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False Nascent Soul! Just like the false core Wu Qi formed in his dantian previously, it was a trick found in Scroll of Stealing that was used to deceive and mislead outsiders.

By using White Cloud Immortal Sect's Energy Unity Script as the foundation, on absorbing an enormous amount of energies and filling his Gold Core with Immortal Chang Wu's Heavenly Dao enlightenment, Wu Qi eventually formed this false Nascent Soul with the mystic technique. It contained all of Immortal Chang Wu's Heavenly Dao enlightenment of the Heaven Immortal grade. As long as Wu Qi could comprehend all of them, he could then push his cultivation base to Heaven Immortal realm with this false Nascent Soul.

Nevertheless, it was, after all, a false Nascent Soul. It was more of a peculiar magical treasure shaped like a Nascent Soul, having functions identical to a real Nascent Soul, rather than being Wu Qi's real Nascent Soul. It possessed every function of a real Nascent Soul, but it was only controlled by one single thread of Wu Qi's divine will. Even if it were destroyed one day, only that single thread of divine will would be destroyed. It would not hurt Wu Qi at all.

The enormous amount of energy continued to rush into Wu Qi's body as he sat cross-legged. The Heavenly Wit Fruit had improved his intelligence and the ability to gain enlightenment of the Heavenly Dao to an insane level. Together with the unfathomable magical knowledge found in Scroll of Stealing, Wu Qi had comprehended all of the mysterious principles of Heaven and Earth found in Immortal Chang Wu's Heavenly Dao Epigraphs to the limit of peak-stage Nascent Soul realm in just a few hours of time.

With that, the Nascent Soul in his body was growing up at an incredible rate. It kept absorbing the energies that came from the outside, quickly improving to the level of peak-stage Nascent Soul realm. Then, enormous amounts of energy burst out from the silvery glinting false Nascent Soul, flowing and circulating quickly through Wu Qi's primary meridians. With a slight focus of his mind, there were countless razor-sharp silver lights immediately flickering around him, cutting the surrounding cave walls and sending tiny rocks flying everywhere.

Wu Qi snorted coldly. Using Divine Flame of Order, he had completely refined Immortal Chang Wu's soul, transforming it into 360 purple-green soul pearls, each being the size of a fist. He swallowed one of them. Immediately, a pure and powerful source soul energy rushed into his spiritual ocean, being absorbed and digested by his Nascent Divinity, and allowing it to grow stronger.

"This is too wonderful for words!"

Wu Qi giggled, then pulled out Vagabond Qing Yi and had him refined as well.

Vagabond Qing Yi's flesh, blood, and energy essences transformed into golden blood crystals, while his immortal soul transformed into purple-green soul pearls. Obviously, his cultivation base was much stronger than Immortal Chang Wu, as Wu Qi was able to produce over 400 blood crystals, and a total of 570 soul pearls. Vagabond Qing Yi primarily practiced wood element cultivation technique, with wind element Dharma spells derived from the wood element as his main offensive ability. Therefore, there were 123 pale green Heavenly Dao Epigraphs in his immortal souls.

Wu Qi had his false Nascent Soul devour all these Heavenly Dao Epigraphs. Very quickly it took a half silver and half green hue. After another round of crazy absorbing and spitting energies, the false Nascent Soul had reached the limit of Wu Qi's Nascent Embryo, which gradually forced his Nascent Embryo to go through a mysterious transformation.

Finally, it was Immortal Xuan Yang's turn. Amongst the three, he had the strongest cultivation base. The yield was 600 blood crystals and 800 soul pearls, a result which struck even Wu Qi dumb. Especially the fact that there was a total of 358 Heavenly Dao Epigraphs in Immortal Xuan Yang's soul, an evidence that he had gained an extremely profound comprehension of the flame. It even made Wu Qi suspect that Immortal Xuan Yang might have been on the verge of breaking the threshold of Thirty-Fifth Tier Heaven Immortal.

Once again, he had his false Nascent Soul devour Immortal Xuan Yang's Heavenly Dao Epigraphs. Abruptly, an eye-catching red gleam burst out from the once silver-green false Nascent Soul. The strong gleams of silver, green, and red were now lingering and swirling restlessly around it. Every time Wu Qi inhaled, the false Nascent Soul would inhale together, while every time he exhaled, it would exhale as well. With every cycle of inhaling and exhaling, pure three-colored energies would surge out from it, quickly filling every inch of Wu Qi's primary meridians.

