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A dead silence reigned the private room in the Hidden Sword Pavilion. Apart from Duke of Long Yang's 'beloved concubine', who was currently standing right next to him, more secret agents from other dynasties had arrived in a hurry, and brought the same news to them. With his finger tapping lightly on the surface of the round table, Wu Qi ran his eyes across the representatives of the six dynasties.

"Concerning the ownership of Gu Tai Dynasty, does anyone still have objections?"

With an amiable smile on his face, he pressed both hands on the round table and said lightly, "If there are no more objections, this is final then."

Nobody had any objections. Wu Qi pondered for a brief moment, then turned to Duke of Long Yang and said while cupping his fist, "Sir, I will need your help in fostering Li Yifeng as the new Emperor. Great Yan's Crown Prince was assaulted. Regardless whether he is dead or alive right now, I'll have to leave here and have a look at the situation."

Duke of Long Yang rose gracefully. He bowed slightly at Wu Qi while smiling and answered, "This is an easy task. However, with that, Duke of Tianyun will owe Long Yang a personal favor!"

Wu Qi nodded and said, "I'll definitely repay your favor."

Saying that, he rose, then dragged Yan Bugui and left Hidden Sword Pavilion without another word. Li Yifeng wanted to follow Wu Qi, but Duke of Long Yang came to him and pressed him back to his position. "As the new Emperor of Gu Tai Dynasty, there is no way you can leave right at this critical moment." said Duke of Long Yang while giggling, "You guys, come here quickly and pay respect to the Emperor of Gu Tai Dynasty!" He turned to give Lao Ai and the others a glare.

Lao Ai, Tian Dan, and the others did not move, while the eight Princes standing behind them had no choice but to walk over, grinding their teeth and dropping to their knees before Li Yifeng. Li Yifeng was struck dumb, as he looked at the eight Princes that knelt right before him with a blank expression. Had he really become the new Emperor just like that? The succession of the throne had just been decided by these few people? He felt like he was dreaming. In the meanwhile, standing right next to him, Zi Qianyan's eyes were clear and bright. With an easy grace, she was tilting her head up and looking down at the men who knelt before her, who were once the men with prestigious status and swollen with inordinate arrogance.

Wu Qi walked out of the Hidden Sword Pavilion's main door hurriedly, then turned to Yan Bugui and said in a low voice, "Prevent the leakage of the news. We can let everyone under the heaven know that Crown Prince was assaulted, but not Zhang Le. Remember! Don't let Zhang Le learn about the news. Also, inform His Majesty and all the important persons that on no account can they let the people of White Cloud Immortal Sect and Tranquil Vimalā Sect learn about this, or the secret of their own Grand Universal Teleportation Formation will be exposed!"

Yan Bugui's expression turned grim. He grabbed Wu Qi's hand and asked, "You are going to Xue Yuan Planet alone? It is too risky! Why don't we wait..."

Wu Qi pushed Yan Bugui's hand away and cried out coldly, "Wait for Great Yan to assemble a rescue? That will be too late!"

Gnashing his teeth, Wu Qi shook his head and said with a sigh, "No matter what, he is Zi Xuan's father. I can't just leave him there without doing anything... Go back and inform what happened here to Young Master. Let him secretly send our elite private soldiers in Little Meng City to Tai City. I need them to protect Li Yifeng and Zi Qianyan. To prevent someone from taking desperate measures, I need Young Master here. Tell him to get help from the Heaven Breaking Sword Sect!"

Yan Bugui answered quickly and remembered what Wu Qi told him by heart.

Wu Qi nodded his head and took a deep breath. Over the last few years, he had been building his own power in the dark, accumulating and cultivating the people that he could use in case of an emergency, and finally, he had his own connections and manpower to muster. If not because of that, when he rushed over to Xue Yuan Planet for the rescue without sufficient manpower to help him, he would have to ditch Li Yifeng and Zi Qianyan behind. By the time he returned, perhaps the little couple would have already been completely devoured by someone.

Glancing around coldly, Wu Qi suddenly saw Xiang Yu approaching him slowly from the far end of the street, riding on a black horse and hand grasping a dark-red tiger-headed halberd. Wu Qi could not help but curse under his breath. Without hesitation, he transformed into a stream of black beam, shooting up into the sky and speeding away.

