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Like a landfall and tidal wave, the condemned prisoners of Great Qin charged crazily towards the battle formation of Chu army. There were many small groups of Chu soldiers scattered in the flatland, with the maximum of several hundred and the minimum of several dozens of soldiers in each group. However, none of them could put up an effective defense against these near insane prisoners. When these soldiers who focused on tempering their bodies were faced with the Dharmic Dao attacks from Human Immortals and Earth Immortals, they just did not have any better defensive measurements. In just less than ten minutes, at least three to four thousand Chu soldiers were killed.

Meanwhile, each of the Chu soldiers had killed enemies thirty times to their number. Nevertheless, the more enemies they killed, the more poisonous liquid was being spilled and splashed. It had created a bigger threat to their comrades, and had also hastened their own annihilation. After the first group of Chu soldiers was completely wiped out, more and more of them could no longer withstand the impact from the waves of prisoners. They were being pushed and thrown to the ground, and were chopped and hacked into meat paste by many blades and swords.

In such a chaotic scene, Xiang Zhuang's stern voice could be heard suddenly, "There is none under the heaven to equal us, the one and only Great Chu! For we are invincible, for we are the one and only Great Chu!"

Then, several tens of thousands of Chu soldiers cried out together, "There is none under the heaven to equal us, the one and only Great Chu! For we are invincible, for we are the one and only Great Chu!"

A blood red light pillar shot out from Xiang Zhuang's body, waving violently in the sky like a war banner. He raised his sword high up and cried again, "The men from Xiang Clan, follow me and kill the enemies! Although they come in many, but they are just a bunch of wild chicken and stray dogs. We will wipe them out easily!" Then, he casually swung his sword, unleashing a sword beam that shot one mile away, cutting all the condemned prisoners in half along the way. The bodies of these several hundred condemned prisoners exploded immediately, sending an enormous amount of poisonous liquid splashing and spraying in all directions, falling onto the bodies of several dozens of Chu soldiers. The blood red barrier around these Chu soldiers became dimmed instantly, and their bodies were being corroded by the poisonous liquid.

Yet, this sword strike alone had aroused all Chu soldiers and turned them frantic. Apart from Xiang Yu, Xiang Zhuang was the bravest warrior in Great Chu, a warrior who had the strength to crumble a mountain and carry a huge cauldron single-handedly. When Xiang Yu was not with the army, Xiang Zhuang was the only person that all Chu soldiers would bow their heads to. As he took the lead, all the Chu soldiers cried aloud together, raising their weapons up and quickly gathering towards him. Even those soldiers in the clay city had come out, lining up in a battle formation, pushing their way through the endless waves of prisoners while they kept approaching Xiang Zhuang.

Xiang Zhuang threw his head back and let out a loud laugh complacently. He leaped and mounted himself on a single-horned rhino, riding the twenty feet tall demon rhino at its top speed. When this rhino began its charge, several tens of thousands of single-horned rhinos raised their heads from the little river not so far away, and gave howls to the sky together. Large sheets of smoke and cloud burst out from underneath their hooves, as each of them sprung up into the air, hovered about one foot from the ground, and began charging forward like a gust of strong wind.

The pack of burly rhinos charged through the flatland at their top speed, crushing and smashing everything they met into meat paste. Even the Nascent Soul cultivators among the condemned prisoners dared not to stand in the line of these several tens of thousands of demon rhinos who had formed their Demon Cores. It was a destructive force that was enough to destroy anything. Sitting firmly on the back of the rhino, Xiang Zhuang brought the pack of formidable demon rhinos charging through the flatland, howling and yelling while killing any prisoners that came his way. Several hundreds of thousands of condemned prisoners were killed, stamped by the rhinos and forming a thick layer of meat paste on the ground.

More and more Chu soldiers joined the army of demon rhinos. They leaped onto the back of these rhinos while laughing and yelling, and kept charging into the enemies.

On top of the wall in clay city, holding the commander seal in their hands, Chi Bin and Lu Mei were shouting aloud, ordering the soldiers for not leaving the city without permission. But, how could those Chu soldiers obey their orders? Some captains did see the commander seals in Chi Bin and Lu Mei's hands, yet they pretended they did not see the thing, and kept shouting and yelling at their soldiers, using the quickest speed to charge out from the city.

