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The teleportation formation shone with a bright light, and in the next moment, Wu Qi walked out from a teleportation formation located under a dry well behind a random residential building in Ji City while carrying Jiangcheng Zi in his hands.

He turned around and unleashed a light beam into the teleportation formation, sending a backlash to the formation on the other side, breaking it apart and disabling it. After that, he jumped out from the dry well with Jiangcheng Zi in his hands, quickly running towards the Mighty Martial Street. However, after merely taking two steps, a loud boom suddenly rang out in the sky above, while the ground began to shake violently. Rows after rows of residential buildings around him collapsed, as miserable and shrill cries of the people in Ji City towered to the sky. Countless cracks, shallow or deep, began to open up on the ground, with underground energies bursting out from them and shooting into the sky. It was a horrifying scene that almost looked like the end of the world.

Raising his head hastily, Wu Qi noticed that Ji City's strategic defensive formation had been fully activated, while Yan Dan and all the emperors and ministers of six dynasties were seen hovering in the sky, several tens of miles away from him, nervously looking at six clouds outside the defensive barrier. Hovering loftily, the six evil Immortals kept letting out wild and complacent laughs. Every now and then, they would wave their hands and unleash some attacks, smashing onto Ji City's defensive barrier and making it wobble violently, while the ground around the entire Ji City would slowly sink several tens of feet down, with jarring and unpleasant crashing noises.

Ghost Lady's hoarse and unpleasant voice echoed throughout the atmosphere as she said sternly, "Dismiss the barrier, surrender now, and join our sects, as that will be the only way out for you! If you refuse to do so, I'll kill every single one of you, refine your souls into Yin ghosts, and trap you for eternity! That little junior, Qu Ping! I know you are also cultivating the art of refining Yin Deities and Ghosts, and you can totally join my sect, the Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect. We will grant you a chance of transcending and becoming an Immortal in the future. Wouldn't that be amazing?"

Yan Dan snorted coldly, as a gray and white bright light shot up from behind his back. He was about to unleash the Disc of Heavenly Dao Transmigration.

A great terror struck Wu Qi instantly. The Disc of Heavenly Dao Transmigration was a priceless treasure, an item passed down from the time of great antiquity. Its power was not weaker than any innate spirit treasures. As Han Xiao Immortal, Ghost Lady, and their company were extremely poor, their eyes would turn green even when they just saw some spirit herbs and energy stones. If they saw these priceless treasures such as Disc of Heavenly Dao Transmigration, Banner of Chiyou, or the supplementary volume of Yellow River Map, wouldn't that drive them insane immediately?

Therefore, if Yan Dan really took out his Disc of Heavenly Dao Transmigration, Ji City would be left with not even a single survivor. These six evil Immortals would definitely slaughter every single people here to seize the priceless treasures, leaving no survivor behind to spread the news. As a matter of fact, the treasures owned by Yan Dan and the other people were simply too attractive. Even Buddha might not be able to hold down the greed in his mind when he saw one, let alone these few evil Immortals who killed people like drinking water, and had avarice become their second nature.

Bringing Jiangcheng Zi with him, Wu Qi shot into the sky, then hastily transmitted his voice to all the emperors and ministers of six dynasties, "DO NOT show your treasures in front of those Immortals, or we'll have to face an inevitable death! The planet under our feet is located in the Liyuan Galaxy of Minor Heavenly Circle Realm. For generations, cultivators had already depleted every single energy stone veins outside our planet, and they are all as poor as the beggars on the street. Even a single piece of upper-grade energy stone would drive these Immortals to murder someone, let alone your Prime Treasures!"

Yan Dan, whose body was shimmering with a bright light, was stunned instantly, as he quickly turned to look at Wu Qi with shock.

All the emperors and ministers were terrified and had their faces fallen, immediately turning to look at Wu Qi as well. Without any word, Wu Qi pointed his finger at the storage bag tied on Jiangcheng Zi's waist belt, and continued transmitting his voice to everyone, "He is Jiangcheng Zi, the person in charge of the Spirit-Gathering Palace in White Cloud Immortal Sect, the strongest immortal sect of the righteous path in Liyuan Galaxy. He is a man with peak-stage Nascent Soul cultivation base. But, he only has slightly over one hundred middle and lower grade energy stones with him, not a single upper-grade energy stone. Worst of all, he doesn't even have a storage ring, and is still using a storage bag!"

Yan Dan and the people around gazed at each other speechlessly.

