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Looking at the five air blasts that came shooting at him, Yan Qijun let out a long and loud cry. His energy had been completely depleted; therefore, he ignored the serious consequence he might have to face later, and began to burn the Nascent Soul which he had just formed not long ago. An enormous and pure burst of energy was produced immediately, transforming into a stream of gray and white energy that shrouded his entire body. While letting loose a torrent of evil and poisonous curses, he pulled out the last life-saving magical treasure - the 'Pendant of Life and Death'.

A dazzling gray and white beam towered into the sky, transforming into a shield-shaped energy barrier before Yan Qijun.

A loud rumble echoed out. Five air blasts smashed viciously into the energy barrier transformed from the Pendant of Life and Death. The gray and white energy barrier shook violently, and after two seconds of grinding and brushing against each other, five air blasts with ten times weaker power smote brutally onto Yan Qijun's body. Piercing through his chest, they came out from his back, opening up five palm-sized, see-through wounds in his body.

Again and again, he coughed out mouthfuls of blood. He widened his bloodshot eyes and roared sternly, "B*tch! If I manage to survive, I'll definitely kill all your clan members!!!"

He dragged Xiong Wanling and He Qianqiu up from the ground, who appeared to have lost their consciousness. Then, he burned his Nascent Soul in a near-insane manner, transforming into a blinding beam as he sped away. At that moment, Yan Qijun managed to achieve a frightening speed, which was very close to teleportation. The distance of several hundred miles was covered in just a flash. He smashed into the icy ground several hundred miles off in the distance, then quickly dived down into the thick layer of ice.

Merely a split second after that, several dozens of fearful air blasts blotted the sky and came smashing down, shattering all the ice within a radius of one mile into pieces.

The formidable air blasts continued their pursuit into the ice. The powerful shockwave pushed and knocked Yan Qijun's back, causing blood to burst out from his seven apertures, nearly knocking him out. Clenching his jaws, and having his mind filled with a fearless will that only a lone wolf would have when it was at the end of the rope, he exercised all the spells that he could to push through the ice, and began the desperate escape.

Turning left, then turning right, occasionally using escape art of five elements to break the ice and fly at top speed, while sometimes using his body to shatter the ice and make a way out…Yan Qijun was utilizing the winding natural tunnels found within the ice to flee in the sorriest state. Miraculously, in just a short time to finish a pot of tea, Yan Qijun managed to flee to a distance of several hundred miles away, even though he was dragging both Xiong Wanling and He Qianqiu with his near fallen apart fleshly body. Finally, he fell heavily into a small cave within the ice corroded by the sea water.

His Nascent Soul, which he had just formed yesterday, was at its last gasp after the desperate burning. His energy was depleted once again, over ninety-five percent of his meridians were broken, while most of his internal organs were ripped and filled with wounds. Yan Qijun could even feel that there were two large wounds on his heart, which nearly tore it into three pieces. An endless stream of blood was oozing from those wounds, filling up his chest quickly.

Touching his storage ring, Yan Qijun smiled bitterly. He had used up all the available healing spirit pills. He lied down shoulder to shoulder with Xiong Wanling and He Qianqiu, quietly waiting for death to arrive.

Yesterday, when he was ambushed by Lin Qiuluo in Snowflake City, relying on the self-explosion of his personal guards, Yan Qijun and the two demon kings managed to escape from the city. However, before they were too far into the escape, He Qianqiu eventually fell to the ground due to having his head severely injured, causing them to be caught up by Lin Qiuluo and her company. Being too impatient to kill Yan Qijun and the two demon kings, Lin Qiuluo attacked them ferociously with an immortal item. Having an immortal lightning bolt coming his way, Yan Qijun was forced to unleash the Purple-Smoke Tent to barely defend against the attack.

However, Purple-Smoke Tent was not something that could defend against the attack from an immortal item. Almost at the moment the lightning bolt touched the purple smoke, it was immediately ripped into pieces. Fortunately, at the most critical moment, Xiong Wanling transformed back to his true form and used his huge body to block off the lightning bolt, protecting Yan Qijun and He Qianqiu. Although he had a cultivation base of nearly ten thousand years, and a very mighty defensive strength with his gigantic fleshly body, the explosion of the lightning bolt still ripped his back nearly to shreds.

