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"Master, help me!" The fearsome pressure came pressing at them from all directions. Madman Xue felt as if he were a bean that had turned soft from soaking in water, and was placed inside a millstone. He felt he was about to be crushed to shreds by the heavy and tough millstone. His bones produced cracking noises, while his skin broke with many bloody wounds. Blood rushed out from his ripped muscles and blood vessels. In just a blink of an eye, he was bathed in blood.

Lao Ai, who was thrown into an utter confusion by the sudden pressure, reached out and grabbed Madman Xue's arm with a snort. A ball of pinkish mist burst out from his body, tightly wrapping around him and Madman Xue. Then, an affectionate, sweet moan rang out, as nine pearls glinting with pinkish gleam shot out from the top of his head. They shone with a blinding light that protected Lao Ai and the few disciples who managed to survive the pressure.

Sweet giggles were heard coming from the nine pearls without end, with a few figures seen flickering in them. In the next moment, nine teenage girls with exceedingly beautiful visages, seductive statures, and extremely charming looks and every single movement, walked gracefully out of the pearls. These girls looked very young. Their faces were pure and naive, seeming like young ladies of some eminent clans. However, they were all very tall, each having a very sexy figure and fully naked. They could make any man's heart beat faster than the sight of the most famous prostitutes under the heaven.

The nine girls gracefully walked a few steps around Lao Ai. Suddenly, one of them chuckled, clenching her fist and punching forcefully into the void before her. A stream of pinkish light thrust out and produced a loud boom in the void along with a powerful explosion, causing the ground underneath Lao Ai's feet to crack with many rifts.

Sweet giggles lingered in the atmosphere. Nine girls transformed into countless silhouettes, darting and flying around in the sky while punching out their fair little fists into the void wherever they went. It shook the heaven and earth, causing the surrounding mountain ridges to quake violently. Rocks and boulders were cracking and crumbling, falling off from the mountain while massive rifts were opened up on the ground. Faint yellowish underground energy towered into the sky, with countless huge rocks shooting everywhere.

Lao Ai had protected himself and his disciples with nine pearls, using the nine teenage girls with unknown origin to attack the surrounding restrictive formations. He dragged Madman Xue and slowly rose to his feet, casting a cold glance at the few eunuchs who hovered mid-air, with sword beams several tens of miles away. Grinning coldly, he said, "I, Lao Ai, have been a villain for all my life, and yet I was schemed by someone today! Since when have you betrayed Great Sun Sect?!"

The few eunuchs offered Lao Ai a respectful bow. Wearing a solemn expression, the leading eunuch cried with a deep voice, "We were never Great Sun Sect's disciples. It is you, Patriarch, who tried to expand your influence in the palace and took us as disciples by chance. Nevertheless, we've to express our gratitude for you, as we could have our male organs regrown because of you!"

"You bunch of ungrateful rascals!!!"

Lao Ai looked gloomily at the few eunuchs. Nodding slowly, he said, "If I manage to survive today, I'll definitely eradicate all your clans completely!"

Amidst the loud booms, the nine girls who were flying everywhere in the sky suddenly combined their attack and smashed at a certain spot in the void. Nine fair little fists hit the same spot in the void almost at the same time. In an instant, numerous runes exploded on the mountain, shining with a blinding light. Huge boulders were crushed to pieces, and the tremendous pressure filling the atmosphere turned lighter by at least thirty percent. Laughing loudly, Lao Ai casually pointed out his finger and shot out nine drops of blood. The nine girls let out a joyful laugh together. They quickly rushed over, picked up a drop of blood each, and swallowed it immediately. Suddenly, their appearances changed.

From seductive and beautiful looking girls, their skins and flesh turned transparent like glass, revealing their pinkish bones with a slight tinge of gold. With a faint smile on his face, Lao Ai said coldly, "Trying to trap me with this lousy restrictive formation of magnetic force? You must be out of your mind! Beautiful ladies are merely ephemeral in the world of mortals; the Heavenly Dao is cruel. One has to have a heart of a diamond!"

Upon hearing Lao Ai's shout, the nine girls sat cross-legged in midair immediately, each having a Third-Grade flawless and spotless white lotus throne emerge under them. They performed lotus gestures with hands and recited the Vajrasattva Mantra. Very quickly, their skin and flesh melted into a transparent fluid and fused into their bones. In just a brief moment, nine pinkish skeletons with a slight tinge of gold were seen sitting on the nine lotus thrones. Instead of projecting a ferocious and frightening image, they looked both evil and holy, sending forth a dignified air blended with a slight cuteness. The pinkish skeletons looked just like lotus roots that someone had just dug out from underwater, fresh and moist, as if water could be squeezed out with just one gentle pinch!

