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Although the lady looked tall and skinny, as if she did not have too much of physical strength to spend, her strength, in fact, was frighteningly strong. He Qianqiu was a Nascent Divinity cultivator, but when the lady punched her fist at him, it actually pierced through his chest, and came out from his back together with a splash of blood. The intense pain made He Qianqiu howl miserably, and out of instinct, he transformed back to his true form. A giant white crane, with a wingspan of over one hundred feet, soared up into the sky while hissing shrilly. It opened its mouth and sprinkled down a large sheet of green light.

The green light sprinkled down like the warm drizzling rain on a spring night. However, this drizzling green light brought with it a piercing coldness, being as sharp as some lower-grade magical treasures. It was actually a divine ability which He Qianqiu spent nearly his entire life in cultivating meticulously, with the green clouds containing a single thread of gold element energy, which he harvested in the Western sky, as the main component. When the green light transformed into a drizzling rain, each of the raindrops was as sharp as a sword, capable of piercing through everything, and stopping at nothing. It was a divine ability with an awe-inspiring power.

Originally, the power of He Qianqiu's cultivation technique was already very strong, and over the last three years, he even learned the mystic technique of the White Cloud Immortal Sect - the Energy Unity Script. It was an orthodox energy refinement technique of Daoism, and it was known for having an incredible effect of strengthening one's foundation and cultivating one's energy. After three years of laborious cultivation, He Qianqiu managed to dispel a small part of his demon energy, and increased the power of this Prime divine ability by another thirty percent. When the green light was cast, the surrounding natural energies would come and attach to them automatically, greatly improving their penetrative ability.

Like a group of sentient beings, the green light chased after the lady.

But the lady moved at an extreme speed. After wounding He Qianqiu with a punch, before He Qianqiu transformed into his true form and soared into the sky, she had already come right next to Xiong Wanling. She thrust her palm out, leaving behind a long white beam in the air and hacking viciously on Xiong Wanling's body. A sound of bone cracking was heard, as the lady's palm sunk one foot deep into Xiong Wanling's thick and strong waist. Blood sprayed and splashed in all directions, as Xiong Wanling hissed and howled because of the severe pain. Just like He Qianqiu, he too could not refrain himself and transformed back to his true form of a demon bear - the Iron Armored Ground Bear. Shockingly, he was actually a huge black bear, who stood one hundred feet tall, with his entire body covered with a layer of one foot thick black scales. Countless long black hair were seen poking out from the tiny gaps between the scales.

The green-clothed lady was taken by surprise, and her left arm was still stuck in Xiong Wanling's body. When Xiong Wanling abruptly transformed into his true form, he squeezed his muscles and pinched the lady's arm, bringing her up over fifty feet from the ground. And so, with her left arm now sticking in Xiong Wanling's muscles, the lady was hanging midair fifty feet from the ground. In the next moment, the large sheet of green light sprayed out by He Qianqiu came and smashed right onto her body.

A loud and sonorous cry was heard coming from the lady's mouth. All of a sudden, a white mist with extreme coldness sprayed out from between her brows, and a silvery fluid began to quickly flow through her skin. In just a blink of an eye, the silver fluid transformed into a very thin, tight fitted, soft armor. It was a white soft armor with a splendid design, whose surface was filled with countless tiny bulges the size of a soybean. At the top of every single bulge was a rune, seen glimmering with a pale white gleam.

The runes looked ancient and elegant, sending forth an air of spirituality, which made them look completely different from the runes that ordinary cultivators were familiar with. Both Xiong Wanling and He Qianqiu were the demon kings in Meng Mountains, and in their memories passed down from their forefathers, they had the relevant knowledge concerning the runes. So, upon looking at those runes, both demons immediately roared out loudly, "Immortal Runes! That is an immortal item!!"

The green light smashed forcefully onto the lady's body and produced countless ripples on the pale white gleam on the surface of the armor. Whenever a wisp of green light hit the armor, a deep, muffled roaring of thunder immediately rang out. However, the lady did not move, and nothing happened to the armor either.

She sneered mockingly, and cried with a deep voice, "Remember my name, I am Lin Qiuluo!!"

