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"Chang Wu!!"

Wu Qi let loose a long and stern cry, as a dazzling white light suddenly burst out from beside him. A moment ago, when he forcibly seized Lin Qiuluo's immortal armor, he had subdued it with the Divine Flame of Order. Now, when faced with the attack launched by Immortal Chang Wu from afar, he felt he did not have any magical item capable of defending against this mighty punch. Hence, he used the flame to ignite the item spirit of the armor, causing it to release all of its power in one go.

A huge body armor, that stood nearly one thousand feet tall, shone with a blinding white light as it suddenly emerged right next to Wu Qi and his company. Immortal Chang Wu's punch smashed right onto the armor, only to produce some tiny ripples on the armor's surface. The powerful force that came with the punch was repelled by the immortal armor, sending an invisible shockwave that pushed and knocked Immortal Chang Wu and the rest of the people away. It did not cause any harm to the three Heaven Immortals, as the shockwave felt like a gentle breeze that caressed their faces. However, several tens of disciples behind them let out a muffled snort together, as the shockwave knocked them flying backward with blood coughing out from their mouths.

The sudden appearance of the immortal armor startled Immortal Chang Wu and made him cry out in shock, "How can that fellow control the Grand Martial Snow Armor?"

Right at the same moment when his shocked cry echoed out, the immortal armor crumbled abruptly. Wu Qi had ignited its item spirit out of desperation, which caused its core structure to be disintegrated completely, eventually turning into countless silvery-white beads that shot in all directions. Wu Qi issued another long cry and controlled the earth element dragon scale shield to send out a sheet of dazzling yellow light that swept across the surroundings, absorbing all of these silver beads into the dragon-scale shield. After that, a blinding rainbow light shone from his body, and in just a twinkle, he and his company had vanished without a trace.

In that split second, he had unleashed the Chariot of Eight Horses, transformed it into a clump of auspicious rainbow light that wrapped around him, and sped away. Right at the moment when it was taken out, Wu Qi had also thrown Yan Qijun and the rest of the men into the Spirit Breeding Ring. Shrouded in the auspicious cloud, he traveled several tens of thousands of miles in just a blink of an eye. From the territory of Snowflake City, he fled to a random place in the territory controlled by WhiteFrost City.

At a place several hundred miles away from WhiteFrost City, Wu Qi retracted the Chariot of Eight Horses, then transformed into a dark beam and plunged down into the snowfield. Some deep laughs rang out, as eighteen celestial fiend puppets suddenly shot out from his body. Hovering midair, their bodies and faces were twisted, and in just a brief moment, they transformed into eighteen men with similar outfits, but each having a completely different look; some were short, some were tall, some fat, and some skinny.

Each of them had a Gold Core strange sign behind them, and these strange signs took the form of yellowish dust, with blades and swords vaguely flickering within. If there were some cultivators with rich experience here, they could tell immediately these 'cultivators' were from the same sect, and because they were practicing the same cultivation technique, their strange signs looked very similar to each other. However, as each of them was skillful in different divine abilities, it made their signs look slightly different from each other.

Initially, although these celestial fiend puppets were having the cultivation base of Gold Core realm, they could never have any Gold Core strange signs. However, during the process of refining them, Wu Qi had given them a tiny bit of innate earth element energy essence, which made them possess a single thread of innate earth energy. As a result, they were able to mimic a Gold Core strange sign such as this.

Together with the group of celestial fiend puppets, Wu Qi shot downward. While they were still one thousand feet away from touching the ground, Wu Qi ripped his shirt, extended his hand, and performed a grabbing gesture towards the snowfield, pulling a snow bear up into the air. The bear roared, but the Sword of Greedy Wolf was thrust and cut its head away. Blood burst out from the wound, spraying and splashing onto Wu Qi and his company's bodies. A few puppets snorted coldly, ripping their shirts while twisting their heads and bodies, pulling off their own limbs and throwing them randomly to the ground.

Then, the other few puppets waved their hands and cut out some deep wounds on their own bodies, making them look like the wounds caused by the claws of some wild beasts. After that, they pulled out various weapons such as blade, spear, sword, halberd, transforming them into streams of bright beams that wheeled around them rapidly. The bear blood splashed on them, bathing them completely in blood and giving them a ferocious look.

