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Xue Yuan Planet was located at a remote corner in Liyuan Galaxy, a planet inhabited mostly by itinerant cultivators.

No mighty immortal sects expanded their branches to this place. On the planet measuring roughly the same size as Earth, there were only several tens of cities where itinerant cultivators lived. It had a total population of nearly ten million, among which was a very high ratio of cultivators. For every ten people here, one of them would be a cultivator. In Xue Yuan Planet, a cultivator with cultivation base of peak-stage Nascent Soul realm would be able to build his own city, establishing the foundation of his own clan.

The planet had a very harsh natural environment. The entire planet was frozen in ice all year long, with an average temperature several tens of degrees below zero, and filled with strong winds that could blow people with poor physique into the air. It did not have many local products, except for only a few types of spirit herbs with cold characteristics, and a few types of minerals with the same cold characteristics, which could be considered some unique local products. Apart from that, Xue Yuan Planet also had several tens of energy stones mines that produced energy stones with a cold characteristic. They were not some large mines, and over so many years of excavation, these mines were depleted, and only had a very low annual yield.

In short, it was a remote planet with poor natural resources. However, if one had to name out an attractive thing on the planet, that would be the beautiful local girls, who were famous in the entire Liyuan Galaxy. Perhaps, it was the essence of ice on this planet that gave the spiritual bearing to the girls in Xue Yuan Planet. They had a fair and smooth skin, which made them look to be carved out from snow. Furthermore, with their innate pure Yin body constitution, they made the best partners for cultivators from various sects in this part of the universe.

Therefore, although Xue Yuan Planet was located in a remote place, it had friends and acquaintances all over the galaxy. Among the several tens of cities in Xue Yuan Planet, there were several hundred cultivator clans of different sizes. Although they did not have a very strong overall strength, with the strongest Elder in the clan having only a cultivation base of peak-stage Nascent Soul realm, they might be backed by three to four Nascent Divinity son-in-laws, with some who were even Heaven Immortals. As a result, Xue Yuan Planet had always been in peace, rarely having any disturbance broke out.

In Xue Yuan Planet, there were only four Grand Universal Teleportation Formations that could lead to other regions in the galaxy, with each of them located in North, South, East, and West side of the planet. And, it happened that they were built right in the four strongest cities on Xue Yuan Planet.

Snowflake City was a city located in the northernmost region of Xue Yuan Planet, sitting very close to the planet's north pole. It was generally recognized as the largest and strongest city on the planet. The city was populated by approximately five hundred thousand people, among which, seventy thousand were cultivators. One day, a dazzling light suddenly burst out from the Grand Universal Teleportation Formation in the city, and in the next moment, Yan Qijun, clad in a long black robe, walked out from it. He was escorted by Xiong Wanling and He Qianqiu, the two Imperial Advisors, and a group of nearly one hundred cultivators.

It cost a huge amount of energy stones to use a Grand Universal Teleportation Formation, and hence, abiding by the rules of cultivator realm, Yan Qijun paid a large sum of upper-grade energy stones according to the number of people he brought here, serving as a fee and to replenish the consumption of the Grand Universal Teleportation Formation in Snowflake City. After being done registering their purpose of visiting Xue Yuan Planet with the cultivators in charge of the teleportation formation, the group of people came to the street excitedly, and began to enjoy the wonderful sight of the foreign planet.

Xiong Wanling and He Qianqiu, the two Nascent Divinity Imperial Advisors, spread their divine will into every corner of the city, investigating the overall strength of the cultivators in Snowflake City. Relying on their extremely powerful divine will and cultivation base, every now and then, the two great demons would have their divine will scan through the product shelves placed in the shops on the side of the street, and their underground storerooms, secretly calculating how much energy stones were these shops worth.

If Wu Qi saw these two old demons right now, he would definitely think they were his fellows in the same profession. In the Underhand Sect, their behavior had a jargon - 'treading the plate'[1]! Once they had the accurate information, they could revisit the place at night and steal all the good things. Using their divine will of Nascent Divinity realm to step the plate, what they found would be absolutely accurate. No one could escape from their furtive eyes.

