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Yan Bugui grinned. Out of his habit, he glanced around, and only then told Wu Qi the truth.

Indeed, the White Cloud Immortal Sect and Tranquil Vimalā Sect had imposed restrictions on the emperors and ministers of six dynasties, preventing them from leaving Myriad Immortals Planet freely. Over the three years, only a very few emperors and ministers of the six dynasties received the permission to leave Myriad Immortals Planet, allowing them to visit the planets occupied by the two immortal sects through the Grand Universal Teleportation Formation. That served two purposes; first, to let them admire the local conditions and customs in various planets, serving as a sightseeing tour. Secondly, these emperors and ministers were, after all, the nominal disciples of the two immortal sects. They had to show their faces in their headquarters, witnessing the real look of their sects' headquarters, and maintaining a good relationship with the many Executing-Elders.

Nevertheless, White Cloud Immortal Sect and Tranquil Vimalā Sect really should have never let Mo Di and Guigu'zi travel in their Grand Universal Teleportation Formation. Over the three years, both old misters had traveled a total of six times through the teleportation formations. Relying on the inspirations they gained from the six trips, and combining with the magical effect of short-distance teleportation formation, the two old misters had finally constructed a Grand Universal Teleportation Formation that solely belonged to the six dynasties in the last month.

The emperors and ministers of six dynasties were overjoyed, as if they had discovered some precious relic. Without hesitation, they gathered a large quantity of materials, found several tens of top-secret locations in Myriad Immortals Planet, and constructed several tens of large-scaled Grand Universal Teleportation Formations. Each formation was heavily guarded by the alliance army of six dynasties, preventing the secret from being leaked. Furthermore, not only did Mo Di and Guigu'zi find the way to construct Grand Universal Teleportation Formation from the teleportation formations of both immortal sects, they even found several tens of coordinates that led to some other planets.

That also meant that currently, the emperors and ministers of six dynasties could leave Myriad Immortals Planet as they pleased, at any time they wanted, and could even travel to other planets that were not controlled by both immortal sects.

According to Yan Bugui, among the people of six dynasties, those who knew this had sworn a poisonous oath, and would never leak the existence of Myriad Immortals Planet to anyone. After all, the planet was closely related to their own interests, and none of them would be stupid enough to expose such a priceless planet to more foreigners. Apart from Wu Qi, who did not come from the same place as them, and was forced into a desperate situation by the joined forces of many foes, having his life endangered, who , among the influential and wealthy people that grew together with the six dynasties would want to sell a priceless planet to the foreigners?

"Therefore?!" cried Wu Qi as he gazed blankly at Yan Bugui.

"Therefore…" Yan Bugui winked his eyes at Wu Qi and answered, "As we are talking here, the elite soldiers and mighty generals of six dynasties have secretly set out for the various planets, to carry out the same tasks that we currently do in White Cloud Planet! At any rate, their first priority is to control a few puppets, seizing more territories in the mortal realm for their own kingdoms. Once they gain control over a sufficient number of mortal kingdoms, they will begin to infiltrate the immortal sects that rule those planets. And once the people under our control gain sufficient power in those immortal sects, we will muster all the forces of six dynasties and overthrow those immortal sects, replacing them and ruling the planets!"

Rubbing his palms, Yan Bugui smiled and said, "The Imperial Advisors of six dynasties, and the six Emperors are just one step away from Heaven Immortal realm. Once all six dynasties have Heaven Immortals, we will be able to accomplish a lot in this vast universe! His Majesty has also said this, why can't this part of the universe be the territory of Great Yan?"

Wu Qi was bewildered. Shaking his head, he said helplessly, "I knew this would happen! I knew it!"

He laughed bitterly at his thought, as he was the one who lured White Cloud Immortal Sect into the scene, so he could solve the pressing calamity he was about to face. As a result, he had brought an even larger calamity to the cultivators in this part of the universe. What he did was like breaking a small hole in the fences that kept a pack of fierce tigers captive, who immediately rushed through the small hole, dancing and skipping with joy, too impatient to devour some human beings.

"May God have mercy on them!" Wu Qi made a cross before his chest.

Yan Bugui could not understand the meaning of the gesture, so he asked with a puzzled look, "God? Are you referring to the ancient Heavenly God in the legends?"

