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Inside the meeting hall in Meng Fortress's Mayor Mansion...

Led by Patriarch Jiang Yun, the group of six Heaven Immortals sat loftily on the seat of honor, shrouded by an immense immortal aura, and emanating a faint immortal pressure. They were causing every single man and lady in the hall to hold their breath, daring not to show any behavior that might seem disrespectful.

After going through the experience of facing the frightening overall strength of six evil immortals, the emperors and ministers of six dynasties had truly realized the tremendous gap between a real immortal and a mortal. Although by relying on various mystic techniques or powerful Prime Treasures, the alliance of the heroes from six dynasties might be able to fight against a Heaven Immortal, however, the joined hands of six Heaven Immortals could easily and instantly wipe out the entire alliance army consisting of only cultivators from six dynasties.

Furthermore, both White Cloud Immortal Sect and Tranquil Vimalā Sect had brought nearly two hundred Nascent Divinity cultivators, and over two thousand Nascent Soul cultivators here. Unlike the cultivators from six dynasties, the cultivators from both great immortal sects were based in Liyuan Galaxy. For various reasons, they were regularly fighting cultivators from other sects. As a result, they were more experienced, and their cultivation base was more profound. At the same level of cultivation base, a cultivator from any one of the two great immortal sects could easily fight two to three cultivators from six dynasties at the same time.

Basically, before the war, the cultivators from six dynasties did not have too much of experience in battling. One example was those imperial sinecures who dwelt in Great Yan Dynasty's Cloud Swallow Pavilion. Many of them attained their cultivation base of Nascent Soul realm without too many struggles, and were living a luxurious life. Many of these sinecures did not have their hands stained with blood in the past, such as Guigu'zi, Mo Di, Xun Kuang, the people with the prestigious status of Imperial Advisor. They did not even kill a single people before the war of Meng Mountains.

On the other hand, the cultivators from two great immortal sects fought with other cultivators for days and nights. They fought with fiendish demons, with demon beasts, and engaged in constant slaughtering and combating. For example, Jiangcheng Zi traveled everywhere on a daily basis, searching for all sorts of spirit herbs and rare treasures for White Cloud Immortal Sect. He braved through countless dangers, which eventually gave him incredible experiences. As a result, he was able to survive through the hunting of a Heaven Immortal.

In fact, Yan Dan and the others could be completely suppressed just with the ordinary disciples from two great immortal sects, let alone the group of six Heaven Immortals. Only if they used their Prime Treasures, such as the Cauldron of Yu, the Imperial Seal, the Disc of Heavenly Dao Transmigration, and all kinds of precious treasures, would they have the possibility to fight against the disciples from two great immortal sects? Nevertheless, once the six Heaven Immortals joined the battle, the emperors and ministers from six dynasties would be faced with an inevitable annihilation.

Sitting loftily on the seats of honor, Patriarch Jiang Yun and the other Heaven Immortals did not say a word, while standing right next to them, their senior disciples were not making a sound either. In the meanwhile, Yan Dan and the others were exchanging glances and transmitting voices with their ministers, discussing various issues. Yan Dan, Qu Ping, Ying Zheng, Wei Wuji, Tian Wen, Zhao Sheng, all six emperors had their eyes flicking with bright gleams. They were exchanging glances with their own alliances very quickly, but never looking at the emperors of the enemy dynasties.

The atmosphere in the hall was bizarre, oppressive, and very surreptitious.

At this very moment, off in a far distance high up in the sky above the Great Eastern Ocean, Wu Qi was seen flying at high speed while wearing a big smile on his face, guiding the way for a group of Nascent Divinity cultivators from White Cloud Immortal Sect and Tranquil Vimalā Sect. As Wu Qi was carried by a few Nascent Divinity cultivators from White Cloud Immortal Sect using their divine abilities, they were able to fly at an incredible speed, and they almost traveled a thousand miles in the twinkling of an eye. Very soon, they crossed the great ocean and arrived above a huge island located right in the center of the ocean.

