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A few spacious cave abodes were being dug out by Wu Qi in the surrounding cave wall. In the original underwater cave, the group of tens of Long Bo men was carrying out the order given by their 'Great Divine Magus', arduously and cruelly tormenting Yan Xiaoqi and the other two girls. The psychological fitness of Long Bo men was different than ordinary human; they had great physiques, strong stamina, and powerful muscle strength. Therefore, when they took turns in raping Yan Xiaoqi and the others, the cave was filled with shrill shrieks that even Yan Qijun found unbearable.

Surprisingly, Zhao Kuo could still remain calm and composed while watching the scene. Smilingly, he was exhorting Yan Xiaoqi, who kept shrieking with a hoarse voice. "Come, tell us everything, and you won't have to suffer such cruel torments anymore. Say it, say out the name of who instigated you. Aye, do you really want to suffer a cruel torment, then have your souls extracted and receive another round of cruel tortures, before your souls get disintegrated completely?"

Zhao Kuo breathed out a long sigh. "Nobody is worthy of your sacrifice like this, and nobody is worthy of this price you are paying now. Tell me, tell me the truth, and you will be freed from this suffering. What is the point of holding back the truth? What is the point of defending that person? This is... not worthy!"

Yan Xiaoqi and her companions widened their eyes as they kept staring at Zhao Kuo. The similar holy and solemn smile emerged on Yan Xiaoqi's face. Gnashing her teeth and grinning coldly, she told Zhao Kuo, "You don't know anything!" Just a few simple words, but her voice filled with disdain and mockery, as if everyone under the heaven was surrounded by tumbling, murky waves, and she was the only one who stood loftily in a clear stream, the only person who had gained enlightenment. She was sending forth a stately and pride air, which rendered Zhao Kuo speechless for a long while.

Zhao Kuo gave a bitter laugh, and decided to temporarily ignore the three girls who kept weeping and howling with pain. Fiddling with the dagger in his hand and wearing a bright smile, he came right next to Ma He, who was lying on the ground, unable to move even a little bit. "Brother, you better confess now! If you don't, I'll use this dagger later to slice you, taking away one piece of your flesh at a time. Hmm, I don't mind to perform a perfect castration for you! But this time, I'm going to slice it piece by piece, and you will find it very, very painful!"

Lightly, he pushed away Gold Horn, who kept approaching with saliva dripping all over the place. Then, he slowly ran the dagger over Ma He's body.

Ma He stared at Zhao Kuo calmly, his face filled with a faint smile. Even as the dagger was cutting through his body, taking away slices of his flesh one after another, which were then quickly swallowed by the greedy Gold Horn and Silver Horn, he still maintained the same smile. His body was twitching convulsively, with cold sweats running all over his skin, yet he was staring at Zhao Kuo disdainfully and mockingly. It was as if he were a swan with noble status, flying loftily on top of the clouds while overlooking at an ugly toad. Such glances gave Zhao Kuo a bad mood, and caused him to be more vicious when he cut through the flesh.

The ground was flooded with fresh blood and sweats, and with the constant shrieking and howling of the girls, it felt like this little cave was a real hell.

Yan Qijun was standing aside with hands clasped behind his back, gnashing his teeth as he watched Ma He, Yan Xiaoqi, and the rest of their company suffering from the cruel torments. His face was changing between pale and blue. At last, he snapped grumpily, "Why are you not confessing? Do you really want to taste the pain of having your souls extracted and tortured?"

With great effort, Ma He and Yan Xiaoqi turned to give Yan Xiaoqi a cold gaze. Suddenly both of them issued a cold laugh together.

While the main cave was in a mess, filled with blood and gore, in a small cave abode which Wu Qi had just dug out, he concealed all the surrounding aura and activity using Primordial Runes, then carefully released Immortal Chang Wu. The Spirit-Restricting Rope had tightly tied up Immortal Chang Wu like a dumpling. He was staring straight with eyes wide opened, but the ripple of his Nascent Divinity had been completely sealed off by Spirit-Restricting Rope, causing him to even lose the ability to think. Therefore, although his eyes were opened, he could see nothing. The connection with the outside world was completely cut off.

