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A loud boom rang out. In just less than one second, the beautiful sword cultivator sent out by Duke of Long Yang, who had the cultivation base of peak-stage Gold Core realm, was instantly killed by Wu Qi using his acquired spirit pearl of earth element and 108 powerful thunder talismans. Yes, it happened in less than one second, and he did not leave any chance for the beautiful and seductive sword cultivator to struggle even a little bit. In fact, Wu Qi did not even have the time to find out the actual gender of that exceedingly beautiful sword cultivator, and he or she had already turned into nothingness amidst a large sheet of blinding light.

Yan Dan and the people from Great Yan did not find it surprising, as during the battle of the drill ground, Wu Qi had already demonstrated the overall strength that could kill any peak-stage Gold Core cultivators in less than one second. When the acquired spirit pearl of earth element was appropriately used, it could even threaten the life of an Earth Immortal. As for the use of 108 powerful thunder talismans, Wu Qi merely wanted to completely destroy the chances for the sword cultivator to escape, making sure that not even a single soul of his or her could escape.

But obviously, Lu Buwei was greatly shocked by the result. As Wei Merchant was completely uprooted from Ji City, he did not obtain any latest information concerning Wu Qi.

Meanwhile, Duke of Long Yang seemed unperturbed by the death of his sword cultivator, as no one could tell what was he thinking about from his expression. He still wore the same smile on his face, discussing the matters concerning the alliance with Yan Dan and Qu Ping. Every now and then, he would cast amorous glances at Lu Buwei. When faced with such behavior from Duke of Long Yang, Lu Buwei just bowed his head slightly, as if he were a dying old man. He looked spiritless, and did not know what treacherous schemes he was plotting.

Nevertheless, none of this concerned Wu Qi anymore. After being promoted to the Duke of Purple Jade Seal, he was now the first-class Duke of Great Yan Dynasty. His status was extremely prestigious, and he had Lu Chengfeng, who was the Chief Supervisor of West Field Headquarter. Thus, it only took him a little bit of time and he had already handed off all his official tasks.

An intensive discussion for all the detailed terms and conditions about the alliance of three dynasties were going on in the main hall, as every little condition would have to be discussed and weighed carefully. Bringing with them all the smartest ministers, Yan Dan and Qu Ping were fighting inch by inch for various benefits they could get from Duke of Long Yang.

Meanwhile, in a side hall that was used to handle official works, Lu Chengfeng was seen holding a big seal, then seriously branded a bright red stamp on an official paper that Wu Qi had signed a moment ago. Right from the moment he branded the seal on the paper, Wu Qi's relationship with Great Yan's West Field Headquarter was officially cut off. He was no longer the assistant to the West Field Headquarter, but a free Duke of Great Yan Dynasty who was not bound by any official posts.

Lu Chengfeng picked up the official paper and gave two puffs at the bright red stamp, then he rolled up the paper and handed it over to Lu Quyuan right next to him. After that, he clasped his hands behind his back, looked at Wu Qi, sighed and said, "Lu Buwei, Heavenly Spirit Sect, and Yu Qianqian... I'll remember them. When the chance comes, I'll try my best to give them more troubles. Especially..."

Wu Qi looked at Lu Chengfeng with a serious expression, then he laughed and said, "Especially that Yu Qianqian. Send someone to keep a close watch on them, and don't let go of even the tiniest traces. But, don't make any contact with them without careful consideration. I highly suspect that the person who hurt Wanying Dragon King with a talisman and eventually let Zhang Yi make his escape, allowing him to send someone to pass the message to Qin army, was sent out by Yu Qianqian."

Wu Qi recalled the scene when he used some ballistae to murder Yu Wende during the snowing night, as during that time, Yu Qianqian was using a golden talisman with an incredible power to block off the bolts that could have killed her and Yu Wende. Not only did that talisman possess a shocking defensive strength, it also came with a very strong counter force. It seemed like that talisman was personally made by some existence of Heaven Immortal realm, while the talisman that hurt Wanying Dragon King, his son, and many other formidable demons, was also an immortal talisman.

