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After stealthily following behind Immortal Chang Wu for some distance, Wu Qi suddenly saw a cluster of twelve bright beams approaching at high speed. Burning with impatience, Immortal Chang Wu greeted upon them, and began to scold them with a loud voice. Among the twelve men that came, five were Nascent Divinities which had just lost their fleshly bodies. They were Immortal Chang Wu's twelve disciples.

Immortal Xuan Yang and Vagabond Qing Yi had also come forward to watch the happening. Five Nascent Divinity disciples of Grand Martial Palace had had their fleshly bodies destroyed; this was indeed a rare event even for them. From the message one of the disciples sent him earlier, Immortal Chang Wu had learned the ins and outs of the event. So, he rushed forward and gave these disciples a round of fierce lecturing, before he let loose a torrent of curses for Lin Qiuluo. Finally, he turned to Immortal Xuan Yang and asked for help, hoping that he could get a few spirit pills that could stabilize one's Nascent Divinity, using them to save his disciples.

Immortal Xuan Yang was an expert in pill concoction as well, and his attainment was just slighter weaker than Patriarch Jiang Yun of White Cloud Immortal Sect. Therefore, it was not something too difficult to obtain some spirit pills from him that could help to stabilize one's Nascent Divinity.

Looking at how the group of cultivators acted with panic and confusion, Wu Qi's heart raced. Abruptly, he accelerated his speed, flying straight towards the direction where those Grand Martial Palace's disciples came from. He even used a mystic technique in the Scroll of Stealing to burn his blood essence, which boosted the speed of innate water element escape art by another ten times. In just less than fifteen minutes, he had arrived near the one thousand miles wide snowfield which Lin Qiuluo destroyed earlier.

From afar, Wu Qi saw a woman hovering midair. She wore a white immortal armor, and was howling crazily like some foul ghost while lashing a long white whip down viciously. Realizing she was trying to kill Yan Qijun, Wu Qi moved instantly. From each of his ten Gold Cores, a stream of Innate Nectar came bursting out, and very quickly fused with his blood essence. Wu Qi then performed an incantation gesture, with which, thirty percent of his blood essence disappeared. After that, with a sway of his body, he transformed into a blood red stream of light, using his cultivation base of Gold Core to exercise the divine ability of teleportation which only Nascent Divinity cultivator could use. In just a blink of an eye, he had arrived right below Lin Qiuluo.

The white whip came lashing down ferociously, and Yan Qijun had closed his eyes, waiting for death to come. It was at that moment Wu Qi arrived. He waved his left hand, sending out a bright yellow light from the innate earth element dragon scale shield with a buzz, which quickly spread out and enveloped everyone. Then, a nearly endless stream of dragon-scale-shaped golden beams shot out, flying and wheeling amidst the yellow light, before forming a thick and solid defensive formation, blocking off the white light that came smashing at them.

A loud boom rang out. Wu Qi's legs suddenly grew weak, and it made him nearly dropped to his knees. A powerful shockwave came through the yellow light, shook his arms, and made them numb. The tremendous force nearly broke his hands. If not because he had suffered the immense immortal pressure of Vagabond Qing Yi just now, which forcibly fused the blood essence of a few Nascent Divinity cultivators into his body, perhaps Wu Qi would have already been thrown to the ground by this attack alone. Fortunately, the strength of his fleshly body and his cultivation base had taken a huge leap. Therefore, he managed to withstand the attack which Lin Qiuluo unleashed out of a towering shame and anger.

The deafening boom made Yan Qijun open his eyes with surprise. As a result, he saw Wu Qi's ferocious and twisting face, who had all his internal organs violently shook by Lin Qiuluo's attack, and was coughing blood. Yan Qijun rolled his eyes and muttered under his breath, "Why am I still seeing this fellow's face after death? Can't I have a true peace of mind?"

The heavy impact of the attack caused Wu Qi's body to tremble from head to toe. When he heard what Yan Qijun had just said, he immediately flew into a rage. "What nonsense are you uttering?" he roared, "I've risked my life to rescue you here after receiving the news. What's wrong with that? If you want to die in peace, I can let you have a clean and peaceful death right now, without leaving behind even a single hair!!"

