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Sounds of music accompanied by drumbeats filled the Hidden Sword Pavilion, amidst which, several thousand patrons were merry-making and drinking to their heart's content. Wu Qi was leaning against a soft couch, while having his divine will nimbly and stealthily penetrate through the shabby restrictive spells deployed at the few rooms on the top floor, eavesdropping on their conversations. But too bad, what he heard were only soft and pleasant whispers of girls, while the three Princes did not converse anything serious with the people around them. Wu Qi listened to them for some while, and he felt it was meaningless to continue, so he shook his head and retracted his divine will.

On the platform built in the center of the courtyard that measured roughly one thousand feet in both width and length, a group of acrobats began to perform various strange and eccentric acts. Wu Qi carried a jar of wine and walked out from the room, standing in the corridor and looking down at the performances put out by the acrobats. Some of them were juggling fireballs with bare hands, some were doing tricks with ropes, and some were throwing knives; all sorts of exciting acts emerged in an endless stream. It was a wonderful show, and Wu Qi enjoyed it with delight as he kept clapping and cheering.

Many patrons had come out from their rooms and were standing in the corridors as well, hugging some gorgeously dressed girls in their arms while enjoying the show, drinking, and merry-making. When some wonderful acts were performed, these patrons would throw many glistering gold flakes and shining silver coins down, which would encourage the acrobats to pour in more effort and perform various breathtaking and astounding acts, filling the platform with many jets of flame and shrouding with smoke. It was almost a show of demons and devils, splendid and marvelous.

Laughing out loud joyfully, Wu Qi too pulled out a few gold ingots and threw them down to the platform. As he was standing on the fifth floor, which was pretty high, loud thumps were generated when the heavy gold ingots made contact with the hard floor of the courtyard. It immediately frightened the servants who were carrying baskets and picking up gold flakes and silver coins on the floor, and they quickly covered their heads with their hands and scurried away. Many people were astonished, and they turned to look at Wu Qi with surprise. Feeling a little bit embarrassed with the many glances, Wu Qi laughed foolishly. However, at the same time he was gazing at the three rooms on the sixth floor from the corner of his eyes, and he had made up his mind.

Despite the fact whether these few Princes were good or bad guys, as long as they were in collusion with anyone from the six dynasties, he would let none of them become the Emperor of Gu Tai Dynasty. The new emperor must be someone he, Wu Qi, considered worthy, and based on this premise, the new Emperor must pledge loyalty to him!

"When men stop looking out for themselves, that will be the end of the world!" murmured Wu Qi under his breath. Shaking his head, he pulled out a handful of rubies and sapphires, then casually sprinkled them down into the courtyard. These gemstones were immense in amount under the Great Eastern Ocean of Myriad Immortals Planet, and many of the underwater valleys were fully filled by them. Therefore, Wu Qi could obtain them very easily. In addition to that, he never treated them as real money, as cultivators only valued energy stones, spirit pills, and all sorts of magical treasures. To them, gold, silver, and other items of similar value were worthless.

After the handful of glistening rubies and sapphires were sprinkled down, more peculiar glances were being thrown at him. Wu Qi laughed merrily, putting up a face that fitted perfectly to his disguise of a prodigal son, dragged a serving lady over to him and running his hands all over her body, while his eyes were darting left and right in a sneaky manner.

After looking at Wu Qi for a while, those people realized that he was just a complete prodigal son, and thus, they turned their glances to other places, not paying any more attention to him. However, from the three rooms on the sixth floor, a few examining glances were still lingering for quite a long while, and only then moved away slowly.

The performance in the courtyard finally came to an end, and the acrobats left the platform while panting. After that, a beautiful woman, clad in a pale green palace dress, walked slowly up the platform, looking elegant and graceful like a concubine in the imperial palace. She bowed tenderly and gently, offering her greetings to all four directions. With a charming smile on her face, she ran her eyes around, and her watery eyes met with the eyes of every single patron, making everyone feel that this beautiful woman was looking at him!

Wu Qi nodded his head silently. This was actually a very good skill, as not only she would not offend any patrons with it, she could also make every single patron feel that they were being taken seriously. The difficulty of such skill was not lower than some evil techniques practiced among cultivators, such as the Enchanting Eyes.

The beautiful woman chuckled, then said with a soft voice, "Lady Qing offers greeting`s, my distinguished guests!" Twisting her slender waist, she paced on the platform, pointing her finger at the five wheels that were placed near her, which measured three feet in diameter each, then said, "I think everyone has seen them, and some even asked me what the purpose of placing five wheels here is. Well, let Lady Qing tells you now: if any of our distinguished guests can lift these five wheels with his penis and make them spin, he will be handsomely rewarded!"