Yuji laughed mockingly, then said, "Same as always. The Chu soldiers are invincible when the King is with them, and when the King is not around, the Chu soldiers will get defeated in every battle they fight. Hehe, regardless who is the person that leads the army, when the King is not with them, these soldiers will definitely be defeated!"

Yue Tan spread her hands, breathed out a heavy sigh and said, "So this is the soldiers from Xiang Clan of Great Chu? At that time, I had been dead, which is why I had not heard of the mighty reputation of Xiang Clan of Great Chu. But judging from what I see now, they do deserve the reputation. With Xiang Yu around, the mighty soldiers from Xiang Clan of Great Chu are capable of defeating any enemies. But without him, they are just a bunch of..."

Twitching her lips, Yue Tan continued, "Nevertheless, I'm no longer the Queen of Great Chu. Even if these soldiers are defeated, I don't think Great Qin will be able to attack Great Chu's territory soon."

Chi Bin, Lu Mei, two ladies of unrivaled beauty, were shivering from head to toe with anger. They could not look at things in such a positive way like Yuji and Yue Tan, and tears almost coursed down from their faces. "How could they do this? How could they disobey our orders? This is the commander seal that His Majesty gave to us personally. How could they pretend not seeing the commander seal and not listen to the military order? Aren't they... aren't they..."

Yue Tan sighed lightly, shook her head and said, "They are not throwing out a rebellion, it is just that they are not willing to obey any orders given out by us women. Aye… they are just a bunch of ardent boys who have soaring aspirations, wanting to defeat all their enemies and conquering all the land. In their mind, we are just weak and delicate women. What qualification do we have to command these mighty and formidable soldiers?"

Trembling with anger, Chi Bin said, "But, since Great Qin sends so many condemned prisoners in attacking us, it is obvious they are up to something evil after this. If our soldiers keep doing this, they will be dead soon!"

Suddenly, a deep, powerful, and husky voice slowly echoed out from behind the ladies, "If they want death, let them have it. After they are dead, we can use them to craft a divine weapon of immortality. A divine weapon of immortality will never disobey the military order. They are seeking for death themselves, and it has nothing to do with both imperial consorts."

Then, a gentle breeze blew by, as an old man, who stood about nine feet tall, his stature fat, face rounded like a silver disc, and having a long silver beard under his chin, suddenly appeared behind the ladies. The old man had an elegant and luxurious bearing, and a group of several hundred armored soldiers, each clad in a dark armor, and face completely covered behind a pitch-dark mask of a ghost, was following behind him without making a noise. They too emerged out of nowhere, just like a group of wandering spirits in the dark night.

Chi Bin and Lu Mei gave the old man a surprised look, then quickly they bowed gently at the old man and said, "Chi Bin and Lu Mei offers greeting, King of Chun Shen!"

Yuji's brows raised, as she gave the fat old man a provocative look. In the meanwhile, Yue Tan had put up an enchanting smile on her face, and threw herself into the arms of the old man like a ball of raging flame. "My lord, it has been a very long time since I saw you. Do you still remember Yueyan, who was heartlessly sent into the palace by you in those years?"

The fat old man, who was the Lord of Chun Shen of Great Chu in those years, and the current King of Great Chu Dynasty, laughed and gave Yue Tan's buttock a slap as he said, "Of course I remember! How could I forget you? You've even given birth to a big fat boy for me! It is just too bad that little boy did not have the luck, as he was killed by someone merely after a few days of becoming the King of Chu state! Tsk, who is this pretty girl?" Lord of Chun Shen, Huang Xie, stuck out his tongue and moistened his lips, while giving Yuji a lustful gaze.

Yuji giggled, bowed gently at Huang Xie and said, "Yuji offers greeting, King of Chun Shen! Yuji has long heard the great reputation of Lord of Chun Shen many years ago!"

Huang Xie ran his glances over and over at Yuji's body, as if they were sharp blades that could take off her clothes. In a deep voice, he laughed and said, "So you are Xiang Yu's woman? He is one lucky fellow! Hehe, where is Xiang Yu? I wonder if I can exchange you for the fief of three provinces? Yuji, oh Yuji, you're truly a beauty!"

