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Wu Qi looked at Princess Zhang Le with consternation in a daze, then he asked in a low voice, "What are you talking about? I don't have the nerve to provoke that Yuji again."

Princess Zhang Le poked her nose up into the sky and said proudly, "Aye, leave this to me. Although you don't have the nerve to provoke her, I still want to teach her a good lesson, so that she can understand some dos and don'ts. All the things related to you, regardless of being big or small, they will be under my charge. As one of your concubines, she will have to obey all my orders and teachings. If she obeys me, I'll give her a life of luxurious clothing and delicious delicacies. If she refuses to obey me, I'll drag her out and beat her to death!"

Wu Qi was struck dumb with amazement while he cried out, "But, Zi Xuan, if you do marry me, are you going to pick concubines for me?"

With a surprised look, Princess Zhang Le turned to look at Wu Qi, frowned and said, "What's so strange about that? Every year, my grandpa will take in several dozens of new imperial concubines, helping him in giving birth to new offspring. Every year, my father will have to spend a night with nearly one hundred new concubines. Even Old Mister Su Qin had also brought back a few singing ladies from the floating restaurant in Myriad Red River in the recent years, giving them the status of concubine. Oh right, Su Muye's birth mother is a concubine that Old Mister Su Qin had taken in roughly thirty years ago."

Princess Zhang Le looked quizzically at Wu Qi, then she said naturally, "As a man of Great Yan, it is your due duty to produce more offspring for your clan. Or else, how can you expand your clan? If you marry Zi Xuan with your current status, among those imperial maids of mine, there would be 108 of them who will become your concubines at the same time. After that, you've to take in at least twelve new concubines every year, expanding the family tree of the Wu Clan and strengthening Great Yan's force!"

In all seriousness, Princess Zhang Le continued, "My grandpa has been teaching us that in this world, the most reliable power is the one from our own clan. So, if we don't produce more offspring of our own clan, how are we going to keep a foothold in this world?"

Wu Qi fell silent. He could not tell what kind of feeling he currently had in his mind, and could only tighten his grip on Princess Zhang Le's tiny waist. Sure enough, he had neglected the actual situation in this world, and had applied the reasons and logic that he was quite used to onto Princess Zhang Le. If it were back on Earth, when a girl from a rich and influential family such as Princess Zhang Le married someone, how was it possible for her to allow her husband to seduce women everywhere? She would definitely turn the whole world upside down!

However, in this world, the domineering and rather naive Princess Zhang Le had devoted her whole heart in considering for the lover she had set her mind on, and she had even considered how many new concubines Wu Qi could take every year. What a world! Wu Qi sighed inwardly with mixed emotions and thought to himself, ‘If Xiaobai could come to this world, perhaps he would be greatly touched to tears? This world is simply the paradise that he always dreamed of!’

While Princess Zhang Le stood on top of the wall, crooking her fingers in pondering and calculating about these matters, Xiang Yu on the other side had already flown into a great rage. Frantically, he wielded the coiling-dragon spear and kept launching attack after attack at Meng Fortress. He had transformed into a ball of blood-red flame as he kept slamming and impacting onto the defensive formation while generating jarring wind breaking noises. Over and over again, in each slam and impact, he did not reserve any of his strength and energy, and had exerted all of them into the coiling-dragon spear.

Each of the impacts was as heavy as Mount Tai, yet none of them could yield any result. The defensive formation of Meng Fortress was supported by several tens of thousands of Great Yan cultivators, an enormous stockpile of energy stones, and the near endless energies gathered from several dozens of underground energy veins. Thus, it was not something that Xiang Yu alone could break open. Every time when he slammed himself into the defensive barrier, it would always knock him tumbling back nearly one hundred miles away. However, Xiang Yu would always raise the coiling-dragon spear up again and let out a furious roar, turning into a blood red beam and thrusting viciously towards the barrier again.

All his will, strength, spirit, and energy had fused into the spear holding in his hand. He raised it up and thrust it forward, then raised it up again, and thrust it forward again. Loud booming and rumbling were generated every time his body slammed and smashed onto the defensive barrier, causing bright lights to flash and flicker on it. Bloody lines began to appear on every part of his body, and a huge amount of blood was being sprayed and shooting out from these wounds.

