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Every single man on the scene gasped.

That included Guigu'zi, Xun Kuang, Mo Di, the almighty grandmasters in their respective field; Ying Zheng, Yan Dan, the emperors of a dynasty; Han Fei, Li Si, Xu Fu, the noble and cultured men; Jing Ke, Fan Yuqi, Bai Qi, Wang Jian, and all the brave, courageous generals; the cruel and merciless demon kings; and Wu Qi, the psycho who possessed unusual experience and knowledge. When all these men saw the result of Xiang Yu's spear attack, every single one of them gasped, twisted their waists and squeezed both legs together tightly in an unnatural manner.

Apart from Su Mei'er the demon fox and all the female demons under her, all the other males had clenched their legs tightly.

Xiang Yu's spear attack was extremely vicious, mean, and harsh. Although there were many parts he could attack, but he deliberately thrust his spear right into the hole on Lao Ai's penis, and went one foot further into it. As Lao Ai had focused all his cultivation on his little brother, when Xiang Yu's coiling-dragon spear went into it, it actually generated jarring noises of metal grinding and a large amount of sparks. The penis was no longer made from ordinary human flesh and tissue, but more like a product from the crystallization of some minerals, similar to diamond. With Xiang Yu's divine strength and the power of the coiling-dragon spear, which was an upper-grade magical treasure, it actually took him the time of two breaths only to split Lao Ai's penis.

Xiang Yu looked at Lao Ai's penis blankly, which was now split open, sighed and said, "What a tough guy! Lao Ai, you're truly a peerless man of evil with a well-deserved reputation!"

Gasps could be heard coming from everywhere again. In a very awkward way, Wu Qi squeezed both legs tightly together and kept a wary eye on Xiang Yu. Who would have thought that this Hegemon-King of Western Chu had such a nasty hobby? He purposely poked his spear right into Lao Ai's most important part! It looked like Wu Qi had to be really careful when he wanted to fight Xiang Yu in the future!

Sensing the bizarre glances resting on his face from the surrounding, Xiang Yu felt like weeping but had no tears. He turned hastily and roared, "I... I... I was just..."

In a strange voice, Wu Qi said, "It is all the fault of that thing, as it had greatly attracted you, and that is why you had attacked it specifically!"

Xiang Yu quickly nodded and said, "You're right, little friend, you're absolutely right! I was greatly attracted by that thing!"

Before Xiang Yu's words could fade away, all the people at the scene had already burst out into a loud laughter. Especially Su Mei'er, she kept laughing uncontrollably and had her body bowing back and forth, leaning against the shoulders of two of her demon fox disciples while trembling from head to toe. She laughed so hard that she nearly rolled off from the cloud. While giggling, she pointed at Xian and said, "Aye, although this Xiang Yu looked like a mighty hero, yet he is like us ladies, greatly attracted by that big guy! Hehe, tell me, Hegemon-King of Western Chu, how and when did you start falling in love with this treasure?"

"Arrrghhh!!" Only now Xiang Yu realized that he had fallen into Wu Qi's word trap and said something that made everyone misunderstood. In a thundering rage, he roared, "Bullshit! It is because that fellow looks really unpleasant to my eyes, and hence I simply gave him a random attack! How did I... how did I... Arrrrggghhh!! You're pissing me off!" Xiang Yu's face turned red, as he quickly covered it with his sleeve and pulled back his coiling-dragon spear, cursing Wu Qi's ancestors of eighteen generations while riding back quickly towards his army.

With dull expression, Chu soldiers turned their chariots and quickly rode away in dejection one after another, following closely behind Xiang Yu as they fled in panic. Not only had Xiang Yu's spear attack brought shame to himself, it also brought shame to all the Chu soldiers, making each of them wish they could disappear immediately before the eyes of the public. Loud rumbles could be heard, as the eighteen gigantic undead warriors broke loose from Lao Ai's illusion. It seemed like they too had realized that their master had just done something really shameful, as they covered their heads between their arms and fled in confusion behind the Chu soldiers.

Amidst the sounds of water splashing, Lao Ai bowed his head and looked at his penis; he saw blood splashing out without end. Trembling from head to toe, he threw his head back and let out a crazy roar, "Xiang Yu, you twerp! How impudent you are! You... you... you're pissing me off! You're such a shameless and immoral man! When on a battlefield, are you always focusing your attack on the lower part of your opponents? I swear I'll kill you, I'll definitely kill you! I'll cut you into pieces, and I'll make you die in a million pieces!"

Amidst the near insane howling and yelling of Lao Ai, a layer of very dense pinkish mist enveloped his entire body. Then ringing of metals clashing and grinding echoed out from it, as his little brother, which was split by the coiling-dragon spear, began to wiggle and heal. Very soon, it was fully recovered and again emitting a pale golden light.