Yan Qijun shuddered, and woke up with a start. In an extreme joy, he looked at Wu Qi and screamed, "Wu Qi, my good boy! Why are you here? Has the rescue army dispatched by my father arrived?"

Wu Qi grinned coldly. With a shake of his left wrist, at least ten thousand dragon-scale-shaped golden beams shot out and pierced through the air with deep, muffled whistles, blotting the sky and smashing right towards Lin Qiuluo. Countless golden beams hit her immortal armor at high speed, causing her body to quiver violently like a falling leaf in a thunderstorm. Unable to maintain her stability, she was pushed several tens of miles up into the sky by the golden beams.

Then, Wu Qi gave Yan Qijun a fierce glare, gritted his teeth angrily, and said, "Xue Yuan Planet has shut down all of their Grand Universal Teleportation Formation! When the rescue army is finally here, I reckon they can just collect your bones and feed the dogs! Damn it, that b*tch!!"

Lin Qiuluo was caught unprepared by Wu Qi's sudden arrival, because she never expected that someone would come to rescue Yan Qijun at this moment.

But what astounded her was the frightening power of Wu Qi's earth element dragon scale shield. Each of the dragon-scale-shaped golden beams weighed nearly 5000 kilograms. They were razor-sharp and flew with the speed of lightning bolts, having an extremely powerful force of impact that went beyond her imagination. Although she was protected by an immortal armor, the impact from countless golden beams still brought her a severe pain, while the sharp aura of those dragon scales even penetrated the immortal armor, hitting her delicate skin and causing her body to be covered with tiny drops of blood.

The immortal armor had protected Lin Qiuluo from having her fleshly body ripped to shreds by the golden beams. However, the continuous impact from nearly ten thousand golden beams, with each weighing nearly 5000 kilograms, had caused Lin Qiuluo to lose her body's stability. She was knocked flying away, tumbling her way several tens of miles up into the sky. The incredibly powerful impact violently shook her. It made her feel dizzy with her eyesight dimmed, and her internal organs seemed to tumble endlessly. She gave a shrill shriek, and with great effort, swallowed an immortal pill to restore her energy. After that, she channeled all the energy into the immortal armor, without the slightest hesitation.

A loud rumble echoed out. A blinding ring of white light burst out from the armor, and several dozens palm-sized immortal runes surged out from it as well, wheeling rapidly around Lin Qiuluo. Very quickly, the surrounding air gathered above her skin, and in just a brief moment, was compressed and transformed into a greenish energy barrier that measured roughly one foot thick. Then, the golden beams came again and smashed the green barrier, but now, they could only sink a few inches into the barrier, before being repelled and knocked back by a vast backlash.

She lowered her head and looked at Wu Qi and the others, then laughed ferociously. She ate another two spirit pills to restore her energy, then bit her tongue and coughed out a mouthful of her blood essence onto the white whip, which had been knocked back by the earth element dragon scale shield. Having been nourished by her blood essence, a vast, menacing aura suddenly rose from the whip. It expanded abruptly and became several hundred times longer, transforming into a gigantic whip that measured roughly ten feet in diameter and tens of miles long. In the most savage and brutal manner, it smashed down from the sky.

Wu Qi threw his head back and cursed. He moved his fingers, as several tens of life-saving immortal pills shot out from Black Dragon Spirit Ring immediately and flew into Yan Qijun, Xiong Wanling, and He Qianqiu's mouths. Their bodies trembled, as large puffs of immortal energies rushed out from their bodies, enveloped tightly around them and made them look like three large cocoons.

The cluster of nearly ten thousand golden beams came flying back, transforming into a thick golden defensive barrier around the four of them. With a thought in Wu Qi's mind, the densely overlapping golden beams began to spin at high speed around them, acting like a drill as they bore through the icy land and brought them into the ground. Amidst the rapid buzzing noises, four men plunged several tens of miles deep into the ice in just a twinkle. Then, Wu Qi turned the direction, exerting all his energy as he brought everyone and fled several tens of miles sideways.

A loud boom rang out almost right next to their ears. Four of them howled at the same time, with blood spraying out from their mouths. Lin Qiuluo lashed her whip brutally down, shattering all the ice within an area of one hundred miles in circumference. Countless tiny ice crystals blotted the sky and covered the land, and when the bright sunlight shone through them, it produced several thousand twisting rainbows. Decorated by these colorful rainbows, the once white and dull snowfield looked splendid and magnificent.