She paused for a brief moment, then continued in a slow voice, "This is a rule set by one of our honorable guests. Our Master thinks it is a very interesting idea, and hence, he made them ready as per the instructions. Any of our patrons who can lift the wooden wheel and makes it spin, he will receive twenty percent discount on all of his future spending in Hidden Sword Pavilion, and can name any of our famous girls to accompany him. This is a treatment that many of our patrons wish to have, but none ever get."

Nearly all the patrons in Hidden Sword Pavilion gasped, and some even began to laugh in derision. Using the penis to lift and spin a wheel? Even if it were only a wooden wheel, it would weigh at least 50 kilograms! And if it were not handled carefully, the weight of the wheel could easily break the delicate penis!

Lady Qing giggled, while amidst the boo and hoot of the patrons, she began to explain the benefits of lifting and spinning the rock wheel. Those who managed to do it could enjoy thirty percent discount on all the future spending, and would be welcomed into the back garden of Hidden Sword Pavilion, indulging in the most amorous and gentle treatment.

Those who could lift and spin the iron wheel could enjoy a fifty percent of discount, and could enter straight into the Hidden Sword Private Room in the back garden, spending a wonderful night with the ten most famous girls in Hidden Sword Pavilion.

And those who could lift and spin the silver and gold wheels, apart from the benefits mentioned earlier, he would also be given an excellent reward, which was provided by the honorable guest.

Immediately, all the patrons in Hidden Sword Pavilion shut their mouths, bowed their heads, and sunk into a deep thought. Everyone in Tai City knew that the Master of Hidden Sword Pavilion was a senior retainer serving in the Eldest Prince's Mansion. But, to put it plainly, it was actually owned by the Eldest Prince himself. However, as operating a brothel would throw the grand and magnificent Eldest Prince into disrepute. Hence, it was operated under the name of a random senior retainer from his mansion.

Therefore, a person who could be addressed as an honorable guest by the Master of Hidden Sword Pavilion must be a genuine honorable guest. So, what kind of excellent reward could this person provide? Making one as a Duke instantly or some other similar benefits? Anything was possible! How could a reward promised by the honorable guest of the Eldest Prince be of an insignificant one?

Standing loftily on the fifth floor, Wu Qi looked down at the many guests in the lower corridors, who seemed to be tempted by the attractive rewards. He could not refrain himself from shaking his head and grinning coldly.

Suddenly, an uproar of laughter was heard coming from in front of a room. A tall and burly man, who probably had a cultivation base of forty-years in the Houtian realm, leaped out from the corridor and landed on the platform. While taking off his clothes, he laughed wildly and said, "It is for the amusement that I've come here, hehe! Showing my little brother in front of so many people is not something really embarrassing! Aye, if I can lift the wheel, that means I have an extraordinary talent, and when those girls see me in the future, they will treat me with increased respect!"

Lady Qing covered her little mouth with her sleeve, chuckled, and said softly, "You are absolutely right, Mister! If you can lift up any of the wheels, you'll be regarded as the mightiest hero in the field of romance, and all my girls will fall in love with you for the extraordinary talent! This is the best opportunity to make a name for yourself! Mister, you must perform your best and lift a few more wheels!"

Wu Qi took a deep breath. Someone really jumped up the platform and wanted to try that game? For cultivators, lifting and spinning wheels with their little brothers were not something really difficult, as their fleshly bodies were tempered by spirit energies for days and nights, which made them far stronger than ordinary people. However, it was extremely difficult for ordinary people! Wu Qi had his divine will run through those wheels, and he discovered that those wheels were all custom made, as even the lightest among them, the wooden wheel, weighed 150 kilograms! The heaviest wheel, the gold wheel, weighed a whopping 1800 kilograms!

In front of several thousands of patrons and girls, the burly man removed all his clothes valiantly and spiritedly, exerting all his energies to rouse his little brother. After that, he picked up the three feet wide wooden wheel and slipped his little brother into the center hole. Then, he spun the wheel, making it spin slowly.

Countless men and girls broke into loud cheers, filling the air with deafening applause.

Wu Qi saw Lao Ai and Su Mei'er leave their room, standing in the corridor and observing the burly man. Lao Ai had a very focused vision, which made him look like an old scholar who was doing some research. He was gesticulating and talking with Su Mei'er, commenting about the color, the size, the length, and the patterns of veins on the little brother of the burly man. Countless professional terms were being spouted out of his mouth, which made Wu Qi lost in wonder.