Xiang Yu, who nearly had his entire Nascent Divinity turned into a raging flame, yelled out in a hoarse voice, "Wu Qi, you filthy thief! Come out right now and fight to death with me! Wu Qi, you little thief! Come and fight openly with me! Yan Dan, Yan Dan! Get the hell out now! If you don't hand me that little thief, Great Chu will not rest until your Great Yan is completely annihilated!"

Suddenly, a loud cracking noise rang out. It was from the coiling-dragon spear held in Xiang Yu's hand. After it was crazily slammed and smashed over and over again at the defensive barrier, it could no longer withstand the tremendous backlash and suddenly broke apart and disintegrated. The explosion of the coiling-dragon spear had ripped and torn both Xiang Yu's hands, causing blood and flesh to fly in all directions, while exposing the pale-white bones that had a slight golden hue underneath the skin. After losing the spear, Xiang Yu's body slammed straight into the defensive barrier. In an instant, several hundred restrictive thunderbolts with the diameter of water buckets thrust whistling down, all smote onto his body directly. The powerful force broke his armor and sent them flying away, while blood and flesh kept being ripped and torn from his body filled with countless bloody lines.

Wu Qi tightened his grip on Princess Zhang Le's waist, fixing his eyes straight at Xiang Yu who had his body severely wounded by the defensive formation and was too horrible to look at. "Yuji, oh Yuji, you've come to me without any reasons, what exactly are you trying to achieve? Are you trying to get Xiang Yu killed?"

In the meanwhile, Princess Zhang Le was clapping her hands, laughing joyfully as she said, "He is just a brainless guy, and it will be better if he can get himself killed here. After he is dead, grandpa can then deploy the army and wipe out his army of eighty thousand elite soldiers, getting rid of one of the formidable foes of Great Yan. Aye, I'm too impatient to see how does that Yuji look like!"

Wu Qi patted Princess Zhang Le's head lightly, sighed, and said in a low voice, "Xiang Yu can be considered as a hero as well, so stop further provoking him with words."

Princess Zhang Le twitched her lips, shook her head disdainfully and said, "Hero? I really can't tell which part of his makes him look like a hero! Impetuous, overconfident, bumptious, he is just like one large bear that has the same characteristics as Xiong Qing and his brothers! Obviously, the woman who raped you is not a decent woman. Yet, for the sake of such an evil woman, he had rushed into the territory of his enemy alone to seek revenge. This is absurdly stupid!"

Stupid? Wu Qi tried to recall the Hegemon-King of Western Chu he knew in the history, and he could not help but sigh. Indeed, this Hegemon-King did not have a witty mind.

Then, they heard a cracking noise again, but this time, it was from Xiang Yu's right arm. When he thrust his right fist and smashed it viciously onto the defensive barrier, several hundred huge runes suddenly emerged on it and began blinking and flashing. A tremendous backlash immediately shattered the bone in his right arm. It was now twisted in an unusual way. Obviously, the bones inside of it had turned into a mess. However, it seemed like Xiang Yu did not have any feeling, as he still waved this dangling arm and flung it aggressively towards the defensive barrier.

Princess Zhang Le's expression turned stiff. She felt a little bit scared when looking at Xiang Yu, who was covered in blood and acted like a fiend.

Wu Qi too had knitted his brows into a tight frown. To him, Xiang Yu's behavior was very unusual. He could understand that Xiang Yu was showering in an extreme flame of anger, wanting to kill him and vent his fury, as that was logical and natural. But, it seemed his anger had gone a little bit too over, as he did not feel anything although his body was severely wounded. This should not be caused by his anger alone. Wu Qi suspected that there might be something happening to Xiang Yu. He exercised his Mystic Eyes of Universe and gave Xiang Yu a glance.

Through the glance, Wu Qi vaguely saw a tall and burly celestial fiend hovering behind Xiang Yu's back. Countless tiny light beams were emitting from the body of this celestial fiend, with each end penetrated deeply into Xiang Yu's body. Waves of blood red spirit shockwave that Wu Qi could barely see were in the middle of attacking Xiang Yu's Nascent Divinity, which was shaking and on the verge of collapsing within his spiritual ocean. There was not a single drop of blood that could be found inside Xiang Yu's body, as all of them had already turned into sticky blood-red flame, burning furiously, causing some bizarre transformation to happen to his body. It felt like the transformation that happened to Wu Qi's fleshly body when he was cultivating Dragon Transformation Script.