"Awww!" exclaimed Su Mei'er. There was a bright gleam in her eyes as she kept looking at Lao Ai, who was waving his arms not far away, cursing and scolding. She giggled, lowered her voice, and said, "My children, I want two of you to go pay a visit to this Prince of Changxin tonight, and give his ability a good test. Hehe, I never thought I can actually find someone like me in Great Yan Dynasty's territory, who is also cultivating the technique of the Yin and Yang. If his skill is excellent, then ask him to come look for me. But, if he is just a lead spearhead that shines like silver, then... suck all his bone marrow, and teach him a lesson that not all spears can be taken out to show off!"

A few young female demon foxes giggled, resting their watery eyes on Lao Ai's face.

Wu Qi was not far away from Su Mei'er, and thus, her order was loud and clear in his ears. He could not help himself but shake his head silently. It looked like Lao Ai was about to find himself a good support, and it would be very difficult if Yan Dan wished to get rid of him in the future. Wu Qi had no doubt on whether Lao Ai could pass Su Mei'er's examination or not. No matter what, this evil man had cultivated that Great Sun Technique for over two thousand years, and all his cultivation base was focused on his little brother. A few little female demon foxes could not satisfy this evil and lustful man.

After stamping frantically in anger and cursing in the direction where Xiang Yu went, Lao Ai took out a small golden bell and lightly tapped on it. The chime was crystal clear and pleasing to the ears, yet it carried a mildly enchanting feeling that lingered in the air. Upon hearing the chime, all the male and female disciples who were circulating the evil technique and mating around Lao Ai immediately stopped what they were doing and sprung up. Within a blink of an eye, all of them had neatly dressed, standing behind Lao Ai with no expression on their faces.

Lao Ai too took out a fresh set of clothes and put them on. Coldly, he gave Yan Dan and Ying a look, then without saying anything, he spun and left the place. Today, he had proclaimed himself as one of the four dragons, hoping to have an equal footing with Ying Zheng, Yan Dan, and Xiang Yu. However, that spear attack from Xiang Yu had destroyed all of his pride, causing him to lose his face before everyone. If would be fine if those people at the scene were ordinary people, as Lao Ai had a very thick face, he could still stay behind like nothing had happened.

However, among the people in this place, there were some almighty experts such as Guigu'zi, Mo Di, and Xun Kuang, and Lao Ai felt he had no face to see these people again. Without hesitation, he brought all his disciples and left in a flurry on the clouds, rushing all the way back to Little Meng City. He hid inside his camp, not coming out to meet anyone.

Both Yan Dan and Ying Zheng laughed aloud, jeering at the overconfident Lao Ai who tried to place himself on the same level as them.

After a while, Ying Zheng suddenly stopped his laughing and said coolly, "Lao Ai is a dirty villain. I'll kill him one day."

Yan Dan had stopped laughing as well. He shook and said with an indifference manner, "Although that Lao Ai is Great Yan's Prince of Changxin currently, if Your Majesty Ying Zheng wishes to kill him, and does have the ability to do so, please go ahead. However, Lao Ai has an incredible cultivation base with his evil technique, and he is a crafty man who can bear any situation patiently, making him a tough nut to crack. Your Majesty, as you are aided by so many famous generals and ministers, you better be careful for not letting some of them be killed by Lao Ai. If that really happened, I'll definitely throw a grand feast to celebrate."

Ying Zheng nodded, smiled and said, "Likewise. If I can chop off the heads of Yan Dan, Jing Ke, Gao Jianli, and many of your comrades, I'll definitely announce a general amnesty, so that all the common people can share the joy with me, celebrating this grand occasion with the dynasty."

Both men exchange a glance and burst out into a loud laughter together. However, this time, there wasn't any warmth that could be felt in their laughter.

Abruptly, both men stopped their laugh.

Ying Zheng pointed his finger at the direction where Xiang Yu had fled to and said coolly, "Eighty thousand mighty soldiers of Gold Core realm, eighty thousand demon beasts of Demon Core realm, several tens of thousands of divine undead soldiers, eighteen gigantic undead warriors as strong as early-stage Nascent Divinity realm cultivators... On top of that, there are the unfathomable Qu Ping, together with Huang Xie, Li Yuan, and many other civilian and military officials of Great Chu. The land and population is one hundred times greater and stronger than mine and your dynasties. Yan Dan, tell me, what do you think about Great Chu's overall strength?"

Yan Dan turned looking at the same direction, shook his head and said, "They are strong, very strong. But, what worried me more is Xiang Yu, as he is not an easy person to deal with. The army of eighty thousand Gold Core soldiers is nothing, but the man who leads them is a hegemon. And that gives me a fright, as this hegemon is not easy to defeat."