As a matter of fact, the two demon kings were indeed here to find out the actual situation. They planned to tour the entire Xue Yuan Planet, gaining insight into the overall strength of the people here, and providing feedback to the many brilliant ministers and valiant generals in Great Yan's imperial court, allowing them to come out with an overall plan for Xue Yuan Planet. Before they could decide whether to invade the planet by force, or to take over the control secretly, they would have to evaluate the overall strength of the people here, and their connections through marriages.

If they could secretly take control of Xue Yuan Planet, that also meant through the numerous clans of various sizes, they would be able to influence the attitude of those cultivators who married their daughters. This would bring a significant benefit to Great Yan's future development in Liyuan Galaxy.

Meanwhile, Yan Qijun did not pay any attention to the shops on the street side or those cultivators who were flying here and there in the sky. He was seen narrowing his eyes, sizing up the beautiful girls walking down the street and taking care of the shops with great interest. Xue Yuan Planet was truly worthy of the reputation, as it was abound with beautiful girls. No matter it was the girls that walking on the street, or the maids working in the shops at the street side, they all had very attractive body figures. Their skin were silky smooth and delicate, as if they were the finest tofu that one could find under the heaven, bearing a breathtaking and flawless fair skin complexion.

On top of that, there was a witty aura emanating from between the brows of every girl here, which made them look very different from ordinary girls. When Yan Qijun ran his divine will through these girls, he found out that on an average, one among every thirty girls was fit for cultivation, and had a pretty strong innate Spirit Root.

Yan Qijun kept nodding his head with a smile on his face. Xue Yuan Planet was indeed a place which not only captured the mind, but also pleased the eyes. After spending so many years dwelling in Ji City in boredom, he finally had the chance to come out and spend some relaxed moments. Thus, Yan Qijun decided that he must enjoy the trip to his heart's content. As the Crown Prince of Great Yan Dynasty, who cultivated the Reincarnation Technique of Nine-death and Nine-resurrection but never experienced any crisis of life and death, which made him only possess the cultivation base of peak-stage Gold Core realm, the only pleasures of life which he could think of would be wine, women, avarice, and pride.

The people they met on the way, be it ordinary mortals or cultivators, were nodding their heads and smiling at Yan Qijun and his company, who were clad in a very luxurious clothing and carried an extraordinary bearing. There were even some shop owners who walked out from their shops, offering greetings to Yan Qijun. Snowflake City was a very friendly city, because not only would these foreign cultivators bring a huge amount of energy stones here to purchase their spirit herbs and minerals, some of the elite disciples from immortal sects would even develop love affairs with daughters from some clans in the city. And, that was the best outcome they hoped for.

Roughly one thousand years ago, when Snowflake City was still a small, ordinary city, the largest clan in the city, Lin clan, discovered that one of their daughters owned a very rare Nine Yin Meridians. One day, the Ancestral Master of Grand Martial Palace in Liyuan Galaxy, Chang Wu Immortal, who was a Heaven Immortal himself, happened to visit the city, and his eyes were captured by the Lin clan's daughter. He condescended to make a marriage proposal, and had that girl become his wife. As a result, the Lin clan experienced a meteoric rise in just one thousand years, and eventually, Snowflake City became the strongest city in Xue Yuan Planet.

At the present time, the daughter of Lin clan had attained a cultivation base of peak-stage Nascent Divinity realm, just one step away from Heaven Immortal realm. With that, Lin clan’s prospects became even more splendid. After she transcended the Heavenly Tribulation and stepped into Heaven Immortal realm, only goodness would know how prosperous the Lin clan would become.

Perhaps, among Yan Qijun and his company, there might be a Heaven Immortal? If they took a fancy to some of the daughters in the city, that would be the time for them to have a meteoric rise!

Because of that, some of the teenage girls who possessed Spirit Roots even gathered their courage and walked out from the shops, waving their hands at Yan Qijun with sweet smiles on their faces. Although the street measured merely one thousand feet, Yan Qijun actually received a dozen of handkerchiefs thrown to him by some teenage girls, with each contained aromatic fruits and some 'Edelweiss', the flowers of a spirit plant that grew only in Xue Yuan Planet.

Yan Qijun's face bloomed with a bright smile, and he returned the gestures by nodding his head at those teenage girls with a friendlier and warmer attitude. He loved this place, and he decided that once Great Yan secretly controlled the Xue Yuan Planet, he would definitely marry all these girls back into his palace. He touched and gently stroked his smooth and beardless jaw, and thought to himself that it seemed he had not given birth to a single offspring for the last tens of years.

