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A bright light flickered on the teleportation formation, and soon, a group of nearly one thousand cultivators from both White Cloud Immortal Sect and Tranquil Vimalā Sect walked out of the formation.

Looking at the rock wall that was sealed off completely, and the countless restrictive runes engraved on the wall, Patriarch Jiang Yun could not help but laugh, "Wu Qi my disciple, you're really a cautious man." Shaking his head, Patriarch Jiang Yun was lost in words for how to judge Wu Qi. He thought of the time when he was still a Gold Core cultivator. With just one sword in his hand, he had stirred up troubles everywhere, and was always thrown into a tizzy by his opponents at the end.

And yet, during those years, Patriarch Jiang Yun did not have the thought of preparing himself a few more retreating paths. He really wondered what Wu Qi was thinking about, as not only was he so well-prepared in his retreating paths and secret hiding, he even constructed a Grand Universal Teleportation Formation!

In the meanwhile, Qing Xin, Qing Shen, and Qing Yi, the three old Daoists were gazing straight at the Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold mounted in the formation, their eyes fixed. Those were Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold!! And there were so many of them!! For any immortal sect, they were strategy level treasures with extreme value. With these spirit gold pieces, they would be able to save plenty of energy stones when using the teleportation formations constructed by them. Similar to White Cloud Immortal Sect, Tranquil Vimalā Sect controlled one whole planet themselves, with their important branches scattered across the entire planet. Therefore, teleportation formations were built in every single branch to allow their disciples to travel around.

If they had so much Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold, every year Tranquil Vimalā Sect would be able to save millions of energy stones that were used to drive teleportation formations. With that, how many disciples would be benefited from the millions of extra energy stones, which could be used to improve their cultivation base and the speed of their cultivation? And how many spirit pills and magical treasures could they purchase?

Daoist Qing Xin cleared his throat and was about to say something, but Wu Qi had already turned to bow to him and his brothers, smiled coolly and said, "Dear seniors, there is an underground ore vein full of Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold in Great Yan Dynasty, just right inside the territory of Wu Qi's sworn brother, the Duke of Yan Le of Great Yan, Lu Chengfeng. It has a very rich deposit, and is sufficient to supply to over ten immortal sects, let alone just for White Cloud Immortal Sect and Tranquil Vimalā Sect."

Immediately, all the cultivators packed in this small cavern gasped with great shock. An underground ore vein full of Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold?! They could hardly believe their ears!! They all knew that several dozens of years ago, a piece of Spirit Gold of Spatial Breaching was auctioned by the Treasures-Gathering Pavilion in Liyuan Galaxy, and it was sold with a whooping price of one hundred and thirty thousand upper-grade energy stones!!

However, when they saw the Grand Universal Teleportation Formation constructed by Wu Qi, looking at the over one thousand pieces of 'HUGE' Spirit Golds of Spatial Breaching mounted in it, it seemed like there really was such an underground ore vein! This was indeed a priceless planet, and if both White Cloud Immortal Sect and Tranquil Vimalā Sect could occupy it and make it their secret branch, the thriving age for their sects would be just around the corner.

Taking a deep breath, Patriarch Jiang Yun said suddenly, "The natural energy here is several times denser than my Whitecloud Peak! This is indeed a priceless planet yet to be developed! But, Wu Qi, I thought you told me there are remains of an immortal's cave here?"

Wu Qi took a step forward hurriedly and said with a deep voice, "Yes. Not long ago, the dynasties of Great Wei and Great Zhao were fighting and killing each other for the rights of looting the remains of an immortal's cave, and had dragged a total of six dynasties into the war. If not for the sudden arrival of Han Xiao and his company of evil immortals, perhaps for the sake of that ruin, the war between six dynasties would have filled the land with corpses, covering the land with streams of blood. As a matter of fact, before Han Xiao and the other arrived, six dynasties had already suffered a combined casualty of over one million soldiers."

"Over one million soldiers..." Murmured Qing Xin, "Are the most of them cultivators of Xiantian realm?"

Wu Qi laughed, nodded his head, and said, "Yes, the soldiers of the elite armies such as Great Yan's Blood Swallow Army and Black Swallow Army are all Xiantian cultivators."

Patriarch Jiang Yun was speechless, and so were Bai Xia and Qing Wu, the three old Daoists, Qing Xin, Qing Shen, Qing Yi, and nearly one thousand elite cultivators from both immortal sects. A combined casualty of over one million cultivators of Xiantian realm... apart from this priceless planet, where its natural energy was copious, and the land was filled with countless natural treasures, no other place they knew could raise so many Xiantian cultivators.

