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Wu Qi looked up to the sky and kept roaring and yelling. Large sheets of sword energies kept bursting out from his Gold Core, transforming into vast sword beams that pierced through the sky, then smashed the lofty mountain beneath him into pieces. In his Eight Extraordinary Meridians, Twelve Principal Meridians, and all the primary meridians, the acquired energies of five elements surged and rolled like the fiercest tidal waves. They kept pushing and rushing into his Gold Core, and driven by the Unite of Sword Energies Script, quickly transformed into sword energies that were at least ten times denser than ordinary sword energies.

Five Acquired Spirit Pearls were spinning at top speed around his Gold Core, unleashing an enormous pressure that made the Gold Core shrink to half of its original size, increasing the density and the purity of the sword energies, allowing them to possess an even more powerful strength.

As the most profound technique of Heaven Breaking Sword Sect, the core principle of the Unite of Sword Energies Script was to transform one's energies into a unique sword energy of five elements. After it was highly compressed and condensed, once the sword energy of five elements was used to exercise with Five Elements Sword Technique, the power of the sword technique would be at least a few times stronger than exercising it using ordinary energy. On top of that, because of the acquired spirit pearls of five elements, the concentration of Wu Qi's sword energy was far greater than Nie Yaonu and Nie Baihong, and the power of his sword beam was near irresistible.

"Master, Xiaobai… and my brothers!" Wu Qi raised both arms up and pointed them straight into the sky, unleashing nearly all the sword energies of five elements in his body in one go. Two blinding bright beams that took the shape similar to flood dragons shot out and reached nearly several dozens miles high up into the sky, generating loud swooshing noises that filled the atmosphere, and only disappeared after a while.

Wu Qi closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Over and over again, the Unite of Sword Energies Script kept circulating within his body. Taking the opportunity that the acquired spirit pearls of five elements were aroused, he quickly gathered all his energies and turned them into sword energies of five elements. Through the transformation, the energies that once filled all the primary meridians in his body had now turned into threads of sword energies, extremely compacted and looking as thin as mist, flowing and rushing quickly through his meridians. His meridians were once again emptied.

Not far away from him, on the peak of a slightly lower mountain, a lady, clad in a black dress and riding on a rainbow color deer suddenly emerged quietly.

The long hair of the lady were waving gently behind her back. She had a very beautiful face, elegant and graceful, and looked like she was never contaminated by the aura of the mortal world. She appeared to be in a trance, as if she were just a wandering spirit without a soul. Her eyes were resting on Wu Qi, who was in the middle of crazily venting his frustration on top of a mountain peak several miles away. The gentle night breeze caressed her long dark dress, making the soft and delicate long dress wave gently in the air, while giving an enchanting touch to her. As the night breeze continued blowing by, the long dress was pressed tightly on her curvy body, drawing out the perfect outline of her seductive stature.

This lady on the deer was like a ball of scorching hot flame trapped in an ice cube, cold and quiet, mysterious and bizarre, sending forth a false impression that made one feel like wanting to get closer to her, but get burned once the distance was close enough. Her beautiful, yet blurred and obscured eyes were fixing straight at Wu Qi. Then, her lips, so perfect that one could not find any flaw in them, suddenly opened a little bit, "So, he is also a broken heart." She said in a low voice and sighed.

She patted on the deer gently and set it free. After that, the lady moved, and without stirring up any energy ripple, she had appeared right behind Wu Qi's back. The long dress clad on her body suddenly broke up, turning into countless tiny black threads and dissipating into thin air, revealing a fully naked body, as fair as the finest white jade, decorated with perfect curves that no one could find any flaw from. Spreading both arms, she gently hugged onto Wu Qi's waist from behind, and began twisting and moving her waist gently.

"Are you Wu Qi? An interesting boy, really interesting! Are you really cultivating a technique of pure Yang? A barbarous technique that cannot lose the virginity? I don't believe!"