In the meanwhile, the smiles on Xiong Wanling and He Qianqiu's faces became brighter as well. In their eyes, this Snowflake City was totally a defenseless city, and with just a casual grab, they could immediately control it in their hands. Of course, they could not act rashly right now, as they had to wait until those people with incredible intelligence in the imperial court, such as Su Qin, Han Fei, and the others, to come out with a proper plan. Only then would they put their hands on Xue Yuan Planet.

Slowly, the company ditched away their vigilance, and had taken the surveying trip as a sightseeing tour with the expenses paid by the dynasty, setting their mind at ease and admiring the surrounding scenery. There was no existence in Snowflake City that could form a threat to them. The strongest cultivators in the city were three Earth Immortals of peak-stage Nascent Soul realm, while among the people Yan Qijun brought with him, apart from the two demon kings who were Nascent Divinity cultivators, the weakest personal guard was an Earth Immortal with a cultivation base of mid-stage Nascent Soul realm.

With such overall strength, they could roam the entire Xue Yuan Planet without any fear.

When an exceptionally charming and sweet girl walked out from a restaurant, waving her hand at Yan Qijun with a smile on her face and inviting them to have a meal in their restaurant, Yan Qijun was finally completely aroused and could no longer press down his tempestuous heart. The girl was as gentle and tender as a bowl of sweet dessert, and her appearance was very cute. Yan Qijun felt it was the time for him to have some fun. When he was at Ji City, he was the Crown Prince, and shouldered a heavy burden, which made him hardly find any opportunity to vent his desire. But in here, on the Xue Yuan Planet, what was a big deal if he spent some fun time with a few girls?

He sighed lightly, thinking to himself that Xue Yuan Planet was indeed a place that could make a man fall. Smilingly, he nodded his head at the girl, then strode straight towards the restaurant.

The restaurant was less than two thousand feet away from the Grand Universal Teleportation Formation. However, when Yan Qijun and his men walked toward the restaurant, none of them noticed that the cultivators that kept guard at the teleportation formation had been replaced, and the once functioning teleportation formation had a few important formation discs taken away by someone, which caused it to cease functioning.

A tall and skinny lady, clad in a green outfit and wearing a gloomy face, was seen walking slowly towards them from the other end of the street.

The lady had a very beautiful visage. However, her face was cold, as if everyone owed her five thousand kilograms of gold. Her grim and gloomy face made everyone feel uncomfortable upon looking at her. She walked with wide steps, and with just a few steps, she had walked past Yan Qijun, and continued striding across Xiong Wanling and He Qianqiu.

Instinctively the two demon kings glanced at the lady with their divine will: she was just an ordinary lady, but she had a very good Spirit Root, a rare Nine Yin Meridians! Immediately, the two demon kings gave the lady a look of surprise, as they were shocked to find out that she actually owned the Nine Yin Meridians! And that was the best body constitution for dual-party cultivation!

Xiong Wanling winked and made signs to He Qianqiu. The cultivation technique practiced by He Qianqiu was inclined to the Daoist lineage. If he could be aided by this lady, his cultivation base would definitely advance at a tremendous pace.

Without hesitation, He Qianqiu took a step forward and stopped the lady from going further. Smilingly, he cupped fists and bowed deeply at the lady. Since White Cloud Immortal Sect entered and was stationed in Myriad Immortals Planet, the few demon kings had fallen in love with this gesture, because it looked grand. Especially when the gesture was performed by He Qianqiu, who had an outstanding bearing like that of immortals, it made him look elegant and spiritual, as if he were a real Immortal.

After stopping the lady from leaving, He Qianqiu smiled and said, "Miss, I am..."

The lady rolled her eyes, as a bright gleam shone from them. Suddenly she shouted at the top of her voice, "He Qianqiu!!!"

Before He Qianqiu could come to his senses, pondering how this lady knew his name, the lady had already thrust her fist out and punched viciously on his chest. After that, she drifted away from He Qianqiu like a whirlwind, leaving afterimages in the void, and came right next to Xiong Wanling.

A stream of white light streaked across the air, as the lady thrust her left palm and chopped towards Xiong Wanling.

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