Wu Qi then continued, "I know that throughout all these years, you've gathered yourselves many good items. For example, Great Yan owns several tens of acquired spirit pearls. Yet, none of these treasures should be exposed before them, or we'll have to face doom. Unless you have the confidence to kill all six Heaven Immortals... Your Majesty, hurry up and send someone to transfer away all the precious treasures in Great Yan's national treasury, and only leave behind a batch of energy stones and spirit herbs below three thousand years of age. The six Heaven Immortals outside of Ji City are the evil Immortals with the most notorious reputation in Liyuan Galaxy. They would resort to every expedient just to achieve their goal!"

Yan Dan's face flickered, then pointed his finger at the imperial palace. Immediately, Ma Yi brought a few imperial eunuchs with him, transforming into escape beams and descended to the ground, running through the street into the inner court of imperial palace.

Standing right next to Yan Dan, the Crown Prince of Great Qin, Fu Su, stretched his hand out and performed a grabbing gesture, then pulled Jiangcheng Zi into his hand. After that, he sent his divine will into Jiangcheng Zi's body and gave it a brief scan. He saw Jiangcheng Zi's glittering innate Nascent Embryo, which stood five feet and seven inches tall, yet densely filled with cracks. He nodded his head slowly, breathed out a long sigh, and said, "True enough, he has a cultivation base of peak-stage Nascent Soul realm, but he has used a mystic technique to burn his blood essence and Nascent Soul, and has damaged his root."

With a strange look in their eyes, all the emperors and ministers from six dynasties stared at Jiangcheng Zi's storage bag together.

A cultivator with peak-stage Nascent Soul realm cultivation base, having one of his legs stepping into the realm of Nascent Divinity… Among all six dynasties, a cultivator like this was comparable to some important ministers such as Li Si or Xu Fu. Yet, he only had a rather shabby storage bag? Without further explanation from Wu Qi, everyone could tell how poor the cultivators in Liyuan Galaxy were.

When a group of extremely poor cultivators suddenly stumbled into a planet with abundant resources and copious natural energies, what else could you expect them to do?

Raising his head and looking at the six fierce and malicious Heaven Immortals, Yan Dan shook his head and said, "Everyone, what is your opinion in handling this situation?"

Before Yan Dan's word could fade away, a sword thrust out and shot right towards Wu Qi's chest suddenly from a corner. Clad in a heavy armor and skin glinting with bits of blood red light, Xiang Yu cried out sternly, "You shameless wretch, come and face your death!" He sprung out at the same time, thrusting his sword forward like a streak of lightning, approaching Wu Qi's chest in just a blink of an eye.

Wu Qi gasped with terror, as he never expected that Xiang Yu would strike at this moment. Thus, he was caught unprepared, and could only watch helplessly as the sword came thrusting at his chest, approaching his body inch by inch.

All of a sudden Jiangcheng Zi gave a furious roar, "How dare you try to hurt my savior right before my face?!" Inch by inch, the bandage wrapped around Jiangcheng Zi's wound broke, then with a swing of his arm, he pulled out his waist belt, and gave it a powerful flick. The six feet long waist belt suddenly spread out, transforming into a large talisman that measured six feet in length and seven inches in width, glinting with a dazzling white light.

A very complex rune was drawn on the talisman with golden ink, looking like a flying dragon. Although there was not too much of energy left in his body, Jiangcheng Zi still channeled his energies into the talisman, causing it to burst with a large sheet of white light. Immediately, a loud dragon cry rang out, as a total of thirty-six white beams, as thick as an adult's arm and shaped like dragons, shot out from the talisman, bringing together a scorching hot aura as they smashed viciously towards Xiang Yu.

Xiang Yu's wrist was greatly shaken, while the sword in his hand was shattered by the dragon-shaped white beams, which continued smashing hard into his chest, easily crushed his body armor and pierced a large see-through hole on his chest, with the diameter of a water bucket. Large sheets of white light then sprinkled onto his body, burned his skin, and produced some sizzling noises, instantly charring the skin on his chest, and exposing his half-transparent bones.

Xiang Yu opened his mouth and sprayed out a stream of blood, as his body was knocked tumbling far away by the white beams, falling hard into a collapsed residential building.

Wu Qi looked at Jiangcheng Zi in astonishment. His wrist belt was actually a talisman? And judging by the fact that Xiang Yu was severely wounded by a single strike from it, it must be a talisman personally made by a Heaven Immortal, just like the talisman that seriously wounded Wanying Dragon King not long ago. Wu Qi felt that he had made a mistake, as he only focused on Jiangcheng Zi's storage bag, but totally forgot to search through his body. As the person in charge of White Cloud Immortal Sect's Spirit-Gathering Palace, who was traveling around all year around, how could Jiangcheng Zi not have a trump card that could save his life during an emergency?

