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Exercising all means, Black Feather Sovereign, Inferno Sovereign, White Ghost Immortal, and Ghost Lady shot towards Mo City. When they began the besiege just now, without being noticed by Zhen Mu Sovereign and Han Xiao Immortal, these four evil immortals had reached to a secret agreement- they would join hands and kill both Zhen Mu Sovereign and Han Xiao Immortal, and the two sects would share this priceless planet.

As the Ancestral Masters of immortal sects that walk on the evil path in Liyuan Galaxy, these four evil immortals would contact each other frequently, and the friendship between them was stronger than Zhen Mu Sovereign and Han Xiao Immortal. In their opinion, the two itinerant cultivators, who did not have any disciples or apprentices to raise, were totally cutting meat away from their sects. As this was a priceless planet, it just did not seem right to divide half of the profits with these two itinerant cultivators! Therefore, the four of them came to an agreement very quickly, that they would kill Zhen Mu Sovereign and Han Xiao Immortal, while the two sects would equally share all the profits found on this planet.

Four versus two, and it was a sneak attack from their back too. The victory was guaranteed.

Sure enough, Zhen Mu Sovereign and Han Xiao Immortal were caught unprepared, and the attack wounded them greatly. As Zhen Mu Sovereign was cultivating with wood element technique, when Black Feather Sovereign and Inferno Sovereign's Prime Flame entered his body, the flame nearly turned all his internal organs ablaze. Roughly half of his immortal energy was burned off by the invasive flame, which left him with only fifty percent of his usual overall strength. That made his cultivation base be leveled with the others.

On the other side, Han Xiao Immortal had his body invaded by a ghastly ghost energy, of which kept plundering and devouring his Prime energy essence. He too was severely wounded, and his cultivation base was weakened by roughly thirty percent. However, as initially his cultivation base was already far weaker than Zhen Mu Sovereign, and now with the thirty percent reduction of his cultivation base, he was left with an overall strength so weak that he could not even fight against White Ghost Immortal or Ghost Lady.

Looking at the four ex-allies that came approaching them menacingly, Han Xiao Immortals shouted sternly, "Old fogey Zhen Mu, time to put up a desperate fight, or both of us will be killed here!" Flustering and exasperating, he opened his mouth and shot out the purple bamboo flower basket. Amidst the countless colorful petals that danced in the sky, the flower basket pierced through the air and abruptly exploded right between Black Feather Sovereign and the others.

The flower basket was actually a lower-grade immortal item, yet for the sake of saving his own life, Han Xiao Immortal resolutely exploded it. A single thread of Nascent Divinity he placed in the flower basket was immediately destroyed, which led to a serious damage to his own Nascent Divinity, and caused a great amount of dark blood to instantly spray out from his seven apertures. Then, a bright light flickered, and was immediately followed by the appearance of several hundred huge flowers in the air, shrouded in an enormous immortal energy that rocked violently. Countless razor-sharp, five-colored bright beams wrapped around Black Feather Sovereign and the others, and began cutting and ripping at them.

Black Feather Sovereign and his company were coughing blood together, and their bones were exposed after being hit by the explosion of the immortal item. The power produced by the self-explosion of the immortal item was simply incredible. Although four of them had already prepared before they launched the sneak attack, the explosion still left countless scars and wounds on their bodies, and greatly undermined their vitality.

As Ghost Lady was the weakest among all, she had one of her arms ripped off by the explosion, while on the half of her body that took the look of a beautiful lady, her breast was blown away and exposed a row of pale bones, which matched perfectly with the other half of her body that looked like a fully naked skeleton. It was a terrifyingly look. Fuming with rage, Ghost Lady let out a sharp cry, and the nine vague female shadows around her suddenly became clear and corporeal. Shockingly, they were actually nine ferocious and savage looking ghosts with green hair and bloodshot eyes.

Pointing her finger at Han Xiao Immortal, Ghost Lady howled furiously and said, "Kill him! Rip him apart! Devour all his energy essence!!"

Immediately, the nine foul ghosts sprung and thrust down from the sky, while Ghost Lady bunched up her body and threw herself out, grabbing toward Han Xiao Immortal with three feet long sharp claws that stretched out from all her fingertips.

Han Xiao Immortal coughed out a mouthful of blood. Through the explosion of the immortal item, he had earned himself a very brief moment to catch a breath, and with a sway of his body, he was about to teleport away. However, before that could happen, Zhen Mu Sovereign rolled his eyes, and immediately a jet of sticky green beam shot out from his erected-eye and smashed brutally onto Han Xiao Immortal's back. Han Xiao's body trembled, and his skin suddenly turned pale green. In the next moment, Zhen Mu Sovereign grabbed Han Xiao Immortal by the neck, then threw him towards the four evil immortals and nine foul ghosts that came approaching them from the sky.