Wu Qi gave him some vague answers to dodge the question, then he shook his head and breathed out a long sigh. Alright, after resting and building up strength for three years, Wu Qi was now forced to rouse himself in order to catch up with them. He had to work hard to develop his own power in various planets. At least, he would need to have the power to protect himself, the strength to save his own skin when facing those formidable foes. It was tough to imagine that once someone in the six dynasties became Heaven Immortals, after they had overthrown and controlled many immortal sects in Liyuan Galaxy, how heavy the pressure that Wu Qi would have to face would be.

Perhaps, Wu Qi should expose their secret plot to Patriarch Jiang Yun?

But very soon, Wu Qi dismissed the idea. It was not only the people from the other dynasties that had come out from Myriad Immortals Planet, there were also people from Great Yan Dynasty. And yet, the enemies were not the only people he knew in Great Yan Dynasty, as he also had friends and brothers there. Especially Princess Zhang Le, she was also from Great Yan Dynasty, and her father was the Crown Prince, Yan Qijun. No matter how mighty Wu Qi would become in the future, there was no way he could change this fact. He might be able to halt the secret operation of six dynasties by being an informant, but that would result in a complete breakup with the people of six dynasties. Even Jing Ke and the others would not forgive him for doing that!

At the very least, although two great immortal sects had currently occupied Myriad Immortals Planet, they had saved six dynasties from the hands of those evil immortals. Hence, the emperors and ministers of six dynasties actually owed Wu Qi a favor! It was because of Wu Qi that the two relatively gentle and flexible immortal sects ruled the Myriad Immortals Planet, instead of those evil immortals who were covetous, vicious, and bloodthirsty by nature!

Therefore, although nobody discussed this openly, everyone knew clearly in their mind that all the emperors and ministers of six dynasties actually owned Wu Qi a favor. Even though it was because of Wu Qi that the two immortal sects were attracted to the planet, but every single person in six dynasties owned him a personal favor.

However, once Wu Qi exposed their secret plot to Patriarch Jiang Yun, the six dynasties would make him their enemy immediately.

When all the people from six dynasties took Wu Qi as their enemy…

Ying Zheng, Yan Dan, Tian Wen, Zhao Sheng, Qu Ping, Wei Wuji, Mo Di, Xun Kuang, Guigu'zi...

At the thought of it, Wu Qi took a deep breath and completely dismissed the impulse of being an informant. He shook his head helplessly and said, "I want this Gu Tai Dynasty."

Yan Bugui gave him a smile, lowered his voice, and said, "What General Jing Ke said is indeed correct. Even if Duke of Tianyun learned the news, he would only try to take a slice of the benefits, but would never expose our secret plot to the White Cloud Immortal Sect!"

Wu Qi's hair suddenly stood at their ends. He glared at Yan Bugui, sneered and said, "Do you really think I am someone like... that? Ugh... what did General Jing Ke say?"

Yan Bugui nodded and answered, "Half a month ago, when the people of six dynasties were about to set out, General Jing Ke suggested that we should inform our plan to Duke of Tianyun and my Clan Leader, Lu Chengfeng. After all, you are part of us. Although Duke of Tianyun has thrown yourself into White Cloud Immortal Sect, that is to ease off the pressure coming from Lu Buwei, Xiang Yu, and some other people. As long as Duke of Tianyun has the overall strength to fight against them, you will never be absolutely loyal to White Cloud Immortal Sect."

Wu Qi stared at Yan Bugui speechlessly. He felt bad actually, as the feeling of being seen through by someone was not good at all. He had not been contacting with Lu Chengfeng and others in these few days, and had spent most of his time with Princess Zhang Le at the White Cloud Planet. That was why he had no idea about the major change in the situation.

After pondering for a brief moment, Wu Qi stretched out his hand and said, "I want a copy of the locations to all the Grand Universal Teleportation Formations in Myriad Immortals Planet. After that, summon all the people of six dynasties that are currently active in Tai City. I will make an announcement with the status of White Cloud Immortal Sect Disciple Hall's Executing-Disciple that Gu Tai Dynasty is my territory. They can do whatever they like to the rest of the states and dynasties, but this place, this dynasty, is mine!"

Yan Bugui smirked, then he pulled out a jade slip and gave it to Wu Qi.