The speed of Acquired Magnetic Sword beam was incredibly fast. In just a twinkle after Wu Qi transformed into a black beam, he had traveled several hundred miles away. Although Xiang Yu had a cultivation base of Nascent Divinity, he was still caught unprepared by Wu Qi's quick response. Holding the tiger-headed halberd, he stared angrily into the direction where Wu Qi vanished. Xiang Yu gnashed his teeth and cried, "You little filthy thief... you shall die under my halberd!"

A red gleam was seen flickering at the other end of the street, as Yuji, clad in a long red dress and hiding her hands under the long sleeves, suddenly emerged from the void like a spirit, making no sound at all. She quietly stood at the top of a pavilion and peered into the street. Sometimes, she would look at Xiang Yu, who was riding on his steed, and sometimes, she would turn and look in the direction where Wu Qi disappeared. There was no sorrow or joy, no fear or anger on her pretty face. The expressionless face made her look like a walking corpse.

Fearing Duke of Long Yang and Yan Bugui might delay things up, Wu Qi returned to Myriad Immortals Planet using the teleportation formation in White Cloud Planet. Stealthily, he used a communicative jade talisman to transmit a message to Lu Chengfeng, Lord Xiansheng, and the rest of his friends, informing and telling them what to do, and only then he returned to White Cloud Planet.

Wearing a friendly smile on his face, he exchanged some greetings with the executing-disciples taking care of White Cloud Planet's Grand Universal Teleportation Formation, telling them how much of a drudge he was in a self-mocking manner, as he had to travel back and forth between planets in order to complete the task Jiangcheng Zi gave him. Amidst the flattering laughter of those disciples, Wu Qi stepped onto a cloud and flew towards Gu Tai Dynasty for some distance, then landed on a remote and desolate place.

With a stamp of his feet, he plunged into the ground. Body shrouded in a bright yellow light, he went straight three hundred miles down into the earth in just a blink of an eye. There, he found a solid rock stratum, and with a bright gleam flickering in his eyes, he began to control the surrounding dirt, sand, and rock with innate earth element energy, causing them to ripple like water. Following his thought, the rock stratum was quickly pushed away, and finally, a sphere-shaped cave with a diameter of roughly one mile and having a space several hundred feet tall was formed.

From his ring, he took out many formation discs which he crafted in advance, and placed them on the ground. With the quickest speed, Wu Qi connected them together and completed the foundation of a Grand Universal Teleportation Formation, then he mounted many large pieces of supreme-grade energy stones in it and activated it. In the next moment, numerous blinding lights shot out from the foundation, forming into a nine-layered, three-dimensional formation above it. At the core of the formation purely constructed with light, Wu Qi mounted many large pieces of Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold and supreme-grade energy stones.

Finally, he bit his fingertip and forced out a drop of blood essence, dripping it onto the foundation. He controlled the formation to refine his blood essence, and branded a thread of his divine will at its core. With that, this formation had become his private Grand Universal Teleportation Formation. Nobody could modify the setup of this teleportation formation or use it, unless the person's divine will could travel from one planet to another through the vast void, and was capable of shattering the void and finding the ripple of a teleportation formation in the boundless void.

In other words, if someone really did possess such a mighty ability, he could already travel across the void with his fleshly body. Why would he still need a teleportation formation?

After being done with all these cumbersome setups, Wu Qi activated the formation and input the coordinates of 'Dark Radiance Planet'.

A blinding light burst out from the teleportation formation, then Wu Qi stepped into it and vanished within a blink of an eye. Immediately, an enormous pressure came pressing at him from all directions. Without hesitation, he twisted his left wrist, shooting out a large sheet of yellow light from his wrist shield that enveloped his body, completely dispelling the pressure caused by traveling in the void.

One hour later, Wu Qi stepped out from the largest public teleportation formation in Dark Radiance Planet. According to the fixed price in Liyuan Galaxy, he paid a large amount of energy stones to the cultivators managing the formation, then he asked about for the location to the nearest and largest market. After that, he stepped onto a sword beam and flew straight towards the market.

Dark Radiance Planet was located in the same planetary system as Xue Yuan Planet, and they revolved around the same star. It was a planet closest to Xue Yuan Planet that was inhabited by cultivators. The distance between the two planets was almost equal to the distance between Earth and Mars.