Yue Tan compressed her lips into a fine line, then viciously pinched the soft muscles on Huang Xie's waist and gave it a forceful twist. "My lord, don't tell me that you still hold on to your old habit? Falling in love with every girl you see? Perhaps, Yueyan has made a wrong decision in coming back. For the past two thousand years, Yueyan has placed myself in a secluded cultivation in that immortal's cave, arduously cultivating the Heaven Breeding Script of Goddess Su. I've been thinking about you day and night, my lord, hoping that one day, with my cultivation base I can bring pleasures to my lord again. But, judging from what I look today, Yueyan should have never come back!"

Then she gave Huang Xie's waist a powerful punch, spun, and walked away.

The punch brought a great pain to Huang Xie and made him howl miserably, as it sunk nearly one foot into his body, and nearly broke his defensive clothing. The group of several hundred armored soldiers drew their weapons soundlessly, and brought together countless ghostly shadows they thrust toward Yue Tan together.

"How dare you! Stop it right there!" cried Huang Xie immediately, "She is my queen consort, your mother-lord Li Yueyan! When you see her in the future, it is like you've seen me. Do not disobey any orders given by her!" Then, he rubbed his waist which had nearly punched a hole by Yue Tan, spread his hands and hugged Yue Tan in his arms. He smiled and said, "Yue Tan, my little precious, I was just joking! How would Xiang Yu agree to sell his woman to me? It is just a joke, hahaha! You see, even though it has been so many years, I still kept the position of queen consort for you!"

He sighed deeply and continued in a deep voice, "I've even kept the position of the prince for our children. As long as you can give birth to a boy for me, that boy will be the future King of Chun Shen!"

Wearing a complicated, slightly bitter smile, Huang Xie gently fondled Yue Tan's face and said in a low voice, "It has been over two thousand years! Though I was accompanied by countless beautiful women, I've spent all my effort in searching for you! I knew you must have come to this world too, but why didn't you return to my side?"

Yue Tan sighed, stretched her arms and wrapped around the fat waist of Huang Xie. "I'll tell you that later." She said in a low voice, "Are you here for these eighty thousand elite soldiers of Xiang Clan? If you don't act now, these eighty thousand elite soldiers are going to be completely wiped out!"

Huang Xie sneered, straightened his back, and said coolly, "His Majesty has asked me to come here to aid Xiang Yu. His Majesty's cultivation in the Dao of Divination had reached a stage which even ghosts and gods can't predict. He had figured out that Xiang Yu will meet with a calamity this time. Since it is His Majesty's decree, I'll have to obey his will. But although I've arrived here, if those men from Chu Clan refuse to obey my military order, there is nothing much I can do either!"

He sighed, and threw his head back to give out a loud roar while hugging Yue Tan, "I, Huang Xie, am here! By the imperial decree of His Majesty, Xiang Zhuang, bring your soldiers back into the city now!"

Xiang Zhuang was in the middle of leading his soldiers and fighting a fierce battle with the condemned prisoners of Great Qin. When he heard Huang Xie's loud roar, he just turned toward Huang Xie's direction and gave him a middle finger, "Old fool, you've no rights to interfere in the business of Xiang Clan! Damn it, who is the rascal that activated the teleportation formation and let this old fool to be a busybody here? When I return, I'll definitely kill all the clan members of that fellow!"

Upon hearing Xiang Zhuang's response, Huang Xie clapped satisfyingly and laughed happily. "I need both imperial consorts to be my witnesses. You see, it is Xiang Zhuang who refused to obey my order. So, if all eighty thousand elite soldiers are killed here today, that has nothing to do with me! Aye, Yueyan, this place smell really awful with blood. Let's return to my fief and live a happy life! Hehe, if Xiang Yu dies here, there will be peace in the imperial court of Great Chu!"

Yue Tan smiled and quickly exchanged a glance with Yuji.

While Yuji was about to say something, a tremendous force smashed straight down from the sky above them suddenly.

"The Lord of Chun Shen, Huang Xie? I'm inviting you to be a guest in Great Qin! Do I have the honor to do so?"

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