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Obviously, Vagabond Qing Yi and the leaders of the local clans in Flying snow City had come to an agreement. Right after Wu Qi brought Yan Qijun and the others into the best room he found inside Snowcloud Courtyard, the courtyard was immediately intruded by a group of cultivators, who came with a towering arrogance and acted as if nobody under the heaven could beat them.

The group of intruders consisted of four Gold Core cultivators, and twelve cultivators of the Innate realm. However, they were led by an extremely arrogant youth, who only had a cultivation base of the peak-stage Houtian realm, and looked about the same age as Wu Qi, roughly seventeen to eighteen years old. He had a rather handsome visage, but it was too bad that his facial complexion was pale, and he had a pair of dark rings around his eyes that always seemed bloodshot. Evidently, he had his vitality severely damaged by excessive alcohol and sex. In addition to that, Wu Qi could vaguely sense that this youth had an unstable energy in his body. It felt mixed with a lot of impurities, and unless someone was willing to spend a good fortune, purchasing numerous spirit pills to strengthen his foundation, he would have no hope to break through Xiantian realm anymore.

Su Tie was seen waiting carefully right next to the youth. When he saw Wu Qi come out from the house, he quickly came forward and said, "Honorable Immortal, this is Su clan's ninth Young Master, Su Ye. I'm sure you have heard as well that a senior Heaven Immortal wants us to examine every single foreign cultivator in Flying snow City!"

Before Su Tie could finish his words, Su Ye had begun to wave his hands while shouting with a loud voice, "That's enough! What's the point of saying so much of bullsh*t?"

With long strides, he came before Wu Qi, and sized Wu Qi up for a brief moment in a scornful manner. After that, he cried out sternly, "What is your name? Where do you come from? How long have you been here? What is your purpose here? You... hmm, I can see the look of a bandit on your face, and that tells me you are not a decent man! Somebody, I want this guy captured alive! Throw him into the jail and interrogate him with torture!"

With their heads held high, four Gold Core cultivators gazed coldly at Wu Qi as they approached him slowly. "Do not resist, junior, or you will have to suffer!" said one of them.

Wu Qi shook his head and did not say a word. Such presumptuous men were everywhere under the heaven, and it was unworthy to get angry because of their attitude.

Then, he heard Su Ye laughed villainously and say, "That inner core of Snow Python belongs to you? No, I don't think so. I reckon it must be a stolen item! Aye, I remember now! Mu clan's treasure vault was broken in by some thieves a few days ago, and among the stolen items was an inner core of Snow Python! Su Tie, is that true? Is the inner core that you brought out just now belongs to the Mu clan? Su clan and Mu clan have been maintaining a very good relationship for generations. Since some of their treasures are stolen, we, the Su clan, have an obligation to help them find back the stolen items!"

Su Tie opened his mouth, his face blushed with shame, but dared not to say anything. He turned to look at Wu Qi, the quickly lowered his head.

Wu Qi felt sick and tired. What happened to these people from cultivator clans? The Feng clan and Yu clan in Dark Radiance Planet behaved like this, and now the Su clan in Xue Yuan Planet acted the same. Could it be that they really have a very narrow mind, which made them jealous on knowing someone else owned some precious and rare item? Why did they carry themselves in such a villainous manner? And why did it seem they were all very expert in framing innocent people, fabricating a false charge against someone?

Wu Qi gazed indifferently at Su Ye, whose face was filled with pride and arrogance. From under his sleeve, silently he pulled out a dark medallion. It was forged using ten thousand years old Dark Iron found at the bottom of an ocean, and shaped like the skull of a ghost with three sharp horns on top of its head. It was enshrouded by dark mists, while miserable howls could be heard coming out from it faintly. Right when he took out the medallion, the temperature in the surroundings immediately dropped by many degrees. Su Ye, Su Tie, and all the people around them shuddered, and were forced a few steps back by the threatening ghost aura emanated from the medallion.

Grinning coldly, Wu Qi said with a hideous voice, "I'm a real bandit, and that's why I have a face of a bandit! Young fellow Su, does that inner core really belong to Mu clan, and was stolen a few days ago? Are you really going to throw me into the jail and interrogate me with torture? Hehe, can you tell my background now? Hmm? Can you recognize this? Can you? What are the characters engraved on this medallion? F*ck you!"

