Wu Qi's face flushed a bit. He hastily glanced around and changed the topic, then released Yan Qijun and the company from the Spirit Breeding Ring.

The company did not bother to continue messing with the people of Xue Yuan Planet. They quickly flew back into the planetary ship and began to rushing over to Dark Radiance Planet.

When they arrived at Dark Radiance Planet, they forced the Feng and Yu clans, who had lost their Patriarchs, to activate the Grand Universal Teleportation Formation. Using it, they quickly returned to White Cloud Planet. After that, using the Grand Universal Teleportation Formation which Wu Qi constructed in White Cloud Planet, they returned to Ji City.

Right when they walked out of the teleportation formation in Ji City, they were greeted with battle cries that shook the heaven and earth.

An immense killing aura towered into the sky northward of Ji City. The noises of slaughtering along with the miserable and tragic howls made the entire Ji City shake violently.

This is just the reciting of a spell before the attack, doesn't have any real meaning here.
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