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While Princess Zhang Le was fighting a fierce battle with the fake Lao Ai above the ocean outside Star picking City, in the capital city of Tian Le Kingdom, the neighboring kingdom of Gu Tai Dynasty in White Cloud Planet, the real Lao Ai was fighting another fierce battle in the chamber of the empress. The chamber was luxuriously decorated, but it had taken gold and black as its main tone, filling the atmosphere with an oppressive aura.

Empress Dowager Cirui, who was administering the kingdom's affairs from behind the veil, the person that held the actual power in Tian Le Kingdom's imperial court, was lying prone on the bed, fully naked. She had a flushed face as she kept enduring the seemingly endless spanking from Lao Ai, wave after wave, heavy like a mountain and fast like lightning. The crystal clear spanking noises echoed in the empress's chamber, while Empress Dowager Cirui's loud moaning resounded from the chamber and went far away.

Outside the front door that led to the empress's chamber, Madman Xue was seen sitting firmly on a soft couch. A few naked beautiful palace maids were lying feebly on the ground, staring at Madman Xue with flushed faces. A teenage girl, who looked at most fourteen years old, with an extraordinarily elegant and petite appearance, was clinging on Madman Xue's body with her legs wrapping around his waist, her arms bracing around his neck while moving her body up and down madly. She had sunk into a half-unconscious state, but her lovely face was fully melted in infatuation and frantic enthusiasm. She moaned under her breath, her body shivering and twitching incessantly, and some unusual pink spots were emerging on her skin.

Madman Xue had both of his hands clenched tightly on the teenage girl's waist. He was silently exercising the Great Sun Technique taught by Lao Ai, extracting the single thread of true Yin energy in her body and using it to improve his own energy. A mass of air had already formed in his dantian, roughly the size of a fist and glinting with a pinkish gleam. Shockingly, he had already broken through the ceiling of peak Xiantian realm, having one leg stepping into Gold Core realm. Nourished by the true Yin energies he extracted from many teenage girls in the past few days, his Gold Core was nearly matured, and soon it would form into a Gold Core with a corporeal shape.

Suddenly, the teenage girl wiggling vigorously on his body let out a long-drawn-out moan. Her petite body twitched a few times, before she became completely feeble and clung herself tightly to Madman Xue like a great python whose backbone was taken away. Sweat drenched her from head to toe. Madman Xue issued a boisterous laugh, lifted up the teenage girl, and threw her to the ground. Then, he shouted excitedly, "Somebody, bring Princess to take a bath and put on clean clothes. Invite Princess You Le here. I'm going to practice the mighty immortal technique with her!"

Immediately, a few tall, burly, fierce-looking eunuchs came running out of a room not far away. Their faces were filled with flattering smiles as they brought a teenage girl with them, who looked even younger than the previous princess, gorgeously dressed but face deadly pale with fear. Madman Xue laughed wildly, grabbed the struggling Princess You Le over, and pressed her heavily down to the soft couch. A shrill, painful cry of the teenage girl rang out. Madman Xue panted and moaned, then began to move his lower body up and down like a piling machine.

Inside the empress's chamber. Empress Dowager Cirui gave a faint and weak cry, with sweat drenching her from head to toe as she threw herself on the bed.

Lao Ai turned her over gently, looking at her tenderly, with a charming smile on his face as he asked, "An Rong, isn't this wonderful?"

An Rong was Empress Dowager Cirui's real name. She stared at Lao Ai with a clearly infatuated look in her eyes, while she kept fondling her own fair and well-rounded breasts weakly. At last, she sighed and said, "My dear Lao Ai, An Rong has wasted so many years living boringly. Oh Heaven, why is there such a wonderful thing in this world? An Rong never thought of this before! Aye, compared to my dear Lao Ai, my late Emperor is just..."

Lao Ai threw out his chest complacently, then smiled gently and said, "Aye, why are you comparing me with a dead emperor? Don't mention him anymore. I don't believe there is any man under the heaven that can defeat me..." with both hands caressing Empress Dowager Cirui's body, he continued in a flat tone, "That nuisance Prime Minister's house was caught on fire last night, which killed him and his entire clan. Now, is there anyone else in the imperial court who still makes things difficult for you?"