Within Wu Qi's line of sight, as the blood red flame kept burning on Xiang Yu's body, his bones were being slowly transformed into half-transparent, blood red and crystal-like, while his muscles and meridians were gradually transforming into a dark-purple color that looked extremely evil and queer. A blood red war banner, wrapped in a huge blood-red cloud, was rolling and rocking rapidly within Xiang Yu's body, increasing the transformation speed of his fleshly body.

Demonization! Xiang Yu's body was in the middle of quickly transforming into a fiendgod’s body! Among the several hundreds of thousands of rare spirit items recorded in Scroll of Stealing, one of them was the 'Thousand-Tribulations Dragon-Blood Demonization Fruit', which had the effect of transforming the body of a cultivator, from human being into the body of an ancient celestial fiend. Once the body was transformed into a celestial fiend's body, no blade could hurt it, and no axe could cut it apart. On top of that, even with just a tiny piece of broken flesh, as long as the cultivator's soul was still intact, he could always reborn by absorbing the natural energies.

Indestructible and immortality, these were the strongest abilities of the celestial fiend’s body. And now, such a bizarre transformation was gradually happening onto Xiang Yu's body. But obviously, the transformation was not something that he could control. It was as if the control of his body was being seized by someone. While he was experiencing the transformation, his Nascent Divinity was under an aggressive attack as well. It seemed like the blood red celestial fiend behind his back was in the middle of seizing the control of Xiang Yu's body.

"What kind of an absurd technique is this guy cultivating with? How did he cultivate something that is similar to his second Nascent Divinity, yet it actually trumped up a countercharge against its master?" Wu Qi shook his head and murmured questioningly. Nevertheless, he was too lazy to find out the reason behind this. Suddenly, a dazzling starlight shot into the sky from the top of his head. Then, the cornerstone treasure of Heavenly Spirit Sect, the Heavenly Star Positioning Disk, flew out slowly, shrouded in a very dense starlight.

"Zi Xuan, Xiong Jin, Xiong Yin, Xiong Qing, I need your help!" Wu Qi pointed his finger at the ancient looking jade disk that was spinning slowly above his head, let out a wry smile and said, "This thing has a very powerful offensive strength, but it also consumes a lot of energy. I need to borrow your energy so that I can give Xiang Yu a surprise!"

Princess Zhang Le looked surprisingly at the Heavenly Star Positioning Disk, laughed and said, "So the rumor is true! You're the one who killed the men from Heavenly Spirit Sect and robbed their cornerstone treasure. Hehe, this treasure is mine now. No one can take it away from me and give back to those rascals from Heavenly Spirit Sect! Aye, Bai Zhu'er, quickly mark this down, that there is this Heavenly Star Positioning Disk in my private vault. If it went missing in the future, we'll go find Heavenly Spirit Sect, as it must be they who would have stolen it!"

Face beaming with joy, Princess Zhang Le flipped her palms and unleashed a stream of pure energy into the Heavenly Star Positioning Disk.

On the other side, Xiong Jin, Xiong Yin, and Xiong Qing brothers had also unleashed their energies and kept channeling them into the Heavenly Star Positioning Disk while howling and yelling.

Suddenly, a layer of silver starlight about several dozen feet thick burst out from the Heavenly Star Positioning Disk, blinking and flashing rapidly. Amidst deep, muffled roaring of thunders, the jade disk began to spin at an incredible speed. Using his divine will to control the disk, Wu Qi slowly channeled the energies from Princess Zhang Le and all other people, and injected them into the restrictive formation inside it. Then, he began performing incantation gestures with both hands, controlling the specks of starlight that suddenly emerged on top of the disk, locking down at Xiang Yu's body.

Inside Meng Fortress, there was a group of cultivators from Heavenly Spirit Sect who came here to keep guard of the fortress. They were shocked to see that Wu Qi suddenly took out their cornerstone treasure, and kept crying out in astonishment. These cultivators kept casting hostile glances at Wu Qi, while all the grudges Wu Qi had with Heavenly Spirit Sect were leaping into their minds.

Wu Qi paid no attention to these cultivators from Heavenly Spirit Sect. He pointed his finger out casually, and a bright silver beam with a diameter of a water bucket burst out from the Heavenly Star Positioning Disk immediately, hitting right onto Xiang Yu's chest.

Xiang Yu let out a miserable cry, as he was knocked tumbling away by the silver beam.

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