Sitting down cross-legged right next to Immortal Chang Wu, Wu Qi murmured, "You can't blame me. It is your woman who caused us troubles first! Murdering someone with the price of upper-grade energy stones? Since when have you Heaven Immortals become so cheap? You can't even teach your woman properly! How could you let her do something so mean and become a paid killer?"

Patting Immortal Chang Wu's face, Wu Qi breathed out a long sigh and said, "Look what happened in the end? He who bites others gets bitten himself. Yes, we suffered greatly, but you, even you are captured by me. What is the point of doing that? If you could have taught your woman properly, making her a decent person with excellent morals and deep love for life, you would have avoided today's calamity! You are a grand and mighty Heaven Immortal. Don't you feel ashamed for being captured by me?"

If they were to fight face to face, a Heaven Immortal would have easily killed one thousand people like Wu Qi. However, before Immortal Chang Wu could come out with any response, he had already been knocked out by Wu Qi using Drunken Dragon Incense. For a grand and mighty Heaven Immortal, this was indeed a very shameful experience. If Immortal Chang Wu could hear what Wu Qi was talking now, if he could think and respond, perhaps he would have long coughed out a mouthful of blood and died from exasperation.

After sizing up Immortal Chang Wu for some moment, Wu Qi casually ripped all his clothes to shreds.

With both hands moved like whirlwinds, Wu Qi began to run around Immortal Chang Wu. He continuously performed several dozen sets of mystic incantation gestures that he learned from Scroll of Stealing, unleashing several thousand streams of spirit light that injected into Immortal Chang Wu's body, which then turned into several thousand silver specks, swirling and wheeling ceaselessly on his skin. Wisps of natural energy kept injecting into these specks, making them brighter, and eventually transforming into runes that looked as if they were forged with pure silver.

A magical force was formed by these runes. Wu Qi had his divine will attached to the force, then gradually penetrate into Immortal Chang Wu's body. After that, he reached out his hand and performed a gentle pulling motion. Immediately, a clump of golden fluid, about the size of a human head, glittering and translucent like crystals, was pulled out from Immortal Chang Wu's body. Vaguely there were several hundred tiny golden runes flickering in the fluid, while vast immortal energies kept surging out from it. Hastily, Wu Qi cast some restrictive spells to prevent the immortal energies from leaking.

After giving the clump of golden fluid a careful examination, Wu Qi could not help but laugh.

It was no wonder why after Immortal Chang Wu was knocked out and captured alive by Wu Qi, yet his Prime immortal item did not respond at all. It was perhaps because he was used to fighting with melee divine abilities, because of which, he had devoured the item spirit of this immortal item with his Nascent Divinity. His Nascent Divinity had replaced the item spirit and became the item spirit of this golden immortal item.

With that being done, Immortal Chang Wu could then command the immortal armor with ease as he wished, which could provide him with better help amidst any melee battles. However, the weakness of this would be that after he was knocked out by Drunken Dragon Incense, his immortal armor would not respond at all.

Smiling lightly, Wu Qi threw this immortal armor, which was not controlled by any item spirit, onto his earth element dragon scale shield. A huge amount of tiny yellow dust shot out from the shield, smashing onto the clump of golden fluid like countless shooting stars. Slowly but surely, they broke the golden fluid, disintegrated it into tiny golden specks, and then gradually absorbed and digested it.

After absorbing part of the immortal armor's energy essence, the earth element dragon scale shield did not experience any further transformation. On the other side, the clump of golden fluid turned into a half-solid golden ingot the size of a human head. This set of immortal armor was forged using several dozens of rare and precious metals, which had given it a very strong defensive strength and a mighty offensive strength. Since the earth element dragon scale shield could not absorb the golden ingot, after pondering for a while, Wu Qi made the eighteen celestial fiend puppets walk out of his body.

He threw the remaining parts of the immortal armor to these celestial fiend puppets. They immediately swarmed over, spraying green smoke and venomous flame from their mouths, corroding the immortal armor into metal powder and swallowing it into their stomachs. In the next moment, all the puppets shone with a blinding light. After fusing with the materials used to forge the immortal armor, the bodies of these puppets had become stronger. This was how these celestial fiend puppets functioned. By feeding them with a great amount of rare and precious materials, they would be stimulated and evolved. Theoretically, with such a method, they could evolve without end - on the premise Wu Qi had such a great wealth to spend.

