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Both Gold Horn and Silver Horn let out a long and joyful hiss. Suddenly, a cloud mixed with red and white hues emerged underneath them, carrying them up into the sky as they sped towards Yan Bugui and the others at top speed. Wu Qi cried out at them hastily, "Look carefully, the two demon cultivators behind them are the real enemies. If you dare to touch those green-clothed men, I'll chop you into pieces later!"

The saliva that kept dripping down from Gold Horn and Silver Horn's mouths suddenly stopped.

"I thought we can finally have a bite of human flesh!" said Gold Horn gloomily.

Silver Horn threw its head up and breathed out a long sigh, "Human flesh! We've been following this Master for so long, but how about human flesh?! The tasty and aromatic human flesh!!"

Carrying with them a bellyful of frustration, two great pythons rolled up a gust of wild wind and rushed before the group of green-clothed men led by Yan Bugui. Gold Horn flung its long tail and smashed a few nearby mountain rocks into pieces, then roared at the top of its voice, "Those who are clad in a green cloth, go that way! Our Master is waiting for you there!"

Silver Horn did not say anything. It opened its mouth and sprayed out jets of cold air, several tens of them and each measuring nearly ten feet long. They blotted the sky and greeted the two demon cultivators who were chasing behind the green-clothed men. The cold air had an extremely low temperature, and immediately caused thick ice cubes to be formed on the ground. Clinging himself to the back of his subordinate, Yan Bugui shuddered, his teeth chattering with cold. He panted and quickly pointed his finger at Wu Qi's direction while shouting, "Go that way! They are the two divine dragons that work for Duke of Tianyun! With Duke of Tianyun here, we'll be safe!"

The group of secret agents from Scouting Office uttered a long cry together. A green light was seen rolling and rocking behind their back, amidst which, the beast souls of Windbreaking Wolf were seen growling fiercely. Their speed increased abruptly, as they exerted the last bit of their strength and sped towards Wu Qi's direction.

Fully satisfied and contented, the two mid-stage Nascent Soul demon cultivators were hunting Yan Bugui and his men. Initially, they were having a rather playful and teasing mood, as every now and then, they would throw thunderbolts at their preys, with the intention to make Yan Bugui and his men fully exhausted before devouring their flesh. But all of a sudden Gold Horn and Silver Horn rushed before them, and they immediately sensed the enormous demonic energy contained in the two great pythons' bodies. With that, the two demon cultivators dared not to be playful again. In a flurry, they sprayed out two greenish sword beams, thrusting them towards Gold Horn and Silver Horn.

As a matter of fact, the two demon cultivators were also from the clan of demon serpents, and their sword beams were forged with their own venom. Although the quality of their flying swords was inferior, the venom contained in them were extremely powerful. If ordinary Nascent Soul cultivators were hurt by the flying swords, the deadly venom would attack their hearts immediately, and their fleshly bodies would disintegrate in just a twinkle. If their Nascent Souls were stained with the venom, they would die with their Nascent Souls crumbling to shreds.

However, the cold air sprayed out by Silver Horn was transformed from a single thread of its innate pure Yin energy. Their coldness could pierce the bones, and they did not fear any poison or venom. When the two sword beams were attacked by these jets of cold air, they were immediately frozen into greenish powder and blown far away in the wind. The deadly venom contained in the flying swords were completely neutralized by them as well. Mouthfuls of blood were being coughed out by two demon cultivators. Greatly frightened, they immediately transformed back to their true forms, spun, and fled in a hurry.

They were in fact, two silver-ring snakes with a body as thick as a water bucket, and measuring over two hundred feet in length. The flood dragon aura faintly emanated from Gold Horn and Silver Horn had already suppressed them, and made them tremble with fear. Now, with their strongest weapons destroyed by the intense cold air, they had no choice but to flee for their lives.

Suddenly, Gold Horn darted forward, streaking through the air like a lightning bolt and stopping before the two large snakes. A large ball, about ten feet in diameter, suddenly bloated up near its throat. Then, it gave a loud roar, opened its mouth, and sprayed out a crimson red flaming dragon, enveloping both great snakes in an ocean of raging flame. Two pitiful snakes, who cultivated laboriously only to form their Nascent Souls and take a human form, were immediately burned by the flaming dragons. They had their skins split, and their flesh turned to shreds, and even their bones were completely cooked by the high temperature.

Gold Horn and Silver Horn cried out joyfully. With full excitement, they rushed forward, opened their big mouths, and began to devour the bodies of two demon snakes.