In the area where Wu Qi and his company landed, apart from this unlucky snow bear, there was another creature lying on its back lazily and comfortably in the snowfield several thousand feet away, warming its large belly with the bright sunlight. It was a Snow Spanworm, a venomous worm that was as thick as a water bucket and roughly eighty feet long. It had a segmented body and a snowy-white tough shell, with about seven to eight pairs of razor-sharp legs.

With his body bathed in blood, Wu Qi immediately thrust out a sword beam upon landing. The sword beam unleashed with Unity of Sword Energies Script was capable of piercing a hole in a metal, and when it hit onto the body of that Snow Spanworm, it gave a painful hiss. A roughly one-foot wide piece of shell near its belly was shattered by the attack.

The savage Snow Spanworm sprung and charged towards Wu Qi while howling hideously. Snow Spanworm was a demon creature. It was born with a cultivation base of peak-stage Xiantian realm, and would step into its adulthood upon forming a Demon Core. However, as they had a very inferior innate talent, when they formed their Demon Core, they would not gain any intelligence, thus making them only demon beasts but not demon immortals. This Snow Spanworm was an adult demon beast, having a cultivation base of peak-stage Gold Core realm, but it did not have any wit, and just knew how to fight with its innate talent.

It charged towards Wu Qi ferociously, opened its mouth, and sprayed out a gust of pale-blue cold air that came with a faint fragrance, while swinging its seven to eight pairs of razor-sharp legs at Wu Qi and his company. A few celestial fiend puppets howled at the top of their voices as they were hurt by the legs, leaping backward with blood oozing from their bodies.

Large clouds of snowy mist came rolling and rocking menacingly from behind. The powerful divine will sent out by three Heaven Immortals, Immortal Chang Wu, Vagabond Qing Yi, and Immortal Xuan Yang, had nearly taken a corporeal shape and blotted the sky. These divine will swept across the snowfield, crumbled numerous large chunks of ice, and sent a huge amount of snowflakes up into the sky, turning into a dense and thick layer of snow mist that enveloped an area of over ten thousand miles circumference. Amidst the snow mist came the howling and whistling of the fierce wind, produced from the changes in the airflow as the immense divine will pushed through the atmosphere. These razor-sharp winds blew across the snowfield, brushing through the ice blocks that were scattered around, leaving behind deep cuts on them.

Like harrows made from iron, these divine will ploughed across the land inch by inch, without leaving out any spots that looked suspicious. Caves that were buried several tens of miles under the thick ice were found by them, and were forcibly opened up by strong invisible forces, which crushed the thick ice around them. Some snow beasts hiding in these caves were ripped to shreds by the formidable divine will.

Then, the divine will came running through Wu Qi and his company. Wu Qi retracted all his aura, only showing an overall strength of mid-stage Gold Core realm. He was riding a shabby upper-grade magical flying sword, which he got from some unlucky fellow who he had already forgotten, transforming into a pale-green light and battling the Snow Spanworm. The demon worm sprayed out a gust of cold air, causing the less than six feet long green light to be stained with frost, while producing cracking noises.

Standing in a corner and bodies covered in blood, a few celestial fiend puppets had their eyes flickered with barely visible gleams. While crying 'Be careful! Junior Brother!', they too unleashed a few grayish-white sword beams and jumped into the battle, as they began to hack and slash messily towards the Snow Spanworm. However, these sword beams were not strong enough. They could only leave a few faint white lines on the hard shell of the demon worm, while chipping away tiny pieces of shell.

The three powerful divine will briefly circled around Wu Qi and the others. They did not pay too much of attention to them, and quickly rolled away into the far distance, together with the seemingly boundless snow mist and fierce wind. In the next moment, the menacing Immortal Chang Wu and the group of nearly one hundred men appeared in the sky off in a far distance. They did not even give Wu Qi and his company a glance, but just flew straight ahead.