He lowered his voice and quickly told Lu Chengfeng about his suspicion. Nodding his head, Lu Chengfeng kept all of Wu Qi's words in his mind. According to Wu Qi, both Yu Qianqian and her father, and even the entire Yu clan, were harboring some evil intentions, yet no one knew what they were exactly up to.

The person who attacked Wanying Dragon King with a talisman had leaked the formation map of the ambush prepared by the alliance of Great Yan and Great Chu to Qin army. But in the end, Huhai had used an insane method to force Yan Dan to set Ying Zheng freed. If Huhai did not appear, Qin army would have already attacked the weakness of Great Yan and Great Chu's ambush according to the formation map. Perhaps, that would cause the complete wipe-out of ordinary Qin soldiers, but Ying Zheng could still have the chance to make his escape.

"Quite unexpected, that there are such worms living inside Great Yan Dynasty." Lu Chengfeng breathed out a deep sigh.

Wu Qi patted Lu Chengfeng on the shoulder, smiled and said, "Well, you'll have to deal with them yourselves. After all, the reign belongs to Great Yan. And as you are part of Great Yan's imperial clan, no matter what kind of problems happen to Great Yan, you'll have to face them."

Then, he squeezed hard on Lu Chengfeng's shoulder and said with a deep voice, "War is coming to all dynasties, and chaos is going to strike this world. With our insignificant cultivation base and overall strength, we can only struggle for our survival amidst the chaos. In fact, the purpose of building a new city at the shore of Great Eastern Ocean is not only to avoid Lu Buwei and all those people, but also to prepare a backup plan for both of us."

A strange smile emerged on his face as he continued murmuring under his breath, "Even if Great Yan is defeated, in order to completely defeat it from the west to the east, it will still take at least a few years. With this time frame as our buffer, we can always run anywhere we like, as this is a vast world! Worst case scenario, we can still flee to Long Bo Kingdom, or Featherman Kingdom, or any other place far away from here. The world is huge, and we can always find a shelter of our own!"

Lu Chengfeng glared at him and said in a rather annoyed voice, "Why are you thinking about fleeing even before we are truly defeated? Judging from the current situation, the alliance of Great Yan and Great Chu is having the upper hand now, while Qin army has suffered a few great losses." After giving Wu Qi a few words of lesson, Lu Chengfeng suddenly put up an awkward smile and said with a low voice, "Well, it will not be too late to flee once we really can't withstand the enemies. After all, we still have many interests in this place that we can't just throw away. Little Meng City, Meng Fortress, both of them are our foundation!"

Wu Qi and Lu Chengfeng exchanged a glance, then both stretched their hands out and gripped onto each other's palms.

They shook their hands forcefully, then Wu Qi retracted his hand, spun and left the hall. Looking at Wu Qi's back, Lu Chengfeng flipped his palm and saw a storage ring. The ring was given to him by Wu Qi. It contained a great amount of energy stones, Demon Cores, and many other things that Wu Qi robbed from Zhang Yi. It also had three barrels of several hundred kilograms of flood dragon blood essence, and many supplementary treasures that were enough to let Lu Chengfeng cultivate to the Nascent Soul realm without any worry.

Lu Chengfeng wore the ring to his finger and said deeply, "There are great dangers in Great Eastern Ocean. Wu Qi, have a safe journey!"

Without turning back, Wu Qi waved his hand as he walked out of the hall smilingly and indifferently. Lu Chengfeng did not send him out, and he did not ask Lu Chengfeng to do that either. Right at this very moment, Wu Qi's heart was filled with pride and enthusiasm. Now, after jumping out from the troubled waters of Great Yan, he already had the right to fight for greater power and benefits for himself.

But, right after he walked out from the hall, a fragrance scent immediately came caressing his face from sideways, as the aggressive Princess Zhang Le suddenly came leaping at him. She pinched his ear and gave it a powerful twist, then scolded, "So, you've become a great man now, huh? Hmm?! You've quit as the Deputy Chief Supervisor of West Field Headquarter, a promising post, and are going to build a new city at the shore of Great Eastern Ocean, a remote and desolate place? Aye, and you also extorted a great sum of money from my grandpa? Oh, so you've become a great man now, haven't you?"