Wu Qi thrust his leg and gave a powerful kick on Su Ye's lower abdomen, who was now staring at the medallion in bewilderment, having face turned pale blue. Su Ye howled painfully, as the kick knocked him nearly eighty feet away. Wu Qi had exerted a very strong force in the kick, which shattered the clump of loose energy in Su Ye's dantian, leaving behind a long crack on the surface of the dantian. With just one single kick, seventy percent of his cultivation base was destroyed. "Seems like Su clan of Flying snow City is swelling with pride, huh? Trying to provoke us, the Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect?!"

The medallion was found among the remains of White Ghost Immortal and Ghost Lady three years ago, after both of them were killed in Myriad Immortals Planet. It was a medallion that represented the status of Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect's core disciple. Apart from representing one's identity, the medallion did not have any other function. Therefore, Wu Qi was able to obtain it without too much of a hassle.

Among the seven evil immortal sects in Liyuan Galaxy, Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect was considered one of the strongest immortal sects. Their ancestral masters, White Ghost Immortal and Ghost Lady, possessed very profound cultivation base each, and their divine abilities were bizarre and powerful. They were extremely cruel and merciless, and would seek revenge for even the smallest grievance. Apart from a very few powers, they were the tyrants that nobody in Liyuan Galaxy was bold enough to provoke. On the other hand, the strongest cultivator in Xue Yuan Planet only possessed cultivation base of Nascent Divinity realm. Although Su clan was one of the five strongest clans of Flying snow City, their Clan Leader had just made the breakthrough into Nascent Divinity realm recently. Compared to Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect, who was a monstrous evil immortal sect, Su clan was just nothing!

Although White Ghost Immortal and Ghost Lady had fallen, the news was unheard by any outsiders! Both White Cloud Immortal Sect and Tranquil Vimalā Sect were not idiots. Therefore, they would never spread the news everywhere. As a result, in the minds of every cultivator in Liyuan Galaxy, Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect was still the same powerful immortal sect, while White Ghost Immortal and Ghost Lady were still the leaders of the evil path that nobody wished to provoke.

Upon showing the medallion, Su Ye and Su Tie were struck dumb, while all the cultivators from Su clan were startled and stood aghast. The four Gold Core cultivators, who previously assumed a haughty air and yelled at Wu Qi, were now bowing their heads with their bodies trembling violently. Carefully and slowly, they backed off and kept a long distance from Wu Qi.

Su clan was not supported by any Heaven Immortal. If they really provoked a disciple from Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect, with White Ghost Immortal and Ghost Lady's merciless temperament, the entire Su clan would be eradicated in less than three months. At the thought of such dreadful consequence, Su Tie's teeth began to chatter with terror. He stared at the medallion held in Wu Qi's hand with a blank expression. Suddenly, he dropped to his knees and cried, "Honorable Immortal, it is Ninth Young Master who offended you, and in no way he is connected with us now, the Su clan of Flying snow City!"

Su Ye, with hands holding his lower abdomen, rolling and struggling on the ground, suddenly had his face turned deadly pale. He gave Su Tie a glance full of hatred, yet he dared not to say anything. He had offended a core disciple of Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect. Even if Su clan's Patriarch were here, he would have made the same decision as Su Tie - apologizing to a core disciple of Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect by sacrificing a useless and unworthy lineage inheritor of the clan. That was the most worthwhile decision!

Wu Qi gave a sinister laugh and put away the medallion. Suddenly, a misty ghost energy rushed out from behind his back. He had exercised the Yin Ghost Technique which Princess Zhang Le taught him, which made him shrouded in a ghostly energy now. Howling and screaming of ghosts could be heard coming from under the ground without an end, as if countless foul ghosts were gathering below them, and would break through the ground and rush into the mortal realm at any time. By showing this, it made Su Tie, Su Ye, and the rest of the people firmly believe that Wu Qi was truly from the Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect. Apart from those evil cultivators who spent their days mingling with ghosts and evils, nobody in Liyuan Galaxy would have the same ghostly looking cultivation technique such as this.

