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On the site where Wu Qi had decided to build the new city, ten thousand Long Bo people had started working hard in leveling the foundation. Using huge rocks the size of small hills, they compacted the foundation, making it level and tough. Three Nascent Divinity cultivators from White Cloud Immortal Sect were left here to keep guard, helping Wu Qi build the new city. As White Cloud Immortal Sect was known for their expertise in producing talismans and spirit pills, with them helping Wu Qi constructing the city's defensive mechanisms, the defensive strength of the new city was guaranteed.

Bringing with her the group of three thousand lady officials, Princess Zhang Le had returned, as she continued supervising the construction of the city. With her taking the lead here, Wu Qi had nothing to worry about. And thus, after spending three days on the site and settling everything, Wu Qi finally stepped into the teleportation formation and made his return to Meng Fortress.

Three days ago, without meeting Yan Dan and the others, Wu Qi made a request to Patriarch Jiang Yun and the other Heaven Immortals, asking for a group of Nascent Divinity cultivators to accompany him in abducting the people of the Long Bo Kingdom in the Great Eastern Ocean. Taking the opportunity, he asked three Nascent Divinity cultivators from White Cloud Immortal Sect to stay at the construction site, helping him to deploy the defensive mechanisms.

The reason he did not meet with Yan Dan was to prevent any unnecessary changes from happening, as he wanted to know what kind of decision the six emperors would make without him around. Obscurely, he had already mentioned something to Patriarch Jiang Yun, and the purpose of returning to Meng Fortress today was to know the final decision Yan Dan and the others made. Not long ago, he was told that an agreement was finally made from the meeting.

A bright light shone from the teleportation formation, and soon, Wu Qi came walking out from it. Immediately, he heard loud laughter coming out from the meeting hall. Patriarch Jiang Yun, Qing Xin, Qing Shen, and Qing Yi, the three old Daoists, were laughing out loud together. They sounded very pleased and delighted.

Hastily, Wu Qi rushed over to the entrance of the meeting hall, then carefully walked inside.

Almost at the same time, everyone in the hall turned to look at him. Yan Dan and Qu Ping nodded their heads at him, their faces friendly, while the rest of the people had a rather complicated expression in their eyes. Especially those who bore enmity with Wu Qi, their eyes were blazing with flame, and they looked as if they could not wait to kill Wu Qi with a stab in his chest. Among them, Xiang Yu had the most malevolent expression, his eyes shot with blood, with two streams of blood red beams nearly shooting out from his eyes and poking two see-through holes on Wu Qi's body.

Looking steadily forward, Wu Qi walked into the meeting hall. He came before Patriarch Jiang Yun and the other Heaven Immortals, bowed and greeted them. Then, he spun and came behind Yan Dan without saying a word, and found himself a seat right next to Lu Chengfeng, which was purposely left vacant for him. Although he did not say anything, his behavior had expressed that he was still part of Great Yan Dynasty. Noticing Wu Qi's behavior, a big smile emerged on Yan Dan's face, as if a heavy weight had been lifted from his mind, and he nodded his head pleasingly. After that, he turned and gave Yan Qijun a fierce gaze.

After a moment of silent, Yan Qijun rose, turned and bowed to Patriarch Jiang Yun and the few Heaven Immortals. Then, he said with a deep voice, "Your honorable Immortals, as Wu Qi, the Duke of Tianyun of Great Yan Dynasty, fell in love with my youngest daughter, Zi Xuan, may I make bold to request you to be the witnesses of the engagement between Wu Qi and Zi Xuan?"

Wu Qi was struck with great surprise, and he turned to look at Yan Qijun. After a brief moment of silence, he nodded thoughtfully, rose and came before Patriarch Jiang Yun. With the utmost respect, he dropped to his knees and said, "Wu Qi is willing to marry Princess Zhang Le, Zi Xuan, as my wife. Once Wu Qi forms my Nascent Soul, I'll officially marry Zi Xuan."

Patriarch Jiang Yun nodded his head, smiled and said, "Well, this is good news indeed. And, it is also a proper thing to get married only after forming your Nascent Soul. A young man like you should be focusing all your effort on cultivating the Dao, as even the disciples from famous immortal sects usually will only seek a partner and get married after forming their Nascent Souls. When a pair of Nascent Soul cultivators ties the knot and becomes husband and wife, it will bring benefits to both of them."

After that, Patriarch Jiang Yun turned and gave Bai Xia a look. Bai Xia Immortal nodded and said, "Excellent. I'll then take Princess Zhang Le, Zi Xuan, as my disciple, so she can continue her cultivation under my guidance." Yan Qijun was immediately struck with great joy, and hurriedly dropped to his knees and expressed his appreciation to Patriarch Jiang Yun and Bai Xia Immortal. With both Heaven Immortals being the witnesses, the marriage between Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le was now confirmed.