According to the intelligence obtained by Duke of Long Yang, since Yan Qijun was assaulted in Xue Yuan Planet, all four teleportation formations on that planet had been completely shut off. So, in order to rescue Yan Qijun, he would have to use Dark Radiance Planet as a transiting planet. Wu Qi had no idea whether Yan Dan and the others had any means to travel across the distance of hundreds of millions of miles between Dark Radiance Planet and Xue Yuan Planet, but he knew that the only way for him do that would be finding himself a planetary ship here.

In the entire Liyuan Galaxy, a planetary ship was a very rare item. Even though White Cloud Immortal Sect was considered one of the top immortal sects in Liyuan Galaxy, they did not own many planetary ships. So, although Dark Radiance Planet was a planet inhabited by cultivators, and there were two large cultivator clans that took root here, it was still a doubt whether he could find a planetary ship or not.

If he could not find a planetary ship in Dark Radiance Planet within twelve hours, Wu Qi would have to rush over to the largest trading planet in Liyuan Galaxy, the Thousand Waves Planet, and try his luck there. However, although using Grand Universal Teleportation Formation it took him one hour to travel from White Cloud Planet to Dark Radiance Planet, it would take two days and six hours to arrive at Thousand Waves Planet from White Cloud Planet, as it was located at the border between Liyuan Galaxy and the other galaxy. Yan Qijun was in deadly danger, and Wu Qi could not afford such a long travel.

While riding on the sword beam and flying in the sky at top speed, Wu Qi's facial muscles began to slowly transform, gradually changing into a strange face. His clothes were seen flickering as well, as they transformed into an ordinary-looking gray Daoist robe, while all the ornaments on him had also changed. He looked like quite inconspicuous now. Finally, the energy in his body became different, and the Gold Core strange sign behind his back changed into a blue water wave.

Before long, he arrived and landed outside the market closest to the largest public teleportation formation in Dark Radiance Planet, the Huixian Market.

He briefly glanced the market that occupied an area of tens of miles in circumference, filled up with rows upon rows of buildings, and crowded with people. Then, he pulled over an early-stage Nascent Soul cultivator who happened to pass by and asked, "Fellow Daoist, do you know where can I find the largest merchant that sells the most varieties of items in Huixian Market?"

Having his collar grabbed by Wu Qi and lifted up like a little chicken, the Nascent Soul cultivator stared angrily at him. He saw there was a Gold Core strange sign behind Wu Qi's back, and realized he was just a mid-stage Gold Core cultivator. How dare a mere Gold Core cultivator be so rude to a Nascent Soul cultivator? While the Earth Immortal was about to scold Wu Qi, he suddenly realized one thing: he was a Nascent Soul cultivator with a Dharma body. His strength and reflexes were at least ten times greater than a Gold Core cultivator, yet Wu Qi could grab him up like it was nothing, and he did not even have the strength to resist?

In the realm of cultivators, the strong would survive, while the weak would perish, and those who did not have a keen eye and offended people at random would be the one that died the quickest.

A bright smile immediately bloomed on the Nascent Soul cultivator's face. He gave up the idea of resisting and simply let Wu Qi grab him up in the air, legs dangling freely, as he said obediently, "Senior, the largest merchant in Huixian Market is, of course, the Treasure Tower. It is run by the two largest cultivator clans in Dark Radiance Planet, the Feng clan and Yu clan. Looking one mile away from this direction, that tallest and pale-green tower constructed with jade will be the one!"

Rolling his eyes, Wu Qi threw the man aside, then fished out several tens of upper-grade energy stones from his sleeve and threw at the man. The Nascent Soul cultivator took over the upper-grade energy stones gladly, grinning from ear to ear as he watched Wu Qi walk into the market and murmured under his breath, "Tsk, from which wealthy clan does this prodigal son come from? He just gave me over fifty upper-grade energy stones! It is more than enough to cover my daily expenses for a few years!"

Wu Qi heard the man's murmuring, and he could not help but sigh with emotions. The cultivators in Liyuan Galaxy were indeed extremely poor!

Exercising the divine ability of shrinking the ground, Wu Qi strode over one thousand feet of distance with a step, and with just a few steps, he had arrived at the front door of Treasure Tower. He went straight into the luxuriously decorated tower, and shouted in a deep voice, "Where is your manager? Do you sell planetary ship? I will buy it with a good price!"

Everyone in Treasure Tower turned to look at him. Before long, a fat manager came greeting him with a big smile on his face.

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