When Wu Qi made the escape just now, he was in a group of four men and a woman, the woman being Lin Qiuluo. But now, including Wu Qi, there were a total of nineteen men, each of them possessing a cultivation base of Gold Core realm. All of them were badly wounded, while a few of them even had their limbs mutilated. Wu Qi had in fact, perfectly put up a disguise of a team of cultivators who had overestimated their strength trying to hunt a demon beast, but were now trapped in a desperate situation of facing a formidable creature that they could never defeat. For Immortal Chang Wu, the other Heaven Immortals, and their disciples, Wu Qi and his company were just a bunch of ants, and they would never take a second look at a group of lowly cultivators.

The snow mist rolled and rocked across the land, while the gusts of fierce wind coiled them up and threw them brutally to the ground.

Although that Snow Spanworm was savage and ferocious, it knew what was the thing it should avoid. When the three Heaven Immortals threateningly flew past them, it screamed, rolled up its long body, and coiled its head in the middle. It bowed its head and dared not to move. A few sword beams came and smashed on its body, but could only shatter its shell without causing any actual injury.

Immortal Chang Wu and his company chased further away for several hundred miles of distance. A large group of cultivators soared up into the sky from WhiteFrost City and met them. Both groups of people had a brief and hurried talk, before the three Heaven Immortals brought their disciples and flew back towards Wu Qi. Stepping on clouds, they halted and hovered midair several tens of miles away, while being led by a peak-stage Nascent Divinity cultivator, a group of Nascent Soul cultivators came to Wu Qi with an arrogant manner.

Right when the Snow Spanworm rose to its feet, the peak-stage Nascent Divinity cultivator arrived before it. With a heavy stamp, he crushed the creature's head into pieces. Sending forth a very strong desire of murdering, the cultivator clad in a white Daoist robe and having an outfit similar to Immortal Xuan Yang came before Wu Qi. He roared, with some of his saliva spewing and landing on Wu Qi's face, "Junior! Have you seen a cloud emitting a rainbow gleam? Where was it headed to?"

Unreservedly, the peak-stage Nascent Divinity cultivator unleashed his divine will and pressed against Wu Qi, having the intention to deter Wu Qi and forcing him to speak the truth.

Hovering midair off in the distance, Immortal Chang Wu and the others watched coldly as how the Nascent Divinity cultivator was interrogating Wu Qi. The grand and mighty Heaven Immortals would never condescend to ask for information from someone as lowly as Wu Qi. A peak-stage Nascent Divinity cultivator was more than enough to deter any cultivator that lived on this planet.

Wu Qi stared blankly at the peak-stage Nascent Divinity cultivator, as if he was really struck dumb with fear. His body trembled violently, while he stammered and could only let out some 'wu... wu...' sounds. The Nascent Divinity cultivator grinned coldly and complacently. Casually, he pulled out an upper-grade magical flying sword and said, "Now tell me, have you seen that rainbow light? If you can let me know which direction it was headed to, there is a reward for you!"

The speed of Chariot of Eight Horses was too fast, too incredibly fast. Even though they were Heaven Immortals, Immortal Chang Wu and the others were still thrown into an utter confusion by Wu Qi. When they finally worked together, merging their divine will into one and searching through the land, Wu Qi had long disappeared from their senses. As a result, they had no choice but to find out Wu Qi's trace from a 'random hunting team' which they bumped into.

Wu Qi winked, then suddenly straightened his back.

"Immortal Chang Wu, fuck you! Hahaha, I'll kill every single member of your clan on this Xue Yuan Planet!!"

With a wild laugh, the Spirit-Restricting Rope transformed into a purple beam as it shot into the sky, tightly tying around the peak-stage Nascent Divinity cultivator.

A shrill howl was heard coming from Sword of Greedy Wolf. Fourteen pitch-dark wolf heads shot out together with a blinding dark beam.

Immortal Xuan Yang roared furiously, waved his hand, and shot out a stream of flame towards Wu Qi. When the flame left his hand, the tens of miles wide snowfield underneath Immortal Xuan Yang suddenly melted into a hot pool.

Although the flame was still several dozens of miles away from Wu Qi, the high temperature had already come to him. Wu Qi's hair suddenly kindled and broke into a dancing flame.

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