The island measured over ten thousand miles in circumference, and it was surrounded by numerous smaller islands that were scattered across the ocean. Each of these islands had bold cliffs by the shore, and the majority of their land was made of very tough rocks, that took a grayish-white hue. The main island had very little vegetation and soil, mostly occupied by deserts. The same landscape was found in all the smaller islands around.

Many huge caves were hewed on the steep cliff wall that rose several tens of feet high by the shore of the main island. At the root of the cliff wall, from the water level up until the cave entrances, long and winding stairs were carved out on the hard rock surface. When Wu Qi and his company arrived, they happened to see many Long Bo men climbing up the cliff wall through the stairs, and throwing one large fish after another into the caves.

Then from those caves came walking out many Long Bo women with large knives in their hands. They squatted near the cave entrance and neatly chopped off the fish heads, cut open the fish belly and removed all the guts and organs by throwing them into the ocean. After that, they hung these large fishes with the size ranging from several tens of feet to hundreds of feet outside of their caves using thick ropes. Many iron pillars were erected near the cave entrances, and the large fishes were hung between them. When the ocean breeze came blowing by, these fishes would sway and slam into the cliff wall, producing loud slapping noises endlessly.

When looking from afar, the cliff wall facing the ocean was fully hung with big fishes, while some of them had turned into dried meat from the heat of bright sunlight and ocean breeze. Apart from the fishes, there were also many dead bodies of large ocean beasts and turtles, which all constituted the food reserve for the people of Long Bo Kingdom.

Under the cliff wall, some Long Bo men were seen exercising their innate ability, turning themselves several thousand feet tall, standing naked inside of the ocean while laughing out loud and chasing large fishes that swam past them. The water level only reached their waist, and when they wantonly chased after those fishes, they made the water splash and raise up tall waves. When the waves slammed back onto the surface of the water, they produced loud booming noises.

Suddenly, a huge whale that was over two thousand feet long jumped out from the water. A Long Bo man laughed wildly, and with a sway of his body, he teleported himself before the huge whale. Two large fists thrust out together with frightening wind breaking noises, and smashed heavily onto the whale's head, crushing it and killing it on the spot. The Long Bo man laughed contently, grabbed the whale by its tail, and dragged it towards the caves through the stairs.

Behind this cliff wall, in a small desert about one hundred miles into the island, a group of Long Bo children, each standing about several tens of feet tall, was seen playing a very dangerous game. Laughing and joking they were provoking a swarm of huge double-tailed scorpions and venomous desert viper with pitch-black bodies. The agitated scorpions and vipers kept spraying out a great amount of poisonous venom. When the pitch-black venom touched the ground, it corroded the sand and produced hissing noises.

After a while, it seemed that this group of Long Bo children got bored from the game, as they suddenly pulled up several tens of feet wide huge rocks from the ground and threw onto those unlucky scorpions and vipers, crushing them into a pile of meat paste. Laughing out loud, the children then left in groups of three and four, and very soon, they split again into pairs of male and female, found some spots shaded from the hot sunlight, removed their clothes and began to engage in the most primitive sports of human beings.

When Wu Qi had his divine will run across these youths, he was shocked and could not help but gave a few more glances at them. Judging by the aura emanated from them, their ages were roughly the same as human kids that were seven to eight years old. Yet, they had already begun to work hard to produce their offspring. The strong vitality of the Long Bo people was truly amazing. Could they be considered mature enough just at the age of seven to eight years old?

Standing around Wu Qi was a group of over twenty Nascent Divinity cultivators from White Cloud Immortal Sect and Tranquil Vimalā Sect, who hovered in the sky with clouds under their feet, looking at the Long Bo men chasing and hunting fishes. The total population of Long Bo people here was about three hundred thousand, and it was considered the top-graded clan among the entire Long Bo Kingdom. According to those slave traders, the entire population of Long Bo Kingdom was about three to four million.

Looking at those Long Bo men, Wu Qi smilingly cupped his fist at those Nascent Divinity cultivators and said, "Senior Brothers, please help Wu Qi to capture nine thousand and nine hundred Long Bo people alive. Wu Qi needs four thousand nine hundred men, and five thousand women, and all of them must have reached their adulthood. After they are captured alive, please force them to open up their soul, so I can plant a soul controlling spell in their souls."