Both White Cloud Immortal Sect and Tranquil Vimalā Sect were led by three Ancestral Masters of Heaven Immortal realm each. However, even if both sects were combined, the total number of Xiantian cultivators they had would never exceed one hundred thousand. It was not because they did not have a sufficient number of disciples with decent foundation and talent, they just did not have enough resources to raise so many disciples.

Shaking his head, Patriarch Jiang Yun said, "Although there are remains of immortal's cave on this planet, yet the natural energy is still so dense, and the natural treasures are everywhere. It is true that this is a very large planet... but it is still a very strange situation. Well, once we're done with the pressing business, we'll have to find out the exact situation of this planet."

The host of Heaven Immortals nodded their heads. After that, guided by Wu Qi, they stepped into the short-distance teleportation formation Wu Qi constructed in the cave, then teleported into a forest slightly over one hundred miles away from Mo City. Patriarch Jiang Yun took out his Whitecloud Heaven-Swathing Flag, and immediately, a layer of faint cloud rose from the ground and enveloped everyone. To Wu Qi's surprise, this faint layer of cloud could actually cut off any probing from divine will. Even with the uniqueness of his divine will, Wu Qi failed to penetrate through this seemingly thin layer of cloud.

Under the cover of this layer of cloud, the group flew inches above the ground towards Mo City at a very fast speed, and they arrived at a distance of fewer than ten miles from Mo City very quickly.

Hovering midair, the humongous city of steel was seen crazily drawing the raging flame from underground. Countless runes blinked and flickered on the surface of the city, while several thousand huge Mo Sect's weapons were shooting blinding beams into the sky one after another. The figures of six evil immortals were partly visible in the sky, who dodged every single bright beam that came shooting at them very easily. No matter how hard those Mo Sect's disciples tried to control the weapons, they just could not lock down the movement of any Heaven Immortal.

All of a sudden, Zhen Mu Sovereign issued a hideous laugh, as he waved his hand and unleashed a green wooden pillar, about one hundred miles long and roughly one mile in diameter. With green lightning darting violently out from it, the green wooden pillar smashed viciously down from the sky, and forcefully smote onto Mo City's defensive barrier. A loud boom rang out. The green wooden pillar exploded and filled the sky with green flames and lightings, which rushed in all directions and blew away layers of Mo City's defensive barrier. On top of a wall at the northwest corner of the city, a large patch of runes suddenly exploded and immediately wounded several dozens of cultivators from six dynasties, who were putting up a high vigilance.

Zhen Mu Sovereign let out a wild laugh. From his body, countless tiny wisterias stretched out and plunged right into the forest within one thousand miles circumference, crazily extracting the huge amount of wood element energies and channeling back to his body, then turning into his own immortal energies. After that, with a casual wave of his hand, seven to eight extremely huge green wooden pillars were unleashed in a row, and once again smashed heavily onto Mo City's defensive barrier.

The spreading wood element energies wrapped tightly around Mo City, and right at this very moment, Black Feather Sovereign and Inferno Sovereign struck at the same time. Together, the brothers laughed aloud and transformed into two transparent flaming figures. They waved their hands and threw out flames that blotted the sky. In an instant, the wood element energies were kindled by the raging flame, turning into an ocean of flame that enveloped the entire Mo City, ragingly burning on the city's defensive barrier and blowing away one layer after another. A threateningly high temperature swept across the city. Some parts built with weaker metal plates had already melted by the insane temperature, while large patches of sparks were seen bursting out from some metal structures. They shot out an immeasurable amount of white-hot molten iron like erupting volcanoes.

Right after all the wood element energies were burned off, and before the dreadful high temperature could cool down, Han Xiao Immortal had already sprung out and dove down from the sky, laughing out loud as he unleashed a strong gust of cold breeze and wrapped Mo City around. While the high temperature had caused the entire city to expand, the frightful low temperature had made it shrink abruptly. With the dramatic change of the temperature in such a short amount of time, countless jarring noises of breaking and cracking were immediately heard coming from everywhere, as the metal body of Mo City was now filled with countless cracks.