Zhen Mu Sovereign roared at the top of his voice, "Han Xiao my brother, I've no choice but to use you to fight for the slim chance of survival today! Remember to leave behind one single thread of your soul to reincarnate, and I'll definitely find your incarnation in the future, then help you continue to cultivate immortality. If you reincarnate as a man, I'll take you as my foster son, and if you are a girl, I'll marry you as my concubine. At any rate, I'll not make you suffer again!"

Following the shameless words roared out by Zhen Mu Sovereign, the flustering Han Xiao Immortal was thrown high up into the sky. At the same time, the bright green beam kept being shot out and injecting into Han Xiao Immortal's body from Zhen Mu Sovereign's erected eyes, and quickly inflated his body to make him look like a large ball. He was emanating a dazzling green gleam and a huge amount of dense green smoke that smelled very pungent.

One after another, Yan Dan and the host of heroes stepped onto their escape beams and flew into a far distance, while they looked at the group of Heaven Immortals, who suddenly turned to fight each other, with a complex expression on their face. They were thinking that it would be best if they could keep fighting among themselves and killed each other. After fleeing several hundred of miles away at top speed, Yan Dan and the host of heroes turned and looked at Mo City, which was now enveloped in a blinding glow. Suddenly, they woke with a start, only to realize how naive were they previously for trying to fight against these Heaven Immortals with the joint forces of six dynasties.

No power of any mortal could defeat a Heaven Immortal, and only a Heaven Immortal could fight against another Heaven Immortal! Thus, all the emperors and ministers from six dynasties turned their glances to those cultivators and demon kings with the cultivation base of peak-stage Nascent Divinity realm, who had the highest chances of breaking through the realm of Heaven Immortal in the least amount of time.

Up in the sky above Mo City, Han Xiao Immortal's body suddenly exploded. A blinding green light towered into the sky, and together with a pungent smell of grass and wood, an immeasurable amount of dense green smoke transformed into countless extremely tiny gossamers that shot into the sky at high speed. Caught unprepared, Black Feather Sovereign and the other three evil immortals had their bodies riddled with countless tiny holes. Although these tiny holes would not kill a Heaven Immortal, they were more than enough to greatly reduce their immortal energy, and inflict a great damage to their Prime energy essence.

The worse among them were actually the nine foul ghosts, as not only their bodies were riddled by the green gossamers, they simply exploded into nine clumps of dense smoke and returned into Ghost Lady's body. Ghost Lady howled furiously and waved her arm, shooting out countless spears and blades that were made entirely from white bones.

Zhen Mu Sovereign staggered and coughed out another mouthful of blood that burned ragingly. He threw an angry glance over at the four evil immortals who came shooting down through the green lights, laughed ferociously and said, "Trying to kill me and seize all the benefits yourself? Then, you'll have to make sure you can survive until the end!! Hehe, old brother Han Xiao, rest in peace! I'll now let you, a bunch of b*stards, witness the mighty power of the Greenwood Soul-Seizing Fiend eye which I've spent over thirty-seven thousand years in refining!! Hehe, for the sake of this priceless planet, I'm ready to risk everything!!"

Suddenly, the erected-eye between Zhen Mu Sovereign's brows exploded completely, without leaving any traces behind. Then, he gave a miserable howl, as countless wounds suddenly cracked open on his skin an old tree shedding its barks, and a great amount of blood rushed and sprayed out. All of a sudden, the green light pillar that towered into the sky constricted inwardly, trapping four evil immortals tightly within like silkworms in one single cocoon, then transformed into a light ball with four evil immortals as its core.

From the surface of the light ball, one could vaguely see the frightened and despairing figure of Han Xiao Immortal, yet after a few sways in the light ball, the figure abruptly transformed into a clump of green gas and fused completely with the light ball. In the meanwhile, Zhen Mu Sovereign's blood that came out after the explosion of his erected-eye flew through the air and fused with the light ball as well. Then, the blades and spears shot out by Ghost Lady smashed the light ball, causing large sheets of bright light to burst from its surface, yet failed to pierce through the light ball no matter how hard she tried.

The other three evil immortals were attacking the light ball crazily as well. However, as the light ball was formed using the Fiend eye, which Zhen Mu Sovereign spent over thirty thousand years in refining, and all of Han Xiao Immortal's blood essence, how could they break it apart so easily? Laughing ferociously, Zhen Mu Sovereign quickly performed some incantation gestures with both hands, and gradually, a peculiarly shaped wooden blade, its design ancient and heavy, glinting brilliantly in a green gleam, was seen flying slowly out from between his brows.

When the wooden blade left his body completely, Zhen Mu Sovereign's body became withered very quickly, as if all of his blood essences was sucked dry by this wooden blade. Looking at the four evil immortals trapped in the light ball, who kept roaring and struggling crazily, Zhen Mu Sovereign let out a wild laugh and said, "Well, in order to use this immortal blade made using a ten thousand years old Spirit Heart from a Man-eating Wood, I've used up seventy percent of my blood essence, and paid the price of having my cultivation base dropped back to Thirty-Sixth Tier, barely the threshold of Heaven Immortal realm. And now, using it, I'll kill every single one of you!!!"