Empress Dowager Cirui smiled charmingly, using her long legs to clamp tightly around Lao Ai's waist. While chuckling, she said, "Who else dares to refute my decree? From today onwards, Tian Le Kingdom will be shared between my dear Lao Ai and me. Tomorrow I'll announce an imperial decree, declaring that my dear Lao Ai is a cousin from my clan, a man with great talents, who will be the 'pillar' of Tian Le Kingdom, and will temporarily act as Tian Le Kingdom's Prince Regent!"

Lao Ai nodded with pleasure and said, "Excellent! In the future, our sons will be the monarch of Tian Le Kingdom!"

Rising his little brother, Lao Ai entered Empress Dowager Cirui's body once again. He chuckled and murmured under his breath, "I will use this 'pillar' of mine to spread my seed all over the world. I will make the emperors of all the dynasties and kingdoms under the heaven be replaced by my offspring! I want to complete the thing that I've failed to achieve in those years. How happy would that be if the emperors of all the dynasties and kingdoms under the heaven have to address me as Father?"

Empress Dowager Cirui had lost her last bit of reason. She hugged Lao Ai crazily and began to enjoy the great pleasure once again.

Loud noises of spanking echoed out. Not long after that, Empress Dowager Cirui gave a satisfying moan, showing the whites of her eyes and passing out.

Lao Ai rose to his feet complacently. Using a white silk handkerchief, he slowly wiped his body clean. After that, served by a few palace maids who were flushed to the ears, he put on the imperial outfit of Tian Le Kingdom's Prince. While doing that, his hands were running wildly on these palace maids' bodies. Staring at the few young and beautiful girls, Lao Ai's lust was aroused once again. As he was about to push them to the bed when he suddenly heard someone calling in the courtyard, "Sect Master, Patriarch, your children have an emergency to report!"

He was taken by surprise. Waving his hand, he chased the few palace maids aside, then strode out of the chamber.

Madman Xue, who was messing with Princess You Le near the chamber's entrance, had also risen to his feet hastily, standing nakedly before the chamber's entrance and staring coldly at the few men clad in eunuch outfits, their faces fair and beardless. These few eunuchs were brought here by a few Great Sun Sect's disciples. Initially, Madman Xue did not notice them, but when he heard them calling Lao Ai, he was forced to stop doing the marvelous thing, rise to his feet, and wait for Lao Ai's order.

Walking out of the chamber, Lao Ai gave Princess You Le a glance, who was lying motionlessly on the soft couch. He turned to Madman Xue, then nodded and said, "My disciple, you do have a keen eyesight. This girl has a copious amount of innate true Yin energy. By having sex with her, it can save you thirty years of laborious meditation. Hmm, seems like you've been working hard recently. It only took you a few days and you've already stepped into Gold Core realm. Not bad!"

Madman Xue bowed respectfully and said, "This is all because of the great teaching and guidance Master has provided to me, and the miraculous effect of Master's divine technique. It is not a laborious process at all! In the past few days, I've had sex with 37 Tian Le Kingdom's princesses. How can one describe this wonderful experience as laborious?"

Lao Ai laughed pleasingly, then nodded and said, "Haha, I like how you described it! Although there are so many divine and miraculous techniques under the heaven, no one can progress as fast as you and I! As long as we can find girls with excellent talents as our cultivation vessels, our cultivation base will advance at a tremendous pace! No one under the heaven can compare with us!"

Patting Madman Xue's shoulder, Lao Ai turned to give a cold glance at the few eunuchs standing respectfully in the courtyard. He snorted coldly and said, "What happened? I thought you are supposed to stay in Ji City and monitor the situation? Why have you deserted your task and come all the way here?"

Upon hearing the question, the few eunuchs, who served in Great Yan's imperial palace but were also the secret disciples of Great Sun Sect quickly dropped to their knees. They offered Lao Ai a few kowtows and said, "Patriarch, we come here with a shocking information. Because the information is too important, we dared not to delay it, and hence decided to rush here immediately and bring it to you."