Five Acquired Spirit Pearls flew out and began to wheel around the false Nascent Soul. Among them, the Gold, Wood, and Fire element Acquired Spirit Pearls shone with bright gleams, resonating with a ball of intertwining green, silver, and red runes in the false Nascent Soul's abdomen. For every circle the five Acquired Spirit Pearls made, there would be a faintly discernible principle of Heavenly Dao fused into Wu Qi's Nascent Divinity, which made him feel his affinity with the surrounding natural energy becoming stronger.

And to Wu Qi's surprise, he managed to separate a thread of pale golden bloodline from Immortal Xuan Yang's blood essence.

It was as thin as a strand of hair, several feet long, and taking a pale golden hue. It kept bursting out with tiny red specks. Even the Divine Flame of Order failed to refine this bloodline. Obviously, it was an innate bloodline that belonged to some sort of fire element divine beast. From it, Wu Qi sensed a desolate and ancient aura, and he reckoned that it could possibly belong to a fire elemental phoenix or some similar divine bird.

No wonder that when Immortal Xuan Yang was hunting Wu Qi that day, he immediately had a pair of flaming wing grow out on his back by just coughing out a mouthful of blood. Apparently, he was a demon bird who had cultivated his way to Heaven Immortal Realm, who possessed a tiny thread of a divine bird's bloodline. He forced out the divine ability in the bloodline by using a mystic technique, which eventually allowed him to catch up with Wu Qi, who was fleeing with the Chariot of Eight Horses.

Wu Qi held the bloodline in his hand as he pondered for a brief moment. He tidied up all odds and ends left behind by the three Heaven Immortals, letting the earth element dragon scale shield and eighteen celestial fiend puppets devour Immortal Xuan Yang's immortal item, the flaming wheel. Only then did he leisurely release the three demon king sinecures from Great Zhao from the Spirit Breeding Ring.

Taking the time when three demon sinecures were still unconscious from the Drunken Dragon Incense, Wu Qi broke apart their Nascent Divinity, leaving behind a restrictive spell in the three defenseless demon cultivators' Nascent Divinities, gaining himself a strict control over their life and death. He carefully controlled the restrictive spell, making sure he had total control over their life and death. Only then Wu Qi produced some antidote and woke them up.

Upon opening their eyes, the three demon cultivators gave a furious roar immediately, springing up abruptly and about to strike.

Wu Qi chuckled, then lightly snapped his finger. In an instant, the three demon cultivators gave a miserable howl each as a tiny black gleam flickered within their Nascent Divinities. It was as if their Nascent Divinities were smitten by some thunderbolts. A severe pain struck them and threw them to the ground, twitching convulsively with cold sweat rushing out incessantly. Three grand and mighty demon cultivators of Nascent Divinity realm were greatly tortured by Wu Qi. Their desire for death exceeded the desire to live, yet they could only bury their heads in their arms while rolling and struggling on the ground, letting out shrill shrieks.

Wu Qi watched the three Great Zhao's sinecures cold-heartedly. They were rolling and struggling on the ground, howling and weeping as they felt like they were dying from the intense pain, but they did not even have the way to even knock their consciousness out. Sitting down cross-legged, Wu Qi let them howl and weep for a full fifteen minutes, only then slowly retracting the restrictive spell. The intense pain immediately disappeared from their Nascent Divinities, but they continued howling for a while. Finally, they collapsed to the ground, panting heavily as they kept staring at Wu Qi like they were looking at a ghost.

Wu Qi gave them a faint smile, then said in a deep voice, "From today onwards, you work for me."

Gazing at them, he said, "If you are not convinced, you can try committing suicide. But remember, you have to fully disintegrate your Nascent Divinity, making sure that not even a tiny bit of your soul is left behind. Because, if you fail to achieve that, you will have to suffer the pain thousands of time greater than the one that you experienced just now. If you don't want to commit suicide, that's simple… You just have to obey me in the future, and when you become a Heaven Immortal... no, when you become a Gold Immortal, I'll dispel the restrictive spell in your Nascent Divinity."

The three demon cultivators were gazing at each other in speechless despair. The restrictive spell would only be dispelled when they became Gold Immortals? When would that be happening? Without sufficient talents, they might be unable to cultivate to the realm of Gold Immortal in this whole life. Could that mean they had to be controlled by him for the rest of their lives?