The shockwave generated from Lin Qiuluo's unreserved and powerful attack had knocked Wu Qi and the others flying away, while the white whip smashed and slapped numerous golden beams away. These golden beams flew several tens of miles away, then turned and shot back at top speed, spinning around Wu Qi's body.

Wu Qi gave a long cry and exercised the Mystic Eyes of Universe. His eyes were ablaze with flame, as the purple and green Divine Flame of Order shot out through them. Not only could the Mystic Eyes of Universe see through all the restrictive spells and formation in the universe, they could also be used to unleash various powerful offensive techniques. Shooting out from his eyes, the Divine Flame of Order transformed into a tiny, purple and green colored flying sword. In just a blink of an eye, it had arrived right before Lin Qiuluo.

The strong wind stirred up by the white whip swept across the land, pushing Wu Qi and the others several hundred miles away, tumbling and rolling messily across the hard icy ground. With great effort, Wu Qi stabilized himself, then he heard a miserable howl coming off in the distance. Although shrouded in a green energy barrier and white immortal glow, a flame of purple and green was now burning ragingly on her body. It made her howl and scream while plunging down from the sky.

The Divine Flame of Order had penetrated the green energy barrier outside the immortal armor, then attached right onto the white colored immortal gleam, and severely wounded Lin Qiuluo's divine will, which she sent out to control the white whip. As her Nascent Divinity was seriously injured, she was struck with a severe pain that made her eyesight dim, and eventually caused her to plunge down like a rock.

Leaving a long purple beam in the air, the Spirit-Restricting Rope pierced through the nearly one hundred miles of distance and came to Lin Qiuluo, tying her up like a dumpling and dragging her back to Wu Qi. Having her energy, soul, and the ability to think completely sealed, Lin Qiuluo stared blankly with her eyes wide opened, as she did not resist. After activating the shuttle-shaped immortal item and the white whip, Lin Qiuluo had almost depleted her energy. Therefore, when she was trapped by Spirit-Restricting Rope, she had lost all her ability to resist.

The white immortal armor was still emitting a faint white gleam, trying its best to fight the Spirit-Restricting Rope. However, a sharp howl was heard coming from the Spirit-Restricting Rope, then three vermilion talismans were seen flickering on it. In the next instant, the white immortal armor dimmed down, transforming back into white fluid and slowly creeping back into Lin Qiuluo's body.

Wu Qi extended his hand and pulled up all the white fluid, which then transformed into a fist-sized, exquisitely forged armor in his palm, emitting a faint white gleam. Wu Qi casually shoved the immortal armor into his forehead, sending it straight into his spiritual ocean. The armor trembled, and was about to fight back, but the Phoenix Fire Pouch suddenly flew towards it gracefully, sending out a ball of green and purple divine flame that wrapped the armor tightly within. The armor quivered with fear. Suddenly, Lin Qiuluo opened her mouth and coughed out a stream of blood. The divine will she left in the immortal armor had just been wiped out by the Divine Flame of Order.

When that was done, Wu Qi pulled up Lin Qiuluo, controlled the numerous dragon-scale-shaped golden beams to wrap around them, and transformed into a bright golden beam as he plunged straight into the ground, getting ready to flee for their lives.

At that very moment, three figures came rushing towards them, carrying with them the immortal pressure that blotted the sky and covered the earth. The man who flew at the forefront was Immortal Chang Wu. His face was filled with extreme anger.

The immortal pressure that nearly took a corporeal shape smashed at the snowfield, shattering the ice within a radius of one thousand miles and the thickness of nearly one hundred miles around Wu Qi and the others, while forcing them up into the air with countless ice blocks around them.

Having his immortal pressure locked down on Wu Qi and the others, Immortal Chang Wu cried out sternly, "What a group of audacious fellows! Time to face your death!"

Clenching both palms into fists, Immortal Chang Wu punched his fists towards Wu Qi and his company from a distance of over several hundred miles away.

The fist strike shook the heaven and earth. Countless huge ice blocks around Wu Qi and his company vanished into nothingness in an instant.

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