Suddenly, the white light on her left palm shone forth with all its strength. The silver fluid flowed through her palm and spread out rapidly, transforming into a peculiar-shaped blade near the edge of her palm, as thin as a sheet of paper and measuring three feet long. Then, she waved her hand casually, and the blade immediately made a nearly one foot long cut on Xiong Wanling's sturdy and thick fleshly body. Like a steel blade cutting through a tofu, wherever the palm-blade went, the muscles, the bones and tendons, the scales and long hair, all were cut in an instant. Blood sprayed out from the wound like a fountain. Xiong Wanling howled painfully, thrusting his bear palm brutally on Lin Qiuluo's body and knocking her far away. Holding the large wound that nearly ripped him into two, Xiong Wanling quickly sprung backward while howling.

Fortunately, the people of six dynasties had spent three years in White Cloud Immortal Sect. Although they were just outer sect disciples that Patriarch Jiang Yun was not fond of, as Myriad Immortals Planet had overly copious natural resources, over the last three years, the benefits for all the disciples in White Cloud Immortal Sect had improved by more than one hundred times. As a result, Xiong Wanling had brought some life-saving immortal pills of excellent quality with him. With great efforts, he struggled and transformed back to human form, holding the wound with one hand, and crushing a pale green jade bottle with the other hand. From it, he took out a pale green pill that looked like a tiny sprout.

As all immortal pills had sentient spiritualities in them, they always took the form of natural creations. Immortal pills shaped like a sapling, sprout, or seed, usually contained an enormous amount of life force, and were healing pills that could save one's life at the critical moment. A flame burst out from Xiong Wanling's palm, and when it touched the immortal pill, it immediately melted and transformed into a clump of pale green mist that shrouded him completely. Immediately, the wound with blood spraying out like a fountain began to heal up quickly. Xiong Wanling panted heavily, pointing his finger at Lin Qiuluo and roaring furiously, "Kill her!!!"

Abruptly, Xiong Wanling's head transformed into a huge bear head. He opened his big mouth and gave a furious roar, and from the mouth, a glorious dark beam was seen shooting out. Amidst the dark beam was a tiny double-bladed axe, with its crescent-shaped blades emitting a threatening glow. Upon touching the wind that blew across the field, the axe immediately grew larger at an incredible speed. In just a twinkle, it had transformed into an eighty feet long huge axe, slicing through the air and chopping towards Lin Qiuluo.

As Lin Qiuluo's soft armor was an immortal item, although she was knocked away by Xiong Wanling's palm, which had the power capable to crumble a lofty mountain into pieces, not even a slight vibration was caused on her defensive barrier. Noticing the huge axe whistling down from above her head, Lin Qiuluo sneered disdainfully. Without hesitation, she transformed both of her palms into two long blades that glittered like snow, and swung them across the void.

Two white beams slashed the axe with tremendous forces, and with a clang, a large amount of sparks was produced on the axe that Xiong Wanling inherited from his forefather, which was a lower-grade magical treasure. In the next moment, its shaft was broken into two by Lin Qiuluo's blades. Xiong Wanling's eyes went wide, and he roared, then opened his mouth and coughed out a stream of blood. In the meanwhile, the immense force that came from the axe shook Lin Qiuluo and made her lose her balance, as she staggered back to a distance of several thousand feet, pushing through several tens of residential buildings on her way. A few unlucky fellows were accidentally knocked by her while she was moving backward quickly, and their bodies were immediately ripped to shreds.

Xiong Wanling stared at the giant axe blankly, which had now fallen to the ground and had its bright glow died out. He felt his heart was aching, and it made his internal organs tremble with rage.

Unlike human cultivators, although Xiong Wanling and his pack of bears occupied a vast region in Meng Mountains, they were not experts in weapon crafting. As a matter of fact, the axe was an heirloom that he inherited from his forefathers. Although he was Great Yan Dynasty's Imperial Advisor, Xiong Wanling was not at intimate terms with Mo Di, who was skillful in weapon crafting. Over the last two thousand years, he was too ashamed to ask Mo Di to craft a new magical treasure for him.

Little did he expect the heirloom of his clan would be destroyed here. Xiong Wanling's eyes were bloodshot now.

Fuming with a towering wrath, Xiong Wanling roared wildly. He stamped his feet and transformed back to his bear form once again. Then, he waved his arms, and the natural energies in Snowflake City began to fuse with him. He turned to look at Lin Qiuluo, who was still retreating at top speed, then roared furiously, "You b*tch! I'm going to swallow you alive!!"

He flung both of his huge bear palms forward, throwing out two black balls with loud swooshing noises, which immediately transformed into two enormous and heavy palms, each measuring roughly one acre wide. Carrying with them rocking and rolling demonic thunders and a pungent smell, they smashed mightily towards Lin Qiuluo. It was the divine ability which Xiong Wanling was most proud of - the Mountshaker Palm. When the palms were thrust with all his strength, each of them was capable to completely wipe up all living beings in a radius of one thousand miles. If they were focused on attacking one single target, even Jin Jia, who had the strongest fleshly body among all five demon kings, would not dare to fight against Xiong Wanling's attack.