Not waiting for the three to regain their sense, Wu Qi snorted coldly as he activated the restrictive spells once again, causing them to roll on the ground, howling and crying miserably. But this time, he ordered eighteen celestial fiend puppets to charge forward, with six of them serving each of the demon cultivators as they thrust their fists down like a raging thunderstorm, beating the three to their heart's content. These celestial fiend puppets did not have fleshly bodies, and as they had cultivated the Celestial Fiend Battle the Heaven Script, each of their punch was as heavy as a Mount Tai. Although three demon cultivators had the cultivation base of Nascent Divinity realm, the brutal beating still ripped their skin and broke their bones.

Their Nascent Divinities were being burned internally, and their bones and flesh were cracked and ripped externally. After a round of cruel torment, three demon cultivators wailed as they knelt down on the ground and bowed their once proud and arrogant heads. Wu Qi spent some time sizing them up coldly, then cried, "Follow me now. You will still be Great Zhao's sinecures, and carry on doing whatever you are supposed to do. However, when there is any news related to Great Yan, you will have to inform me at once."

Having been subdued by Wu Qi with violence, the three demon kings answered helplessly. They were True Lord Windbreaking, a demon lion; Green Shadow, a green demon vulture; and Supremacy Five Mountains, a demon gopher. All three of them were demon kings who lived in the depth of Great Zhao's ancient forest, ruthless old demons with their fierce reputation having been sung for eons. They were Nascent Divinity cultivators with a powerful cultivation base.

Wu Qi dispelled the sound-proof restrictive spell on the cave abode's entrance, then brought three demon cultivators, whose faces were pale blue and bodies drenched with cold sweats, out into the underwater cave.

Wearing a smile on his face, Zhao Kuo was in the middle of cutting flesh away from Ma He and the other two men's bodies. All three of them were left with only bones. However, only goodness knew what method had Zhao Kuo used to control them. Although all their skin and flesh were completely gone, they were still alive. Ma He was cursing Zhao Kuo's ancestors stammeringly, "How could we... be defeated by your cruel torment? How could we... betray our Teacher?"

Upon looking at Ma He, who was still sticking on his stand even at this stage, Wu Qi could not help but shake his head. He said coldly, "If he still refuses to confess, we'll just have to extract his soul and read through his memories. I just hope this fellow's soul can be stronger, so that we can have more time to find what we need. Also, let's hope there aren't any restrictive spells in their souls, or it will be a big problem."

Before he could finish his words, Yan Xiaoqi suddenly let out a hoarse scream and said, "Stop! Stop! I don't want it anymore! I'll tell you now! We were sent by Teacher Feng, Feng Qianli! He is the one who sent us to Xue Yuan Planet. It is Teacher Feng..."

Having all his facial skin and flesh cut away, Ma He turned his skull-looking face over with great effort, staring furiously at Yan Xiaoqi, who had a Long Bo man lying on top and constantly slamming inside her. "Xiaoqi, are you crazy? How could you, how could you betray Teacher? You... you..." Ma He cried with a stern voice.

Right when Ma He was crying out loud, Wu Qi's fingers had pointed on his forehead. With dark smoke bursting out from the fingers, Wu Qi extracted Ma He's soul. Countless dark runes rushed into the soul, but suddenly, a jade color gleam flashed within it, and it immediately exploded with a loud boom. Although Wu Qi was fast in action, he could only catch a tiny bit of the broken soul, able to read just a little bit of the Ma He's memories.

"Damnit! There really are restrictive spells in their souls!" Wu Qi cursed furiously.

However, that little bit of memories was enough for Wu Qi. Those were Ma He's childhood memories, the memory at the age of three, when he was taken as an apprentice by Feng Qianli, a Teacher from Yu Academy. There was also the memory of Feng Qianli sending him into Palace at the age of six!

"He really is Feng Qianli's apprentice!" Wu Qi turned to look at Yan Qijun and asked, "Is this Feng Qianli a man with a famous reputation?"

Yan Qijun opened his mouth and said dryly, "He is... the Imperial Teacher of Great Yan's imperial clan. 150 years ago, he had been appointed as the mentor for the juvenile members of Great Yan's imperial clan. He has always maintained a very good relationship with Great Yan's imperial clan!"

Wu Qi nodded, then extracted the souls of the other two men. While he was about to interrogate them with a mystic technique, the cave suddenly trembled violently.

A loud crackling noise rang out, and all the Primordial Runes deployed by Wu Qi shattered to pieces at once.

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