Wu Qi too felt happy in his mind, as with Bai Xia Immortal taking Princess Zhang Le as her disciple, it was the best case scenario that he ever hoped for. At least in Liyuan Galaxy, no one would dare to harbor evil intention and hurt Princess Zhang Le anymore. As long as Princess Zhang Le's safety was guaranteed, Wu Qi could then have his mind rest in peace, and do whatever he wished to achieve his goal. Although he had left Princess Zhang Le at the construction site today, he would bring her back someday in the future, and make her throw an official ceremony of taking Bai Xia Immortal as her Master.

And so, with the words from these Heaven Immortals Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le's marriage was now confirmed. Yan Qijun gave Wu Qi a fierce glare, spun, and returned to his seat right next to Yan Dan, while wearing a strange smile on his face. Wu Qi returned to his seat next to Lu Chengfeng. Then, he bowed his head and transmitted his voice to Yan Qijun, "Rest assured, my future father, as your son-in-law, I will definitely take a good care of Zi Xuan." He paused, then continued, "However, Wu Qi hopes that Zi Xuan would not be fed with a Nascent-Seizing pill, just like her mother. From today onwards, she is not only your daughter, but also my wife-to-be."

Yan Qijun's face flickered, then he turned and gave Wu Qi a look over his shoulder, and nodded his head slowly.

Wu Qi nodded his head slowly as well. Both of them, including Yan Dan who sat solemnly, knew very well in their minds that from today onwards, Wu Qi was considered to have truly become the member of Great Yan Dynasty's imperial clan. Through Princess Zhang Le, their interests were now tightly connected. On top of that, the three of them also realized one thing- if not for the fact that Wu Qi was the man who summoned Patriarch Jiang Yun here, and thus led to the arrival of White Cloud Immortal Sect and Tranquil Vimalā Sect, the marriage between him and Princess Zhang Le would not have come to a reality in such an easy way.

Wu Qi had made a wise strategic move, while Yan Dan and Yan Qijun also made use of the current favorable situation to push matters through with little efforts. They too had made a wise strategic move.

Patriarch Jiang Yun nodded and smiled at Wu Qi, expressing his compliments, then said coolly, "With that, finally the three days meeting has come to a fruitful result. Yan Dan, Emperor of Great Yan, Qu Ping, Emperor of Great Chu, Wei Wuji, Emperor of Great Wei, come forth now!"

As Patriarch Jiang Yun's voice rang out, Yan Dan, Qu Ping, and Wei Wuji rose to their feet and came before Patriarch Jiang Yun. With the utmost respect, they dropped to their knees and kowtowed at Patriarch Jiang Yun. Wu Qi's furtive glance skipped Yan Dan and Qu Ping but rested on Wei Wuji. The emperor of Great Wei, Wei Wuji, was a middle-aged man who stood nine feet tall. He had an honest and upright visage, yet he was sending forth a fierce air upon looking at. With the pair of deep eyes and brows that looked like sharp blades, one could tell he was a man of strong character.

Upon sensing Wu Qi's glance, Wei Wuji's eyes moved to the corner and gave Wu Qi a fierce glare.

Wei Wuji had a pair of wide eyes; there was plenty of room for his eyeballs to move around, and he could almost see his own ears. Wu Qi did not expect Wei Wuji to have such a queer ability, and nearly burst out into laughter when he saw his weird and almost funny movement. Furthermore, Wu Qi suddenly recalled that this Lord of Xinling, Wei Wuji, was currently aided by Duke of Long Yang! Smilingly, Wu Qi narrowed his eyes and began to wonder about the actual relationship between Wei Wuji and Duke of Long Yang.

Looking at the three emperors who knelt before him, Patriarch Jiang Yun nodded his head satisfyingly and said, "Excellent! With the three of you become my disciples, we, the White Cloud Immortal Sect, will soon climb to a new height!"

Taking the opportunity Yan Dan and the other two emperors changed the way they addressed Patriarch Jiang Yun, as they now addressed him as Master. Patriarch Jiang Yun smiled, then he fished out three small booklets made from purple-gold threads from under his sleeve, and handed over to Yan Dan and the others. In all seriousness, he said, "This is the mystic technique of our sect, the 'Ultimate Origin Technique'. It is considered a supreme grade cultivation technique even in Minor Heavenly Circle Realm. Learn it well, and you are allowed to pass it down to those you deem excellent in quality."

Yan Dan and the other two emperors bowed their heads and answered.