After being done with Immortal Chang Wu's immortal armor, Wu Qi cast out the Phoenix Fire Pouch, placing Immortal Chang Wu's body on top of Divine Flame of Order, and began to burn him slowly. As the flame penetrating into his body, large golden crystals kept falling out and dropped to the ground, producing crystal clear clanging noises.

These crystals were the essences formed from Immortal Chang Wu's blood and energy essence. They were as tough as diamonds, and each contained an enormous amount of blood and energy essence.

Immortal Chang Wu was a Thirty-Sixth Tier Heaven Immortal. After being burned by the Divine Flame of Order for nearly an hour, he was left with 360 golden crystals the size of an adult's fist each. Wu Qi put all the crystals into Black Dragon Spirit Ring, then threw one into the Divine Flame of Order.

The purple-green divine flame turned vigorous instantly, as it quickly grew to be as thick as a water bucket and nearly ten feet tall. Then, the Phoenix Fire Pouch swayed, causing the expanded Divine Flame of Order to be compressed abruptly, quickly transforming back into a tiny wisp of purple-green flame, about the size of a soybean, yet extremely condensed. Although it looked insignificant, but the power contained in it was at least one hundred times stronger than the previous huge divine flame.

"The blood crystals of Immortal can be used to nourish Divine Flame of Order? Not bad!" murmured Wu Qi with a cold grin.

Only Immortal Chang Wu's immortal soul was left hovering midair. It glinted with a golden light like a real human, yet was tightly bound by the Spirit-Restricting Rope. At its core was a ball of complicated, silver-white runes. These runes were swimming around within the immortal soul like fishes. Every now and then, a few of them would clash with each other, producing crystal clear ringing of metal clashing.

These runes were named 'Heavenly Dao Epigraph'. They were the actual manifestations of the principles of Heaven and Earth in an Immortal's soul.

As the cultivation technique practiced by Immortal Chang Wu was of pure gold element, the Heavenly Dao Epigraph formed by him was extremely sharp. When Wu Qi ran through them with his divine will, he felt as if he was being hacked and chopped with some sharp blades, and his Nascent Divinity was struck with severe pain.

"The so-called tricks to steal the Heavens in Scroll of Stealing is..." said Wu Qi with a faint smile on his face.

With eyes going wide, he carefully performed incantation gestures with both hands. Countless sealing incantations were cast, then they gently and nimbly formed into a giant silver net, slowly penetrating into Immortal Chang Wu's defenseless soul. Like scooping up fish with a net, 108 silver Heavenly Dao Epigraphs were scooped out from the soul, slowly being compressed into a silver light ball about the size of a sesame seed.

With a gentle pull, Wu Qi had stolen all the Heavenly Dao from Immortal Chang Wu's soul, which he had gained enlightenment of. Now, even if Immortal Chang Wu were released, he would have forgotten all the enlightenment he had for the Heaven Dao. Even though he still possessed the Dharmic powers of a Heaven Immortal, he could never use any Dharma spells or divine abilities anymore, all because he had totally forgotten the enlightenment he had for all the Dharmic Dao and divine abilities!

Wu Qi sighed lightly, then straightaway swallowed the tiny silver light ball, controlling it to rush into his dantian.

The Gold Core in Wu Qi's dantian was aroused. Very quickly, it was fused with all of Immortal Chang Wu's enlightenment of the Heavenly Dao. A massive spirit pressure rushed out from Wu Qi's dantian, as his Gold Core was going through a tremendous transformation. Hastily, he produced several hundreds of thousands of energy stones and placed them right next to him. An enormous amount of energy kept rushing out from these energy stones and was injected into his body.

Wu Qi silently circulated White Cloud Immortal Sect's Energy Unity Script. Energies were rocking and surging through his primary meridians.

Suddenly, a blinding light burst out from his Gold Core, and it abruptly broke and crumbled, with a silver Nascent Soul springing out from it. The Nascent Soul had a vacant expression; its eyes looked dull, and it seemed like a puppet without any wit and sense.

Wu Qi's Nascent Divinity moved. A single thread of his divine will was split from the Nascent Divinity, then injected into the emptied Nascent Soul.

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