Lao Ai nodded and said with a deep voice, "What is the shocking information? Stand up and tell me!"

The group of eunuchs offered him a few more kowtows before rose to their feet. Then, the eunuch who led the group carefully produced a jade slip, walked forward, and gave it to Lao Ai. The jade slip was anciently fashioned. It was carved into the shape of a peculiar little bird with an ancient style. Although it looked simple, it was sending forth an extraordinary aura.

Lao Ai sent his divine will into the jade slip. He was immediately attracted by the information contained in it, and his face flushed red instantly. Seized by the wild joy, he cried, "Excellent! You've done exceptionally well this time! Hmm, all of you will be handsomely rewarded! Quick, quick, bring me to that place!"

The information contained in the jade slip was rather simple. It was a map of a secret Immortal Abode, along with the detailed instructions of entering and leaving its defensive formation.

According to the few eunuchs, this jade slip was robbed from the secret agents of Great Zhao's Zhao Wu Palace by Great Yan's Scouting Office. They had spent a huge price for it, and it was immediately sent back to Great Yan through a secret channel. However, in the middle of sending it back, it was seized by Great Sun Sect's disciples who served in the palace. All the related personnel were killed on the spot, and the jade slip was eventually sent to Lao Ai by these few eunuchs.

The map and detailed instructions for entering and leaving defensive formations for an intact, never before discovered ancient Immortal Abode! Unquestionably, there must be a lot of good treasures in it! Burning with impatience, Lao Ai had no more mood to handle the affairs in Tian Le Kingdom. He randomly ordered a few disciples to stay back and control the situation, then hastily brought Madman Xue and the few eunuchs, traveling back to Myriad Immortals Planet through a Grand Universal Teleportation Formation.

Following the map, Lao Ai brought nearly one hundred disciples and came stealthily all the way to a swampy area located in the southernmost region of Great Yan's territory. Without hesitation he followed the map and went deep into the swampy area, traveling 36,000 miles and arriving in a mountain range that stretched over several tens of thousands of miles long.

The mountains here were dangerously steep. It was surrounded by a land filled with barren hills and unruly rivers, inhabited by venomous snakes and insects, and some strange existences that no one could tell the origins of. Throughout the entire Great Yan's territory, the southern swampy region was a place feared the most by everyone. The eastern region was the Great Eastern Ocean, which was a vast ocean inhabited by countless formidable aquatic races. The northern region was a land of ice, the weather was extremely cold and the environment was harsh. Meng Mountains stood mightily in the western region, the home to countless demons and barbarians, the land of savagery, while the southern swampy region was the most mysterious and dreadful land. No one in Great Yan Dynasty knew where the boundary of this swampy region was, and what things were living in it.

According to the map, Lao Ai brought his disciples and performed a thorough search in this mountain ranges for several days. Finally, he found a large mountain surrounded by nine smaller mountain ranges, which stretched like dragons and had steep terrains like curtains. It was a bald mountain with no grass or vegetation, and not even a tiny thread of natural energies could be found one hundred miles around it. Instead, the air was filled with a biting coldness that sent a chill down one's back.

Staring at this mysterious mountain that was sending forth an unfathomable bizarreness, Lao Ai glanced around cautiously. He could not make up his mind to enter the mountain.

However, someone helped him made the decision.

Two eunuchs standing behind him produced a golden talisman each, waved it in the breeze and cast out a golden cloud. The cloud enveloped Lao Ai, along with several dozens of his disciples and Madman Xue. Then, they were sent to the foot of the lofty mountain with a golden flash.

The barren mountain that was shaped like a steamed bun shone with bright light instantly, with numerous runes blinking on its surface.

An enormous pressure came smashing down brutally. It forced Lao Ai to fall on his knees, then pressed his body tightly against the ground.

The disciples standing around him issued tragic howls. The sudden pressure crushed their bodies to shreds.

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