All the muscles on his back vanished, his backbone broke into seven to eight separate pieces, while all his internal organs were exposed. The lightning bolt severely wounded his Nascent Divinity, and almost disintegrated his soul. But luckily, because of his protection, Yan Qijun and He Qianqiu managed to survive. Although He Qianqiu had both of his legs shattered by the lightning bolt, and Yan Qijun was greatly shaken by the explosion, none of them died in the attack.

It happened that Lin Qiuluo's lightning bolt smashed the ice and opened up an over one hundred miles deep hole on the ground. Barely keeping his consciousness while dragging the dying Xiong Wanling and He Qianqiu with him, Yan Qijun jumped straight into the hole, fleeing desperately through a winding crack under the ice, and was lucky enough to escape from Lin Qiuluo's assault.

Even more miraculously, after being severely wounded by the shockwave from the lightning bolt and nearly having his body ripped apart, Yan Qijun broke through the bottleneck of peak-stage Gold Core realm by relying on the fantastic effect of the Reincarnation Technique of Nine-death and Nine-resurrection, which had been bothering him for over one thousand years, and smoothly formed his Nascent Soul. Surprisingly. It only took a very short time for his Nascent Soul to fully form, and without any thunder tribulation, he was able to obtain a cultivation base of early-stage Nascent Soul realm.

Nevertheless, although his cultivation base had taken a leap, he was still severely wounded. After spending all the spirit pills they brought here, Yan Qijun only managed to keep both Xiong Wanling and He Qianqiu at their last gasp. Furthermore, this last gasp of theirs could disappear at any time. Yan Qijun had no other choice but to borrow the cover of the snowfield and flee stealthily toward Flying snow City, the direction of which he roughly remembered. He intended to use the Grand Universal Teleportation Formation in the city to make his escape back to Myriad Immortals Planet.

As a result, he was once again discovered by Lin Qiuluo, and was hunted for a very long distance, forcing him to hide under the ice again. Little did he expect that Lin Qiuluo's craziness would reach such an incredible manner, as she actually used the source power of the immortal item and launched a deadly attack, which was almost equal to having it totally explode. The attack completely vanished the snowfield present in an area one thousand miles in circumference, and he was forced out from under the ice. His Purple-Smoke Tent was completely destroyed by the lightning bolt. On top of that, the powerful shockwave smashed him, Xiong Wanling, and He Qianqiu, and they were now at the gate of death.

If he did not burn his Nascent Soul just now, perhaps he would not be able to even escape to this cave.

There were some peculiar gleams flickering in the cave, radiating a faint blue light that brightly lit the icy cave wall. Some transparent jellyfishes were seen swimming freely in the ice wall, which was several times tougher than steel. Their vague shapes looked like some wandering spirits, and the blue glow was actually emitted by these jellyfishes. Yan Qijun stared at these jellyfishes with amazement, wondering why they could swim freely in the solid ice.

His injury was worsened. Inch by inch, death was invading his body and soul. Lying behind him, Xiong Wanling and He Qianqiu's breath had become weaker, and the temperature seemed to fade away from them. Looking despairingly at these nimble jellyfishes, Yan Qijun sighed bitterly.

"Worth it! I've not wasted this life of mine!"

In a self-mocking manner, he murmured gloomily, "As Great Yan's Crown Prince, I've lived a luxurious life since I was born, enjoying a prestigious status. I've never suffered any setbacks or misery. While the rest of the imperial clan members were facing harsh tribulation for the sake of power and cultivation base, as Great Yan's Crown Prince, I lived a carefree and leisurely life for over two thousand years, enjoying every moment to my heart's content."

"Worth it! I've really not wasted this life of mine!"

He smiled wryly, as dark blood oozed and rushed from his mouth. "But, I am not contented!!" he murmured under his breath, "For over two thousand of years, what I've done? Nothing! Except for the time when we went to Mo City and fought those Heaven Immortals, this is the first time I left Ji City! For over two thousand years, this is the first time I truly leave Ji City!! I've lived in a cage for over two thousand years... I... I am NOT contented!!"