Suddenly, two green beams shot out from the bodies of demon snakes, as their Nascent Souls tried to seize the opportunity and flee for their lives. However, how could Gold Horn and Silver Horn allow them to escape? Two great pythons opened their mouths and inhaled. In the next moment, two large, visible vortexes took shape in midair, and the two snake-shaped Nascent Souls, which measured merely one foot in length each, were swallowed by Gold Horn and Silver Horn. Soon, the brother's bodies brightened visibly, and they seemed to expand a little bit.

The brothers burped satisfyingly, then they finished the rest of the skin, flesh, and even bones of the two great snakes. After that, they twisted their bodies lazily and slithered back to Wu Qi. Gold Horn and Silver Horn rubbed their mouths against Wu Qi's thigh intimately, wiping off some blood stains near the corner of their lips. They coiled up their bodies comfortably right next to Wu Qi and began to snore cozily.

It only took the brothers the time of less than a few breaths to kill two demon cultivators, devouring their Nascent Souls, and swallowing their bodies. When they were done and returned to Wu Qi, Yan Bugui and his men had yet to arrive. Finally, when they began to snore, only then did the group of over thirty secret agents from Scouting Office arrive, panting and carrying Yan Bugui with them.

Upon their arrival, all the secret agents fell to the ground motionlessly, and the secret agent who carried Yan Bugui on his back came before Wu Qi staggeringly, fell to his knees and cried miserably, "Duke of Tianyun, our Leader is severely injured by some demons. Please save him!"

Wu Qi pulled Yan Bugui up and ripped off his shirt. The right side of his body had turned black, and the skin had begun to rot, revealing some beehive shape wound that crept underneath his skin. Barely breathing, Yan Bugui raised his head up and smiled at Wu Qi, then said, "Ai... we've brought shame to ourselves on this foreign planet. I brought a group of men to assassinate someone, but I didn't expect that place was guarded by some Great Zhao's sinecure. More than half of my men were killed, and even I was nearly killed by them!"

Shaking his head, Wu Qi stretched his hand forward and pressed against Yan Bugui's blackened body. He exercised the Hand of Web, generated a powerful suction with a loud hissing, and extracted all the poison in Yan Bugui's body into his palm. Wisps of black smoke kept shooting out from Yan Bugui's body, slowly forming into a ball of pitch black fluid the size of a duck egg. When all of the poisonous substance was extracted by Wu Qi, Yan Bugui's skin finally returned to its normal color. A jet of flame burst out from Wu Qi's palm, burning off the ball of poisonous fluid in an instant, turning it into a lump of pungent dark smoke that drifted away in the breeze.

After that, Wu Qi took out a jar of spirit medicinal paste which he concocted himself during the last few years. While applying the medicinal paste on Yan Bugui's wounds, he asked, "Assassinate someone? Since when has Scouting Office taken the part-time job of assassins? And you bumped into some Great Zhao's sinecure during the assassination? Why are you assassinating that person?"

The medicinal paste concocted by Wu Qi had a very strong effect, and Wu Qi was too lazy to dilute its strength with some other medicines. What he sought was the strongest medicinal strength, and he never concerned whether the wounded person could endure the strong effect. When the pale green medicinal paste was applied on Yan Bugui's rotting skin, he felt as if several steel blades were piercing viciously into his body. The intense pain forced him to howl miserably. All the secret agents of Scouting Office looked at each other speechlessly, as they were wondering what kind of medicinal paste could make their Leader cry out with pain. Was it a real healing medicine paste or some kind poison that could kill him?

Soon, all his wounds were covered by a thin layer of medicinal paste. The intense pain made Yan Bugui's eyes filled with tears, but in just a twinkle, he felt the burning pain had suddenly changed into a soothing sensation, and he could clearly feel his skin was closing up rapidly, and the wounds were healing at an incredible rate. He could not refrain himself and cried out, "Nice! This medicine is... truly amazing! Brother Wu Qi, can you give some to Scouting Office?"

Wu Qi threw the medicine jar over to Yan Bugui and snorted coldly. Finding himself a boulder to sit down, he placed his ankle on his knee, then smiled and said, "I can give you some, but they are not for free. Ask Chief General to buy them with energy stones. Well, every one jar of 'Anti-inflammatory Paste' will cost one thousand upper-grade energy stones. This is a fair and reasonable price."

He paused for a brief moment, then pointing at Zi Qianyan and Li Yifeng, he smiled and said, "They are the disciples I just took. Look at them, do they have the look of the Emperor and Empress of Gu Tai Dynasty? I think they do! Qianyan will be a motherly model of the dynasty. Although the male disciple is a little bit stupid, but he fits well for a puppet Emperor!"