Lao Ai gave a long screech, then he cried at the top of his voice, "The Wheel of Delight, the Great Delight of All Heavens!!!"

Nine white lotus thrones rolled up their petals elegantly and wrapped around nine skeletons. A chanting of mantra echoed out, as nine fully closed up lotus thrones soared up into the sky and began to dance at high speed. Abruptly, they transformed into a sheet of fuzzy white light and sprinkled down. Bringing with them a holy and solemn aura, nine pearls flew up into the sky and fused with the white light.

Roughly three to five breaths later, the white light faded away, revealing a giant wheel that was sixty-three feet in diameter, hovering lightly behind Lao Ai's back. The wheel was completely pink in color, divided into nine layers in total, with countless Heavenly Demons dancing gracefully, countless Heavenly Goddesses sprinkling flowers, and countless Apsaras[1] dancing and playing music in it. Then, a pinkish Third-Grade lotus throne flew out from the center of the wheel, slowly hovering below Lao Ai's feet. It carried Lao Ai up into the air and merged with the giant wheel.

With every breath Lao Ai took, the countless Heavenly Demons, Heavenly Goddesses, and Heavenly Apsaras would laugh delightfully and move together. If one looked carefully into the wheel, he would see an endless delightful scene, as if he had just traveled all the worlds under the heaven in just a twinkle, and witnessed countless scenes of great delight and joy. If any ordinary cultivators cast their glance at the wheel, their three physical and seven spiritual souls would be drawn into it immediately, vanishing completely into the endless scenes of delight.

Sitting dignified on the lotus throne with his long dark hair waving behind his back, Lao Ai said in a flat tone, "Extreme Yin gives birth to Yang, extreme Yang gives birth to Yin. The end of Evil Dao is not Fiend, but the Buddha who shares one single body with Fiends. I, Lao Ai, have used the art of delight to comprehend the miraculous principles of the Heaven and Earth. But what I seek is not the Dao of Heaven Immortal, but... the Dao of Arhat Happy[2]!"

A glittering, translucent, and pinkish relic flew out from between Lao Ai's brows. It hovered quietly before his face and shone with a vast and blinding gleam, sending forth an endless pressure. Lao Ai lightly pointed his finger at the relic. Immediately, a ring of divine will that one could see with naked eyes burst and spread out from the relic, sweeping across all the mountains and rivers within ten thousand miles in a twinkle. Wherever this wave of divine will went, be it the tiniest grass or leaf, an insect or a fish, everything was made clear in Lao Ai's vision.

Laughing loudly, Lao Ai turned to look at a mountain ridge behind the few dumbfounded eunuchs and said coolly, "Yu Qianqian, you b*tch! Show yourself now! So, it is Yu Academy who schemed against Great Sun Sect in the dark? Once I capture you alive, a spinster who no one wants to marry, I'll make sure your desire for death exceeds the desire to live! Now, get you’re a*s out here! Take off all your clothes and lay down on the ground, I'll spare your entire clan after having a pleasant moment with you!"

A nervous look appeared on the few eunuchs' faces. They exchanged a glance, then suddenly moved backward at the same time.

Lao Ai grinned coldly. Shaking his head and breathing out a long sigh, he said, "My good children, since you've already betrayed your Patriarch, how can you be spared to live further? Extinguish!"

With just one single word - extinguish, the bodies of the few eunuchs froze instantly. After that, they vanished completely without a trace. Lao Ai's enormously powerful mind force - the mind force of Buddhism and not the divine will of Daoist - had instantly wiped out any traces of existence related to these few eunuchs. Because of that, their fleshly bodies and souls naturally vanished together. Any signs that proved they were once living in this world were completely gone.

Only Madman Xue and the disciples of Great Sun Sect could still remember these few eunuchs.

It was due to the overly weak power in Lao Ai's divine ability. If it were a real Buddha who used this method to kill someone, any memories related to this person would be completely wiped off from the heads of all living beings under the heaven. Apart from some almighty experts in a similar realm as Buddha, nobody would remember that person. It was a truly miraculous divine power that could rule everything. Compared to a Buddha, Lao Ai was like a drop of water in a vast ocean. He was far inferior to those almighty experts.