While smiling and bowing at these Nascent Divinity cultivators, Wu Qi gave each of them a storage bag. These storage bags had a storage space of roughly the size of five rooms, and they contained nothing but energy stones, several millions of pieces of energy stones. When these Nascent Divinity cultivators glanced through the contents of the storage bag with their divine will, their faces lit up instantly, and a big smile immediately emerged on their faces.

A Daoist from Tranquil Vimalā Sect, who had a cultivation base of peak-stage Nascent Divinity realm, smiled and said, "Junior Brother Wu Qi, that's very generous of you. My fellow senior and junior brothers, by the order of our Master, have come here to help junior brother Wu Qi to capture some Long Bo people, who will serve as the guards to his future cave abode! So, let's double up our efforts. Do not pick those with lousy quality. It will be better to capture those who have formed their Gold Core!"

All the Nascent Divinity cultivators broke out into a loud laughter. Without hesitation, they began exercising their divine abilities, turning into wild winds and shadows that blotted the sky while thrusting down at their targets.

The Long Bo people were greatly shocked by the unexpected visitors and immediately issued pressing warnings. However, the cultivators came here with Wu Qi were the elite Nascent Divinity cultivators from White Cloud Immortal Sect and Tranquil Vimalā Sect, with eighteen of them being peak-stage Nascent Divinity cultivators. Although Long Bo people had a very long life expectancy and impressive innate abilities, as they had to face extremely strong thunder tribulation when breaking through the next realm in their cultivation base, among the three hundred thousand Long Bo people here, only a few hundred of them had formed their Gold Core. Thus, how could they be the match of so many Nascent Divinity cultivators?

And so, amidst the shocking cries that filled the air, countless Long Bo people were grabbed up into the sky by one huge hand after another that were glinting brilliantly, while their souls were forcibly opened up with extremely strong forces of divine will, allowing Wu Qi to plant soul controlling spells in them. In just one day and one night, Wu Qi had gathered a total of nine thousand and nine hundred Long Bo people. Together with the original one hundred Long Bo men in his Spirit Breeding Ring, he had a total of ten thousand Long Bo people now.

As long as they were fed with Ancestral Awakening and Body Tempering Soup, and transcended their Gold Core thunder tribulation with the help from Wu Qi, the Heavenly Hundred Spirit Warring Formation consisting of ten thousand Long Bo people would have the power to fight against a Heaven Immortal. Even though he still could not defeat a Heaven Immortal with that, but when a Nascent Divinity cultivator, even a peak-stage Nascent Divinity cultivator was trapped in the formation, he would be faced with an inevitable death.

Ten thousand people were actually the limit of the Heavenly Hundred Spirit Warring Formation. More people in the formation would greatly disturb its functioning, preventing the formation from working as one whole entity. However, Wu Qi was confident that once all these Long Bo people had their cultivation base leveled up to Nascent Soul realm, the Heavenly Hundred Spirit Warring Formation consisting of ten thousand Long Bo people would give him the overall strength to kill any Heaven Immortal.

While he had already gotten all the Long Bo people he needed, the cultivators from two great immortal sects were still capturing more Long Bo people. In the end, they captured an additional ten thousand Long Bo people, and had them all planted with soul controlling spells.

The people of Long Bo Kingdom had become extinct in the outside world; at least, the people in the Minor Heavenly Circle Realm had not heard of their existence anywhere before. When this ancient species with powerful potential were brought to auction, they could be sold at a price many times higher than some powerful demon beasts. No matter they were to be used as hard labor for some immortal sect, or the guards of honor during expeditions, they were the best among all, as they had a very tall stature and strong muscle strength.

When Wu Qi and his company finally left, only the cries and sounds of weeping could be heard coming out from the caves on the cliff wall. Although the slave traders from Great Yan Dynasty would come here every year to abduct many Long Bo people, having over twenty thousand of their people abducted at once was actually the heaviest loss in the history of Long Bo Kingdom.

When some Long Bo people finally gathered their courage and walked out from their caves, their bodies shivering with terror, Wu Qi and his company had already disappeared in the far distance.

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