Zi Qianyan bowed slightly at Yan Bugui and offered her greetings, while Li Yifeng gave Wu Qi a sulky look. He knew this Master of his was being partial to Zi Qianyan, but he did not know it was so serious! He only fit well for a puppet Emperor? That hurt him badly!

Yan Bugui laughed, then nodded his head and said, "Aye, they do have good appearances, truly the materials for Emperor and Empress... Ah?" Yan Bugui finally got back to his sense as he glared at Wu Qi and cried out, "You want to foster them as the new Emperor and Empress of Gu Tai Dynasty? If that is the case, aye, what is the point for Prince of Chang Xin to keep hanging around that Sixth Prince?"

Wu Qi looked at Yan Bugui with surprise. He frowned and asked, "That is what puzzled me. Jiangcheng Zi had sent me here to Gu Tai Dynasty, asking me to observe which of the eight Princes is the suitable candidate for the throne, then appoint that Prince as the inheritor to the throne. But right when I arrived at Tai City, I immediately bumped into so many familiar faces. What are you all doing here? Who are you trying to assassinate? What is the purpose of assassinating him? You haven't given me the answer?!"

Yan Bugui gave Li Yifeng and Zi Qianyan a look.

Wu Qi hesitated a moment, then casually waved his hand at Li Yifeng and Zi Qianyan. Noticing his gesture, Zi Qianyan spun and left, dragging Li Yifeng with her. However, Li Yifeng still foolishly wished to stay back and listen to the conversion. But eventually, he was forcibly dragged several hundred feet away by Zi Qianyan, having his ear pinched and receiving a fierce lesson from her.

When the two were far enough, only then Yan Bugui lowered his voice and said, "Brother Wu Qi, you've enjoyed the happiness of leisure for the last three years. Taken care of by those few old Immortals, your life is free from sorrow and anxiety. But it is a different story for us. Because of what happened in Cang Ao Immortal Abode, we've brought a bad impression to the few old Immortals, and hence, they demoted all the emperors of six dynasties as outer sect disciples. The status of outer sect disciples doesn't bring us any security."

Wu Qi nodded and said, "So?"

Yan Bugui laughed complacently and said, "So, the six dynasties secretly came to a conclusion that they will send their capable men away from... that place. First, they will be sent to White Cloud Planet, and maybe another planet at a later time. At any rate, these people will do whatever they can, be it cheating or stealing, killing or robbing, with the sole purpose of developing a new territory, establishing a new kingdom, and bringing us a new foundation."

Wu Qi nodded his head thoughtfully. "Patriarch Jiang Yun did say that when the six dynasties thought the time was right, they could establish their own sect."

Yan Bugui nodded and answered, "That's right. When the time is right, we will establish our own sect. Recently, disturbances are going to be stirred up in a few dynasties in White Cloud Planet. Ugh, since we have not been in action for quite some time, we'll have to use these dynasties in White Cloud Planet to practice our skills. The old emperor of Gu Tai Dynasty for example, originally, he still had a long year to live. But after his Prime energy was sucked out by Imperial Advisor Su, he is now left with one last breath!"

Wu Qi fell silent. As he had expected earlier, the moment when the host of demons started running wild was finally here.

Including Patriarch Jiang Yun, the leaders of the two immortal sects only wished to peacefully expand their sects in Myriad Immortals Planet. However, none of the emperors and ministers of six dynasties were people who could stay comfortably under someone. Although the two immortal sects had a very strong overall strength currently, which the six dynasties still could not fight against, that did not stop them from doing something nasty in the dark!

Yan Bugui continued excitedly, "Brother Wu Qi, there are things you do not know. The emperors and princes of various dynasties in White Cloud Planet are as stupid as dogs and pigs. We can control them without too much of efforts! Presently, the real fight is between the people from six dynasties, as those emperors and princes of various dynasties have totally become our puppets!"

Wu Qi was speechless once again.

After a brief moment of silence, he breathed out a long sigh and said, "Inform those from six dynasties that I want this Gu Tai Dynasty. No one is allowed to fight with me, or I'll inform Patriarch Jiang Yun and let all of you return empty-handed. No one is going to gain any benefits out from here!"

Wu Qi snorted coldly. Suddenly, a thought leaped into his mind, and he immediately asked the question, "How did you all come out from that place?"

Only now did Wu Qi think about the most critical question - how did all the people of six dynasties leave Myriad Immortals Planet? And why did the people of both immortal sects let them travel between the planets freely?

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