After that, White Ghost Immortal and Ghost Lady plunged down while laughing hysterically. With a flicker of his body, White Ghost Immortal transformed into a vague figure and smashed viciously onto Mo City's last bit of the remaining defensive barrier. Unpleasant cutting and ripping noises echoed out, as countless pitch-black ghost claws, each bursting with thick dark smoke, suddenly emerged in the air and began to tear and rip at Mo City's defensive barrier. Each of these ghost claws measured several tens of feet in circumference, and with just a casual strike from it, a lofty mountain would turn to shreds. Thus, under the brutal and violent attacks from countless of ghost claws, a very loud tearing noise rang out from the defensive barrier, as it could no longer defend against the crazy attacks. A very long and deep rift was opened up right in the middle of it. It seemed the defensive barrier was about to be completely ripped open by White Ghost Immortal.

Ghost Lady laughed aloud. There were nine vague shadows hovering around her, which issued shrill cries at the top of their voices, then stretched their hands down and shot out countless spears and blades made using white bones. These weapons that were enshrouded in dense dark smoke smashed into the barrier, producing sparks that filled the entire sky above Mo City.

Yan Dan and the others could only stand in the city, dumbfounded, as their divine will could not lock down the movement of six evil immortals either. They totally could not catch a glimpse to the true form of their enemies, let alone launching an attack at them. By casting spells with great power aimlessly, apart from wasting their energies, it just served no other purpose.

Heaven Immortals and cultivators were the existences in two totally different realms. When one couldn’t even confirm the exact position of enemies, how was one going to attack them? Even Xiang Yu, who nearly failed to refrain himself and took out the Banner of Chiyou, could only stand inside the city with a blank expression. Even if he did use Banner of Chiyou, with his current cultivation base, there was no way he could trap six great evil immortals with it. And worst of all, he would attract some covetous eyes.

High up in the sky, the six great evil immortals let out wild howls and cries once again and poured out another round of attacks like the fiercest thunderstorm.

Mo City was trembling, ripped with countless cracks. The earth's core flame pillar underneath it had turned dull and dim. As a matter of fact, right at the moment when the six evil immortals launched the attack, they had cut off the underground energy vein and fire vein under Mo City, thus, gradually weakening the supply of underground fire into the city. Therefore, the defensive barrier became weaker and weaker, and in the end, with every random attack they unleashed, they could always rip off a large chunk of barrier easily.

Amidst a very unpleasant shrill howl, another round of attacks poured down whistling.

Laughing loudly, Zhen Mu Sovereign threw out a total of eighteen huge green wooden pillars in a row, while Han Xiao Immortal had transformed himself into a clump of cold air, ready to give Mo City a heavy strike right after Zhen Mu Sovereign's attack. At that very moment, Black Feather Sovereign and Inferno Sovereign suddenly teleported themselves right above Zhen Mu Sovereign, then the brothers opened their mouths at the same time, shooting out two pale-blue flame pillars and enveloped Zhen Mu Sovereign in an instant.

Han Xiao Immortal raised his head with terror, and immediately saw Zhen Mu Sovereign trapped in a ball of blue flame, howling miserably, while a large patch of skin on his back turned into ashes in an instant. As fire prevailed wood, even though Zhen Mu Sovereign's cultivation base was stronger than Black Feather Sovereign and Inferno Sovereign, he was still badly scorched by the Prime Flames unleashed by the brothers, and was severely wounded.

White Ghost Immortal and Ghost Lady laughed aloud at the same time and unleashed an attack which they had prepared for long and smashed right onto Han Xiao Immortal's back. Han Xiao Immortal was quick, as when he saw Zhen Mu Sovereign was attacked, he immediately pulled out the purple bamboo basket. But unfortunately for him, he was attacked by White Ghost Immortal and Ghost Lady, whose cultivation base was similar to him. On top of that, he was caught unprepared, and thus, the attack smote him on his back and threw him straight down.

Two loud and muffled booms echoed out, as Zhen Mu Sovereign and Han Xiao Immortal smashed through Mo City's last layer of defensive barrier, then crashed right into the metal ground in the sorriest state. Both men coughed out some blood. Zhen Mu Sovereign's blood burned off by itself when a wind came caressing at it, while the blood coughed out by Han Xiao Immortal was simply a pitch-dark ghost air.

Laughing ferociously, the four evil immortals in the air grouped up and thrust towards Mo City.

"Kill them! Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect and Spirit Flame Sect will share this priceless planet!!"

Not allowing Zhen Mu Sovereign and Han Xiao Immortal to escape, attacks immediately came whistling down like a thunderstorm and flooded the entire Mo City within a blink of an eye.

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