The sound of clapping echoed out. With a smile blooming on her face, Yu Qianqian walked out from behind the mountain which Lao Ai was pointing and scolding at just now. A handsome man with a soldierly bearing was seen walking beside her. Yu Qianqian chuckled and said, "You've truly lived up to your name of the Sect Master of Great Sun Sect. Hmm, may I ask what cultivation technique is Senior Lao Ai practicing with?"

Rolling his eyes, Lao Ai thrust his palm forward. A huge and fuzzy palm fell down from the sky. It touched lightly on the huge mountain that was densely covered with countless runes, blinking in strong lights, and emanating a tremendous magnetic force to restrict Lao Ai and his disciples. Within a blink of an eye, the mountain turned into powder and drifted away in the strong breeze, leaving behind a huge palm print on the ground, several tens of miles in circumference and one mile deep into the ground.

Then, Lao Ai snorted coldly and said, "Stop talking rubbish. Yu Qianqian, if you take off your clothes and lay on the ground now, I'll only play with you but not kill you! But if you let me personally take off your clothes... I'll kill every single member of your Yu clan, every apprentice of Yu Academy, and their entire clans!"

Yu Qianqian's expression changed immediately, filled with extreme hatred. She glared at Lao Ai with a blue face, then sneered and said, "You think you are qualified to do that?"

Lao Ai rose to his feet, lifted up his robe and pulled off his pants, revealing his male organ that was erect like a spear. Laughing evilly, he said, "You think I do not qualify? Why don't you give it a try?"

Yu Qianqian was fuming with rage. No matter how insidious she was in scheming against other people, she was, after all, an unmarried woman. On the opposite, Lao Ai was an old evil who was shameless to the extreme. How could she defeat Lao Ai when it came to playing evil tricks?

Covering her face with a sleeve, Yu Qianqian cried out sternly, "Elder Brother Hede, I'll have to trouble you in this! Please kill Lao Ai! Once Qianqian replaces him and controls Great Sun Sect, the entire Great Yan Dynasty will be in my pocket!"

The youth with a soldierly bearing chuckled and said, "Alright. Since I've not exercised for quite a long time, this is a good opportunity for me to see what kind of approaches do these people have now!" Yu Hede sighed lightly and continued, "Although these people are born with the same root as us, they are really different compared to our clan members. They are truly genius in their schemes and approaches. Qianqian, do you know that all your seniors who returned to the clan are holding important positions now? I can see that you are resolute and merciless in your approaches as well. I'm sure your future achievement will definitely surpass me. I hope Qianqian can take good care of Elder Brother in the future."

Yu Qianqian responded with a faint smile. She nodded and said, "Elder brother, you're flattering me. We still don't know what is going to happen in the future. Nevertheless, since Elder Brother has exposed yourself before Lao Ai, there is no way we can let them leave here alive!"

Yu Hede smiled and said, "Don't worry, Qianqian. If I had no confidence in killing them, why would I show my face before them?"

He smiled coldly with confidence. Suddenly, a dark cloud shot out from his head and soared high up into the sky. A lightning bolt flashed amidst the dark cloud, then a strange beast rushed out while issuing roars that sounded like thunderclaps. The beast stood one hundred feet tall, having a dark skin and only one leg. Two purple-blue cow horns were set upon its head, that kept unleashing powerful lightning bolts.

Lao Ai's face fell instantly as he roared out at the top of his voice, "The soul of the ancient thunder beast, Kui yak[3]?!"

Yu Hede sneered. He did not answer, but instead, his body fused with the beast soul of Kui yak. Transforming himself into a ball of lightning, he thrust towards Lao Ai mightily.

Lao Ai snorted coldly and began to recite some mantra. With a flip of his palms, a pinkish divine ray shot out soundlessly.

An apsara, also spelled as apsaras by the Oxford Dictionary (respective plurals apsaras and apsarases), is a female spirit of the clouds and waters in Hindu and Buddhist culture. (Source: was one of the Eighteen Arhats, or Luohan in pinyin. The Eighteen Arhats are depicted in Mahayana Buddhism as the original followers of the Buddha who have followed the Eightfold Path and attained the Four Stages of Enlightenment. (Source: is a polysemous figure in ancient Chinese mythology. Classic texts use this name for the legendary musician Kui who invented music and dancing; for the one-legged mountain demon or rain-god Kui variously said to resemble a Chinese dragon, a drum, or a monkey with a human face; and for the Kuiniu wild yak or buffalo. (Source:
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