According to Lao Ai's comments, the penis of this burly man could only be considered the lowest grade penis among the nine tiers of penises - the Single-Headed Dragon. It was not something extraordinary. However, when compared to ordinary men, it was a pretty decent treasure. Most importantly, the reason he could lift up the wooden wheel that weighed 150 kilograms was that he possessed a cultivation base of forty years of Houtian realm. If not for that, it would be quite difficult for him to make the wheel spin.

Sure enough, the burly man failed when he tried to lift the rock wheel, which weighted 300 kilograms, and nearly caused a tearing wound to his little brother. Amidst the gasps of admiration from the crowds, the burly laughed embarrassingly, holding his little brother with hands in dismay and returning to his room, where all he friends were waiting for him.

After that, patron who prided themselves on being out of the ordinary came to the platform one after another. There were several dozens of them; some managed to lift the wooden wheel, some could not. Those who succeeded in lifting the wooden wheel received a round of applause and cheering from everyone, while those who failed would be ridiculed by countless people, covering their faces and rushing out of the Hidden Sword Pavilion.

Among those who frequented brothels, who could stand up to the ridicules targeting the weakness of their little brothers?

The fiery atmosphere in the courtyard had reached a pinnacle. When a handsome scholar with fair facial complexion lifted up the rock wheel and had it spun at high speed, the entire tower immediately broke with deafening applause and cheers of the excited patrons. Even Wu Qi was laughing in derision, "He is just one animal! Although this guy looks fair and clean like a pretty boy, but surprisingly, he is actually a mighty stallion!"

When the fair-faced scholar stepped down from the platform, a few famous girls of Hidden Sword Pavilion immediately greeted upon him while sending forth a fragrant scent, pulling and dragging him into a room on the fourth floor. The success of the scholar had further pushed the atmosphere into a boiling stage, as more and more veterans of brothels stood out to try their skill. Nevertheless, most of them failed at the end, and only a few of them could lift up the wooden wheel.

Amidst the loud cheering and laughter of many patrons and girls, a tall and burly servant, who was clad in a green servant outfit but had an extremely ugly face, walked timidly onto the platform. The clamor immediately died down. Lady Qing saw the green-clothed servant, and she scolded him sternly, "Damn Madman, who give you the right to come here?"

The green-clothed servant was frightened and took a few steps backward. His eyes were fixed right at Lady Qing's lofty breasts as he said with a trembling voice, "I... I... wish to... try... try..." He clenched his jaws tightly, an unspeakable look of madness jumped on his face as he spewed out the words, "I, want to try this! If I succeed, the honorable guest will reward me handsomely too, right?"

Wu Qi frowned. Not only did this green-clothed servant have a very ugly visage, the look of madness in his eyes made no one like him.

Lady Qing was about to scold the servant again, but suddenly, Lao Ai shouted at the top of his voice, "Let him try! Young lad, if you can lift the gold wheel, I'll take you as my disciple!"

A dead silence reigned the entire courtyard. Everyone knew Lao Ai came here together with the Sixth Prince, so he was a prestigious guest who could walk shoulder to shoulder with the Sixth Prince. Since he had spoken, Lady Qing had no choice but to draw herself to the side with utmost respect. The green-clothed servant clenched his jaw, then untied his waist belt and revealed a huge object underneath his pant.

Lao Ai raised his brows and broke out into a loud laughter, "A Coiling Nine-Dragons Penis! Amazing! I never expected someone under the heaven will have the same treasure as mine!"

Wu Qi raised his head and gazed at Lao Ai, shaking his head lightly. Could Lao Ai really have found a disciple here?

In the meanwhile, the servant roared and barely lifted up the gold wheel with hands, then slipped his little brother into the wheel, exerting all his strength to spin it. Shockingly, the wheel began to spin slowly! This servant never practiced any cultivation technique before, and he had no internal energy or whatsoever. It was solely because of his heaven-given strength and the extraordinary penis that made him accomplish the miracle that many warriors had failed to achieve.

Wu Qi's lips were twitching when he saw that. This servant was surely a very 'powerful' man.

Lao Ai laughed heartily, looking at the servant as he said, "What is your name? From today onwards, you will be the only direct disciple of mine!"

The servant placed the gold wheel back on the platform with trembling hands, then immediately dropped to his knees, kowtowed at Lao Ai, and said, "My surname is Xue! Since little I don't have a name, and because I always fight like a lunatic, everyone calls me Madman!"

Wu Qi thoughtfully threw his eyes on the servant, whose name was Madman Xue, then he raised his head and gave Lao Ai a look.

After that, he crooked his finger, and was getting ready to kill Madman Xue.

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