Upon the Mountshaker Palms making their debut, over ninety-nine percent of the buildings in Snowflake City collapsed and crumbled with loud rumbles. Countless innocent civilians were killed or severely wounded, and when the enormous demonic energy contained in both palms spread across the city, all the cultivators below Nascent Soul realm had their bodies exploded instantly, sending blood and gore flying in all directions. The strike that Xiong Wanling unleashed without thinking about the consequences had nearly annihilated every single living being in the city.

Abruptly, Lin Qiuluo's eyes shot with blood. She threw her head back and issued a forlorn and bitter roar, "You filthy thief! How dare you destroy the foundation of my Snowflake City?!"

Like a tigress that went berserk, Lin Qiuluo sprung forward and greeted upon Xiong Wanling's Mountshaker Palms.

He Qianqiu was hovering midair and had just consumed a healing immortal pill. He threw his head back and gave a long and loud hiss, then began to flap his wings at top speed. Like a spinning top, his body spun at an incredible rate, and with his crane beak pointing forward, he shot towards Lin Qiuluo with a long grayish beam tailing behind.

A blinding glare shone from He Qianqiu's crane beak, as he focused all his energy and strength on it. Just like Xiong Wanling, it was an attack he unleashed with all his might. Even as He Qianqiu's body was spinning at top speed, the air within a radius of one hundred miles was stirred up, then transformed into countless wind blades that blotted the sky and smashed down on Snowflake City. Apart from several tens of mansions that were protected by powerful defensive formations, all the buildings in Snowflake City were crumbled to pieces, and all the people in the city, excluding those who managed to seek refuge in some mansions, were sliced and ground into meat paste by the wind blades.

A muffled boom rang out as Lin Qiuluo was hit by two Mountshaker Palms nearly at the same time, causing the white gleam on her immortal armor to dim down. Although the immortal armor had an incredible defensive strength, it was limited by her cultivation base. Lin Qiuluo could not bring the full power of it into play. At the very most, the defensive strength was roughly two times stronger than an upper-grade magical treasure. On the other hand, Xiong Wanling had even fused part of his Prime energy essence into the palms strike that he thrust out desperately, giving it a power that almost approached a casual strike unleashed by a Thirty-Sixth Tier Heaven Immortal who had just transcended. Their power could never be underestimated.

Lin Qiuluo's body trembled. Although the immortal armor had neutralized eighty percent of the forces, the remaining twenty percent still smashed solidly onto her body. It nearly made her internal organs explode, and blood was spraying out from her seven apertures.

Rapid creaking echoed out. Mustering all his strength and Dharmic powers, and using the hardest body part of his, the beak as the weapon, He Qianqiu's attack also smashed mightily on Lin Qiuluo's back. The white defensive barrier hovering above the immortal armor shattered abruptly, and He Qianqiu's long beak continued its way and clashed viciously with the armor. Two shrill cries rang out almost at the same time, while a large sheet of blinding blood red light burst out, making one's eyes ache upon looking at them.

He Qianqiu's beak exploded and shot into all directions in pieces. He was now a bald white crane without a mouth, lapsed into a semi-coma, and knocked flying backward.

Lin Qiuluo coughed out another stream of blood, and it seemed everything around her began to turn black as she spun a few rounds on the ground, and fell down on her back, losing her ability to move. The immortal armor was intact, as He Qianqiu's full force strike did not cause any actual damage to it. However Lin Qiuluo's internal organs were greatly shaken once again, and it nearly killed her.

Protected by his personal guards, Yan Qijun struggled up to his feet, pointing his finger at Lin Qiuluo as he cried out sternly, "Kill her! Quick!!"

Since Lin Qiuluo owned an immortal armor, it showed that she had a significant background. If they did not seize the opportunity and killed her now, who knew what other trump cards she hid under her sleeve?

The dozens of Nascent Soul guards shot out their sword beams at the same time, thrusting them at Lin Qiuluo in a messy manner.

Suddenly, an enormously powerful divine will came crashing down from above their heads, as twelve figures were seen shooting down from the sky.

Like a pack of fierce dragons, twelve Nascent Divinity cultivators thrust down from the sky while roaring furiously.

"What a bunch of audacious thieves!! How dare you hurt our Master's wife?!"

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