"It is worthwhile as long as I can have a total control of this priceless planet!!" cried Zhen Mu Sovereign at the top of his voice, " I can establish my own sect here, and I can do whatever I like here! With the power of this planet, there is hope of becoming a Gold Immortal! Hahaha, once I become a Gold Immortal... hahaha!!"

Dancing with joy, Zhen Mu Sovereign grabbed the wooden blade, then he savagely chopped off his left arm and both legs. Immediately, the arm and legs were completely absorbed by the bizarre wooden blade, leaving nothing behind, not even a tiny bit of ash. Zhen Mu Sovereign grinned hideously, staring at the four panicked evil immortals as he said, "You knew that I, Old Wood, have one of my legs stepped into the realm of Tier-Thirty-Five Heaven Immortal. But do you know why, even though it was almost at the same period of time that we all transcended into Heaven Immortal realm, yet the progress of my cultivation was so much faster than yours?"

He waved the wooden blade, smiled coldly and said, "This is the answer! I was fortunate enough to inherit the legacy of a Demon Immortal who was also cultivating with wood element technique, but died in the age of great antiquity. And this is the 'Soul-seizing Demon Blade' which that Tier-Eighteen Demon Immortal crafted using a ten thousand years old Spirit Heart of a Man-eating Wood. Hehe, Tier-Eighteen Demon Immortal!!"

Casually, he thrust the blade forward, transforming it into a pale green beam, piercing through the air and smashing viciously onto the light ball. Amidst jarring crackling noises, the light ball shattered as if it were made from crystal. All four evil immortals trapped inside the light ball gave a shrill cry at the same time, as their bodies were nearly ripped to shreds by the shattering of the light ball. Countless of their bones were broken, while all their muscles were torn into strips, with a great amount of blood bursting out from their skin.

The wooden blade did not stop there, as it went straight ahead and pierced through Black Feather Sovereign's forehead, then came out from behind his head. The Soul-seizing Demon Blade shattered his immortal soul, and wiped him out completely. Very quickly, Black Feather Sovereign's body withered and shrunk, as his blood essence was completely sucked dry by the blade.

The next victim was Inferno Sovereign. Before he could exercise any immortal technique to flee from his calamity, the wooden blade had come shooting at him, and pierced through his brain.

After that, bright gleam flicked in the air as the green blade beam chopped off all four limbs of White Ghost Immortal, throwing him onto the ground with blood spraying and splashed everywhere. Zhen Mu Sovereign coughed out a mouthful of blood, as he drifted through the air staggeringly towards Ghost Lady, who was lying on the ground, unable to move. He grinned hideously and said, "Ghost Lady, don't put out this ugly look and scare people. I know you can reverse your cultivation technique and make your flesh grow back. Come, transform back to the look of a beautiful lady., I'm going to take you as my cultivation vessel and heal my wound today!"

Grabbing the half-human and half-ghost Ghost Lady up with one hand, Zhen Mu Sovereign laughed wildly and said, "Before the eyes of White Ghost Immortal, I, Old Wood, am going to make you my cultivation vessel and give you a good torture before!! Hehe, how dare you plot against me? It is too bad that you never expected that I still have such an incredible trump card..."

Suddenly, a shrill shriek rang out, as three sword beams, one green and two white, came shooting by at top speed, piercing through Zhen Mu Sovereign's forehead, chest, and dantian. All the Grand White Spatial Breaching Pearls of Innate Energies hiding within the sword beams vibrated with an extremely high frequency, causing many tiny cracks to appear in the air while ripping Zhen Mu Sovereign's immortal soul into a complete mess.

Then, the ringing of a chime stone was heard, while large patches of white cloud rose from the ground, bringing the host of nearly one thousand cultivators from both White Cloud Immortal Sect and Tranquil Vimalā Sect to the battlefield.

Immediately, Ghost Lady and White Ghost Immortal gave a wan smile, that looked utterly despaired.

Bright lights blinked and flashed rapidly, as both of them chose to self-explode at the same time. With very quick response, Patriarch Jiang Yun transformed the Whitecloud Heaven-Swathing Flag into a vast expanse of rolling clouds, which completely wrapped around the tremendous shockwave produced by the self-explosion of both Heaven Immortals, then sent the explosion high up into the sky.

A loud boom echoed out, as a blinding light blotted the sky and then sprinkled down to the earth, while a tremendous shockwave caused the ground to shake violently.

With that, all six evil immortals were dead. Patriarch Jiang Yun turned to look at the host of emperors and ministers from six dynasties, nodding his head as he smiled and said, "Fellow Daoists, can we have a discussion? White Cloud Immortal Sect and Tranquil Vimalā Sect wish to establish our branches here on this planet. What is your view about this?"

All the emperors and ministers from six dynasties gazed at each other in silence. Together, they sighed in their minds.

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