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Facing each other, Yuji and Xiang Yu were floating right inside the blood pool. Only part of their upper bodies exposed above the surface of the pool, while thick and sticky blood kept rolling off their skin. Using his deep eyes, Xiang Yu stared at Yuji. There was a look of craziness that burned like fire in his eyes. It was a craziness that would destroy himself, and also all the other living beings; a fanatical craziness.

In comparison to that, Yuji's eyes looked as calm and as cold as water, empty, and not containing any emotions or feelings. It was as if she was a puppet without a heart of her own.

When her eyes met with Xiang Yu's invasive and feverish glance, Yuji suddenly chuckled. With a gentle crooking of her finger, the little bronze bottle was pulled out from the bottom of the blood pool and flew into her hand. Then, she slowly poured the blood essence of Chiyou, which was emanating a peculiar fragrance, out from the bottle and onto Xiang Yu's head. There was only a single drop of Chiyou's blood essence, but its size was almost the same as the head of an ordinary human adult. It was glittering brilliantly and looked translucent, and its surface shone with the brilliance of gemstones. Vaguely, there were images of millions upon millions of celestial fiends which could be seen inside it. Each one had a beast head and a human body, their expression vicious and savage, clad in heavy armors and holding sharp weapons as they were fighting and killing each other amidst a misty fog.

Like a dried up desert, Xiang Yu's body quickly absorbed this drop of Chiyou's blood essence. Immediately, faint sounds of muscles tearing and ripping, and bones cracking and breaking could be heard coming from deep inside his body, while a layer of pale red light emerged and covered his entire skin. In response to the appearance of the red glow on Xiang Yu's skin, the Banner of Chiyou began to wave mildly without any wind. Suddenly, the deep and strong heartbeats of Xiang Yu rang out and filled the cavern. They were so loud that even the entire mountain was vibrating with every heartbeat.

Wisps of blood-red flame burst out from every single pore on Xiang Yu's body. The color of his long, disheveled hair had also turned blood red, waving violently behind his head like a ball of raging fire. Gradually, his body turned half-transparent, while a great amount of dark smoke shot out from within. At the same time, a massive amount of natural energies rushed into his body, and under the control of some peculiar forces, part of the purest natural energies slowly formed into Xiang Yu's new body, while the impurities were being burned off by the blood-red flame, turning into dark smoke and quickly dissipating into thin air.

Two jets of menacing flame shot out from his eyes as he looked at Yuji and cried out at the top of his voice, "Tell me! Why did you do such a thing?! Do not give me evasive words. I want to hear the real reason!! Tell me! Why did you do such a thing?! Even if you really wanted to do it, you could do it with Ying Zheng, or Yan Dan, or even Qu Ping, but why did you do it with a little kid who doesn't even have all his hair fully grown?!"

Slowly and gracefully, Yuji raised both hands up, reaching her tall hair bun and slowly untying it. Her long dress was pulled up by the movement of her hands, pressing tightly against her breast and drawing out a lofty and pointy curve that made one suffocated upon looking. Xiang Yu could not help but have his eyes fixed straight on her breast, then suddenly began to pant quickly. His body was shivering, while crackling noises kept coming out from all his joints.

Slowly, she untied her bun, letting her long hair to drift loosely behind her back. Then, Yuji said softly, "There isn't any particular reason, really. I just wish to find a man who I can make you, my lord, feel that you can crush him with just a finger. If my lord doesn't want to forgive me, then please announce it to the public that my lord has banished Yuji. Yuji is just a pitiful little woman, while my lord, you are an overlord with the ambition of conquering the world. A mere woman such as me will never have a spot in your heart, my lord."

She gave Xiang Yu a lovely smile, stretched both hands and gently held his face and said, "But, before my lord banishes Yuji, Yuji has one thing to inform my lord. Li Yueyan is cultivating the Heaven Breeding Script of Goddess Su, while Yuyao is cultivating with the Celestial Technique of Goddess Xuan, a technique inherited from the clan of Yellow Emperor, Xuan Yuan. Both of them also hold a thread of innate energy inside their bodies, and they can help my lord in breaking through the barrier between human and immortal. My lord, you have to act fast and seize their virginity."

She curled up her lips, narrowed her eyes, and gave Xiang Yu a very charming smile. It was a rather evil smile, like a dark poppy flower that bloomed in the darkest hour of the night, filled with a deadly enchanting force. With a blank expression, Xiang Yu stared at Yuji, then his body suddenly trembled as he said, "Yuji, you... how did you become like this? You..."