Keeping quiet and pondering for a while, Ying Zheng finally nodded and said, "Great Chu, represented by Xiang Yu, has made their appearance. That also means that in the near future, all our old friends will be dragged into this mess. We have been staying low and bearing patiently for over two thousand years, and finally have the strength to walk out from our own territory, having the strength to begin conquering the world. The world will no longer be a quiet place anymore! Nevertheless, I've enjoyed myself to the full today, and I'll fight again in some other days. Yan Dan, are you still having the interest in fighting me on the real battleground?"

Yan Dan laughed. Suddenly, the gray and white spirit light soared high up into the sky from behind his back. Amidst the spirit light, the Disc of Heavenly Dao Transmigration slowly rose while generating deep, muffled sound of a wheel spinning. Staring at Ying Zheng from a few miles, Yan Dan smiled and said, "Speaking about interest, Your Majesty Ying Zheng, why don't you and I have a session of exchanging some pointers?"

After a moment of silence, Ying Zheng nodded his head slowly, smiled and said, "Fine. Things have changed a lot since those years. Today, you and I are men with great divine abilities, so how could a fight between you and I be excluded from the battlefield? As I am the emperor, I will naturally also be the invincible emperor on the battlefield!"

The shadows of eight flood dragons and one serpent slowly began emerging from behind Ying Zheng's back, as large sheets of dark mists began spreading in all directions. Ying Zheng flipped his palm, as the Sword of Qin Emperor immediately appeared after a bright gleam. He stared at Ying Zheng and said coolly, "The cultivation technique practiced by me, the Nine Dragons Cauldron Grand Magic, is a technique that allows me to gather the blood essence and energies of dragons. For every serpent I kill, I'll gain the strength of a serpent; for every flood dragon I kill, I'll gain the strength of a flood dragon. And, for every dragon I kill, I'll gain the strength of a dragon. I'm the Heavenly Son of True Dragon, and this cultivation technique can gather the energies of True Dragons and makes me the true emperor of this world, a true cultivation technique of the Human Emperor."

Buzzing sounds suddenly came out from Ying Zheng's body, as nine three-legged round cauldrons, each standing ninety feet tall and looking vague as an illusion, rushed out from behind his back. The eight flood dragons and one serpent were hovering right above the nine huge cauldrons. A vast and mighty aura of an emperor came caressing everyone's face, which contained a unique spiritual pressure of a flood dragon. Pressed by this pressure, Wu Qi and all the other people around him could not hold their position and were pushed back. Especially, Wanying Dragon King and all the aquatic clans, their faces turned extremely unsightly when they saw the cauldrons.

Yan Dan and Ying Zheng laughed aloud. Yan Dan did not explain the Reincarnation Technique of Nine-death and Nine-resurrection cultivated by him. Instead, he drew out a silvery white longsword, brought forth a stream of magnificent and brilliant sword beam, and slashed it towards Ying Zheng.

Ying Zheng gave a long laugh and thrust the Sword of Qin Emperor with a bright beam as well.

A blinding bright light flashed through the scene. Wu Qi had exercised the Mystic Eyes of Universe with his full strength, which allowed him to barely see what happened in that split second. He saw Yan Dan and Ying Zheng had both exchanged a total of eighty-one sword techniques, and each unleashed eighty-one magics that fell onto the opponent's body. Both of them had very excellent defensive magical treasures, while the feathery sword techniques and the magics did not bring any real offensive strength with them. Although both men had put out a very loud and grand show, it was merely a false fight as none of them used their trump card to fight a desperate battle.

After putting out the show, both Yan Dan and Ying Zheng cried out at the same time, both coughing blood and flying backward while giving out an order of retreat.

Within the mountain ridges in all directions, over one hundred thousand practitioners and several millions of elite Qin soldiers sprung and flew up from their hiding places, lining and forming a great formation as they began escorting Ying Zheng and his company in quickly retreating towards the west. Then, Wu Qi came flying from behind many large clouds, while countless Yan soldiers rode on flying magical items and came swarming towards them. They escorted Yan Dan, who was 'severely wounded and coughing blood', retreating in a very miserable situation.

A bright gleam flashed in Wu Qi's eyes, then he threw a glance over at a random place to the south. He saw Xiang Yu and all his subordinates hiding behind a dense cloud, peering towards the battlefield.

Wu Qi took a deep breath and murmured, "Will next time be the great decisive war? Who will be the one that strikes first? Who will be the one that gets schemed by the others? And who will be the one that obtains the final victory?"

He breathed out a long sigh and murmured to himself again, "I shouldn't really bother with those, as the most important thing is for me to stay alive."

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