Wu Qi sent his divine will into the jade slip and memorized all the coordinates. After that, among several thousand coordinates that he identified from White Cloud Planet's Grand Universal Teleportation Formation during these years, he carefully selected a few hundred of them which belonged to some remote planets, then branded them into the jade slip. He gave the jade slip back to Yan Bugui, smiled, and said, "I'll give you an opportunity to gain some credit. Give this jade slip to His Majesty. Tell him they are the coordinates of planets which you and I discovered together. His Majesty will be very happy, as this will provide us, Great Yan Dynasty, an absolute strategic advantage!"

Compared to the other five dynasties, who had the coordinates of at most several hundred planets, as long as Yan Dan could send some capable men to prepare in advance in those extra planets, it would be a significant advantage.

Yan Bugui was overwhelmed with joy. Of course, he knew the real meaning of these coordinates, as each planet represented countless mortals, along with an enormous amount of resources. Even if the cultivation resources produced by each planet were limited, when the products of several hundred or even thousands of planets were gathered together, and supplied only to the top people of one single dynasty, that would still total to an astronomical figure!

The various immortal sects in Liyuan Galaxy had come to an agreement, and a delicate balance had been achieved between them: no one was allowed to invade another immortal sect's planet wantonly. However, the people of six dynasties was not part of them. Their base was at Myriad Immortals Planet, and they were foreigners. They could wantonly use all their approaches to achieve whatever they wanted. They had wild ambition, along with sufficient confidence and ability to invade this part of the universe.

Holding the jade slip in his hand, Yan Bugui grinned from ear to ear. No matter where Wu Qi found all these coordinates, as long as they were proven real, perhaps the credit would be more than enough to get Yan Bugui a decent title of nobility? Would it be a Marquis, or some other title?

Meanwhile, Wu Qi was frowning as he sunk into a deep thought. Suddenly, he heard a quick wind breaking noise approaching off in a distance. He raised his head up abruptly, then cried out in a low voice, "Who is the man you tried to assassinate? What is the level of cultivation base of those Great Zhao's sinecures protecting him? Do they know you are from Great Yan's Scouting Office?"

Yan Bugui raised his brows and said with great terror, "We were supposed to assassinate the Right Chief Commander of Gu Tai Dynasty's Imperial Army. Once he is killed, the deputy Chief Commander controlled by Great Yan will replace him, gaining the control to 1/3 of the Imperial Army. But he is protected by a few of Great Zhao's Nascent Soul sinecures, and I think they had recognized our cultivation technique. After all, only Great Yan's Scouting Office will use such a great amount of Windbreaking Wolves as beast souls!"

Wu Qi sprung up with great fright. The wind breaking noise was approaching. He tilted his head up and peered into the sky, only to see a few bright beams shooting down at top speed from high up in the air behind the clouds.

Immediately, Wu Qi cried out at the top of his voice, "Gold Horn, Silver Horn, get ready to meet the enemies! Yan Bugui, bring your men and retreat now! Help me to protect my disciples!"

Before his voice could fade away, a pale green ghost figure suddenly emerged from the air right next to him. A man with a very ugly visage, which made him look like a foul ghost, sprung out from the void and wrapped his arms around Wu Qi's shoulders. After that, his body began to expand rapidly, while emanating a very dense layer of ghost aura that enveloped Wu Qi completely.

"Damnit!" Wu Qi cried. Without hesitation, he leaped into the air, transformed into a bright beam, and shot into the sky, bringing the ugly man with him.

The speed of Acquired Magnetic Sword beam was incredible. In just a twinkle, Wu Qi had flown ten miles away from where he was. In the next moment, a loud boom rang out, as the man clinging to Wu Qi had self-exploded his Nascent Soul, causing a large ball of greenish ghost flame to burst out and wrap Wu Qi completely. The shockwave of the explosion pushed into all directions, lifting up large chunks of rocks and shattering them to shreds, throwing the great amount of debris, dirt, and sand several tens of miles away.

Yan Bugui and the other were forced to press their bodies tightly against the ground, as the strong wind nearly blew them away. He stared straight at the direction where the dazzling green fireball burst out, and he roared at the top of his voice. Man of sacrifice, a Nascent Soul man of sacrifice! Shockingly, someone had sent a Nascent Soul man of sacrifice to kill Wu Qi with self-explosion. But who would that be??

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