The lady pressed her red lips against Wu Qi's earlobe softly. She had a tall stature, about half a fist taller than Wu Qi, yet her body was slender and curvy, like a stick of green bamboo amidst the morning mist in the mountain. She was swinging back and forth marvelously, and could make one suffocate upon looking. Her long and slender legs had already coiled around Wu Qi's body. Her body was shivering, while she whispered to Wu Qi's ear, "The breeze in the mountain is very cold, and the night is still young. Are you going to let the cold wind keep harassing me? Why don't you hug me now? What are you waiting for?"

Wu Qi's body turned stiff. He never discovered the trace of this lady just now, and he had no idea how and when did she appear behind his back.

However, from the touch of the body, from the body scent that came into his nose, and the deep, enchanting whispers lingering near his ears, without the need of turning his head, Wu Qi knew this must be an exceedingly beautiful lady. She must be so beautiful that she could easily overthrow cities and ruin states with just her appearance. However, when faced with a lady that appeared in such a bizarre manner, who hugged him immediately even though it was the first time they met, Wu Qi did not have any exotic feeling. Instead, cold sweats were breaking out from all over his body. His body stiffened, and he had prepared to call out the one hundred Long Bo men from his Spirit Breeding Ring.

The lady moved her fingers across Wu Qi's body lightly, and gently stroked on the two sensitive points right on his chest.

"We are at a barren mountain and wasteland with nobody around. The night is long and lonely, and the breeze is cold and harsh. It is fate that brings us together. I will not hurt you, and you will not hurt me either. I'm a lady, and you're a man, so let's spend the night together. At the daybreak, you and I will be strangers to each other. I don't ask to spend the rest of my life with you, but just one night full of pleasure and memory... What are you still waiting for?"

A warm breath that came with a faint fragrance was blown into Wu Qi's ear, instantly destroying half of the alertness he put forth in his heart. He clenched his right palm tightly, and the Sword of Greedy Wolf immediately turned into a dark beam and fell into his grip. Raising his right hand, he was about to thrust the sword into the lady's body.

"Do it, if you really want to kill me." The lady said lightly, "But, I hope you can put down the longsword in your hand and use another weapon on your body to pierce into my body... How could a man, a real man, only know how to use the longsword in his hand? Perhaps these cold and hard swords could help you conquer the world, but if you wish to conquer a lady such as me, what you need is this divine weapon!"

The lady's hand slipped down across Wu Qi's body, then forcefully grabbed onto his little brother. With her slender and soft fingers, she gently pinched and stroked a few times, and immediately, Wu Qi felt a hot air burst out from his feet and shoot right into his brain. All of a sudden, he felt all his blood vessels and muscles were filled with hot blood. Every part of his body, from top to bottom, had turned as hard as steel, as hot as the raging flame.

"That's right, that's the divine weapon I told you. Put down the sword in your hand. I just ask for a night of pleasure."

The lady continued whispering near Wu Qi's ear in a very seductive tone, "I'm a lady, a very, very beautiful lady. Among all the pretty ladies in this world, my body is considered the best. I can give you the best enjoyment."

She giggled, then stuck out her red tongue and licked Wu Qi's earlobe. "Also, I'm a married woman. I know you men always have evil thoughts on other men's wives. So, I'm an exceedingly beautiful lady, someone else's wife, and I've voluntarily offered my body to you. How can you be not tempted by me? Or perhaps, you're just a coward?"

Abruptly, she tightened her grip on Wu Qi's little brother and gave him a severe pain, then the lady continued saying ironically, "Or maybe, the little brother of yours is merely a decoration, a useless thing for women?! Or perhaps, you have no idea how to handle a lady?"

In the middle of the night on a barren mountain, an exceedingly beautiful lady that appeared like a wandering soul, stripped naked and kept seducing Wu Qi like that. Wu Qi felt like as if he had fallen into an unrealistic dream; everything looked so vague and obscure to him. The temptation came from the lady was enormous, so huge that it even made Wu Qi gave up the idea of calming his restless mind with Seven Holy Deities and Devils. He stretched his hands to his back and grabbed the slender, lean, smooth and silky waist of the lady.

Upon touching her, the skin of the lady immediately sucked Wu Qi's hands and even his soul deeply into her like a deep swamp. In a low voice, Wu Qi murmured, "I am inexperienced? Damn, the theories of the experiences that I know are more than enough to make me the grandmaster to all the man in this world."