After officially taking Patriarch Jiang Yun as their Master, and being given the mystic technique of White Cloud Immortal Sect, Great Yan, Great Chu, and Great Wei were now officially the dependent dynasties of White Cloud Immortal Sect. Just like those mortal kingdoms in Planet White Cloud, everything under three dynasties was in total control of White Cloud Immortal Sect. From now on, every single raw material produced by three dynasties, which could aid the cultivation of Dao, would be offered to White Cloud Immortal Sect. Whenever three dynasties were struck with natural calamities or man-made misfortunes, White Cloud Immortal Sect would come to their help with all their strength.

In the presence of everyone, Yan Dan and the other two emperors swore an oath with their Prime Soul, pledging that they would be absolutely loyal to their sect, and would never perform any deeds of deceiving and killing their own Master.

After that, Jing Ke, Gao Jianli, Xiang Yu, Fan Zeng, Duke of Long Yang, and all the important ministers from three dynasties came forth, separately each taking either Bai Xia or Qing Wu as their Master. Similarly, they were given a cultivation technique, and henceforth, they became the disciples of White Cloud Immortal Sect.

The process of officially acknowledging a Master was smooth for everyone, until Duke of Long Yang came forth and gracefully dropped to his knees before Bai Xia and Qing Wu. A rather strange expression emerged on the faces of both Heaven Immortals, and they remained in silence for a while. Eventually, it was the easygoing Qing Wu who took Duke of Long Yang as her disciple.

After all, the important ministers from three dynasties swore an oath with their Prime Souls that they would be absolutely loyal to the sect, Patriarch Jiang Yun waved his hand and made everyone return to their seats.

After that, Ying Zheng, Tian Wen, and Zhao Sheng, the emperors from the last three dynasties, rose, as Great Qin, Great Zhao, and Great Qi would now become the dependent dynasties for Tranquil Vimalā Sect. And naturally, the emperors and important ministers from three dynasties had become the disciples of Qing Xin, Qing Shen, and Qing Yi, the three old Daoists.

The same oath was sworn, as they too pledged they would be absolutely loyal to their sect, and would never perform any unforgivable sins of deceiving and killing of their own Master. Then, the three old Daoists gave them the mystic technique of Tranquil Vimalā Sect, the 'Tranquil Sutra'. Only then was the ceremony of acknowledging Master concluded.

After that, Patriarch Jiang Yun and Daoist Qing Xin rose, and kept repeating to everyone that the two great immortal sects were allies of life and death, with a friendship that had continued for tens of thousands of years. Therefore, no matter what kind of resentments there were between all the dynasties, everybody was strictly prohibited from using any kind of methods to seek revenge in the dark, and cause damage to the alliance of two immortal sects. Nevertheless, they were allowed to settle their personal scores, but it must be under the supervision of their respective seniors and Master, and through an open and fair duel!

Upon hearing the warning speech from two old Daoists, which was purely based on their own wishful thinking, Wu Qi could not help but laugh in his mind.

After taking this group of fierce and savage men as disciples, how could there be peace? As a matter of fact, not only the two great immortal sects, these people would poke a hole even in Liyuan Galaxy and Minor Heavenly Circle Realm! Wu Qi felt like as if he had borrowed a key and opened the cage that kept a pack of extremely fierce and savage beasts!

‘May Heaven bless the Minor Heavenly Circle Realm!’… Although Wu Qi had no clue where exactly was the location of Minor Heavenly Circle Realm.

Glancing through all the emperors and ministers of six dynasties in the meeting hall, Wu Qi lowered his voice and asked Lu Chengfeng, "Why does it seem to me that none of them had any objection regarding becoming the disciples of White Cloud Immortal Sect and Tranquil Vimalā Sect? These people are arrogant and unyielding, such as Xiang Yu. But why does even Ying Zheng seem very glad to take these Heaven Immortals as their Master?"

Lu Chengfeng threw his glance at those men, lowered his voice, and said, "Well, it is actually a strange thing. The cultivation techniques practiced by every emperors and minister from six dynasties can only reach the limit of peak-stage Nascent Divinity realm. Even if they manage to transcend their thunder tribulation and become Heaven Immortals, if they wish to take a step further, they'll have to refer to cultivation techniques of Heaven Immortal realm. Therefore, it is very worthwhile for them when two great immortal sects actively recruit them as disciples."

The cultivation techniques practiced by everyone were limited to peak-stage Nascent Divinity realm? And they did not have advanced cultivation techniques to progress further?

Wu Qi nodded his head thoughtfully.

At any rate, from now on this planet, was the territory solely controlled by White Cloud Immortal Sect and Tranquil Vimalā Sect.

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