Dark blood oozed out from his seven apertures. With great effort, he turned his head and gave Xiong Wanling and He Qianqiu a glance. "And, I even dragged two Imperial Advisors into this. Especially Imperial Advisor Xiong, if this had not happened to him, he would soon break through late-stage Nascent Divinity realm, and there was even a high hope for him to become a Heaven Immortal!!"

"Ai…" Yan Qijun raised his head up and stared at the jellyfishes that were swimming freely in the solid ice. Numerous faces shuffled across his eyes.

In the end, a beautiful face hovered before his eyes. Yan Qijun stared at it blankly, and suddenly burst out in a laughter, "Ai, why is it you? Although you are Zi Xuan's birth mother, and she is my favorite daughter, but you... I've even forgotten how you look like. Why I can still see your face so clearly now?"

Slowly, the face faded away. All of a sudden, Wu Qi's face jumped out before his eyes.

Yan Qijun immediately coughed violently. Gritting his teeth angrily, he cried, "Can't you let me die in peace?! Why should I think of him before death comes to me? This damn lad! Not only he abducted my Zi Xuan with flowery words and cunning statements, he is even so bold to lure those Heaven Immortals into Myriad Immortals Planet! This rascal, he... he..."

Suddenly, a loud boom was heard coming from a far distance. The deafening rumble echoed in the cave and shook Yan Qijun, causing blood to spill from his lips and nearly have his eardrums ripped. With great terror, he cried, "That damnable woman is here? You better don't let me survive, or I'll definitely slaughter all your clan members! I want to use the cruelest way to take revenge!"

Not knowing from where, a strange strength emerged in his body. Laughing ferociously, Yan Qijun straightened his back and rose. Although his backbone was broken into three pieces, he still straightened his back and stood straight up. He pulled Xiong Wanling and He Qianqiu up with hands, laughing out loud as he said, "Imperial Advisors, even if we are going to die eventually, we will have to die in a quiet and peaceful place. Wouldn't that be too shameful if we are humiliated by that woman before we died?"

He laughed wildly. Dragging Xiong Wanling and He Qianqiu, he staggered along the winding natural tunnel with heavy steps. The loud rumbles were getting closer to his back, while he felt some air blasts rushing very quickly at him.

Suddenly, a bright light came sprinkled down from above, as the thick and heavy ice roof was shattered by an enormous force. Clad in the white immortal armor and having a long white whip wheeling around her like a dragon, Lin Qiuluo hovered right above Yan Qijun. She was laughing with an immense murderous aura.

"Yan Qijun... good, very good! You've destroyed Snowflake City, and caused five of Grand Martial Palace disciples to lose their fleshly bodies. Good, very good, excellent!! How should I show my gratitude? Several hundred of thousands of people in Snowflake City were murdered in one day! Five Grand Martial Palace Nascent Divinity disciples lost their fleshly bodies because of you! Even if I cut you a thousand times, that still cannot make my hate for you to go away!!"

Lin Qiuluo's face twisted with extreme anger, and she was trembling from head to toe.

She waved the whip, shooting out a white beam which pierced towards Yan Qijun from his back. The whip hit him and tore a ferocious wound on his body. From his chest to his right shoulder, Yan Qijun's body was ripped into half. Dark blood was rushing out ceaselessly.

With great effort, Yan Qijun tilted his head up, stared at Lin Qiuluo and laughed evilly, "Well, woman, why don't you become my playmate? Let me help you to vent your anger…"

Death was upon his head, which made Yan Qijun throw away all the manners and etiquettes. Mimicking the way of how those scoundrels talked, he was taking advantages out of Lin Qiuluo with words.

Lin Qiuluo's body turned stiff instantly. A flame of anger seized her. She screamed and pointed her finger at the whip. A dragon roar echoed out, as the whip was flung out together with a white beam which was as thick as a water bucket, smashing straight at Yan Qijun's head.

Yan Qijun closed his eyes, waiting for his life to be claimed. He felt a fierce wind pressing down from above his head. "If I knew this earlier..." he murmured with a sigh.

The whip thrust down whistling.

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