After a while of gnashing her teeth and twisting Wu Qi's ear, Princess Zhang Le roared out under her breath, "Why are you going to such a far place? Huh? Why are you going so far to the Great Eastern Ocean? Who is going to keep me company, talk to me, when you are no longer in Ji City? Also, you've kissed me in front of so many people... You... and now you're going to a place so far away. What do you mean by that?!"

With much difficulty, Wu Qi finally freed himself from Princess Zhang Le's hand. Bowing his head in a sorry state, he strode a few steps forward, then turned to look at Princess Zhang Le with a surprised expression on his face. "Why don't you just follow me there?" He cried with a low voice, "I'll build a new city there, and you will be the Deputy City Lord of the new city, or the Chief Supervisor, or the wife of City Lord… You can be whatever you like! Isn't that better if you and I can join hands in building our own kingdom?"

Princess Zhang Le gaped in surprise, then her face blushed suddenly.

She stomped, and even though she was burning with rage moment ago, her face was now melted in a smile. She rolled her eyes, tilted her little chin forward, and giggled, "Who... who wants to be your wife? Unless you can build the strongest vassal kingdom in Great Yan, I'll never marry you!"

Tilting her head sideways, Princess Zhang Le crooked her fingers as if she was calculating something and said, "The man that can marry me will have to be the man with the strongest power in Great Yan Dynasty, apart from my grandpa and my dad. He has to be the strongest man besides my grandpa and my dad... Aye, it will be perfect if he has the cultivation base of Heaven Immortal! Also, he has to use the most luxurious chariot under the heaven, riding on a rainbow cloud to come marrying me amidst the cheers of countless people!"

Rolling her eyes, Princess Zhang Le continued her fantasy, "Well, the size of the guard of honor during my wedding ceremony has to be at least one million people... How about the maids and serving ladies that come as the dowry? Well, I think we need at least one hundred thousand of them... Hmm, all of them should be pretty girls, or else that will bring shame to me! Oh, and the utensils, if all of them, such as combs, shoes and socks, are upper-grade magical treasures, will that be overly extravagant?"

She took a deep breath, narrowed her eyes, and said while smiling, "Of course, the beasts that pull the chariot during my wedding ceremony cannot be too weak either! If we can have nine real Heaven Dragons pull our chariot, then I'll be fully satisfied!"

Looking at Princess Zhang Le, who appeared to have her mind wander to the Ninth Heaven, Wu Qi could not help but shake his head. If he kept letting her continued with her fantasy, perhaps she might even request a Divine Golden Immortal as the host of the wedding ceremony. For Heaven's sake, using nine true Heaven Dragons to pull the chariot? Not to mention Heaven Dragons, she should just try asking that old dragon from Longyuan River to pull the chariot for her... He would certainly bring a great flood over to Ji City and launch the fiercest attack at it, not wasting his time in talking at all.

Placing his arm around Princess Zhang Le's waist, Wu Qi breathed out a long sigh and said, "Yes, yes... you'll have all of those. There will be bread, and milk as well, and you'll have the chariot pulled by Heaven Dragons. As long as both of us work hand in hand, putting in all our effort and building our own city, our own kingdom, we'll have all of that." Amidst the muddled words of Wu Qi, with a foolish smile on her face and while pondering all sorts of utensils she would need for her wedding, Princess Zhang Le followed him and stepped into the teleportation formation that brought them back to Ji City.

Standing at the entrance to the hall, Lu Chengfeng smiled and looked at the departing back of Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le.

"Have a safe journey, my brother! I'll stay in Ji City for now, and make sure none of those people can disturb you!" With a smile on his face, a cold gleam suddenly ignited in Lu Chengfeng's eyes. Wu Qi had finally left him, and it was as if he had returned to his youth, when he was all alone and struggled for survival in the mansion of Lu clan. An unprecedented fighting spirit began to burn ragingly in Lu Chengfeng's heart.

And so, Wu Qi left Meng Mountains, where an intensive war was going on, separating himself from this enormous whirlpool of troubles.

Conveniently, he also abducted Princess Zhang Le. Both of them traveled to Great Eastern Ocean, where they would build the city and kingdom of their own.

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