The lady laughed provokingly, "So you do have the experiences? Then, come and pamper me now!"

In the next moment, Wu Qi's clothes turned into ashes. Two seconds later, he had entered deeply into the lady's body. He was like a steel that had gone through one hundred times of tempering, and the lady was like a furnace that could melt any metal into liquid. Their bodies ground and slammed, spraying out a large amount of scorching hot molten liquid that splashed in all directions. Over and over again, spray shot out all around them.

Wu Qi had poured in all his spirit and energy into the first body-to-body combat in his life.

When it was roughly the twentieth times he exploded in the lady's body, suddenly, the faces of Princess Zhang Le and Yue Tan appeared right before his eyes. He was immediately struck by a pleasant sensation that felt extremely evil and peculiar. Then, he began yelling wildly like Xiong Qing brothers, turned the lady into another position and penetrated deeply into her again.

No words were exchanged through the entire night.

About noon the next day, hugging each other, Wu Qi and the lady woke up in a valley one hundred miles away. Their naked bodies were pressed tightly against each other, and their hands and legs were interlocking. Wu Qi still had a very strong desire, and thus, right in that valley, at the bank of the river and on top of large flowers, they continued indulging in the unparalleled pleasure, reaching climaxes over and over again.

When the evening came, finally both of them had depleted all their energies. Slowly, they separated from each other, and began putting on clothes.

Wu Qi frowned as he kept looking at the lady, who had spent the whole night with him. "Who are you?" He asked coolly.

The lady was gently combing her long hair while facing the river. She giggled and said, "Me? I'm Yuji. I have a husband who is the greatest hero in the world, and his name is Xiang Yu. Perhaps, you've already met him? He is a true hero, and how could you, a little boy, be comparable to him?"

Her words infuriated Wu Qi instantly. He stuck his chest forward and said, "Which part of me can't be compared with him?" For every single man, when he was told by a girl, who he just had sex with, that he was inferior to another man, he would be as angry as Wu Qi. But very soon, Wu Qi felt his flesh was creeping, and cold sweats began breaking from all over his body. His wit had suddenly come back to him. What did the lady just say?

She was Yuji, that Yuji! And her husband was Xiang Yu, the Hegemon-King of Western Chu! What had Wu Qi done? He had spent half of the night and one whole day having sex with Xiang Yu's woman! Shocked and terrified, he stared at Yuji, then he cried out in a stern voice, "You... why did you..."

A sweet and charming smile bloomed on Yuji's face. Gracefully, she touched on the bun she just combed with her hairs and said softly, "I don't know, but I am happy that I did it."

She paused for a while, then she frowned, sighed and said, "Maybe, I was too lonely? Too bored? I've not seen him for many, many years, and I'm going to see him now... Perhaps, I was too loyal to him in the past? I just wanted to do something disloyal to him now."

She poked her lofty breasts forward, giggled and said, "He is too proud of himself, and therefore, I wanted to find a man that he will never look into the eyes, and try to taste the feeling of being disloyal to him. You are the man that totally has no qualifications to be compared with him, and that is the reason I selected you to accomplish my goal. I feel very happy now, my body is happy too. You've done pretty well in pleasing me."

Wearing a self-mocking smile, Yuji said, "However, I feel really bad in my heart. I've actually spent a night with a little boy like you. This is... not worthy!"

Slowly, she rose, and with a gentle voice she said, "For the sake that you've given me a great pleasure in the past day and night, I'll not kill you!"

She pulled Wu Qi over and hugged him, then gave him a kiss on the lips. After that, Yuji took a few steps back, giggled and said, "When I have the desire to do something disloyal to him again, I'll come to you! Remember to put me in your mind. The taste of my body is much greater than your young and green princess!"

While giggling like a wandering spirit, Yuji's body suddenly disappeared. With Wu Qi's current cultivation base, he totally had no idea how she left the place!

Staring blankly around, Wu Qi felt both his spirit and body were raped by someone. Suddenly, he thrust his sword and smashed forcefully into a cliff wall not far away.

"Yuji! Xiang Yu! F*ck you!"

"F*ck you!"

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