With a cruel smile on his face, Wu Qi walked over to Su Ye and kept stamping his face. Over and over, Su Ye's head smashed the ground, and very soon, his facial bones were broken, and all his teeth shot out from his mouth. Wu Qi said ruthlessly, "Let me teach you a lesson. If you can bring me the upper-grade energy stones that I was supposed to receive from selling the inner core as soon as possible, and exempt all my spending here, in this inn that likes to cheat foreign cultivators, I will try to forget what happened today!"

With a heavy thrust, he kicked Su Ye's chest. Su Ye howled, while at the same time, blood sprayed out from his seven apertures. Wu Qi's powerful kick had shattered all his ribs, and his internal organs were greatly shaken, being nearly ripped to shreds by just one single kick.

Su Ye answered with reverence and awe. Without the slightest hesitation, he ordered all the Su clan's cultivators to lift up the Su Ye, who was at his last gasp, then quickly fled from Snowcloud Courtyard.

Fifteen minutes later, two hundred thousand upper-grade energy stones were brought before Wu Qi's face, and together came a great variety of fine wines, delicacies, and spirit fruits that only grew and were harvested in Xue Yuan Planet. Huixian Abode's Chief Manager, Su Ye's uncle, had personally brought all these things here. He carefully apologized to Wu Qi. However, Wu Qi did not want to waste more time on these people. After spending a brief moment talking with them, Wu Qi once again emphasized that he did not wish to be disturbed during the process of healing his fellow disciples. Then, he chased everyone out from the courtyard, except his own people.

As what he had expected, since that incident, Snowcloud Courtyard had become extremely peaceful and quiet. Su clan was greatly frightened by the infamous reputation of the Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect, and thus, they kept the secret that Wu Qi was healing his fellow disciples in Snowcloud Courtyard very carefully, and they did not even mention it to Vagabond Qing Yi.

Right under the nose of Vagabond Qing Yi and the rest of Heaven Immortals, Wu Qi settled down comfortably and leisurely. No matter how Immortal Chang Wu, Vagabond Qing Yi, and Immortal Xuan Yang brought countless of their disciples and cultivators, plowing through every inch of the entire Xue Yuan Planet over and over again, they just could not find even a single hair that belonged to Wu Qi.

Nevertheless, as all four Grand Universal Teleportation Formation in Xue Yuan Planet were completely shut down, while Immortal Chang Wu and the other Heaven Immortals had locked down the entire planet with a mystic technique, as long as someone tried to leave or enter Xue Yuan Planet with a planetary ship, he or she would be detected immediately. Therefore, they firmly believed that Wu Qi and his company were still hiding somewhere on the planet. Yet, no matter how they kept searching, they just could find where Wu Qi and his company was hiding.

Who would have thought that Wu Qi actually stayed in the most luxurious inn of Flying snow City in a very open manner, and even picked the highest grade courtyard? Best of all, he had even severely beaten the lineal grandson of Huixian Abode's owner!

Two days later, after constantly channeling energy to Yan Qijun, Xiong Wanling, and He Qianqiu, and feeding them immortal pills that could replenish energy and blood essence, Yan Qijun, whose injury was the least serious among the three, had finally awoken. Before long, Xiong Wanling and He Qianqiu had also opened their eyes.

When they opened their eyes and saw Wu Qi, the three of them breathed out a sigh of relief at the same time.

With a wry smile on his face, Yan Qijun said, "I thought I was dead this time. Little did I expect I will be snatched from the jaws of death!"

He breathed out a long sigh, then turned to look at Wu Qi with a puzzled expression, "How did you manage to save us from those Heaven Immortals?"

Wu Qi laughed and did not answer the question. Yan Qijun did not force him, and just kept laughing bitterly.

Out of their instinct as demon kings, Xiong Wanling and He Qianqiu cried sternly and swore that they would revenge the enemy by slaughtering every person in Snowflake City.

Wu Qi smiled hideously, then he told them the following words.

"Revenge! We have to take vengeance on these group of rascals! But, we need to carefully plot our retaliation!"

So, they began to plot their revenge. Every now and then, sinister laughs that were very unpleasant to the ears would echo out from the Snowcloud Courtyard.

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