Obviously, this talisman could not be used to deal with a Heaven Immortal, and thus, Jiangcheng Zi did not use it to attack Han Xiao Immortal. However, it clearly had the power to kill any cultivator below the realm of Heaven Immortal with just one single strike. While panting, Jiangcheng Zi retracted the talisman, then gave its glow a careful examination. After that, he turned to Wu Qi, smiled wryly and said, "This 'Spirit Dragon Restrictive Talisman' can only be used two more times, and then it will lose all its power."

Then, Jiangcheng Zi looked to his left and right, smiled coldly, and said, "Daoist Wu Qi is my savior. So, if anyone here has some feuds with him, I'll take them for him!"

The Spirit Dragon Restrictive Talisman was still glinting with a bright white light, while after suffering an attack from it, it was unclear whether Xiang Yu was still alive or not. Among all the ministers here in the crowd, many of them did hate Wu Qi to the marrow. But, when faced with the threat posed by this talisman, everyone, including Lu Buwei, simply kept their mouths shut, and pretended that they did not hear what Jiangcheng Zi had just said.

Suddenly, cracking noises were heard coming from the defensive barrier above them, as if it could no longer withstand the tremendous pressure. In the meanwhile, Inferno Sovereign was seen turning into a flaming figure. Large sheets of red flame were bursting out from his body, and in the next moment, he fell down from the sky like a shooting star and attached himself right onto Ji City's defensive barrier, beginning to crazily burn it. Red, sticky flame kept rushing out from his body like burning lava, flowing along the surface of the defensive barrier and slowly down to the ground outside Ji City.

The flame had an extremely high temperature, and upon being touched by it, the ground immediately turned into boiling lava. In just a brief moment, Ji City had been completely surrounded by a rolling and rocking lava lake with the circumference of nearly one thousand miles. Looking from a far distance, one could only see fiery red lava and leaping flame, a scene only filled with the color red.

Under Inferno Sovereign's dreadful divine ability, a few satellite cities, several tens of towns, and several thousand small villages in the vicinity of Ji City were all turned into ashes that floated in the air. The population of several millions of people was instantly turned into nothingness. Standing behind Yan Dan, Su Qin looked at the lava lake outside Ji City with a pale face, while murmuring under his breath, "Poor things... What happened to the few fat pigs and skinny horses in my home... Poor things..."

Cracking noises kept ringing out, as layer after layer of defensive barrier above Ji City began to crack and broke. Numerous runes formed using energies exploded, filling the sky with colorful streams of light. In the meanwhile, countless ordinary civilians in Ji City dropped to their knees, praying to the Heaven while not having a single clue of what was going on.

"Your Majesty, you've to make up your mind now!" Wu Qi raised his head, looking at the six threatening evil Immortals and crying out loud, "Do we still have the hope of defending against six Heaven Immortals? If the answer is no, we need to retreat immediately..."

Yan Dan suddenly turned around, gnashing his teeth as he roared, "Retreat? How about all the people in Ji City? This city is..."

Almost at the same moment, Qu Ping placed his hand on Yan Dan's shoulder, and he cried with a deep voice, "When the Great Yan's emperor and ministers survive, the Great Yan survives. When the Great Yan's emperor and minister die, the Great Yan would die."

A loud boom echoed out, as a tall tower at the northwest corner of Ji City suddenly exploded. It was a key tower that controlled Ji City's defensive barrier. When it exploded, the several hundred cultivators in the tower immediately suffered a backlash from the formation, and were thrown flying away while letting shrill shrieks. Then their bodies disintegrated into a shower of blood amidst beams of strong light.

Yan Dan's face flickered, and he waved his hand decisively while roaring out at the top of his voice, "RETREAT!! All the members of the imperial clan, sons of nobility, retreat immediately at full speed!!!"

Waving his sleeve, Yan Dan then transformed into a bright beam and shot towards Great Yan's imperial palace. Clenching his jaws tightly, he snorted coldly and said, "I'll not leave behind even one single energy stone for them!"

As Great Yan was having a war with Great Qin in Meng Mountains, a large number of strategic teleportation formation were being constructed in Ji City. Following the flashing of strong light from these teleportation formations, all the members of Great Yan's imperial clan, and sons of noble and influential clans began to retreat to Meng Mountains, where they would then use another teleportation formation to travel over to Great Chu's territory, seeking a temporary shelter.

Fifteen minutes later, the last tower that controlled the defensive barrier was destroyed completely. Laughing loudly, the six evil Immortals slowly descending from the sky.

As they descended, all the teleportation formations exploded at the same time, turning into piles of junk.

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