Faintly, there was a dark jade-green gleam that shone from Yuji's eyes, while amidst the gleam hid a tiny thread of purple-red evil glow, which was barely visible. Xiang Yu looked into Yuji's eyes, and for a moment, he could no longer control his own body. He let out a deep roar, grabbed Yuji's slender and delicate neck with one hand, while ripping off all her clothes with another hand. Roaring furiously, he leaped forward, and right inside the blood pool, he bravely thrust himself into Yuji's body.

"After so many years, the first thing you did since you came back is to purposely upset me?" Like a wild beast that had gone berserk, Xiang Yu began charging and slamming violently on Yuji's body. The Banner of Chiyou was waving joyfully above, unleashing a huge amount of blood red mist that kept fusing into Xiang Yu's body. Amidst the intensive slamming motions, Xiang Yu's fleshly body became burlier and bulkier, while the primordial aura emanating from him became stronger and thicker.

The hatchet face of Xiang Yu, which looked like it was hewed out from rocks using blades and axes, slowly turning stern and cold, and eventually, the last bit of human emotion completely disappeared from his face. He was now sending forth an air of grimness and ruthlessness, which made one's flesh creep upon sensing it. He was like a machine or a puppet, cruel and merciless, and did not mix with any other ordinary human feelings or emotions. The air of grimness was so direct that it made him look like a mighty divine weapon hiding deep inside a weapon vault; its sole purpose of existence was for slaughtering, and he did not need any other useless emotions.

Wrapping her arms around Xiang Yu's neck, Yuji murmured under her breath, "Well, this is better... as a lord like this will never commit any mistake again, and will never fail again. A lord like this will never repeat the same defeat as the Battle of Gaixia. My lord, it is time to let all your future enemies tremble under the sharp tip of your weapon! This is how the Hegemon-King of Western Chu should look like, this is what you are supposed to be! There will be no mistake, and there will be no defeat!!"

Slowly, a bloody figure of a fiend emerged and hovered behind Xiang Yu. It was taller and burlier than the blood red fiend figure that appeared during the battle at Meng Fortress, as it was over one thousand feet tall now. The fiend figure kept absorbing the surrounding natural energies, transforming them into dense, strong, and overbearing fiend energy, and injecting into Xiang Yu's body through the air. Xiang Yu's aura continued to experience a rapid transformation. It became even crueler, even more ruthless, even more murderous and unapproachable.

"Wu Qi, I swear that I will kill you one day! Hehe, hehe, haha, hahaha!!!" Forcefully, Xiang Yu clutched Yuji's neck with both hands, and while working hard in moving his lower body back and forth, he gave some laughs that did not come with any warmth. His palms came with great forces, so strong that when they scrubbed with Yuji's delicate skin, they actually generated some clashing metal noises and produced many dazzling sparks. The Celestial Technique of Goddess Xuan had given Yuji a very strong fleshly body, and only a Yuji like this could embrace the current Xiang Yu.

Apart from the last obsession that was left in his heart, the obsession of killing Wu Qi no matter what, Xiang Yu had lost all his human emotions, be it pleasure, anger, sorrow, joy, or anything. He had become so pure, so simple, and there was only the will of fighting that resided in his fiend soul. Even if the Heaven or the Earth were blocking right before his face, he would use his fists and his weapons to crush and smash Heaven and Earth to shreds!

Apart from the will of fighting, there wasn't anything else! The blood red fiend figure behind his back became clearer and clearer, while the aura emanated from it became stronger and stronger. The Banner of Chiyou was now wrapped behind the back of the blood red fiend figure, which made it look like the mantle bound to a war armor. More and more natural energies kept being sucked into the Banner of Chiyou, transforming into dense fiend energies and injecting into Xiang Yu's body.

Under the ground. Wu Qi pulled out a black cloth and wrapped a few rounds over his face, only exposing his eyes. With great effort, he changed his stature, then exercised the innate wood element Gold Core inside his Seven Stealing Heaven Meridians, unleashing a thread of Gold Core aura from it, which then turned the Gold Core strange sign behind his back into a green and luxuriant forest that was blanketed by a layer of green mist.

After that, he injected all his energies into the innate gold element silver lotus. The energies of five elements made the petals shine with gleams of five colors, and were then gradually absorbed by the silver lotus. A wisp of purple green Divine Flame of Order was dancing and twisting right at the center of the silver lotus flower, which looked extremely nimble and spiritual.

Then, he fished out a Demon Core with a unique smell from the Black Dragon Spirit Ring, carefully extracted the innate nectar out from it, and smeared them onto his collar, using the smell of the Demon Core to cover any body odor that he might leave behind. With that, when he was done here, he could just rip the collar and throw it somewhere, and no one would be able to trace him from the smell of this innate nectar.

After he was done with all that, Wu Qi slowly ascended to the surface.

Right when Xiang Yu exerted all his strength in slamming at Yuji's body, Wu Qi raised his hand and shot out the silver lotus. It spun rapidly and pierced through the air, then quickly enveloped both Xiang Yu and Yuji within. Many lotus flower-shaped beams burst out together, like a wheel with millions of sharp blades as they spun and thrust viciously towards both of them. The wheel of blades spun while shining with blinding gleams. At the same time, 360 innate Grand White Spatial Breaching Pearls pierced through the air soundlessly, vibrating at a very high frequency while shooting right towards all of Xiang Yu's vital parts.

Right at this critical moment, Xiang Yu suddenly stopped all his movement. Then, his muscles became tensed up immediately, while he pulled Yuji and pushed her behind his back. Innumerable lotus flower-shaped beams spun and cut Xiang Yu's body, sending a huge amount of blood flying and splashing in all directions. In just a blink of an eye, countless wounds were opened up on Xiang Yu's body, as the razor-sharp silver lotus flowers were not something that Xiang Yu could withstand with his current fiend body of immortality.

In the meanwhile, all 360 Grand White Spatial Breaching Pearls of Innate Energies pierced into Xiang Yu's body, leaving behind numerous holes of on his skin. Xiang Yu roared because of the severe pain, as he cried out at the same time, "Who is this despicable rat?! How dare you launch a sneak attack at us? Kill!"

As the roaring of 'kill!' rang out, a very strong killing intent that almost took a corporeal form came caressing at Wu Qi's face. Wu Qi's Nascent Divinity, which was formed by relying on the thunder tribulation, swayed and nearly shattered to pieces due to Xiang Yu's loud roar. His three spiritual and seven physical souls were like tiny saplings amidst a violent typhoon, swaying left and right and nearly wiped out by the incredible roar. Besides that, when faced with this pure killing intent, the Seven Holy Deities and Devils in his spiritual ocean were like a herd of sheep that were facing a pack of hungry wolves. None of them dared to come forth and stand up against it, and instead, they rushed and hid in the deepest area of Wu Qi's spiritual ocean.

Wu Qi was struck with great terror. Without hesitation, he pulled out three Great Qin's ballistae, aimed their noses right at Xiang Yu and Yuji, and pulled the triggers.

Numerous bolts were being shot out, but with a blink, Yuji had stepped out and stood right before Xiang Yu. All the bolts hit onto Yuji's fair and delicate body and generated countless sparks that flew everywhere. Yet, none of them managed to leave even a tiny trace on her skin. Gently Yuji waved her hands, and all the Grand White Spatial Breaching Pearls of Innate Energies smashed and hit her arms. The same thing happened, as they generated many sparks but failed to pierce through her body.

With the Celestial Technique of Goddess Xuan, unless it was some innate spirit treasure or divine weapon that was not crafted using metal, nothing could hurt or damage Yuji's body. Although the Grand White Spatial Breaching Pearls of Innate Energies were embryos to innate spirit treasure, as they were taken out by Wu Qi before being fully grown, their power was greatly reduced, and thus, although they could hurt Yuji, they could do nothing to Yuji.

While Wu Qi was pondering what other methods he could use to inflict further damage on Xiang Yu, a stream of fiend energy suddenly came covering down from above his head, as the blood red fiend figure wielded the Banner of Chiyou and smashed it down like a huge iron plate.

Daring not to hesitate anymore, Wu Qi immediately took out the Chariot of Eight Horses, which transformed into a five-colored light ball, wrapped around him, and rushed out from the cavern immediately. In just a blink of an eye, it had reached a distance of several tens of thousands of miles away. Sure enough, the Chariot of Eight Horses had an incredible speed, as even Yuji and Xiang Yu could not see what exactly was the five colors light ball before Wu Qi had already disappeared without a trace.

On top of a lone peak several tens of thousands of miles away, Wu Qi suddenly halted the Chariot of Eight Horses and revealed himself.

"After being aided by Yuji, Xiang Yu is no different from a tiger given with a pair of wings!" With a distressed expression, Wu Qi sighed and murmured under his breath, "It was his woman who seduced me, yet he swore that he will kill me one day... And now, this couple has teamed up... Sigh, what have I done to provoke them???"

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